Malawi’s economy has not collapsed, says APM: Goodall to present State of the Economy report

President Peter Mutharika has said it is wrong to insinuate that the Malawian economy has collapsed, expressing optimism that something better could come out of the current economic challenges.

President Mutharika: Upbeat economy will revive

President Mutharika: Upbeat economy will revive

Mutharika speaking at official residence in Lilongwe

Mutharika speaking at official residence in Lilongwe

The President condemned his critics, saying it was impossible for the economy to collapse when the country was still recording economic growth even if it was slow.

“Malawi’s economy has not collapsed,” said Mutharika during a news conference at Sanjika Palace in Blantyre on the country’s participation at the Third India-Africa Forum Summit held in New Delhi, India.

“We are facing challenges, yes, but government is resolving them [the challenges] and to give an impression that the economy has collapsed is not good for the country,” the Malawi leader said.

Mutharika said he remains “optimistic” that Malawi will meet International Monetary Fund (IMF) requirements during its next economic programme review scheduled for December 2015.

“We will come on track in December. I am pleased to tell the nation that Minister of Finance is working on all theses to bring our economy back on track,” said Mutharika.

Meanwhile, the Finance Minister Goodall Gondwe is set to make a presentation on the current state of the economy.

The Minister, among other things, will highlight issues on government’s austerity measurers , budget revisions and the IMF programme.

Gondwe is giving  assurance that Malawi shall navigate safely through these turbulent times.

He will make his case on how Lilongwe will reverse economic slow down, to bring stability, to restore confidence, and to return to a path of growth.

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47 thoughts on “Malawi’s economy has not collapsed, says APM: Goodall to present State of the Economy report”

  1. what can l say is we are the malawian en dziko lamkaka ndi uchi kodi mavuto anthuwa angatitonthoze ndi ndani? nanga kodi vuto likabwera pokhara ife anthu a Mulungu tizicita ciani? musamubuleme peter muthalika nthawi yatha nthawi lapani ambuye akubwera!

  2. Chipwisi says:

    It’s simple. Time will tell. In 6 months time,we will be picking this country off the floor. No forex, no medicine and no money in people’s pockets. Civil servants need to be paid. Only a fool would believe this government. The writing is on the wall. APM will not last next year. Mark my word.

  3. kagawi says:

    Critics of Prof. APM,
    First of all you need to understand that you are Malawians. Successes and failures in Malawi are for Malawians. Therefore before you critic, bring forward a better alternatives other than just barking any how.
    As for govt, work to the best of your capacity and sober spirit till we reach there to shame these devils making noise now. KKKKKKK! Chakwera walephera kutsogolera mpingo wa Assemblies of God ukanakhala iweyo leading Malawians in this turbulent moment ukanathawilanso ku Mpingo winatu kuti ndale zakukanika.

  4. Munyasa says:

    Pliz lecture me du we have the minister of finance and the president here?

  5. Nankununkha sadzimva says:

    Truly, Peter is psychopathic. Typical of a dimwit. What other socioeconomic indicators would convince you that the country’s economy has collapsed? Is it because for you everything is for free? As a leader can’t you feel for the pain of your people? Oh my God! We are in for problems.

  6. nyanja says:

    Ine nganganga pa mbuyo pa APM!!!!.

  7. Zayang'ana says:

    Kwacha is gaining power now. check with the bank. Usamangokamba gnat mmutu mwangozaza mamina iyayi.

  8. Analisti wamkulu says:

    What can you expect from the backdoor president?.He seems he is clueless at everything.Mbendera and Saulos Chilima brought alot of problems for imposing us this clueless oldman.All Malawians are going to die of hunger before 2019 because of his poor policies.

  9. don says:

    do’nt blame if u a failing 2 feed ur 1 & only child au can 1 afford 2 address vis countless problemz

  10. chingolopiyo Genuine says:

    How long will we Malawians continue depending on donors. Dependence donor syndrome killing us. We have stopped thinking on how we can survive on our own without the donors. Why then did we got independence if we cannot support ourselves. The president is right, the economy has not collapsed as the leader of opposition is claiming. The bible says God help those who help themselves. Its time to woke up as a country, embrace the pain and put a smile and brave face and start looking on ways that will help our country to be self sufficient all the time. Do we want to pass this mantle of donor dependence to generations to come, what if the future will not be good for the donors themselves. To the president and his government, here is a good advice from BRENDON BURCHARD” When the world questions your abilities, respond with your actions, don’t justify, demonstrate” Demonstrate to those who are still crying for donor monies that together we can change the table, together, we can build a better future without depending upon them. To those who are still crying for donor aid, ” we don’t develop courage by being happy everyday. We develop it by surviving difficult times and challenging adversity” Barbara de Angelis.

  11. ernersto says:

    an alcoholic president under the influence of vodka thinks the economy is well and improving.

  12. jona pwele says:

    Truly zinthu zikuyenda bwino slowly but surely.mmene ikulimbira kwacha Ku rand wish!jeras a chakwera!ndimmene muthere.iam frm chitipa koma DPP for life.

  13. chimwemwe says:

    Please call for a press conference where journalists and the nation can get answers from You and Goodall about why are you still under the impression the economy has not already collapsed, Lord save us you are our only hope now

  14. ben says:

    Fire Goodall replace with Chikaonda, Fire Chuka replace with Misheck Esau, economy is in ICU, The Sun rises in the morning and Kwacha devalues, before SUNSET the kwacha devalues further, what type of econmics is this. My Salary also please should be adjusted as the kwacha devalues raise it in the morning as kwacha devalues and raise it in the afternoon as it devalues again, that is the only way i can feed family and childred, as groceries, school fees, everything is going up.

  15. Chigawaneni says:

    What an analysis of Malawi’s economy by president APM and minister Gondwe! Drug shortage, one meal per day, no ambulance services, failure to employ nurses& doctors in govt hospitals. Failure to pay arrears to civil servants eg teachers, gratuity to retired officers, the list is endless. Where does one see the economy picking here? Manipulation of figures on the table no reality on the ground. Mulungu chitirani chifundo mtundu wa Malawi.

  16. Think Tank says:

    Confusion. UNGA has confused the blue camp. The outcry hit the raw nerves. This produced a tirade of insults at press conference. As that was not enough,we had Parliament expenditure on cars fiasco. Trying not to be honest,a 23 minute speech in Parliament made it worse for the blue. Chakwera was given the ball right on his lap to toy the speech. Uladi added salt to the cuts. Now Gondwe is there to salvage a battered boxer.” In the clear ring stands a boxer…. And in his anger and his shame,iam leaving…” sung Simon and Garfunkel. After replies from Chakwera and Uladi,it has dawned on the other side of the blue that the donors may come after all

  17. ben says:

    Please accept Malawi econmy has already collapsed, please dont pretend, You have a finance minsiter and rbm governor who are clueless, why is the kwacha devaluing when there is 3 months import cover. We are following ZIM footsteps very soon we shall buy a loaf of bread for 10,000

  18. Mpumulo wa Bata wayandikila says:

    Same old same old crap. Viola was right you are a puppet. You can’t even explain the economic situation in Malawi coz you have no clue what the situation is You are leaving it to tired looking Gondwe to cook up some numbers

  19. kennzo says:

    This man called the president is an old fool. Rubbish peter, how long shall we suffer because of you?

    People are dying because of lack of drugs, corruption is worseng and people in your district are already dying because of hunger yet you address these problems? how foolish are you mr president?

    Oh Lord my God for you your plans, may you have mercy on us.
    If this man is meant just to punish us Lord we’ve learnt something, we’re therefore asking you to remove him by anymeans.

    If you truly chose him give him good idears and dirrections.

    Lord are happy that people are dying because of corruption the led government of Dpp is doing? if its one mans wickedway caused you to punish us, please forgive us and remive him.

  20. Mahera says:

    So the president want Gondwe to address malawians on how the economy would resustate. I think Viola is talking sense when he says the president is a puppet.. So he admits that his speech in parliament lacks action plan,,, oky!

  21. Ungapake says:

    Choka APM ndi mabodza ako. This is not your farm, nor your wife’s farm. This nation is for Malawians and we are already sick and tired of your leadership style. Mankhwala kulibe ku Central Hospital. There are thousands of patients there surviving by God’s grace. Currently, your hospital administrators have even suspended laboratory services because your hospital can’t even afford to procure reagents. May God have MERCY on you.

  22. Andrew says:

    Mavoti obelawo uzionatu umajaila kwambiri wat i kno z dat de malawi economy z collapsing but u cant just admit dat immediately. Being a professor doesent mean kuti muthanso kulamula dziko ayi mwalephela basi

  23. Bololo says:

    Mwati by December 2015 you will meet IMF targets? A big joke indeed, the targets go beyond the quantities you are used to meet they also include financial management issues (including making changes in IFMIS and operating procedures) we are not seeing happening.

    I like the idea that we should forget about donors but that does not mean that we should not be on track to attain fiscal prudence and making changes to seal loopholes in IFMIS. Actually, our targets should be far much tougher than what IMF is asking us to do, in which case we would say the govt now is very much off track to make the economy recover.

    This govt needs pushing to work like what Chakwera is doing. That’s unfortunate though.

  24. chatonda says:


  25. botomani says:

    A failed state.

  26. Achimidzimidzi says:

    In you speech, you said time for donors is over and gone, that they will surely not come back and just before sunset you are talking about IMF coming back in December2015.

    What for?. Are they still here? Should we still look for assistance from them?

    You and your IMF are all stupid. You are wasting our time. No wander Dr. Chakwera is capitalization on your indecision.

  27. Chingolopiyo says:

    Peter Mutharika, stop that nonsence! Dont talk as if you are taking to the new born babies! Even little ones knw that Malawi’s economy is collapsing, just by looking at the comodities prices

  28. mbanga says:

    Even if Dudo speaks it won’t change anything

  29. kwake inu says:

    come on Chakwera, a true leader for the country who has passion for better Malawi. Brothers and sisters, lets call a spade a spade, if he were in office of the president the past 18 months, Malawi could have been in a better position than it is, economically, socially and politically.

  30. Alungwana says:

    Becoz you dont pay for anything!

  31. Mwethu says:

    But I thought Goodall has already conceded that the economy is failing, so what is APM on about?

  32. Bambo a mwana says:

    It is like you are nursing your sick mother and in a flush u turn to your mom and say “mum i dont see you surviving this sickenss”.

    Let those who the cap fits wear it. Vuto ndi loti APM amaina ngati amalawi tonse ndi mbuli zosadziwa kanthu.

    Sugar is now going at K650 and u r busy telling us this madness. executive arrogance at ite best!

  33. Mr Phee says:

    Kikkkkk komatu kusowa zolankhula eti?or mwana wakhanda akudziwa zito zavuta ndiye musadziwe ndithu odala?kaya

  34. Ngati mukuti zinthu zilibwino bwanji mukulankhula kutti “posachedwapa zin2 zikhala zilh bwino” ndiye ife amalawi timve ziti. Osakakamila sapato yomwe sisaizi yanu bambo

  35. munthu wina says:

    yaponda yamwa!!

  36. Chakwanuleka says:

    Thats why some quarters feel you are clueless. Do you want all of us to die for you to appreciate that the economy has collapsed. Just quit honorably.

  37. Muhiphethere says:

    Is there any nation or country in this world whose citizens castigate the head of state more than Malawians do? The more we castigate the leadership of the country the more we shall be cursed as a nation. Trust me.

    Go to UK, things aren’t as good as you may think but you rarely hear English people hurrying insults to the queen or prime minister anyhow. As for me, mine is APM for ever!

  38. adyauleje says:

    @ 2 Chikutumbwe indeed kkkk!!! Point of correction sitinabetse vote but he stole the casted votes now the seat is just becoming too hot for his buttocks! Too hot that he will relinquish it soon, just watch. This he-goat thinks he is fooling Malawians bt fooling only himself. Zinkhalamba ziwirinu Mathanyula and Goodall its high time you have lived on this earth, pls!!! Ikutenga ana ang’onoang’ono, inu ikukutsempahni pati? Bastards!

  39. Pseudo code says:

    vuto lovotera anamachende mmipando ikuluikulu ngati uwu, they keep on fucking a big time!!

  40. Prince Edward rsa says:

    Pita why in everything which is not good you say it good,amalawi azanga ameneyudi ndipresident? Iwe suukuwona kuti anthu akuvutika?amalawi ndithu tikhale chete kumaonelera zauchitsilu.Using taxpayers resources at sanjika to talk rabbish amalawi tikulora kuphedwa ndimunthu wobwelazowona why.we have the power to remove him

  41. The Analyst says:

    You may not admit that the economy has collapsed but it is on the path to collapse. All is there for those with eyes to see. High interest rates, volatile currency, high inflation, perpetual budget deficit . . .

    Which economic theory can explain the high-interest-rate-high-inflation paradox Malawi is experiencing? Not even the Pythagorus Theorem.

    The central bank has kept lending rates high hence high commercial banks’ lending rates. As such there is no credit to the private sector, low investment and slow growth, and ultimately deterioration in standards of living.

    The arguement for the high rates is to reduce money supply hence inflation. But who doesnt know that Malawi’s inflation is largely imported? i.e. it is the international market that affetcts it e.g. cost of fuel or the exchange rate? Only the central bank, maybe.

    Our inflation is imported. As such raising interest rates to curb it is not an effective tool. You are only hurting the economy. Do you expect the economy to grow when the private sector cannot borrow to invest? Do you seriously think you would reduce unemployment when the private sector cant expand production due to lack of funds for investment coz rates are high?

    Look if the production (real) sector of the economy produces, the products will be highly priced due to high production costs from high cost of borrowing. In the end the inflation (part which is domestically caused) will be high.

    You are getting it wrong Mr President, your Minister of Finance n Monetary Authrorities.

    The economy is on the brick of collapsing if you keep denying hence not adjust your monetary and fiscal policies.

  42. Katakwe says:

    Desperately trying to cushion the jab at Parliament from Chakwera. It’s too late!

  43. chimboro says:

    KUba too MUCH

  44. Mbiri says:

    Foolish man! Chifukwa sukudziwa olo mtengo wa sugar.

  45. Matchado says:

    This Chikutumbwe is just wasting our time my fellow Malawians . The sooner he goes, the better for our country . Pa May, 2014 paja tinabetsa big time .

  46. Kandapako says:

    Of course you cannot admit that the economy is collapsing. That would be digging your own downfall.

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