Malawi’s Mutharika blows K30mil a week in New York after UN meet ended

President Peter Mutharika has reportedly blown a staggering K30 million just in a week he has overstayed in the US after the UN general assembly.

Mutharika: superstition have put the safety and lives of people with albinism at risk

Mutharika: superstition have put the safety and lives of people with albinism at risk

Privately owned Zodiak Broadcasting Services  has come up with rough estimates on how much the President and his entourage are blowing tax payers money.

This comes at a time when the IMF team, which was in the country for two weeks, painted a bleak future for Malawi, the economy will continue to dwindle because of, among other issues, the governmnt continues to be extravagant.

It is estimated that Mutharika and his entourage are spending K5 million per day.

Mutharika gets US$700 per day in allowances, the First Lady Gertrude Mutharika is getting K400 per day in allowances.

Their stay at  the posh  New York’s Waldof Hilton Hotel and their allowances adds up to approximately K10m.

He has five officials with him, including Foreign Affairs minister Francis Katsaira and Gender minister Jean Kalirani whom, each one of them, are getting US$400 per day in allowances which adds up to K7m.

If he was accompanied by 10 security officers, then they are getting US$300 per day so for five days it is K10.5m which adds up to K30m for the five days the President and his entourage have spent after the close of UNGA.

Reports from reliable sources indicate Mutharika has proceeded on leave.

But presidential spokesperson is saying Mutharika is still working in the US after the UN conference.

Both Katsaira and Minister of Information and Communication Technology, Malison Ndau, have declined to comment.

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22 thoughts on “Malawi’s Mutharika blows K30mil a week in New York after UN meet ended”

  1. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    Eat that money! Chew it! Why did Malawians let you steal that election without a fight? Teach them a lesson!!!

  2. Eugene says:

    What do you expect from the Midnight Six thief? Meanwhile we have 5 hours of electricity per day…zoona?

  3. Nyirenda says:

    MKW 30, 000, 000 is not a lot of money, if you convert that to the American dollar, it’s roughly $40, 000. I mean, for an individual like you and me, that’s a fortune(honestly, not for me but i don’t know about you) but you would be surprised to learn that that’s the lowest cost any president could spend for a week in the U.S. I live abroad, take my word, I know what I’m talking about. Now allow me to explain to you what I mean when I say it’s not a lot of money. You see, the president and his entourage are going to need to fly there, pay for accommodation, eat, sight-see a little, transportation, book places for meetings and well, obviously, get paid. I barely follow Malawian politics, or politics for that matter, but if somebody says Muntharika is brainless…I’m sorry but you are the nutcase. If you want him impeached, who else can run the country better? I’m a CIMA student, to a degree, i feel i know a lot but what i know is decimal to the knowledge that Muntharika posses. If you don’t understand what’s going on, allow me to enlighten you. Malawi finds itself in a very bad state because of the decisions that were made in the past. Throughout our history, since democracy, there were a lot of planning fallacies in the long term strategies that were made in order blossom our economy. Every body that comes in power does away with the old and puts forth their own strategies. Bingu was super smart, he was a long term thinker despite having the IMF, World Bank and donors not agreeing with his plans but he pushed them further. I don’t know much about Joyce, all I know is she’s a very strong woman with good intentions but she just couldn’t handle the country in the state she found it in. You don’t expect things to change overnight, If you say Peter is not performing, what do you mean exactly? Take a look at our BoP over the years, it’s really sad. Malawi is mainly run on donor money and loans, these loans and donations come with conditions. These conditions, most of the time, are not in line with the long term plans our leaders have in mind or on their blackboards. Personally, I think Muntharika is the best person to run the country. And another thing, tell me where the money to develop the country instantaneously is or is going to come from? The little that the country gets goes straight to the mouth, leaving nothing left for capital investments. Medication, civil servants, education, repaying debts and the whole shabang put a huge hole on our money as a country but are necessary. Why do you think the IMF and other financial institutions keep giving loans to Malawi when they know we can’t repay them? I mean, yes, it’s a pool but is it really? Nothing is free. China isn’t doing all it’s doing for free. We are going to repay them somehow in the future. The agreements and conditions that happen in closed doors are not accessible by members of the public. We have a lot of rare earths, oil, uranium and so on. These guys are not stupid, they are long term thinkers, they are merely making investments of which they will benefit from in future. Turning away from the the IMF, World Bank and rubbing shoulders with China is just as bad…Bingu was a smart fellow and i’m pretty sure Peter is continuing with the plans that were set in place by his brother…to which i think he was involved. Lastly, it takes 2 to 10 years for a small business to start making profits, how long would it take for a country? If you think you can run the country better, mukalembetse, mudzayimire, azakusankheni kenako muzakonze pamene babawo akukanika.

    1. The MindReader says:

      Hey My Nyirenda, with no offence, you must be in your own planet to think that such amount of money is not a lot of money to a country like Malawi. By the way, it’s not necessary about this amount of money but “is whatever that has made them extend their stay abroad (wherever they are)worthy the costs?” If what they’re doing is so important, why the hell are they not telling the nation?

      As it is at the moment, in case you missed it, Malawians are facing hunger like never before, The public health system has almost completely collapsed. For your information, this is the system which has, for many years, largely depended on diner support. Today any little progress being made is probably due to a few donors like USAID or UKAID etc who are actually running programs through international and local NGOs. I guess I don’t have to tell you that we don’t have electricity in Malawi anymore but blackouts, yeah, you got me right. I know you have heard about this a hundred times, yah but you still don’t get it, you can’t picture it because the last time you experience blackouts you can’t even remember it. But it’s real. even the free water you get on your taps, we pay here for dry taps too. You can’t believe the bill that comes just for keeping the meter.

      As if that is enough, the education is in tatters. No poor man’s kid can dream of college these days. I know you had a free chilunga pass, or was it poly pass? And instead of staying or even remember to pay back your little university loan so that other smart kids from poor home like you can afford college you coming here and tell Malawians, with your CIMA qualification, not to question their president why he’s extending his stay at such a big price.

      The story of yours of blaming old folks for poor planning is such a miserable one because everyone has said that. Do you wanna know the truth, it’s greedy, corruption and lack of stewardship (taking a good care of things they don’t own). All these government companies that have failed to perform they have done so only in multiparty period. They never failed with kamuzu, all of them. Do you know why those guys (kamuzu, JZU, Aleke etc) weren’t just patriotic, they were stewards.

      So next time You want to tell Malawians not to complain about their leaders, think again.

  4. Eugene says:

    What do you expect from the Midnight Six thief? Meanwhile we have 4 hours electricity per day….zoona?

  5. uchizi says:

    Presidents are their to chop our taxes, APM is just following tradition

  6. triple C says:

    Why cant we just strike and remove this headless president??? We Malawians, its high time we put our heads together NOW

  7. Heheheheheeeee! This is also politically sensitive according to Goodall Gondwe. Malawians still asleep

  8. Parallel Market says:

    My countrymen,

    We seem to enjoy gossip too much. This story has nothing to offer Malawians other than fabricating lies and gossipping against APM.
    Why are we behaving that way? Is it jealousy kuti munakakhala a President inuyo? Malawi is poor yes but our poverty should not be an excuse to demean and humiliate the President by following up every single penny he spends while duly serving the country as head of state. Penapake tikuonjeza abale anzanga.

    1. Khau says:

      The dude needs to sort out problems in Malawi. Its not about demeaning him, he needs to be seen to be doing something to ensure that people are out of the mess that all politicians have created in Malawi

    2. Geff says:

      Please be serious with your life. The president is OUR employee. WE pay him to deliver for this county. And so far he is failing miserably. This is why we’re poor. Too many Malawians like yourself making excuses for mediocrity and failure.

    3. Cool says:

      Its tax payers money. They have that right and goodness me, you cant question it either. Being a president doesn’t mean you are a god or have the right to use resources that could save lives of thousands for your gratification. Never. The mind set you have shown here plies that you are ok to let someone exploit you. No its not what we elect them for. He can bugger off if he thinks malawians are his slaves.

  9. Achimidzimidzi says:

    It does not make difference, whether he is in America or Malawi. His spending is the same. He is not performing. He is still our president just because we only respect him as elected, but not performance.

    After all during his term of office only Eric Aniva ‘The Nsanje hyena” has been arrested, mainly because Aniva is not related to the president. if Aniva were related to the president he would not have been arrested.

  10. Mika Kumbire says:

    Folks! You are blowing the matter out of proportion. This is peanuts for such a large number of vip people. Do you really want our president to stay under the bridge. The problem with we Malawians is that we complain too much. It seems Peter Mutharika will never do anything right as long as he remains a brother to Bingu Wa Mutharika. Khama in Botswana has two brothers in his 18 Member cabinet. Ali Bongo will extend by 14 more years the Bongo dynasty starting by his father Omar Bongo who was in power for 42 years. Uhuru Kenyatta tookover and will extend the Kenyatta.
    It it was in Malawi we would cry cry and cry.

    1. Sadwala says:

      There is a big difference between the Mutharikas and other characters you refer to in your comment. The Khama’s or Kenyattas had their fathers fight for their countries indendepence. It is not the same with the Mutharikas.

      Probably if it were the Orton Chirwas, John Chilembwes, the Chihanas, or Muluzis or Chilembwes it would make sense.

    2. Khau says:

      But is he supposed to be there in the first place ? Mika, Malawi has a myriad of problems today and it is at this point in time that leadership is required. Leave politics aside, we need somebody to be actively involved to ensure that we get out of this economic mess. its not a matter of just complaining too much, but the reality out there is appalling. I hate it when people try to bench mark themselves with low standards and countries with bad governance. He needs to take his ass out of the USA and sort out the mess in Malawi

    3. Happy says:

      But should we compare Botswana to Malawi ..???… I guess we far away in terms of development …he must fix the problems first… Then he can blow the money.

    4. kanchenga says:

      Mika Bongo is so foolish it’s a mistake to even mention him here. Can you imagine Kamuzu driving Yaya Toure around Blantyre. Well your Bongo was driving Messe when he visited that country. So you want Malawian to accept that kind of foolishness. No bwana, Malawians deserve better. This Peter of a thing must come back. Some of us pay millions of kwachas in tax money and it pains us to see a foolish president abusing it. I really wouldn’t care how Khama spent his time in USA if I were from Botswana because things are working there. The Khama family are a blessing to the Tswanas. I would have said the same for Bingu’s first term. He was a blessing then before this carcass came in and confused our beloved. This thing must come back.

    5. Emeneka says:

      Nanu inu kusaphunzira kumeneku. The issue is about UNGA. Seretse Khama who comes from africas stable and rich country returned home. Even Mugabe is back. This is not about cabinet or presidency by brothers etc. All clever leaders are back to their countries leaving imbeciles wandering the streets of new york. Malawi has no agenda worth pursuing in USA. Magufuli in Tanzania is an example of a leader who has the welfare of his people at heart. In any case why should Mutharika return home? The guy is caput. Also stop insulting us bu asserting that APM was elected when we all know that DPP stole the election from that pitiful woman who thought she was ruling a western country by being overly tolerant. Let the dunderhead enjoy himself because thats the only thing he knows. By the way ministers get $450 per day. The president also carries with him contingency funds which are never surrendered even if unspent.

      Malawi is a country populated by the most stupid brainless people. We dont protest because we are coward. Journalists are busy writing poems of protest and are busy encouraging us to rise up when they dont lead. One journalist asserts that we tolerate mediocrity thats why we are poor. Of course we accept mediocrity because we are all foolish. Lets stop criticising Mutharika its TURN TO EAT.

  11. malawi says:

    According to breaking news source at MPC head office, auditors when they found a problem mostly shortage, they start insulting junior staff refer them as DPP government of the cash gate to the extent they insult the president of Malawi peter wa munthalika for nepotism relatives from Thyolo who does know their duties. This was reviewed when they were auditing limbe post office, Chichiri post offce and Blantyre post office. According to our source who asked for anonymity Mr fole,mr mtelela ,Gloria mbendera and some other auditor at Blantyre post office abuse staff at mpc acting like prosecutors and police officers.’they talk a lot about government but this was beyond by insulting the president wich is against the law that’s why we provide you with this information’
    will keep you updating on our next bulleting .

    1. kanchenga says:

      Editing this peirce wouldn’t be a mistake

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