Man arrested for sexual assault of 3-year-old girl

As cases of sexual harassment are reportedly to be on the increase in Karonga, police in the district have arrested a 38 year old man for allegedly defiling a 3 year old step daughter.

Confirming the arrest, Karonga Police Officer In-charge, Edward Chingayipe, said Henry Mbewe was caught boarding a minibus to escape after  learning that the law enforcers are hunting for him.

According to Chingaipe, the man took an advantage after his wife left him with a child to her usual fish selling business.

Chingaipe said upon arrival the wife found the daughter crying while bleeding, a thing that made her suspicious.

He said her mother reported the matter to police who later referred the child to the hospital where medical reports indicated that the kid had been defiled.

Chingaipe added that the man is still in police custody waiting to answer charges of defilement.

Mbewe hails from Rosa Village in Traditional Authority Mkalo in Chiradzulu district.

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48 thoughts on “Man arrested for sexual assault of 3-year-old girl”

  1. What is this hyena doing in karonga? Just castrate him!! Stupid man idiot! Typical anthu akumwera kukonda kukwata ndi ufiti!!! But dont do that in karonga! Muzikapanga kwanu kwalomweko where u have breeding program yoti muchulukitse mavoti mbuzi za anthu!!!! Dziko ili lilipamabvuto cha inu!!!! Mumachindana aimlesslly!!! Anthu inu let me tell u this mbolo ili ndi ntchito zina osati izingo khalila kulowa pa nyini!!! Kuthako kwanu alomwe inu!!! Pa mtumbo panu!!!!! Mpaka kunyenga kamwana ukuona ngati ungabereka pa kamwanako!!!!!!!!!!! Chinyini chamako !! Vibanthu ba kumwera inu zitsiru!!!!! Pita ku state house uzikanyenga getrude maseko wamva akusowa mbolo!! Chifukwa madala pitala siimazuka ndiyofooka!!!! Pita uzikakwata nacgate!!!

  2. chaona mzako says:

    i think ku malawi uko bantu ba amba ku funta. why fuck a helpless kid. the time i left kasungu, i was young and thing like that wr un heard of. here in zambia the minimum sentence given to such dogs is 15yrs. i pray this can be same in my beloved malawi. Isho inama shile fwaikwa inside, ku ndende wr they belong.

  3. kyroc says:

    heh! guys isn’t this satanic? malawi where are you heading to? how hospitable are u that you even accomodate such fools? plz give the man death sentence. he is not fit to be called a man.iyeyo ngati inali nyere bwanji sanawagone akazi ake asanapite kunsika? would this be a ritual? alas! malawi

  4. padoko says:

    You mchirawadzulo dog, from prison, go back straight to your home and continue with kutsatsa fumbi kwanuko rest we castrate you.

  5. Nankungwi says:

    Amazing! How does he feel when the little girl is wriggling underneath him with fear? even animals dont behave like that with their children! This man needs very long prison snentnce with hard labour for he has ruined th elife of a small child who depened on the idiot!

    Kodi masiku ano zinthu zikutani? No conscious?

  6. honest citizen says:

    You r messing up the name of Karonga with your high libidinous nature all the way from Chiradzulu.Tikazakupezani we will castrate u.

  7. Zopusa zizimba eti koma ngati ali sing’anga eee wakunamani.Chonde. anthu itele musaveleso chisoni angazolowele alidziwe dziko pano waonekela ng’amba

  8. goody says:


  9. Chilengedwe says:

    Afinyidwe ameneyu.

  10. fkr says:

    Cut off his dick. He obviously doesn’t know what to do with it even after 38 years. Sorry for the kid

  11. enock lihonga says:

    lamulo ligwire ntchito

  12. Amawo says:

    This is not just an assault IT IS RAPE and attrmpted murder. Reporters please osamachepesa mipangidwe yimeneyi. Please define rape as rape….My prayers go out for this child and the mother.

  13. Ed theToddler says:

    Ziwanda zimenezi.

  14. brutsha says:

    Let me propose that the punishment for such brutes should injecting with a drug which will render them permanently incapacitated for an erection.

  15. me says:

    better cut head
    sick people
    or a rope and one good stone
    no mercy for this act.shoot to kill bcz its worse than robbery

  16. Galu wapananji Mwale says:

    Lamulo ligwile ntchito,akagebe ameneyo

  17. sapitwa says:

    Death sentence that’s why I don’t want to get married again after the demise of my husband

  18. vitor munyeliwa says:

    anthu oterewa ongofunika akapezeka kumangowa otcha basi zitha zimenezi.

  19. nyakaronga says:

    Ameneyunso ndi ntumbukanso? God help the kid to recover soon and hoping kuti sanapatsidwe matenda.

  20. Yankees says:

    Kukaronga ma Hule adatha eti? Zoona mchira onsewo wanzaka 38 ukalowe pa 3 years? Pali mbeeh! Ameneyo akphedwe chifukwa amafuna kupha mwana mummange atempting mulder plus Rape, chitsilu chimenecho chisatengeso Lawyer Mwana wa 3 years wachepetsa sangalankhulenso kali konse.!? Machende wake ndithu!.

  21. Chitsiru cha munthu ndithu.

  22. Mbalame Ndoka Lovemore says:

    3years old, anyongedwe basi

  23. yungsai says:

    dead man walking.he deserve to rot in jailcell.i wch i was a judge of his case.

  24. Kicker Master(Dongle). says:

    I think people are not afraid of law its better death sentence should be back to punish those people. the organisations are just deceiving us we should not listen them they stupid.

  25. a 3 year old! wat ashame. mahule onsewa sakuwaona?

  26. chatonda says:

    Just introduce the Castration Law to all defilers in Malawi so that we can deal with the issue once and for all. KUTHENA ONSE OGWIRILA ANA KAPENA AZIMAI MMALAWI.

  27. dadaboma says:

    A man Mr Mbewe from T.A. Nkalo in Chiradzulu going to defile a 3-year child all the way in Karonga? Lomwes are defilers by nature-why do northern women allow them space in the north? The next they’ll do is pluck of private parts of these women and sell them! Do you remember this private parts business started with Lomwes in Chiradzulu? Be careful with these people-Do not allow them there in the north -they’ll defile all women and children there. Even when APM comes there do not smile at him-he’s evil, like all Lomwes are.

  28. MAGOMERO says:


  29. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

    Muhlomwe amakadula macheka Ku Chikangawa kenako kuganiza zochita macheka means. Ahlomwe sadzatheka basi.

  30. Greencardless Malawian says:

    Cut his penis

  31. Tengupenya says:

    This is chiwewe ndithu. So it must be dealt with as we do with rabid dogs. Short of castration, I propose 20 years to life in prison for child defilers.

  32. Den says:

    Munatotoleka na wachewa mutimwughoghe Alana binu. Acanthus wambula Amaya point umwe muti munyambala. Namibia bamalike abanyambala kaka ya kukuko?

  33. G Ambali says:

    Akaphunzire Moyo Wina Kumaula Kwa Zaka 14.

  34. Ps Richards says:

    The guy should be punished as guided by law.

    We need also to find out if the family has ‘family values’ or they just leave without any purpose of life. These acts are all coming by due to lack of the fear of God.

  35. chipatso says:

    Koma abale A Tumbukããããã ayi mwanyanya timve dela lina ayi.kodi kapena dzina loti Tumbukali kuthanthauza kuti kunyengana eti?????

  36. God's knowledge says:

    Koma ambwenumbwenu yawo, esh!

    1. KK says:

      Quota system is bearing fruits. You can’t even read a very short article.

      all you have seen is Karonga, and to reach that stage must have been very painful to continue.

      Most crimes committed in the North are by vendors from the South. No vendors in the South that are from the North.

      Because of a shortage of educated people in the South, Northerners jump in
      Because of a shortage of uneducated people in the North, Southerners jump in

      Those are the facts.

  37. kanyika dickson says:

    just remove his penis and testes ,mumwana wa 3yrs amamvamo chani? afere kundende ameneyo,

  38. pharisee says:

    koma Atumbuka okha! shaaaaa!

  39. frackson gama says:

    thats inhuman

  40. Gift Kayipa. says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk zoonad

  41. Nyapapi says:

    Atumbuka! Plz plz sinthani khalidwe! Nanga chonchi mungayendetse bwanji Dziko lanulanu?

    1. Phil Domue Chilipanonchaine says:

      Read the story. Paja kwanuko kuli high illiteracy rates and you fail to comprehend that it is a Lhlomwe man who defiled the innocent baby.

  42. swiswiri mbewa says:

    Kodi anthu ogwirira anawa amamvamo chiyani mwa anawa?

  43. swiswiri mbewa says:

    Kodi anthu oterewa amamvamo chiyani mwa anawa?

  44. v machado says:

    Kundende anthu azaza.chirango chabwwino kucchotsa cchida chomwe chikmusokonezacho basi shaft.or kumwetsa mankhwala shaft chife asapangenso ngti mene timalangira galu wachiwewe

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