Malopa ‘contented’ with move to Macra

Former presidential aide Bright Malopa says he is “contented” with his relocation to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra).

Malopa: I want less political work

Malopa: I want less political work

Malopa told Nyasa Times that work life after State House was pleasing to him, explaining he had asked authorities to move him away from Presidential office and not that he was forced out.

“I had asked to be moved so I can do less political stuff,” said Malopa.

Malopa, who since 2014 has been Presidential aide on Communication Strategy, has been deployed to Macra as Technical Advisor on Broadcasting.

“It is a good posting. It is by far a good post, less political and that’s what I want,” state Malopa.

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24 thoughts on “Malopa ‘contented’ with move to Macra”

  1. Life says:

    The fact that we will have these useless boys managing our affairs, is a sign that we are a foolish state. Its these small brainless, little ndirande boys thats so close to the president and advising him. Imagine, a stupid little boy like Ben Phiri and Malopa sharing ideas with an octogenarian Peter Mathanyula Muthalika, what kind of ideas are expected. No wonder we are a failed state. I am sick and tired of this whole thing.

  2. Kenkkk says:

    Now you can be absent from macra for the whole year without anyone noticing, doing personal work. How can a country develop with such lazy people?

    Macra is very political, ask mulakho how they got some of their funding. You want to censor all the opposition media. We know you dpp thugs.

  3. something is fishy in malawi.zingatheke bwanj boma kukhala opanda dora?a malawi ambiri ali fon oposa theka la chiwerengero cha dziko ndipo amagula ma units ndipo amadulamsonkho.osawerengera njira zina za misonkho eg.k10pa k50 ndipo pa siku ndizingat ndarama.ndichifukwa boma limaononga ndarama about 300million ku magazine chifukwa amaziona dora mbweee infact lilibe dora zotumikira wanthu koma zodyera ilo migolomigolo pomaliza boma lililonse ndi lakuba mot achakwera akuoneka a chilungamo lero kungot alowa yeeee ndmakaika ngat angachite promote human rights.sindmazionamo.ok gud9t

  4. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr Malopa, innovative and brilliant as he is should have replaced one Matthews Chikaonda at Press Corporation, i wonder how the man survives there.

  5. KARU UNITED says:

    Mr Malopa, innovative & brilliant as he is, should have replaced one Matthews Chikaonda at Press Corporation, i wonder how the man survives there.

  6. 2016 welcome says:

    A spy, traitor, thief and we expect MACRA to be professional? No ways!

  7. bodzalabwino says:

    Yes DPP, UDF, PP could be contaminated blood that can be easily purified however MCP is lost blood that cannot be collected because it was heavily affected with evil

  8. Nyonyo says:

    Kodi wats so special with this boy ..qualification alibenso abale nde kuti xool is not necessary? Kuluyi khale diploma alibe fufuzani nde muziti dziko lipita pa tsongolo? Eish

  9. Zabodza izi says:

    Zabodza izi…nkhani siya Hotel ku Cape Maclear or less political work ayi; koma he shud b @ MACRA to cencor opposition thru all media in the country…check this page!

  10. kwacha lelo says:

    Enjoy you days are numbered. U should thank the rigging of votes. 3 years remaining of APM. This time he will nlt rig votes. If he does there will be fire in Malawi. We are rganizaing we are tired. We want to be ruled with people wh can move Malawi forward. Not UDF, DDP and PP. These are contiminated blood. Malawi is behind all the countries in Africa it is shame. You should thank tribalism APM. The man has escaped he was going to loose the house with mrtgage of NBS Bank. At least you took a mortgage others have build with stolen money. We want our money back. The only clean party is MCP. The rest they are thieves.

  11. Mapwevupwevu says:


  12. Denguzman. says:

    Nsanje Amalawi. Whats wrong wit Malopas position to MACRA? All the best and put everything in gods hands to ashame the devil.

  13. Denguzman says:

    APM, kapena mwanayu walakwitsa kumanga Hotel ku Cape Mac? Nanga bwanji wina wake waabela malo a Malawi Police ku Area 3 koma siukumuchotsa ku State House? Nkhanga zikuonatu zimene mukuchita.All the best Bright to MACRA.

  14. Kamtedza Mwale says:

    My brother in the Lord Bright, I would like to intimate to you that MACRA is the most politically motivated SC in Malawi. Your colleagues there have different connections to different corners of the same party and some of them even to non party actors or even to opposition. Prospective clients of MACRA often try to create a political link with the people that matter and that in itself reduces the level of objectivity of all MACRA workers. I would understand you if your definition of less political entails less performance on political podiums while maintaining political loyolty to the authority. But if less political means political neutrality and more performance objectivity, mmmh my brother I doubt whether MACRA is the environment that would accord you this. Nonetheless, all said I sincerely wish you God’s blessings.

  15. vuto mhango says:

    One hell of useless and greed youngman i have ever known here in Malawi. Die Nigga!! Nigga die!!

  16. Paka Bush says:

    Wachita bwino munthu osokoneza iwe……Ben anavutika yekha ndi APM iwe nkumafuna kumakhala Bwana wake? Siziyenda choncho Madala….Go well Go Shell to MACRA!

  17. rankin kumwenda says:

    What technical advise is he going to offer at MACRA ? My foot !!!!!!!

  18. EL CHAPO says:

    End of the road. When your contract expires, you will discarded into political dustbin.

  19. Mr.Bambo says:

    Pay back time anzathu!!!

  20. .... says:

    Bola musamakavale chi siketi chanu chija kumeneko, nkhani yabvuta masiku ano ndi ya u mathanyula.

  21. magg says:

    i smel rat

  22. ideology says:

    So what did you achieve as presidential aide apart from kukangana ndi ben hill, kunena miseche ndi a chief secretary, kuwuza a president miseche ya ma chief executive, kubera a mwenye, ndi kunamiza a zimayi uwapezera ntchito. Kumeneko ndi kutha kwamunthu. Ku macra mukupita ngati technical advisor wa ndani? You are being sent away on the same contract ikatha imeneyo you are finished. Imeneyo ndiye DPP they use a person kenako kukutaya. Hon namasasu akulira pano. Achina vera chilewani, scholastca chidyaonga, even kajawo mzukulu wawo wa a president. You can lie kuti ku macra nkwabwino but look at your contract. Still government employee same salary, plus you are not a macra employee.

  23. bandawe says:

    Koma China nchina, Umatchena mfana.
    We need as many young people as you to move away from politics and begin to rebuild our nation. Out of interest, it seems most strategists don’t like to linger around the candidates they promote for so long.
    Obama’s strategists David exerold, David plof and emanuel Raul all left Obama whilst in office for less political jobs
    Why is that? ?

  24. Ojambula says:

    Mr. Malopa I salute you, its indeed a good move and path that you’ve taken, less political work, I like that. Hope you’ll tick at Macra, I wish you well. By the way hoe is the Cape Maclear Hotel project progressing?

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