MALGA petition Mutharika over councillors’ motorcycle loans: Councils lack of funding

Malawi Local Government Association on Tuesday petitioned President Peter Mutharika for failure of his government to provide councillors with motorcycle loans as earlier agreed by Minister of Local Government Transizius Gowelo during the all inclusive meeting which took place in May this year at Nkopola Lodge in Mangochi.

Chaziya: Petitions Mutharika

Chaziya: Petitions Mutharika

Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa received the petition at Capital Hill on behalf of President Mutharika He promised to deliver the petition to the President.

“Thank you very much for this petition. And be informed that the petition will reach the targeted authority,” said Mkondiwa.

Delivering the petition, MALGA President Samson Chaziya said it is unfortunate that all devolved sectors have not been funded for the month of June, 2015 except health and constituency Development Fund in some selected councils.

Chaziya said councillors are still facing the problem of mobility in order to smoothly discharge their duties effectively.

“You are aware that in our conditions of service we are provided with motorcycle loans to enable purchase of the motorcycles, however one year after elections we have not been provided with the loans,” said Chaziya.

Meanwhile, MALGA has requested President Mutharika to intervene in expediting provision of funds to Local Government Authorities so that the operations of the local authorities are not affected.

MALGA has also asked President Mutharika to ensure that the provision of motorcycle loans for councillors is sorted so that they can serve their communities better.

During the 26 May Nkopola Lodge National Conference for the District Commissioners, Minister of Local Government and rural development Transizius Gowelo said government’s delays in disbursing loans to local government councillors, is because the ministry is consulting commercial banks and the Ministry of Finance on the best way to administer the facility.

“We are still discussing with our colleagues in banks and those in Finance issues of interest rates. As you may be aware, the issue of loan is a long term issue which needs to be handled properly, very soon the councillors will be granted the loans,” he added.

But during the conference, Chaziya said government could have been specific as to when local government representatives would start getting loans as they have already waited for a long time.

“Councillors are facing a lot of challenges in performing their duties because they do not have motorcycles for their transport and other people out there think that the councillors are failing to deliver but it is due to mobility challenges,” Chaziya said.

“Now we would like government to give provide us with loans not commercial banks because banks charge high interest rates, for example, for a loan of K500, 000 a councillor would be required to pay back about K1 million which is double the amount and too expensive at the same time,” added Chaziya.

Chaziya, therefore, said it would have been better if government took the responsibility of administering the loans to protect the councillors from high interest rates.

The two day conference attracted District Commissioners, Chief Executive Officers for City and Town Councils, Mayors and Chairpersons of District and Town Councils.

MALGA is an umbrella organisation of Local Government authorities in Malawi which brings all local government in Malawi to speak with one voice on governance and development issues.

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22 thoughts on “MALGA petition Mutharika over councillors’ motorcycle loans: Councils lack of funding”

  1. shuaib muha says:

    Am deeply sorry for councillors..

  2. Councillors are one of the democratic leaders therefore, minus them democracy is incomplete.

    Amendment of the constitution to abolish the counciĺors? I dont kno why? Who should amend it and why now? Egocentric and greedy ppo will think in ghat line. Counciĺors are more or less like employees present on govt payroll hence redueced rate of unemployment.

    Big politicians with their ego pretend to ignore councillors citing financial problems and yet they r busy enriching themselves in the name of cashgate!.

    Councillors also spend a lot during campaign they should also be recognized accordingly. Give them thier loans. A Gowelo mwadziwa liti zoti financial issues need systematic handling and loans are long tèrm processes ? Anakhala Mulli ndi azinzake mutawapatsa kale ma loan kuti mawa mudzizati Toxic Assets!

  3. Jelbin mk says:

    Is someone trying to say that every letter in a constitution can be amended? That’s a total lie don’t lie to people don’t be a liar as peter muntharika is you mean our MPs can ait in the August house and pass a bill to abolish the presidency?(such as “from the fourth of August this country will run without a president”)? Use your brains b4 you comment I still insist that some parts of a constitution are unamendable even at a gun point. You can change the term limit a president can compete but you can not change that your country should not have a president. Moreover the whole system is a photocopy of what happens in those countries where democracy started we di not have our own type of governance except for that of chiefs.

  4. Jelbin mk says:

    Mr myao paja kwanu ndim’mphepete mwa njanja eti? If you change the constitution to not accommodate councillors them it will not be democracy in its totality it will be something else that you will name it your own way but if it is democracy then councillors are in the game automatically don’t you wonder why no any democratic government has not done away with councillors? It is because democracy is government for the people to the people and by the people where powers of the central government is decentralized which makes people take part in the day to day running of government by participating directly through their local representatives. Chiefs have no place in democracy because even the way they get chosen is not democratic and are not chosen by people they are being imposed on people whether they like him /her or not, they are traditional leaders which has nothing to do with governance.

  5. koma kumeneko says:

    Alomwe sakufuna Achewa m’boma lawo malinga ndi comment ilipa top

  6. myao says:

    Jelbin,Zanga phee. The constitution is not a God created document. It can be amended. Malawi has more posts under govt payroll than govt policies. Chiefs and Block reps can ably execute local development than the unecessary engagement of these councillors.Maybe we should start voting for chiefs also. Lets be adaptable to changes and learn to appreciate other peoples suggestion than kumangotsatira za US and Britain who embraced the systems we fillow hundreds if years ago.

  7. Mph says:

    Koma a Chewa mudziwe kuti bomali munalamulira zaka 30 ife a Lomwe sitimakuvutani chonchi ayi. Please a Chewa tipatseni mpata tilamulire dziko ife a Lomwe. Nthawi yanu idzakwana. Nsanje bwanji. Mwatopa ndi kuvina gule eti. Pitani ku dambwe uko.Chaziya simnyamata wa pa central region uyu Chakakala Chaziya. Pepani a Chewa tipatseni mpata pang’ono tipume.

  8. Jelbin mk says:

    If I have to take by comments in this article then Malawi is as was supposed to be (poor) how do you expect a country without local representatives succeed?. Others reach at an extents of calling councillors volunteers, do you really know the meaning of a volunteer? Councillors are being voted for through the ballot box which is very expensive to attain. For a councillor to compete in local government elections he/she is to pay a whopping K250 000 to the electoral commission and this is minus all the campaign costs so I don’t think they do qualify to be called volunteers because a volunteer does not go through a ballot box or paper. Others do wonder who proposed for Malawi to have councillors,what a dull question! Councillors are not an there by proposal but it is a constitutional requirement that goes with it in any democratic government the word councillor comes from the word council of which is to be administered and effectively ran by mayors and councillors who will manage all council revenues and developments. I keep telling people when ever am having conversation with them that “the worst thing in life is not knowing that you don’t know” some people don’t know anything about our constitution a hence goofing in commenting and sad enough they don’t know that they don’t know anything about the provisions of our constitution. The day Malawi attained democratic was the day she adopted councillors with it of which can not be changed because it is one of the structures of democracy and without them democracy is incomplete. Thus why we are saying that democracy is not cheap, to have it fully function you need to cough out fully as well. Other people are so unpatriotic or maybe selfish because the more government employs the more we reduce unemployment rate the better the economy anyway which is better to have no councillors and have K577 billion grow wings and fly without landing and have councillors who can not cost us not even half of that lost money in three years? Whoever doesn’t see the relevance of having councillors in Malawi is either not knowing that every democratic constitution provides that or he/ahe is ab enemy to development.

    1. Modusi says:

      Interesting! I didn’t know that a constitution or some of its acts and sections can never be amended. Some of these things do not need one to study rocket science to understand them. A sovereign country like Malawi should have it’s own constitution made by and for the people of Malawi. Not copying and pasting other country’s constitutions. A good constitution should facilitate and enhance the welfare of the country’s citizens and not the opposite by being a thorn in the shoes of citizens. For your information, Malawi has a right to amend and re-amend its constitution as many times as her people wish. It is our constitution and for us. Stop being Mr. Know-it-all.

  9. Chivu says:

    Zogwetsa mphwayi!anthu enanu zomwe mukulemba sizothandiza.
    Ma councillors ndiwofunika kwambiri kungoti tivomereze kuti boma lalephera.Councillor akudya zingati pomwe mukulemba zonyoza councillor mukulephera kuzuzula Ma MP akuzipangira malipiro komanso kukudyeraniso Constituency Development Fund inu muli mphwe!koma councillior ndiwo popeza amakhala kumuzi.Ndinu zisiru

  10. mangochi kabwafu says:

    Hey!, govt is bunkrupt and leaderless. On autopilot heading for the hills, kikikikikiki.

  11. KK says:

    Councilors are useless. Strip them off their powers. They are doing nothing m’midzimu except stealing. joyisi banda is to blame. Every Malawian of goodwill knew that Malawi does not need councilors but joyisi did the opposite against the will of the majority. Malawi was better of without these so-called volunteers (councilors). We were made to believe that these useless people will help in developing the nation but today we have the opposite story. All what we hear is begging, begging, and begging for their own bellies. I never liked Bingu but today I will chew my pride and say he was right on this one. Malawi does not need councilors.

  12. Zanga Phee! says:

    To those who don’t know how development structure falls at a district lever could say councilors are nothing but bear in mind that those policy makers they don’t have time to come close to our rural masses they only come during campaign period, so these councilors are closest allies to our communities.How do you expect them to function without resources? try them with reasonable budget provide them with transport give them even six months period as a time frame,believe me those who have good will, will deliver those who are min cash gters shall prevail we don’t have just to rule out we should also think as human beings these councilors they regard this as employment what ever comes out as allowance they use it to support their families.They can also work as watch dogs as we all know for sure that 70% of our MP’s is what we call self enrichment they only deliver last term to seek next consideration so that they should proceed and finish with their personal projects.Those who once stayed in a rural community they will agree with me how prominent a councilor is.See my name.

    1. Commentator says:

      Thank you bwana Zanga Phee! I want to agree with those who are saying that Malawi does not need councilors. Let me substantiate this by taking on your arguments. The argument that councilors are more closer to people than MPs is debatable. E.g. In our constituency the MP is more closer to us than the councilor. In fact the MP lives with us in the village but the councilor operates from another region (note: not from another district but from another region) where he and his family are running their businesses. So that argument is baseless.

      In your resource argument I have seen that you agree with other commentators. If Malawi fails to give them enough resources to operate then why should we have them in the first place? If there are no resources for them then let’s not have them. Or should we have them for the sake of providing employment to them? The reason why we should not have councilors is that our economy cannot afford them. Actually a poor and small country like Malawi should not have more than 15 cabinet ministers.

      On employment, if councilors needed a well-paying job then they were supposed to create one as entrepreneurs or indeed have competent qualifications and skills and compete with others in the employment market and not masquerading as volunteers.

      On being watch-dogs, it is debatable. Let me give you this example. Assume the MP steals 51% of LDF. How much will the councilors steal from the remaining figure? And how much will remain for development in that constituency? If we had only the MP in the chain, the whole remaining 49% would have been used for development (assuming there are no more cashgaters along the way). Having councilors is as good as legalizing cashgate. There is no guarantee that they will be watch-dogs. They are equally the same as the MPs, money hungry.

      I also want to argue that even if Malawi had given them enough resources, these councilors are not developmental-oriented. They would squander all that resources for their own bellies. This is evidenced by their hungry for money. They have clocked a year now but we have not heard them complaining for development projects. They always complain for resources that are directly beneficial to themselves. To hell with councilors. As a nation we goofed big time as one of the commentators has rightly said up there.

  13. True patroit says:

    Beginning from 2019, political positions should require the following minimum qualifications:
    1. Councilor – Diploma
    2. MP & Minister- Bachelor’s degree
    3. President & Vice president – Master’s degree

  14. Dumb councilors says:

    This is a voluntary job. You don’t demand as if you are an employee. You are voluntary workers and you can resign at any time. Malawi will never miss you. You are just draining our resources. I agree with those who say that this should be the first and last time to have councilors in Malawi. They are draining our resources for nothing.

  15. Wakwithu says:

    It was a bad idea to have the councilors. It is costing us more than its benefits.

  16. ZZ Junior says:

    Messrs Mwafulirwa and Chirwa ever wonder why our MP are so ineffective when it comes to contributing to parliamentary business, its because they don’t know their terms of reference. MPs are there to pass bills and laws basi osati talking about bridges and roads like what we witness in Malawi parliament. Talking about chitukuko is for the Town and City councils and their councilors.

  17. Myao says:


  18. Chirwa says:

    Let them resign if they are not satisfied with what they get. Malawi will not miss them. They are doing nothing. We have not seen any change with their coming in except milking the already-thin taxpayer.

  19. Mwafulirwa says:

    I still don’t understand the reason why we have councilors. By having councilors, we are multiplying our national problems. What have we benefited so far as a national by having these councilors that we could not have if we had them not? Whoever proposed that Malawi should have councilors goofed and Malawi goofed too by taking such stupid unpatriotic proposal.

  20. ZZ Junior says:

    Vuto la a Malawi ndi limeneli. Everything we petition the president. Cant we find other means of dealing with issues? What is the reporting line of these councillors? Why not petitioning City and Town council? again the councilors deserve better. Our MPs are too greedy please learn to share something with these councilors.

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