Malawi’s healthcare system now ‘in crisis’: CSOs calls on govt action

The Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Center for the Development of People (CEDEP) have called on governmen to arrest the current health crisis saying it;s a serious violation of the right to health.

Mtambo (L) and Gift Trapence :  Malawi heathcare crisis

Mtambo (L) and Gift Trapence : Malawi heathcare crisis

Malawi’s deepening economic crisis is severely affecting the government’s ability to fund public health delivery and restricting poor people’s access to health care.

CHRR Executive Director Timothy Ntambo and CEDEP Director Gift Trapence have said it is “sheer mockery “for government to spend MK300 million during Independence celebrations when people are dying from preventable diseases due to shortage of resources.

“We hav noted with alarm reports of a seriously deteriorating situation in the country’s public hospitals resulting from severe financial resource constraints. We have reliably gathered that most of the country’s hospitals have run short of essential drugs, with others resorting to rationing the meals given to patients,” reads a statement by the two organisations made available to Nyasa Times.

“Worse still, many hospitals have parked their fleet of vehicles, including ambulances. It is sad to note that this is happening when we are hearing a lot of corruption issues in the country. This is also happening when the leadership is busy wasting public resources conducting one celebration after another,” reads part of the statement.

Contiued the statement:”Have we, as a country, started normalising misery? If the costly Independence celebrations were not mockery enough, then we, at CHRR and Cedep, find the State banquet that government recently organized an insult of the highest to order to the suffering Malawians.

“Let government shelve the parties and, instead, rescue the persistent funding crisis in the public health sector. It goes without saying that the current situation in the country’s hospitals is tantamount to denying Malawians their right to health and life.”

CHRR and Cedep have called upon government to allocate sufficient budgetary allocations to Ministry of Health.

Malawi government is a signatory to the 2001 Abuja Declaration which calls upon member states to allocate at least
15 per cent of total national budget to health.

This year’s national budgetary allocations to health paints even a gloomier picture.

In the 2015/16 financial year, government allocated a paltry MK77.4 billion to Ministry of Health, an allocation
which is only 8.5 per cent of total MK901 billion national budget. This is pathetic.

“In fact, if this is not an abdication of obligations on the part of government, then we, at CHRR and Cedep, don’t know what is. Time has come for government to find a lasting solution to the deplorable situation in the country’s hospitals.

“Otherwise, depending on external partners to support the health ministry with financial resources cannot be a sustainable solution. As CHRR and Cedep, we stand ready to be part of further consultations by on how best to arrest the perennially disconcerting situation in the public hospitals,” reads the statement.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi’s healthcare system now ‘in crisis’: CSOs calls on govt action”

  1. Health is the centre of anything,why should this government pay a deaf ear to all these Health problems on the expense of sick it is very pathetic to see patients dying and the President is very happy together with the finance Minister.Don’t pretend as if things are ok when not.

  2. given wa givens says:

    Malawi a country full of idiots good at handclapping everything.A bottle of Fanta and ban on 6th July was enough to silence them.

  3. chelinji says:

    Imaging QECH being given 6million instead of 30million . They are calling down in every department and yet iwo busy mapwefupwefu

  4. fisi says:

    u just want to steal money from your sponsors, had they known! malawians no body to be patriotic? all the time thinking of who to milk? and these so called donors do they know all these noisy ngos are from north? they are bitter cause they have no chance to rule due to minority thereby bringing havok to frustrate their fellows! forgetting that the process affects ordinary citizens than the leaders. dispite creating problems they blame gvment, taking advantage of the misunderstanding pple.whatever are punishing malawians as per above

  5. Ernest Banda says:

    Thats very great

  6. Ernest Banda says:

    Let us put sensible comments only

  7. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    If you go to each and every Ministry, right from the The Chief Secretary, down to accounts Clerks, and see how many houses, mostly in low density ares of Lilongwe, each one has, how many and what type of cars they and their families drive, how many trips their spouses and family members make to China, Dubai and the East in general….what schools they send their kids to, their lifestyles…etc….and then take a look at their INCOME, then you will appreciate the density of how much is drained from the government coffers. I do not see much left for other services. Our Malawi is a rotten state, rotten to the core! We are thieves of the highest standard! I look back to Kamuzu days with nostalgia. There is no real hope for the future. Now we should understand why we hear he was ruthless…

  8. Bola Kwimuka. says:

    Mtambo and Trapence; you blew out of proportion, the meager chunk of money that was given to Gertrude Mutharika’s BEAM by National Aids Commission to the extent that Donors of of NAC raised eye brows and packed their bags and stopped giving aid. This you all did out of greed. You wanted to earn a name and get funding for your now useless NGOs….so that you could feed your fat bellies. My take is Gertrude Mutharika was not going to use the funds for her personal gain. Opportunity Costing shows that losing NAC funding was a worse “Bad” compared to letting Mutharika’s BEAM use the lot she got…because millions of sick Malawians are now suffering because of Donors’ withdrawal -all because of Mambo’s and Trapence’s greed and lust for money. Two useless and brainless big crooks.
    On the other hand, where on earth would anyone access free hospital consultation, free medication, free admission and free meals, all sponsored by Government? It is not practical. If fertilizer subsidy is not given to all Malawians, why can’t the Government use the same formula to identify the most vulnerable needing free medical assistance and those than can afford to pay at least something. All free is impractical and unachievable especially when it all has to be financed from our tax.

  9. 2019 NDIZAYIMANSO !!

    2019 NDIZAYIMANDO !!

    2019 NNdizayimanso !!


    E eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee !!!

  10. Rat says:

    Atumbuka akuba mankhwala koopsa amabisa mmatumba ndikumagulitsa.Amoxoni 30 k250.Wina wa pabotomu wamanga nyumba ziiri ku area 36.Ngati mukufuna umboni pitani komweko.

  11. loyal member says:

    u guys ur so funny poti yapanga independence day ndi dpp so ur complaining u stupid fools kodi mesa ndi inu nomwe munachotsa ma donors

  12. observa says:

    olakwanso are the pipo who entertain things like presidential parties… cant they boycott or something to send a signal to the excellency that wat hes doing is wrong…all the mapwevupwevu organizd they are there???

  13. White Rabbit says:

    Actions boys! Actions!
    The time for words has far past.

    It’s time to kill or be killed.

  14. Mgwala says:

    Mbuzi zachabe chabe inu a Tumbuka. Wakuyeretsani pamenepo ndani. You want to appear innocent yet you are one who has put Malawi government under pressure

  15. nophiya says:

    These are some of Malawians who think in upsided down. Imagine these are the people who are traveling worldwide talking nonsenses to donors about Malawi. The world has listened to them by locking all the economic taps. Now they come enjoying the big man. I mean what type jokes are you breaking here. Remember how you closed HIV/AIDS global funds from flooding into account number one. Close up your anus immediately. Utsirutu umenewu.Anthu wofunika kuti musogore ndi inuyo. Tikakupezani komweko.

    Sometimes Malawians think in a surprise way, for example when contract or opportunity is given to a foreigner. You weep for that. However when the same opportunity is given to fellow Malawian, you complain too much, claiming that the contract, opportunity or the bank has been given on tribal basis.The bank was given to the

  16. Phodogoma says:

    Double stand players. You travel globally painting Malawi Government black and white. You have chased all the donors. now you are coming blaming the government over such issue. Whats that? Are you crazy or what? Chokani apa. Mapwala a mbuyanu. Patsete panu. kkkkkkkkkk.

  17. Joseph says:

    “Malawi’s deepening economic crisis…?” Like really? Don’t we know the difference betweeen economic crisis and a stupid gvt with a clueless president?
    Did we not just have a mapwevupwevu party at state house last week? How much did that cost? Does that mean we are in a “deepening economic crisis to you?”
    Did we not just host a useless freedom day rally( free from what you may ask?) the other day? Can you estimate how much that took off our treasury? Are you still telling me that we are in a “deepening economic crisis?” Or just a headless clueless gvt leading us with NO priorities in order?

  18. Zanga Phee! says:

    Mabwana it sounds good but it doesn’t hold water even you jointly wear red of Black. What are your plans this time around if your words does not heard by the concerned party? think of bring Nyawu every where in town then may be something will happen.See my name.

  19. Alufeyo says:

    When are you two bafoons going to offer solutions instead of criticising govt. You dont seem to have any idea

  20. Analyst says:

    As long as public health services shall remain free to all, expect nothing better out of this. I do not condone the mapwevupwevu style of leadership but I believe the shortfall in the ministry of health budget should have been met if people were paying a little something for the health services. We always have this feeling that many Malawians are poor koma sikuti munthu umachita kumadwala daily. Mostly it’s once or twice a year and one should be prepared to pay a little something for seeking medical attention. Osangoti za udzu kuyambira medical examination, chakudya, malo ogona mu ward, mpaka mankhwala. Mwinatu ku Qatar zikhoza kutheka kapena. I strongly believe it is the attitude like this that has made many Malawians poor and lazy. We are a doomed nation of course with our cashgate minds we will even fail to account for the funds if hospitals start charging something. But that’s the way to go for sure. Osangoti boma lipange chilichonse mapeto ake ndi zimenezo

  21. kkkkkkkkk says:

    Why consulting you? Just source money and purchase drugs for all our hospitals. Work hand in hand with BFID.This is what Britain wants.These guys will never come back. Ask Greece Prime Minister.

  22. crossroads says:

    Zomwe mwalembazi zikumveka koma nanga mukunena zitachitika kale. 6 july ndi lero abwana? zitayeni basi

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