Man arrested for using fake Malawi customs documents to externalize forex

The Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) on Wednesday arrested Mr. Tushar Vinodrai Lakhani of Lakhani Trading Company for using a fake Customs document to externalize forex amounting to US$39,112.50 contrary to provisions of the Customs and Excise Act (Cap 42:01 of the Laws of Malawi).

Kamoto: Confirmed the arrest on illegal forex deals

Kamoto: Confirmed the arrest on illegal forex deals

Lakhani is suspected to have forged a Customs seal, signature and initials used by an officer of the MRA in November 2014, contrary to section 132 (e) of the Customs and Excise Act.

“Lakhani presented a counterfeit signature and stamps to National Bank of Malawi as evidence for the importation of polyester fabrics from Infinity Trading Company in Dubai in order to externalize forex,” said Raphael Kamoto, MRA Commissioner General.

The suspect is also believed to have used a forged Customs Declaration Form 12, to purportedly deceive National Bank of Malawi to transfer the said amount contrary to Section 135 (d) of the Customs and Excise Act.

The fake Form 12 was used to verify payment for importation of polyester fabrics into the country,” added the statement.

The arrest follows a stern warning the Malawi Revenue Authority and the Anti-Corruption Bureau made in November 2014 to unscrupulous business persons that were remitting funds abroad using fake Customs documents.

The Commissioner General has since stressed that his Authority will continue to work with the ACB and other law enforcing agencies to bring to book unpatriotic individuals by using existing legal instruments.

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33 thoughts on “Man arrested for using fake Malawi customs documents to externalize forex”

  1. mbunde says:

    PP IDIOTS YOU ARE A PAIN IN THE A……… Did you want the thief scot free to allow money externalized kwa JOYICE …IDIOTS DOUBLE TIME

  2. Anamasina 1988 says:

    Inunso a nyasatimes ndinu ofoira. You are putting Kamoto’s picture instead of the crook! Too much respect to these Indians, why? Next time you carry a story concerning an Indian who is in the wrong, bring his face here. Ok? By the way, did the immigration department cease arresting and deporting unwanted weeds in our country who disguise themselves as foreigners? I mean Indians, Burundians, Nigerians as well as Somalians? All the way from india to work as a ware house watch man here? Is that fair? The only foreigners easy to caught by our stupid immigration is the Ethiopians simply because they come empty handed. Other tribes bring with them ” Chiponda mthengo”. Very bad indeed!!!!

  3. Busy brains says:

    Government should rotate or transfer staff regularly at all money making points. For example MRA staff at border posts, road traffic department, traffic police as well as airports. Most of these Indians connive with airport personnel to externalize our hard earned forex. No one was born to be in these places for ever. No! In Blantyre at road traffic, there is this rude lady in room 3 who don’t know why she is there. She needs to attend a customer care course. She talks to clients as if she is talking to her maids. While at the traffic police within Blantyre city, there is a certain lady who owns ” Favoured Family” minibuses. This lady is so corrupt that she can cook up very flimsy offenses so that you should dig in your pocket while her minibuses move around without proper documents. We do board her minibuses 4 four in her presence, nothing happens! Can the new IG transfer this lady to general duties please? I am trying to find out about her name to give to the IG myself. A traffic woman owning minibuses? Corruption is really there at police traffic.

  4. Malawi wa Lero says:

    Anapondetsana kumene. Akanganyawa aku India amaba pafupi tsiku lililonse koma suzawapeza atamangidwa sasiriyasi. Amwenye apa Raiply bwanji. Kuchoka mkatikati mwa February pabwera ma Minister atatu. M’modzi waiwo wabweranso kawiri. Ndalama zaperekedwa zopitilira 10 million. Mitengo ikutha chifukwa chogula mwachinyengo koma akuluakuwa akudziwa. Mwalo moti akonze zinthu angobwera kudzatenga ndalama. Ndizimene amafuna mwenye zimenezi.

  5. Busy brains says:

    So what are you going to do with this guy? Had it been he was an indigenous Malawian, he would have been in jail by now. But as you can recall Joseph Mkasa’s song that ndende zingodzaza ndi a mphawi, olemera amalakwa koma Chuma chawo chimawabisa! By the way, have you ever seen Mmwenye akugona mu prison, let alone mu police cell? Tinene kuti iwowo salakwa milandu ikulu ikulu? Treat us equally please!

  6. zilipo says:

    The whole issue of forex externalisation is a farce – some transactions are legitimate. With the difficulty of getting loans In Malawi, some of us have resorted into taking loans from foreign banks to invest in Malawi in small scale businesses. Ultimately, some form of international money transfer has to happen to repay these loans. Are there any policies in place to protect such investments?

  7. Busy brains says:

    @ wink link, I totally agree with you! This lakhani boss will be left un touched. I wonder what really happened for this guy to be exposéd like this. There are so many Indians out there who are doing this. For example in Blantyre there are these few Mwenyez who do this; 1. Faisal of Chambo company. 2. OG Issa at Maselema through his secret forex bureau. 3. Gani of Victoria forex bureau opposite Mount Soche hotel. 4. Ibrahim of Ocean Car hire opposite NBS bank at ginnery corner. 5. Habibo opposite Limbe post office. Only that this Indian went over board by forging government documents.

  8. Nangolo says:

    Wandu wosope wawiyi tapalapatiche umbo soni tamale chisawu iwisa tukatamira kwadandaula kuti chi?

  9. gondwe says:

    what about the Chineese, Nigerians, Burundians etc?

  10. Malapwalapwa says:

    Utha wekha Kamoto,ufunse kaye Mtingwi ali kutiko.

    1. Matapwata says:

      choka chitsiru iwe mleke kamoto agwire ntchito mxiiiiii ndiwe wa dpp eti

  11. His Worship Justice One Thousand Years says:

    Dziko wanu ndalama wathu.

  12. Nangolo says:

    Ikutendekayi ngawa yambone wandu gambaga kwiwa ni soni wangali

  13. william says:

    Kumalawi zikudyela

  14. Wonderful,they are bringing back the government,and they are first to condemn the govt while they are swindlers.clean them up

  15. Malawiana says:

    What value does this add to government revenue? Pomona una lambs Za ma logs- zosakukhuza on revenue coollection; lero forex – zosakhuzana ndi revenue; what is your job kwenikweni???

  16. Dineo says:

    iweyo will never develop! you are not a Malawian. time is up for you thieves ! leave Malawi alone. You have confused Malawians , ndipo padakwana, zathera pa Amayi, ndi mbuli zinzawo pano asiyeni a Malawi azionere okha. kaapiatni kwanu. simudzaona Mamalwi kulila kwanu. anthu opanda kwanu inu?

  17. Biziwick says:

    Ralph are these the handover notes I left you with? Where is the revenue?? I met my targets, why r u departing from the norm? Collect!!! Stop this nonsense of kuthana ndi a business and politicians! They are the source of revenue. Sumamva eti?

  18. Citizen says:

    Kamoto is this your core business? In the papers you have said you failed to meet targets. Is this what you have to show as CG? You are not serious!! Go out there and collect!!! This govt needs the money!! Ungoti mutu bii concentrating on peripheral mandate like forex and logs other than your core business?? Idiot!! Do you have plans at all??

  19. Chidindo says:

    Chinkhope chimenechi choopsyezera Ma tax payertu!!! Athawa onse!!! Kemeneku kunyansa??? Anakakupezera Kuti Peter??

  20. MRA staff says:

    Kamoto you like the media, eeeh?? Where is Kapoloma? Utha posachedwa! You are too excited. Where is the revenue Nanga? You been there for 7 months and you only met the target twice!!! What is your core business?? Logs? Forex ? Or tax collection ?? Tell us why you are not collecting!!!!!’

  21. Nkhani yagona apa ndi forgery amangwetu

  22. freedom says:

    This is the work of clearing agents

  23. whether it is his money or not the fact is walakwa alowe basi. We are watching boma on this.

  24. Twea says:

    Koma Tushar Matama akutheratu pano

  25. Neymar says:

    Kungofuna kutipusisa2, zachamba basi. Ths country shall never develop!

  26. Boyd Kilembey says:

    Did this guy steal his own money? He was just transfering the money from one form into another form. This is the problem when you put too many rules in a game. The human being will try to work something out. I pity this guy, but I dont think he did anything wrong trying to save his money else where for a rainy day. I would do the same if I were him.

  27. John Suzi Makhawa says:

    Amwenye akuyenjeza tsopano. Too much. They come here to steal from our taxes and externalise the same through forged documents.

  28. wink link says:

    Ngati ameneyi ali mmwenye nkhani imeneyi sipita patali. He will try to bribe Kamoto ndipo zikakanika he will go to his fellow asians with political connections to go kumtunda with a bag of money….basi nkhani yatha!. Akanakhala munthu wakuda amalowa straight.


  30. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Ndalama ndizake munthu. Ngati waba.

  31. Totoooba says:

    Amount tooooo small for this company to do this stupid thing truth will come out Kamoto watch

  32. Chikadzakuwani says:

    Lakhani and Kamoto are friends so what has happened now? Anapondetsana kapena

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