Malawi’s junior golfer commits suicide

Malawi budding golfer Bashir Sherriff Jr  who was in his mid teens committed suicide in his room of the parents house.

The son of veteran golfer and former Blantyre Sports Club golf Captain Bashir Sherrif Sr and Netball Association of Malawi Treasurer Abgail Sherrif was found dead in the morning.

But sources said no reasons were immediately established for committing the suicide.

“Please note that a son a fellow golfer, Bashir Shariff today passed away after he committed suicide.  Please let us find time to visit and encourage him during this difficult time,” Blantyre Sports Club Secretary, Khomani said.

“Please also be advised that his son, Bashir Junior was a junior golfer.”

A number of friends and family have sent their condolences to the family.

“This so devastating such a young boy, RIP. Very sad!! MHSRIP!! So sad indeed may his soul rest in peace. Too sad. I though his other son was also recently killed,” reads some of the messages to the bereaved family.

The body of the junior golfer was buried on Friday afternoon at CI Moslem cemetery.

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46 thoughts on “Malawi’s junior golfer commits suicide”

  1. Vee says:

    Words alone can’t express the sadness you left in our hearts..5 days without you suck already..we will miss you a lot.. you were worth our time Bash..miss your jokes tho :'( ,miss your craziness and miss everything else about you..Till we meet again..Rest in peace..God knows why it happened and why it had to be this will be hard to get over it but Will never forget you!

  2. So sad to loose u young man! RIP!

  3. tee says:

    Bash. Why so early…I wish I could travel back in time to stop you…will miss you so so much…may your soul rest in eternal peace

  4. mwanawamkulu says:

    Y bash y?

  5. Innah lillah wanna ilayih raajioona

  6. nyima says:

    He must have been going through emotional pain,R.I.P young man,only God can judge you.

  7. Yvonne sheillah sheriff says:

    aaaww Bash my lil’ Cousy,,,rip,,we’ll miss you #family_and_friends 🙁

  8. Tengupenya says:

    Condolences to those who loved him, cherished him, and shared his happy moments. May his soul receive deliverance from the pain his mental faculties decided to relief the person from. Words are not available to explain concisely what suicide is all about. Pain is too fresh in the hearts of those who loved him and in the minds of those who shared his happy moments and sad moments. But we must always use such events to caution us about our own vulnerability and watch out for our loved ones and those close to us in the physical space when they sequentially show troubled states of mind. Suicide is the zenith of failure of care between the actor and his immediate environment (girl friends, boy friends, husbands, wives, fathers, mothers, siblings, work/team/schoolmates, community folks, and the wilder family). Suicide may be considered a cowardice act, but it does not come spontaneously. There are always antecedent events and a prognosis, which the main actor knows best. Actors reach a point of self destruction after a series of bouts against shame of their egos. The destruction of own life can also be done after perpetual rebellion against certain circumstances in their life or environment. Take it or leave it, suicide is an epitome of society’ failure and of those closest to the actor to help the actor reconcile personal ambitions, desires and pride with prevailing grounding circumstance. It is a personal vendetta against society and the significant others as much as it is a cowardice act. For many people, the stand is that Life is too precious to be a subject of attack for failure to get what one desires, prides at or thinks one so much deserves. Nothing is a sufficient reason to end one’s life. Just remember, your closest friend may act it too. Watch out for them as much as you do for your self. May his soul find peace.

  9. ATIMESIYA says:

    Sarafina or whatever you call urself, get this straight in your damn moslem brain, there’s nothing like resting in peace for sinners, in this case this Bashir thing has committed suicide and the law of GOD says ” thou shall not kill”, whatever he was going thru never gave him the license to terminate his own life, whether someone likes it or not the guy is being roasted in HELL fire together with Muhammad…….. okey???

    1. Tony More says:

      Also u I pray die a terrible death and burn in hell. Remember from today anything bad happens to u is because of my prayers.

  10. Da Truth says:

    despite what some one is going through suicide is not an option, condemned anyone taking his own life…there is no pity and its stupid, thats being a coward, life aint easy but we always elevate after passing through such trials so as bad as the truth sounds suicide is a sin and highway to hell and in hell no resting in peace…

  11. Its not about any religion to kill oneself. There are various factors and religion is not one of them but pple may just take advantage of his belief to score their own scores with the moslems. Shame. Every death is painful despite its cause. I am a xtian but I dont subscribe to what these wannabes are advancing.

  12. chimangenI says:

    Whether he was going thru difficult time or not the thing here is he has sined.”DO NOT KILL” whenever u take life u have killed or if yours. A case to answer here!!!

  13. rova says:

    tife zimenezi

  14. kingchi says:

    How is he going to rest in peace when he has taken a life? This is why i hate Moslems, they dont fear death. Always taking lives thats what they know. Go to hell brother!

    1. Sarafina says:

      How can you possibly say that?? That’s both immoral and unbiblical. Someone has lost their child, and someone has lost their brother. You hate musls because yet commit suivide?? Where is your evidence that all suicidal people have an Islam background??

    2. Sarafina says:

      I’m sorry but you are not a true Christian! Jesus would never condemn someone like that. You need to go back to Sunday school and relearn the basic Christian principles!!

    3. Enlightened says:

      Kingchi suicide’s happen even among atheist besides major religion in the west where Christianity is a dominant religion suicide amongst them is very then islam,even here many christians commit where i live over the years almost over half a dozen suicides have been committed by christians and no single moslem has been reported to committed suicide,its even a sin in the Holy Quran to commit suicide as it’s forbidden by God,your hate for Islam and moslems could perhaps my bro come from your lack of knowlegde regarding Islam.

    4. special advisor says:

      If this is your attitude towards yourself and others, unless you repent and be transformed by the renewal of your mind, you too are heading in the direction of hell. Don’t entertain such thoughts about others, let alone allow your mouth to verbalize them. Say something nice and consoling.

  15. concerned says:

    I don’t know what right anyone has to judge! you literally have no idea what Bash was going through and you are busy saying all this crap about how he shouldn’t rest in peace . What type of a Christian are you claiming to be?

  16. Noel says:

    Not gud at all very sorry indeed RIP

  17. Nyabinghi says:

    Za uchitsiru basi.Mpakana kuzipha?

    1. Sarafina says:

      Do you know what he was going through?? If you don’t, then you do not have a right to judge

  18. jack says:

    probably his girlfriend dumped him for another mam kikiki

    1. Sarafina says:

      I’m glad your finding humour in someone’s death.

  19. TALK STATION says:

    peace for what? suicide? aaass

  20. GEORGE says:


  21. Dr.Jack says:


    1. Sarafina says:

      I’m sorry but some of us Christians are very selfish, immoral and vile!! It’s no wonder we have so many atheists in the world!!

  22. make Atu says:

    Mmmmm so sad.. ..RIP..

  23. Saad says:

    Rubbish!fire is waiting for him.

  24. njolomachipilingu says:

    So young and with a brighter future.All the same may his saul rest in eternal peace

  25. That’s not a malawian name. Sounds like al Shabaab

  26. zizwe says:

    Drugs. Alcohol or what young people leaving parents devasted

  27. handcuff says:


  28. handcuff says:

    May your soul R.I.P

  29. Aphiri says:

    Very bad to commit such a grave sin no good place for him upstairs



  31. calvin moses says:

    RIP couz. so sad…gone too soon.

  32. Achimidzimidzi says:

    My condolences to the bereaved family.

  33. Baba says:

    Pepani ause mumtendere chenjezo kwa otsalafe zikavuta sibwino kudzipha ai MULUNGU AMAKANA komabe Ambuye mulandileni

  34. akatswiri says:

    There is alot to be desired.

  35. AGOLOSO 1 says:

    Ahhh!! It’s sad indeed, but why? Ok RIP

  36. Waheed Sheriff says:

    Rest in peace cousin .we will miss you alot.

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