Man forces teenagers to have sex, arrested

A man in Ntcheu has been arrested after he allegedly forced two boys to have sexual intercourse with two girls he found picking mangoes in his orchard, Police has

Ntcheu Police Public Relations Officer Hastings Chigalu said Mike Magwaya was upset when he found two boys and two girls separately plucking mangoes from his orchard.

The 23 year old man who comes from Siliya Village, Traditional Authority Makwangwala in the district took the victims to nearby bush where he first threatened them that he would hack them with a Panga knife before forcing them to have carnal knowledge.

“After taking them to a bush nearby he threatened them that he will hack them with a panga knife. He then said that he would take them to police unless if they agreed to whatever he would tell them to do.

“Out of fear the children agreed that they would do whatever he would say and it was at this point in time when he ordered them to undress and have sex while he watched them [in a live blue movie]. When he released them the children reported the matter to their parents and the matter was further reported to police,” said the Ntcheu District Police Publicist.

The accused was arrested after the parents made a complaint at the police station and he has since been charged with indecent assault.

The police said that the accused will appear before the court of law when the courts strike ends. Judiciary staff are into the third week of strike forcing government to increase their monthly wages.

The minors have not been tested for STIs or HIV/AIDS but some commentators have lashed at the man for forcing the children into sexual act which can be detrimental to their lives.

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32 thoughts on “Man forces teenagers to have sex, arrested”

  1. Charles says:

    Let the Police do their job of investigative findings , but if the man found guilty let him be punished for the action

  2. truth says:

    The man is innocent. The two couples were in that garden on an outing the mangoes were there as fruit juice.They were on a date. The man got mad because they were playing in his garden which I believe was already prepared ready for planting.Its jus unfortunate wot happeneed

  3. thabani kajamu says:

    zamkutu mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zopusa basi ana masiku ano amakonda zopusa asiyeni man awo sanapange choipa chilichonse mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zandiwawa kwabasi

  4. thabani kajamu says:


  5. Chimbaza lenzo says:

    Shame shame

  6. Mc FairGuy says:

    Koma nde bola mukanaika real picture ya anawo kuti tisimikize ngati zilidi zowona, komanso funso nlakuti anawo anali awiri awiri sono amapita kuti? kodi nanga akanakhala kuti mkuluyu anachita kuwapedzerera akupanga zachitsembwerezo anawa akanakanena kwa makolo awo kuti mkulu wina watipedzerera Plz don’t fool us guys pamenepa mkuluyu anawona kuti anawa amapita kokapanga zachitsembwere zomwezo nchifukwa anaganiza zowachita force kuti apange iye akuwona

  7. what were the ages of the girls and boys? why was it a pair? why were they not 5 or 3? so the boys and girls are innocent after stealing mangoes? who will pay 4 the mangoes they ate?

  8. davie martin bandah says:

    It was their plot you are to jail innocent person

  9. m'dzakupepe says:

    Ubwino wake sanawakwate anawo ndiiyeyo kkkkkk

  10. Reuben Kelly says:

    To my fail Malawianz lets take these example.we shld avoid miner cases if we resson.END DAYZ

  11. Mngoni says:

    This is trash, amalawi, let’s be fair and honest, we are always subjective. Onse ndi olakwa apa, they all deserve some penalty to their crimes. Not because enawo ndi ana, let’s work up malawians!

  12. Onasiwelo says:

    Angoni ndi chigololo kaya mpaka pamenepo ine mantha

  13. chosatheka says:

    there is more to this story than meets the eye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  14. J.Mathews says:

    Kikkkk dis guy iz sick, hw can he force dis kids to fuck while he iz watching,, mayb he dont have a wife n’ he has de felling kikkkkk kulakwa amamca bwanji iyeyu?

  15. Peter Mathanyula Wakuba says:

    Let’s not lie. The boys are not the ones who complained. They will gladly come again to that Orchard hoping to be forced to fuck some more girls.

  16. Muzga Wacharo says:

    komanso nkotheka kuti mukulu anapeza anawa akuchita chitsembwele nde poopa kuti akanena kwa makola awo, anawa anaganiza zomunamizila bamboyu iyeyo asanatero tiana tamasiku ano ntochenjera heavy, why were they in pairs? Was it a coincidence? Many question would be asked without answers

    1. Reasonable Man says:


  17. Thandi says:

    1. Was it by design or coincidence that there were equal gender numbers?????

    2. They were teenagers? And they could not overpower the man?????

    3. Were the teeeagers related or not?

  18. A.Banda says:

    milandu yachepa pamafunika ina yowonjezerj monga ya: child labour, slavery, child abuse

  19. Tate wa Tate says:

    Was he punishing them or he just wanted to have fun? I mean having live Blue move!! This man is an idiot.How did he feel people doing it and just watching them? Alibe nyere ameneyu eti?

  20. atambwali says:

    Chamba eti! Nayenso apite ndi vaselini ku ndende.

  21. Tengupenya says:

    bizarre! how old are the children? could they have faked it?

  22. Eliam k says:

    Chitsiru chimenechi

  23. mpho says:


  24. criminal says:

    chisiru cheni cheni

  25. MVUNGO says:

    Kona chimunthu chimenechi! Chikhale komko osachipatsa belo chifukwa ine ndizikagona ndi mkazi wake kangapo tsiku lirilonse muchiuziletu. Usatana umenewu bwanji?

  26. samvivi says:

    magwaya ndi mbalame yothelatu bwanji…..what can he gain by seeing kids diving @ each other in the bush…
    I’m just imagining him siting under a tree with a big forehead & unkept hair lukng @ children. Undressing each other….
    Hahah…f other prisoners will ask him y is he n custody mmmm I wonder what he will say…
    This man is more than a coward…

  27. MSENA says:


  28. MG1 says:

    The man did nothing wrong here, He knew well that the courts are closed therefore if he took the kids to the police they may end up being locked for long hence he judged the case on his own. Why the police have not arrested the kids for stealing?
    In Malawi, we always side with thieves,because the kids were also suppose to be arrested for their crime apart from that they abused themselves on instruction form the senior man.Get the kids arrested as well for stealing,otherwise they will be terrorising the whole village with serious crimes if they left unchecked now(on the basis that they were abused,look on the larger picture please)

  29. Angozo says:

    The man has to be given a stiff punishment, it is unfortunate that the courts are not functioning so my fear is that if he will be granted police bail the case may end like that. What that man did by forcing the teegers to have sex while watching is barbaric.

  30. where is joyce? says:

    i’m no lawyer but some of these cases are silly. how can this possibly be proven in a court of law? its their word against his, he himself didnt have sex so his dna is nowhere on the scene and the four of them could have simply ran in four different directions to evade capture.

  31. Wanex banda says:

    Live show eti? Face the music mr man!

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