Man testifies on Bushiri’s iPad video

“You can question 1+1, but you cannot question 2 because 2 is the answer.” This is a popular saying familiar to people close to the fastest growing ministry of prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader and found of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

Bushiri preaching to thousands upon thousands in South Africa

Bushiri preaching to thousands upon thousands in South Africa

After taking social media by storm with what was labelled as “spiritual fraud” when he captured pictures “ in the spirit” using an iPad at one of his highly attended church services, a man to whom he prophesied to in the video came forward to testify of the Bushiri’s “accurate prophecy” that has finally come to pass.

It all happened on March 16 when the man from Njabulo Hadebe from Durban. Apart from capturing his and brother’s child in the spirit, Prophet Bushiri had earlier prophesied a breakthrough to finances and just as the word was spoken, Hadebe is now a figure to admire both financially and spiritually.

“I wish to thank Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for giving me spiritual direction in my business when he prophesied that I was struggling in my business and he said within few months I would see a breakthrough, right now, I am so happy to testify that my life has moved from glory to glory within the period that the prophet prophesied of,” testified the man captured on Prophetic Channel viewers.

“At first I had 40 computers, but now I have managed to acquire 60 more to make it 100. Apart from that, I have also won tenders of millions of Rands from South African government. This is all happening after the prophecy I got and it’s within the time that he prophesied of. Am seeing a big financial breakthrough in my life,” he said.

On the iPad video that went viral, the man explained that the pictures that the prophet captured came as a surprise to him and he never took the said pictures in his life. To him, that was a sign he needed to have faith in the prophecy he got.

“If you remember, I was a bit reluctant to agree to the prophecy that Major 1 was giving me and that’s what prompted him to capture the photos using an iPad from the congregation. I never had those pictures and no one ever took them. I was so shocked and surprised that I fell on my knees and cried. My faith was challenged and I praise God for giving me such undeniable sign to listen to the voice of the prophet,” he testified, adding: “So even if the prophet had the picture in his iPad, the question are, where and how did he get it?.

“The other picture was for my wife and the second one was for my brother’s son who was sick at that time. As I speak now, the son is healed and back to strength. I thank the God for Major 1. When I saw people talking about it, I felt so bad and sorry because they questioned something that shook my faith and challenged me to believe that miracles are real. Today I am testifying of God’s greatness. So in short, we can question what happened, but we can question how I became rich two weeks later after he had prophesied,” he said.

Few weeks ago, social media and the whole media worldwide was flooded with the video in which prophet Shepherd Bushiri captured photos in the spirit. ECG church claimed the video which went viral and attracted debate was tempered by some unknown people to discredit the man of God.

The ‘capturing in the spirit’ video was then followed by yet another video ‘ walking in the air’ by prophet Shepherd Bushiri, that also made international headlines. The walking in the air video was shot and uploaded on YouTube by News24Zim, a Zimbabwean news platform.


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if u know hw to talk wth ur friends or family u better stop droping an sounded points wth man of God


People,leave our Pappa alone and write about your spiritual fathers.You never say anything about them because there is nothing happening in their churches.Kindly and patiently sit them down and find out why nothing happens in their churches.The men of God who do miracles by the power of God help a lot of people.There reason is :There is no evidence of the flow of the Holy Spirit in those places


If people don’t talk it means u doing noting while dey are busy talking we moving from glory to another glory wit major1 my papa my dady we thank God of ur life we really blessed

You critics of Major 1 and all his prophecies are the most sinful, bad, corrupt, crooked people. We have realised that the bible is the one that gives direction not man. Whatever Major 1 does is just in line with the word of God. It is this word that aligns us with the men of God, God has has given us. Hence Holy Spirit guide us. We become compartible with what is from God. Unlike sinners are comprtible with sinful acts. There is one day those eyes that can’t see now will see that you are in a ditch. But… Read more »

The God of Major 1’s name is Jehovah and you Wadawada be leaves that is why you follow Major on News and Social media your challenge is that God chose Major to be prophet and the chosen one for that matter over you that is why you are bitter

Wadawada Oyera adakwana
Wadawada Oyera adakwana

It was written before. We know where we are coming from but we dont know where we are going.They will come and preaching in his name they will say I am comanding mountain to move up to another mountains and it will happen but this will not mean that the preacher is perfect on the face of God. But for you just follow the words of God not the work of the preacher.Remember again when we say we are perfect in wat God requires we are cheating ourselves.I dont know if this is true or not . But Bushiri Preaches

Major daughter

I also have a testimory of what God of major one have done for me this pass year .I was stressed and also depressed to a point of giving up on life . The man of God gave me a word over my life and my family . Now am happy and blessed in every erea of my life . So nothing will change what God is doing in my spiritual father whether you love him or not .

Tadya Matemba bwana
A nyasa net samalemba uthenga wanga ndi ka tumiza. Bushiri achite miracle yo chosa umphawi ku Malawi ulere. Kuti indeed tonse tione ukulu wa Mulungu. Nanga kupita ndi ma Ipad ma computer ku south africa zithandiza ndani? Pali mavuto eni eni mu zipatala, njala nthenda ndi katangale komanso matenda owopsa ngati cancer. ife tikufuna zeni zeni. Anthu osauka cant buy ma ipad to see prophecy nor can they watch moon walking pa TV mmimba muli matemba. uyu ndi wabodza he cant keep hoodwinking people. You tube has already debunked his lies. So in Jesus Christs fashion he feed the five… Read more »

Magic or tricks works better with a number of collaborators. This is a typical example of a well collaborated move. Bushiri the crook used this asshole to make a false testimony because he was paid handsomely, which enabled him acquire more computers. Abale penyani choooonde

Vusile Mathebula

I am the son of Major 1- he is God’s send -I do not have any doubt that God is speaking through him- He is mission is clear to propagate the Gospel of Christ to the whole world. Satan is in trouble and he is attempting in all means to fight his anointing, but there is nothing that stop the move of God. Let those who criticize watch how God is adding blessings and greatness in his ministry- Major one- our prophet of our time- the devil you are a looser.

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