Man gets 6 years jail for uterus sale

Blantyre Magitsrate Court has convicted and senteed to six years prison a 24-year-old man for being found in possession of a uterus, a female organ that contained a developing foetus, which police claim he intended to sell to a traditional doctor.

Charles Nyasulu was charged with selling and possessing body tissues contrary to section 16(a) of the Anatomy Act.

Section 16 of the Anatomy Act prohibits people from selling or buying the body of a deceased person or a tissue removed from the body of a deceased or living person; or for gain or profit, supplies to any person for educational, scientific, research, therapeutic or diagnostic purposes, or any other purpose whatsoever, tissue removed from the body of a deceased or living person.

He pleaded guilty that he approached a Mbayani based popular witchdoctor ‘Dr Nyangazidana’ whom he offered his ‘merchandise’ at K30 000.

Blantyre Police Spokesperson Constable Elizabeth Divala said Nyasulu pleaded guilty and the court sentenced him to six years imprisonment with hard labour “so that others should learn.”

According to Divala, it remains unclear on where Nyasulu got the uterus.

Nyasulu comes from Namasalima Village, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chikowi in Zomba District.

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43 thoughts on “Man gets 6 years jail for uterus sale”

  1. Isaac chagwa mzuzu says:

    Chachepadi chilangocho bwanji 40 years?

  2. Wat a shameful thing to dat fucken kanyasulu,!! uzisankhire wekha kt wakumoto/ moyo?

  3. nankhoni says:

    zandiopsa ndi atumbuka omwe mpaka ya ziwalo

  4. Paul ziga Tembo says:

    Nyasulu must explain where got this organs maybe he killed someone that mean 6 yrs prison is not enough to killer. Comments on judgment to my side 6 yrs is not hard punishment to person found with such offensive organs from human being you must review this case

  5. benard riviel says:

    Eeeiiish,mwaonatu amalawi, ha….

  6. amos says:

    Too bad but God should forgive him

  7. Zantchito says:

    Ufiti umeneu….

  8. thandizo msikiti says:

    zoopsya zedi

  9. Alfred says:

    this issue needs thorough investigations we need to be told where he got the uterus.six years not fit for Nyasulu .it might happen it is his business surely let’s sit down and ponder if you are given this assignment where do you think you can get a human uterus.

  10. inkata be says:

    The. Learned magistrate and the prosecutor why not find where he wizard got the tissue? Must we start speculating? We already have crytic writing by z allan to do speculation on

  11. Gerald namondwe says:

    mmmmm zoopsya kwambiri nde mwati six years basi anaphatu uyu straight chilango chachepa

  12. Tozer says:

    To prevent use of body parts the government ought to institute mandatory life sentences if not even death sentence for anyone trading or found in possession of body parts. This is no different from the Kawisa/government complicity in the then Chilobwe killers. Chilobwe killers drained blood from their vicitms or a kind of body part one might say. Death sentence or life imprisonment was a fitting punishment for the culprits at the time. Some people high up in the governments of Malawi, Tanzania, just to mention a couple, are complicit in the body parts business. Otherwise, why put down laws to crack down on this barbaric act? These barbaric acts undermine the security of the societies and indeed the that of nations. It is funny, that such governments pay millions to maintain armies and police, while their citizens are being slaughtered. Anyone involved in the body parts business should not live among human beings

  13. Tiyanjane says:

    This article is about stealing and selling of a human organ. I would wish comments to dwell on this frightening issue than on the NAME of the criminal. For example, we need more information on how this body part was found on the streets. We need to know whether a woman was killed for this person to get the uterus. We need to whether the organ was indeed a uterus or a placenta which can be obtained without murdering a woman. Did doctors certify it was a uterus?

    Let comments focus on such questions rather than tribe description. After all, our dear fellow Malawians with albanism are NOT brutalized by ‘tumbuka’ people. Wake up brothers and sisters from south and central states of the Federal Republic of Malawi; shade off these hate comments that symbolize inferior complex

  14. V.H.M.Gadama says:

    Final dys amazing stories,help us God.

  15. onjoya says:

    mtumbuka amenei siwaku zomba ai

  16. Alex wellem says:

    Comment,zoopsya! zedi.

  17. Mzimba Solola says:

    Nyasulu watilengeska tabina mpoto. Mufufuzeni kuti anaitenga kuti uterus nkutheka anapha munthu and the sentence should be revised 6 yrs yachepa.

  18. Wazil says:

    Brother wazil fuckin tumbuka ufiti basi sham!

  19. powder says:

    munthuyu chilango chachepa, where did he got that part? anaphatu ameneyi and if we say anapha pali anthu awiri pamenepa u say in the uterus there is develop baby, so two lives gone there. the punishment is too small!

  20. wofatsa kunama says:

    izinxo ndiye zit? anthu adakapitabe kwa asing’anga? oh my God!!!!

  21. vitumbiko mwakipuyi says:

    Bambo nyasulu,,, la pani kwa Mulungu a kuchotsereni ntchimo losautsali. Inu ma bizinesi onsewa koma ku sankha ya ziwalo za azilongo anu????

  22. Gift Nyasulu says:

    this sentence is too small to him he deserve something more hard. Inunso a sing’anga don’t lie to people you are promoting evil go to hell with your silly things.



  24. nation nyirenda says:

    uyooo simtumbuka ai atumbuka tonse kwa ndi ku north…… uyo ngwakusolokera but too bad indeed

  25. Kay Vee One says:

    Ukamatuluka udzapeza ntamanga nyumba aise

  26. Munthuwazeru says:

    Nyasulu from Zomba mmmmm.

  27. Wotchani says:

    Nyasatimes reporters please improve your English ….amangwetu

  28. point blank says:

    So it is still not known as to where he got the uterus from? POLICE be serious sometimes. Your were suppose to investigate and get to the bottom of it . What if he murdered a pregnant woman? What if he exhumed a dead body? Be serious next time.

  29. chejali says:

    Kkkkkkk 6 yrs becoz of 30000 zachisoni ndithu iwe mtumbuka wa chilomwe !!!!!!!!!!

  30. Edwin says:

    Nanga sing’angayo, mesa wamutchula? anyengelera wa maluzi winanso kaya. hunt him until u confiscate him and all his properties. I pray that the Lord wil confiscate his wicked mind.

  31. Jimmy juga says:

    Anthu opezeka ndi ziwalo za anthu musamawanyengelele. Adziimbidwa mlandu okupha, the assumption izikhala kuti ngati wa pezeka ndi uterus ndiye wochotsedwayo wafa ameneyo. Ku court mugamula 6yrs pambuyo pake pakuzazindkilidwa kuti wina anaphedwa wachotsedwa uterus mukuganiza wapha ndani chonde ma court athu tithandizeni kuthana ndi nkhani ya ziwalo.nanunso a mabungwe mavuto trapence ,mtambo ndi anzanu nkhani zomatchila ndi zimenezi

  32. Patriot says:

    Useless law.

  33. MULHAKHO says:

    Kodi akamapanga zimenezi umakhala ufiti chani? Ha!ha!ha!ha! Amalawi tikuwonjezatu!

  34. Zakhalabwanji inu amakhoti zowona 6yrs basi? Akhoti mlandu woterewu?utsogoleri kulibedi eti?aaaaa zowona chigamulo kufanana ndimunthu woba maguwafa?hi apolice akwanitsa kugwira munthu woipayu koma akhoti basi kungomusisita chonchi?aaaaaaaa koma kuno kumalawi.

  35. makumba says:

    Kkkkkklllll koma Ku zomba kulibe mayina amenewa. Musamathawe kwanu nkumanamlzlra kwa eni.

  36. Mulhako says:

    Anthu amenewoso akuchulukira muziwapasa zaka zochuluka choncho ena azitenga lesson.

  37. Mack says:

    Kupezeka ndi ziwalo za munthu monga mafupa,mutu komanso matumbo chilango chake chikumachepa poyerekeza ndi wakuba mbuzi.zoona ka 6 yrs kokha basi?ena ku mangochi anangowalamula 20 000,mulandu wake opezeka ndi mafupa awanthu.

  38. Dammie says:

    Why not pressing him so hard so that he reveals where he got the uterus with a developing foetus. Someone must have been killed somewhere. He deserves a murder charge.

  39. Dickson jere says:

    Guys, lets focus on clean businesses!

  40. KING SHAFIQ says:

    Za chson kwambiri mtumbuka uyu waku zomba uyu kaya zakhala bwanji kaya zobvu zed usovenge mtumbuka for 6 yearz

    1. UNGWERU says:

      nkhani ili apa siyonyozana mitundu are you an animal or a human? watch your brain

    2. Tsirira says:

      Ameneyu si Mtumbuka. Ku Zomba sikungapezeke ntundu umenewu. Ameneyu ndi nchawa. Achawa amakhulupirira zinthu ngati zimenezi.

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