MalawiWatch calls on APM to drop treason charges for MPs: Activist advise MCP to be constructive

Human rights activist Billy Banda has advised opposition political parties, mainly Malawi Congress Party (MCP) to be more “constructive and organised” to offer possible solutions to the country’s economic challenges than just aimlessly critiquing President Peter Mutharika and his Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government.

Billy Banda:  No need

Billy Banda: Drop the charges

Banda’s call follows the arrest of two MCP top officials -Jessie Kabwila, Louis Chakwantha and Ulemu Msungama- over alleged Whatsapp ‘coup plot’ conversation on Monday.

Banda, who is also the Executive Director for Malawi Watch Human Rights, said the timing of the arrest was not ideal as it would likely be misunderstood and wrongly interpreted because it has just come after the heated Public Affairs Committee (PAC) conference and amidst food and economic challenges.

He said these challenges require collective efforts for the betterment of Malawi.

“I suspect the Head of State was not fully communicated by the Police and Intelligent agencies. I do not think the President will gladly authorise such arrests. I do not in any way condone what has been going on, in the social media.

“How can they embarrass the President whilst dreaming in colours occupying the State House? What alternatives do they have to turn around the economy over night after going to the State House?,” he queried.

Banda said much as everybody has the right to freedom of expression, a line of responsibility must always take centre space when exercising such rights.

“I strongly feel the discussions that were going on was truly demeaning the status and deserved respect of the President. An apology from the MCP President is truly necessary.

“It takes courage, humility and love of peace and coexistence to admit what went wrong and how can it be corrected.”

He then advised the Malawi leader to direct the Malawi Police to drop the charges against MCP officials, saying their thoughts to mobilization people through social media could not have materialized.

“One most worrying thing is the timing of the arrests. The Police should have assessed the negative effects and its negative reaction from citizenry who may share sympathy to those arrested.

“Much as we have the right to express ourselves freely, we are also required to avoid utterances that may lead or incite violence. The tone in those  discussions are clearly demonstrating disrespect to the President,” observed Banda.

He also advised the country’s security agencies-Malawi Police and National Intelligence Bureau  (NIB) to always act in the interest of national peace and security and also informing and advising the President on how best to handle such scenarios with raising public alarm.

Banda further warned that the arrest of these MCP officials will reflect badly on the ruling party and the President himself, observing that  this will not divert Malawians’ attention from economic hardships.

“We need to put our efforts together other than taking advantage of economic turmoil to advance our political agendas at the expense of ordinary people. We are faced with man made economic challenges, the leader of Opposition should be in forefront discussing with the government and the donor community to find solutions to our problems,” he advised.

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29 thoughts on “MalawiWatch calls on APM to drop treason charges for MPs: Activist advise MCP to be constructive”

  1. mavi c bandawe says:

    live everything in the hands of the authorities basi osatingoti pakamwa wowowo….

  2. becks says:

    A Billy Banda you are failing to run your organisation. Every time you lament about donors not funding your organisation. How can donors fund a DPP agency. Yes I admire your eloquence but not your partisan style of running the organisation. You smell DPP big time

  3. Eye Witness says:

    A Billy Banda you are failing to run your organisation. Every time you lament about donor so not funding your organisation. How can donors fund a DPP agency. Yes I admire your eloquence but not your partisan style of running the organisation. You smell DPP big time

  4. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Billy Mayaya should not be telling the Police to drop charges! The Police, and lawyers should be Very careful, and consult the law, more than once, on this matter. If these coup plotters were indeed discussing coup d’etat, on line or elsewhere, they should face the consequences. If the offence is treason, let it be. If its is attempts to disturb the peace, let it be. But there must be consequences for these criminal attempts.
    We have no sympathy for these naive “politicians”, typified by Jessie Kabwila-Kapasula.
    Agwe nazo baasi; ife tilibe nanu chisoni – ngati timadya kunyumba kwanu ( They need to grow up, and be responsible for their actions; whatever they are. They should not be cowardly and deny their plots)
    Even in the Parliament, where there is immunity for bad language, nobody gets away with plans to overthrow the democratically elected government. Regardless of its stripes. Regardless of the country. Even in the USA, or Germany, or Japan.
    No back door entry to Mpando wonona uja (the Presidency) These plotters need to be taught a lesson they should not take lighly. The same lesson should be a warning to would be future (zigawenga zausaveji) ignorant plotters. That is democracy, abale inu (friends). Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh.

  5. Zonse mwakamba zamveka bwana Billy Banda, koma ife si ana. President akudziwa ndipo ndiyemwe walamula kuti atsogoleri a MCP amangidwe. Police yomweyi tsiku lina izakhala mu ulamuliro wa MCP.

  6. mahomwa Nyika Republic says:

    I wish YATUTA AND MACHIPISA MOVEMENT was good for stupid leaders

  7. tombolombo says:

    anthu opanga zopusa ngati kabwira azimangidwa,hule limeneri ndichifukwa linathetsa banja chifukwa chopanda ulemu,taona ukusowa okunyenga,chilengedwe chikukusempha,ukanakhala manuna ndibwenzi utafunsira,kapena ndiwe ndiwe lesbian

    1. Zimbaboy says:

      Out of oder

  8. Nyapapi Ngongoliwa says:

    I know Billy very well. Anadya chibazi after he was given the Chairmanship of Malawi Gaming Board. There is no way he can advise the President objectively. Billy and Mabvuto Bamusi are in the same boat. Song praisers

  9. chilobwe says:

    Iam sorry Billy you are touching a very wrong button. Just shut up your mouth. You do not know that the whole issue is between the Chewas with Tumbukas against Lomwe people.
    This is real and there will be blood blood if those connected to this saga are not careful.
    you Chewas and Tumbukas you have always taken Lomwes for granted and KUMATITENGERA KU NTOSO. you think we are stupid people . Keep on mobilizing yourself and we Lomwe people are ready to die for our freedom.
    Foolish Foolish ndikale lija. Those in Diaspora who have contributed to this you will never hide if our relatives will be killed in Malawi. We will hunt you until we find you and smoke you out.(SERIOUS NOT A JOKE YOU HAVE CAUSED IT)

  10. H.S. Phiri says:

    Amalawi tiyeni tikonde dziko lathu. Chonde nkhondo simanga mudzi. Monga tamvera the whatsapp conversation that was extracted indeed was coup plot but a billion question is: why couldn’t they use that forum for solutions our country is facing? Look what happened in Egypt yes Mubarak was overthrown and the new president was sworn in but what happened to Moorse, only a year he was also booted out of office. Mind you the Bible says muyeso womwe uyezera nawo mnzako dziwa iwenso udzayesedwa ndi motero. What am i trying to mean? The solution is not overthrowing govt but if you do you too will be overthrown so once beaten twice shy. Lastly my fellow Malawians there would be no president with 100% performance. So all we need to do is wait for 5 years to elapse so that if the incumbent leader has not delivered Malawians will judge thru ballot paper. Let us join hands together in developing Malawi. Bravo PAC for a good theme. a piece of advice then is “next should any person bring any views contrary to your theme do not hesitate but switch off the his microphone, move him/her out of the meeting and warn him/her that should he/she not change the behaviour then the grouping where is coming from should be banned for the next meeting.” Keep it up for being non-partisan; i really appreciate.

  11. manofprinciples says:

    BILLY BANDA ur not a driving force to offer constructive ideas just go to hell with ur APM

  12. Nachithizi says:

    Think of our economic and how we are going find maize to sell at minimum price and feed people of Malawi. Resting each other is gain less. Abwana Peter! why are making those people popular and by aresting them. your sell the DPP party if you dont Know . If you dont know anthu akhala busy kumafufuza kuti Ulemu ndi ndani ? ndipo amapanga chani ? so people we conclude kuti this guy is important that is why you are suppressing him. Let them walk freely and set them free.

  13. tsoka says:

    Billy, it appears its only you who sympathizes with APM. Kodi MCP inakudyera chani? You are seemingly defending a dead animal.

  14. wapa-easy says:

    ninabadwilanji mumalawi,aliyese eti ndiwanzeru iyah…

  15. wa noma says:

    dont waist ur time Billy we had trust in u way back not now .can people be arrested on treason charges without the President consent? dont fool us here

  16. NZOZO KUNUNKHA says:

    To my supprise Billy Banda seems to have a sense of direction logically he has the right way of doing things but its for the sober minded person who can ably digest the content of this article unfortunately greed, selfish and hate has surpassed the IQ of many Malawians.

    when the impossible seems to be possible many people die ignorantly.

  17. BHARZ NYONIE says:

    dziko lathu likufunika atsogoleri a nzeru zabwino,,,,,zomaganamagana anthu akumudzi palibe comwe amapindula naco,,,lero kumumaga mawa kummutulutsa ndiye cani cimeneco,,plz inu azanthu musamatipatse cikhulupiliro ca bodza pa nkhani zanu

  18. Jelbin mk says:

    Billy utterances are absolutely nonsense. He did not take to account that what these people were in conversion of did not go to public domen apart from the authority themselves who exposed this matter to the public otherwise we wouldn’t have known that other people were discussing regime change and those that displayed the content to the public are the ones who are trying to create public disorder of whicj is a crime in its own. And about respect we dont need to be told to respect who because respect comes not naturally but we do earn it and this President has not earned any. For Billy’s own info people are discussing these matters on every day basis its not unique because it happened on social media and freedom of speech has only marginaliation when it causes harm to the complainant otherwise it renains unchallengd as a human right which makes democracy live. As a human right activist u were supposed to reprimand government agents that eavesdropped on private conversation which is an infringement of right to privacy. I conclude that Billy u are so dull to a a hunan rights compaigner u are just as stupid as those in government.

    1. peter says:

      Forgive him, everybody who has been following the stance of Billy and his organisation knows that he is a DPP royalist not a human rights activist.

  19. Chimuzanga Majoti says:

    Hahaha ichi ndiye chitsirudi akuti Billy Banda

  20. Chimuzanga Majoti says:

    Why get an appointment to arrest an opposition MP? Everyone is equal before the law lets no create superhumans out of this thing. Human rights activists naturally believe in the rule of law. They should let the law take its course on these individuals. Malawi has one of the most independent judiciary system if these fellas are not guilty they will be freed in no time. No special treatment for anybody. Woba chikwama akumangidwa pompo pompo wofuna kuwukila boma muziti boma lidikile kaye kuwamanga. Thats bull!

  21. Buyelekhaya says:

    This is speaking with forked tongue. Just last week he was busy bashing PAC with his so-called 30 NGOs most of which have no funding and will fold up soon.

  22. Mugonapamhanya says:

    By the way MCP will never rule this country, they maimed, wounded, murdered, strangulated, raped, incacerated, killed, butchered Malawians for too long. Their blood is still crying out to the Lord in their graves. It is not for nothing that Chakufwa Chihana called it the party of darkness. Bakili called it chipani cha magazi chu chu chu. Let them go to hell and rot there. Mark my words.

  23. Mbiri says:

    Galu wa DPP iwe ungayankhule chani? Mbuzi za a Malawi zogulitsa dziko lawo lomwe bola mukudya ma buns basi.

  24. Mugonapamhanya says:

    The voice of a statesman. Only if Malawi had 10 Billy Bandas this country could have been at an advanced stage. Keep it up Mr Banda, you are a star not these others who call themselves activists or analysts.

  25. Achimidizimidzi says:

    You have offered a constructive opinion, Mr. Banda. Can please book an appointment with the president and tell all this don’t talk the media only.

    You may end up doing the same as Dr. Chakwera.

  26. Dule says:

    Zopanda nzeru izo iwe Billy Banda wa DPP chipani chakupha

  27. George Kamanga says:

    Billy Banda you are foolish. let me use the words of late Bishop Zuza. Billy ndiwe chindere chakumilirapo.

    the illegitimate leadership will never be at peace. solutions to our problems will never come from these dods, thugs, criminals, gangsters, robbers and murderers in DPP. these dogs they are the ones who have brought Malawi into these messes and now you say they should be helped. how many times have people from outside and in Malawi advised them how to bail out Malawians from these sufferings. a billy ndiwe mumodzi mwa Agalu amend akuzunza a Malawi.

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