Man testifies on Bushiri’s iPad video

“You can question 1+1, but you cannot question 2 because 2 is the answer.” This is a popular saying familiar to people close to the fastest growing ministry of prophet Shepherd Bushiri, leader and found of the Enlightened Christian Gathering (ECG) church.

Bushiri preaching to thousands upon thousands in South Africa

Bushiri preaching to thousands upon thousands in South Africa

After taking social media by storm with what was labelled as “spiritual fraud” when he captured pictures “ in the spirit” using an iPad at one of his highly attended church services, a man to whom he prophesied to in the video came forward to testify of the Bushiri’s “accurate prophecy” that has finally come to pass.

It all happened on March 16 when the man from Njabulo Hadebe from Durban. Apart from capturing his and brother’s child in the spirit, Prophet Bushiri had earlier prophesied a breakthrough to finances and just as the word was spoken, Hadebe is now a figure to admire both financially and spiritually.

“I wish to thank Prophet Shepherd Bushiri for giving me spiritual direction in my business when he prophesied that I was struggling in my business and he said within few months I would see a breakthrough, right now, I am so happy to testify that my life has moved from glory to glory within the period that the prophet prophesied of,” testified the man captured on Prophetic Channel viewers.

“At first I had 40 computers, but now I have managed to acquire 60 more to make it 100. Apart from that, I have also won tenders of millions of Rands from South African government. This is all happening after the prophecy I got and it’s within the time that he prophesied of. Am seeing a big financial breakthrough in my life,” he said.

On the iPad video that went viral, the man explained that the pictures that the prophet captured came as a surprise to him and he never took the said pictures in his life. To him, that was a sign he needed to have faith in the prophecy he got.

“If you remember, I was a bit reluctant to agree to the prophecy that Major 1 was giving me and that’s what prompted him to capture the photos using an iPad from the congregation. I never had those pictures and no one ever took them. I was so shocked and surprised that I fell on my knees and cried. My faith was challenged and I praise God for giving me such undeniable sign to listen to the voice of the prophet,” he testified, adding: “So even if the prophet had the picture in his iPad, the question are, where and how did he get it?.

“The other picture was for my wife and the second one was for my brother’s son who was sick at that time. As I speak now, the son is healed and back to strength. I thank the God for Major 1. When I saw people talking about it, I felt so bad and sorry because they questioned something that shook my faith and challenged me to believe that miracles are real. Today I am testifying of God’s greatness. So in short, we can question what happened, but we can question how I became rich two weeks later after he had prophesied,” he said.

Few weeks ago, social media and the whole media worldwide was flooded with the video in which prophet Shepherd Bushiri captured photos in the spirit. ECG church claimed the video which went viral and attracted debate was tempered by some unknown people to discredit the man of God.

The ‘capturing in the spirit’ video was then followed by yet another video ‘ walking in the air’ by prophet Shepherd Bushiri, that also made international headlines. The walking in the air video was shot and uploaded on YouTube by News24Zim, a Zimbabwean news platform.


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98 thoughts on “Man testifies on Bushiri’s iPad video”

  1. if u know hw to talk wth ur friends or family u better stop droping an sounded points wth man of God

  2. thabo says:

    People,leave our Pappa alone and write about your spiritual fathers.You never say anything about them because there is nothing happening in their churches.Kindly and patiently sit them down and find out why nothing happens in their churches.The men of God who do miracles by the power of God help a lot of people.There reason is :There is no evidence of the flow of the Holy Spirit in those places

  3. tsakani says:

    If people don’t talk it means u doing noting while dey are busy talking we moving from glory to another glory wit major1 my papa my dady we thank God of ur life we really blessed

  4. Wakiki says:

    You critics of Major 1 and all his prophecies are the most sinful, bad, corrupt, crooked people. We have realised that the bible is the one that gives direction not man. Whatever Major 1 does is just in line with the word of God. It is this word that aligns us with the men of God, God has has given us. Hence Holy Spirit guide us. We become compartible with what is from God. Unlike sinners are comprtible with sinful acts. There is one day those eyes that can’t see now will see that you are in a ditch. But still will not rea

  5. Sindisa says:

    The God of Major 1’s name is Jehovah and you Wadawada be leaves that is why you follow Major on News and Social media your challenge is that God chose Major to be prophet and the chosen one for that matter over you that is why you are bitter

  6. Wadawada Oyera adakwana says:

    It was written before. We know where we are coming from but we dont know where we are going.They will come and preaching in his name they will say I am comanding mountain to move up to another mountains and it will happen but this will not mean that the preacher is perfect on the face of God. But for you just follow the words of God not the work of the preacher.Remember again when we say we are perfect in wat God requires we are cheating ourselves.I dont know if this is true or not . But Bushiri Preaches

  7. Major daughter says:

    I also have a testimory of what God of major one have done for me this pass year .I was stressed and also depressed to a point of giving up on life . The man of God gave me a word over my life and my family . Now am happy and blessed in every erea of my life . So nothing will change what God is doing in my spiritual father whether you love him or not .

  8. Tadya Matemba bwana says:

    A nyasa net samalemba uthenga wanga ndi ka tumiza. Bushiri achite miracle yo chosa umphawi ku Malawi ulere. Kuti indeed tonse tione ukulu wa Mulungu. Nanga kupita ndi ma Ipad ma computer ku south africa zithandiza ndani? Pali mavuto eni eni mu zipatala, njala nthenda ndi katangale komanso matenda owopsa ngati cancer. ife tikufuna zeni zeni. Anthu osauka cant buy ma ipad to see prophecy nor can they watch moon walking pa TV mmimba muli matemba. uyu ndi wabodza he cant keep hoodwinking people. You tube has already debunked his lies. So in Jesus Christs fashion he feed the five thousand, he healed the sick not for show but to help. This prophet is Bull shitty, according to his name Bushiri. Who calles himself Major 1 .

  9. Zambulo says:

    Magic or tricks works better with a number of collaborators. This is a typical example of a well collaborated move. Bushiri the crook used this asshole to make a false testimony because he was paid handsomely, which enabled him acquire more computers. Abale penyani choooonde

  10. Vusile Mathebula says:

    I am the son of Major 1- he is God’s send -I do not have any doubt that God is speaking through him- He is mission is clear to propagate the Gospel of Christ to the whole world. Satan is in trouble and he is attempting in all means to fight his anointing, but there is nothing that stop the move of God. Let those who criticize watch how God is adding blessings and greatness in his ministry- Major one- our prophet of our time- the devil you are a looser.

  11. osward mulenga says:

    If can not do what is doing just sh at up is man of God God bless u man of God

  12. mwanawakamozapera kuchikwawanadi says:

    Iwe let me warn all those who are critisizing true men of God that mulungu azakuocha iwe.

  13. Chigozie Aninwonu says:

    My beloved daddy Major 1,please pray for me and my family, please pray for my husband business and the blessing of twins baby boys, I believe that it is done, Amen!

  14. kaya says:

    I met abambo a Spiwe at Capital Hotel on the Monday evening after the Mzuzu Hotel. We are indeed in the last days. Abambo a Spiwe knows the truth.

  15. CHIMANGENI says:

    UnGodly people, WHY are you accepting to be cheated? BUSHIRI is worthy hundreds of billions himself. What is 60 computers to him? With the connections that he has with governments of this world do you think he can’t manage to bulldoze a contract from the corrupt politicians of South Africa? Material things are nothing to Jehovah bt he heart!!!!!

  16. Patric Siboza says:

    Pls if u a from 1of de churches dt a poor financially & otherwise.Pls d nt demonize money bcos u know Silver& gold belongs toGod.How is it Major1 fault to b de next thing u wl b telling us dt our expensive car a sinful. Ask from me Big cars & money release stress.How do u give when u a broke. Pls repent me to avoid to die like Lazarus. It’s yo choice. Major1 let them say whatever We wl stand by your side no matter what. Iyeeee

  17. Patric Siboza says:

    We a nt limited to Why de World set 4us. King Jesus also did so many things against de laws of hypocrites. He healed on Sabath,Walk on top of water.
    Y a u nt learning dt we a Christ like. Even when His disciples sold & denied Him but de radicalism never moved Him.We a unstoppable. Major1 wl stil do a lot more than what u c. Hey,Jesus we denied to b called a son of God.We know dt when u MAKE impact without facing name calling or criticism jst check if u a on track.
    Some of u who say evil things wth Major1. I know 1day u wl be testifying to ECG or bring msgs 2ask 4forgiveness.Wait & c. I give u 2yrs u wl b screaming MAJOR 1.As 4me I know Major1 Loves u & u jv nothing to do about dt. Indeed u shall testify. Stop faking hate u know u love Major1 dt is Y u even comment. Just Love & be useful.

  18. Prayers says:

    Love U Major 1, he does preach repentance by the way, am so glad to follow his ministry. What a blessing. Iyeeeeee, POWER.

  19. mphito says:

    Holy ghost fire

  20. Our Jesus Christ Of Nathareth Was Using The Same Holy Sprit To Heal, Bring Back The Dead, Prophecy By The Power Of GOD Thats Same Power God’s Prophets Are Using, If One Can Say That What Prophet Shepard Bushiri Major 1 Did Walking In Air Is Not True Then You Should First Say That What Jesus Did By Walking On Water Is Not True Too Because The Same Holy Sprit Is The One Any One Believing In God The Father The Son And The Holy Sprit Depending On. FOR THE BIBLE SAYS “WE SHALL SEE THEM BY THEIR FRUITS” May God Continue Blessing You Our Prophet Major 1 Major Original We Opperate From The Heavenly Pespective, We Dont Stress We Relax, AMEN

  21. chikata says:

    Guyz open ur eyes. Some of these prophets will lead you from better to worse . Prayer plus working hard will bring success in ur life. Dnt go chasing miracles evrywhr spending ur hard earned money making others rich .

  22. His Excellency the Life President Wolemekezeka Mkango Lion Chivomorezi Chisokonezo Manthakanjenjemereza says:

    Problem. Jesus said many false prophets will come in my name and do wonders. do not follow them. Amen Go to you church . Believe in Jesus and follow God commandments and Love one another and you will be SAVED. not arguing and following many prophets from deepest pit of hell

  23. Ram says:

    These are the last days please Lord guide us through.
    Reveal to us what is right and what is wrong.
    Help us to not judge each other.
    Help us also to not argue with your words.

    Thats all you need my fellow sinful people.

  24. ndou tshihumbudzo says:

    PAPA deliver me from all devilish spirit that lead me to. Bad thoughts. And to make bad things. And declear god’s super natural power to help me. To improve mi spiritual life in prayer

  25. Brino says:

    Talk spiritual don’t talk money. Will money save you? Will health save you. If your body is sick, is your spirit sick too? Seek ye first of the kingdom of God. Do you walk in the path if God.
    fight for the following in your life:
    God is holy, not sinfull, immortal, and spirit

  26. Malipeya says:


  27. Chinthiti says:

    Kumutenga munthu mzanthu uyu wakumpoto tinali naye pa Mzuzu university ngati Yesu”eishiii wake up Malawi Jesus is on the way coming anytime from now becareful.

  28. popapo says:

    Mverani Mau osati zimene Major one is doing ! God fearing Nation koma kwa T.B.Joshua ndiye nkosayamba !

  29. Gonaya says:

    I don’t know how people have time and guards to critisizer man of God and to pin point saying “they are false prophets” the bible declares that we should not judge none so that we also should not be judged, If prophet Bushiri is a false prophet leave God to judge him not u, 2 chronicles 20 vrs 20 and Amos 3 vrs 7. Leave Prophet alone and let those who believe on him do so,

  30. kam angels says:

    Prophet shepherd has been a blessing to my life….b4 I trade in hundreds but now in thousands….I know I will soon trade in million…I only follow my father prophet shepherd bushiri on YouTube since I am in Europe…I love you sir, you are my father and have been a huge blessing to my life….I also will like to use this medium to remind doubtful hearts” if Jesus himself could b persecuted for no reason I am not suprised about it happening to my father” just remember all the lies cannot change who prophet is an cannot take one string of hair off him rather it will keep him moving….

  31. Advocate Milton says:

    Even when the testimony by Njabulo irresistibly, indisputably, incontestably affirms, beyond the shadow of doubt, that Major1 indeed genuinely performed the Ipad picture miracle, we still have doubting Thomases with personal agenda. Impunity of this kind should not be allowed to proceed unabated. Accordingly brace yourselves for action.

  32. daniel theu says:

    Mungodzivuta, satana ndi satana basi otsutsa ndipo sadzakhala Yesu kapena oyera. Inu ndinu otsutsa basi ndipo sizikupindulirani. Izi zipindulira ekhayo angakhulupirire.

  33. Jasmine says:

    For my side, I have testimony to tell, the God of Major 1 has healed me completely soon I will be in Pretoria to testify the goodness of the Lord. My advise for those who don’t believe! don’t be deceived by media people pay a visit to ECG and meet Major 1

  34. Ameneyo says:

    What has walking in the air, capturing photos in the spirit got to do with salvation? Rather than ‘seek ye the kingdom of God and His righteousness and all these things will be added unto you’ people now are doing the opposite. They see ‘all these things and I doubt it if they seek God at all afterwards. Remember the bible makes it clear that in the last days the devil will perform incredible miracles that if it were possible, even the he would deceive the very elect of God. I do not know even a single prophet in the bible who emphasized richness above repentance of sins. I would rather die poor and get forgiven of all my sins than get rich and burn with hell fire.

  35. Kush says:

    If you say is a fake prophet why cant you open your church, open your church and do what is he doing then we will see who is fake between you and him or tell us the real prophet you people always talk nonsense about my father, have you ever see Angels in your church, or does your pastor heal people, prophecy people, watch prophetic channel you will see more miracles, whether you call him fake or what his ministry is growing bigger and bigger everyday because he is a true man of God . focus into your life and leave my Papa alone. Major 1 iyeeeeeeeeee Power I love you Daddy so much.

  36. Tebogo says:

    Who would want to believe someone called “the devil incarnate” regarding Christianity related issues….

  37. keno says:

    Trust them they are god massengers my question. if if it were you samelike them. people expect to give you different names we all know that you expect someone straight from heaven with more danger items. but you people we shall cry together

  38. emmanuel chinunda says:

    zats how life goes in judgement day

  39. Emmanuel Mwanganda says:

    Stay away from negative people. They have a problem for every solution.

  40. gibbbbbbo says:

    aiyense ali ndi Yesu wake wake

  41. Anga ndi maso says:

    The man was rich within 2 weeks after the prophecy. Does it mean that even if the so called major 1 did not prophecie, the man would have been rich anyway . Remember God has plans 4 each and everyone we just fulfil those plans. God said”ndinakuziwa iwe usanabadwe” God amadziwa kale kuti u wil be rich its just a matter of time. So with or without a prophet, God plans shal be fulfilled because i believe that a prophet is there kulosera zamtsogolo. These can be good or bad. So always give thanks & trust to GOD to avoid being led astray because excuses wil not be tolerated on judgement day.

  42. to every sane person if you try to visit the churches of these so called prophets such as Bushiri and Jeremiah the Nigerian there is no any tangible miracle you can point at, it is like their members are just a bunch of brainwashed dunderheads just eager to receive and praise whatever their leader says or does, you can really tell that alot of people are very hungry for God but instead they are feeding on mud and wallows, to the real men of God out there you really have a big job to do to redeem these people

  43. Babalu says:

    Read about Bar- Jesus in Acts 13 vs 6. Ndapita

  44. Yamikani Dowa says:

    l love Major 1

  45. madiru mhango says:

    Brothers and sisters, if you believe that Major 1 is of God, then you should direct all your glofying to God or you run the risk of commiting idolatory which is false worship. Worship the Father only. May almighty God bless you with understanding of these these latter day events.

  46. Genuine preaching of the gospel as citizens of heaven is when souls are translated from the kingdom of darkness into that of light. in Luke 15 verse 4 to 7 there us rejoicing in heaven when one sinner is saved and not when has material blessings. with the increase of so called prophets there must be increase in righteousness. in the new testament dispensation all that are guided by the Holy Spirit not a prophet or any man are the sons of God because the Most High is our Father who wants those will worship Him in spirit and truth.

  47. Sapitwa says:

    Really! It can be difficult to differentiate between false prophets with real ones because they both perform miracles which is what drives people crazy. The only critical thing for a human being is to believe and have faith in Jesus. Wait on him always and you will be able to differentiate between the two. You will notice that the other one focuses on miracles that fatten his bank account. Got it! Don’t be surprised when you see them chattering planes and yet they can’t heal the injured at their own ceremonies.

  48. Afana says:

    Man of GOD???

  49. mataka says:

    Truth shall prevail, God’s name still is JEHOVAH revelation 20:15

  50. Wamaka says:

    If even a multitude asks me to point out great men of God of all times,my list will never miss names like Moses,Joshua,Samuel,David,Elijah,Elisha,Jeremiah,Isaiah,Ezekiel,Jonah,John the baptists and the Apostles in the book of Acts,

    my list can also never miss shepherd Bushiri,Jeremiah fufeyin, Tb joshua,Benny Hinn, Uebert Angel, Chris Oyakhilome, Daniel Kachali,David Oyedepo,Reinhard Bonke, Emmanuel Makandiwa e.t.c

    i love these men and all others

  51. UNECA says:

    U john nsona kodi ndi ma prophate angati adapita kwa mulungu ali ndi moyo osati kuyamba wamwalira ayi.

  52. guguh says:

    You all are under a spell. zipangani masamu anuwo but one thing i know God is still on the throne and he sees all of this and he will bring to light the truth.

  53. Henderson tepeka says:

    I dont know only God knows

  54. Wakiki says:

    I thank God Almighty for this testing that this man is giving to prove wrong the people who were putting their words into the mouth of this man. This man is wise enough that he can speak what is right and what he experienced not heard. I have encounter scepting who wantewd to move my faith which I have built up for 5yrs which has changed my life completely. I used to be a drankard and whatever you can call me but now I am saved through this ministry of Major 1 and I thank God for revealing mysteries of the word of God and that now I know the truth about God through the Scripture and through the Man of God Major 1 to such an extent that I have seen undisputed and extraordinary live miracles including those of capturing in the spirit. Praise God! I know people shall dispute all these miracles but God shall prove to them He is behind all this. The most disappointing thing is that all people who are writing these against these miracles, they have never attended the services or watch live services, they are poor, sick, drankards, witch, wizzards, fraudsters, prostitutes, fonicaters, drug abusers, and what have you. Thanks God for this testimony because it has built up the faith of this couple and family. God wanted to set free this family. Shame to all who gave a negative reporting to this issue. What are you going to say now. The devil is a liar and has been a liar from the beginning.I will never trust in him for I know him inside out. Praise God of Major 1. May God increase you Major 1. Our families are free because of your ministry. Praise God forver and ever.Iyeeee! Eeweeeeleeeeeee!

  55. Work up guys don’t be fullish . that is what was written already .in the last days wonderful things gona happene in the name of God if u don’t take care u will take a rong way .
    First and most important thing u have to know is go through the books and read if u don’t know just consult those people u know about the history of God they gona tell u something.

  56. Funso says:

    It’s all a lot of nonsense. This Christianity is just another example of colonialism so why does it continue to believed when even most of those who brought it to this country have given up on it (and not suffered!). As for the miracles, Malawians are a gullible lot. More corruption.

  57. Keep it up major 1 we thank God to have you in South africa the devil is in trouble

  58. nyakaji says:

    Meet Bushiri and you will feel his love,warmth understanding and compassion,he is one of the nicest man I have ever met in my life, and I am not happy that he is in South Africa,the benefit you get from him outweighs the criticisms. Try it. Give me a man who have met him and still critisises none will be found. Once you meet him you will like his services and definately you will join him thats why his church is growing bigger and bigger while you are bad mouthing him. I love you Papa pls be strong mentally and physically.

  59. Uthant Chaula says:

    Let them doubt him while we are busy feasting upon the precise teachings from Major 1.

  60. BK.PHRI says:

    Whether he is fake or not one thing I know is that people are getting healed and prophecies coming to pass. Why these things don’t happen in your true churches? Why is your jesus not healing people in your true churches yet he is doing it thru false churches of Bushuri?

  61. Angoni apaphata says:

    100 computers and that is rich? I can give you a hundred more yet I am a nobody. I did not know that south Africa has such dumb people

  62. Mirella K says:

    The tragedy with Christians today is their preoccupation with the worldly success. An average Christian today thinks or s/he has been made to think that material success in this life and lack of problems like diseases is a sign of spiritual health and hence success. They don’t realise that even atheists enjoy the best of material success on earth, they drive the best of cars and they enjoy the best of good health with highest life expectancy possible. Worse still, little do an average Christian today realize that ‘miracles’ can be achieved and hence happen by the underpowers. Little does it come to them that demons can do among all these, and at times ‘better’ miracles than we currently see. May the good Lord guide its people before it is too late, amean!

  63. malume says:

    let’s do the work of God with eager and trembling to please our master

  64. Spectator. says:

    Mulungu ndi wabwino nthawi zonse amagwesa mvula kwa ochimwa ndi olungama. True prophet or false prophet akuziwa ndi Mulungu. Inu satilani wanu prophet ife Yesu ndiye Major 1 wathu.

  65. TT says:

    I have watched that video to my amusement time and time again, and I have always asked myself this: that was a child ( does it mean the image of someone in the spirit world also grows, from bring a child to an adult as one grows in the real world?). That picture is of a black child, does it also imply race is also an issue in the spirit world? So once black or white or blue then thats the same in the spirit world? If the spirit world is real, I thought it’s a totally different place all together?

  66. Bololo says:

    A genuine prophet of God doesn’t justify the actions of God through him or her to any man. Everything they do is for the glory of God and not their own .

  67. Natasha Namubes says:

    I Thank God for the gift of Major1 Prophet Bushiri. I love you Power Iyeeeeeeeeeee’!

  68. Bololo says:

    A genuine prophet of God doesn’t justify the actions of God through him or her to any man. All they do is for the glory of God and not themselves.

  69. gift says:

    Ine munthu uyu amandidabwitsa kuti ndi wazoona kapena wabodza only god knows

  70. I thank God for giving us a special gift in Major 1. I have always benefited from his ministry and his life. I know that he is a true man of God and every time I see or watch him, I get blessed. Those that don’t believe him can go to hell . I have no problem . Ask your bishop or reverend to heal you from a cough (simple cough) and they will fail. Bring your cripple and those that are HIV positive to Prophet Bushiri, they will get healed .
    These are simple facts. We love you MAJOR 1, my PAPA!! POWER❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

  71. vincent says:

    Major 1,u can say what ever u want to confuse son and doughter of major 1 but one thing u don’t know is u can’t win,in major 1 I belive

  72. john nsona says:

    You uneca who told you that jesus was profit you must watch before you speak you must not compare Muhammad with Jesus Muhammad is far away from Jesus because Jesus now seating on his father thrown while muhamad is is in grave waiting sam jesus rising him from grave

  73. TruFactor says:

    So, all you think about is money? The love of money in the last days…

  74. Brown says:

    Thanks to God that the truth has enventually prevailed,people avoid castigating men of God.

  75. blackberry says:

    muhamad was a fake prophet..islam is also afake religion no wonder it believes in such things as beheading and stoning…

  76. phanana says:

    These are the last days, no. real prophets.

  77. blessing lipengs says:

    The trick of walking on air by Bushiri has been exposed and its so easy anyone can do it. The first thing that you have to ask is why the video footage narrows as he comes down,why among all the media houses he only invited a Zimbabwean camera man and why not ETV,BBC ,sabs, or Nyasa times. TO SEE THE TRICK WHAT HE DID WATCH JIMMY KIMMEL’S VIDEO .

  78. JOSEPH GONDWE says:

    alway empty tin is making noize why r u talking about bushiri why not about your life plz if u r not gifted just be quiet. pray to your God u will also be blessed. dont limit JESUS. Jerousy pple cant prosper

  79. Bolero says:

    All the new Christian movements are doing today are written in the bible. It is just that Africans have now opened their ears and eyes to understand the Bible in detail. I have read the Bible from cover to cover and realized that the Christianity our Europeans friends taught us blinded us big time. Pastors who go through traditional Bible schools all they know is marry people or bury the dead and teach what their congregation demands. If you perform miracles you become an enemy. Yet from Prophets in Old Testament to our Lord Jesus Christs people performed numerous miracles and deliverance. Being just a born again is not enough until one is delivered. And that’s what new churches are doing today. The iPad miracle is just one of them. So please read the Bible and you will agree that everything that is happening today was already written.

  80. Phwado says:

    He bought those computers from the payment he got after the deal with bushiri on that ipad cheat.Hahaha mapazi anu.kkkkkk!

  81. mtochi says:

    A prophet is not respected in his home land.Bushiri is a true man of God.

  82. Miccateez says:

    Zake zidaera Bussiri, g0 wakwittu,,

  83. Zagwa says:

    Foolish man. Next ask your prophet if you can buy or prolong your life with all that money he has made you have since you believe he speaks with God.

  84. UNECA says:

    Muhmmad is the last prophate no 1 wil come 2 be prophate after him jesuse is the 2nd of the last and we believe that he was the prophate 4rm allah .(god) not son of god or not god.

  85. Anzeru aku mmawa says:

    nowadays Christianity is a very big joke.. where people are busy looking for miracles than salvation. End of days.

  86. BRAJOE says:

    God never created a man to be rich by having lot of money, but to be rich in the heart and believe in him. Don’t you know that money is a devil? if God created money why don’t we take all our worth that we have to the grave if we die and keep on being rich. God said appreciate for what you have, your are poor on earth but you will be rich in heaven and sit on the right hand side of the God. When the rich dies they left all their wealth behind and someone else who they don’t know will use it all. How is that? Let this false prophets make money the judgement will come. BUY LOT OF PEOPLE TO WRITE A TRUE STORY INORDER TO MAKE MORE MONEY. One story I write about him lot millions rand he gets from unknown sources. Why he don’t pray for Malawi economy that is falling down?

  87. Malawian!!! says:

    We thank God for that.

  88. BK.PHRI says:

    You haven’t seen anything yet, watch and see how the living God of Major 1 will humble the wise. You criticized the prophet loudly but time is coming when you will praise his God publicly.

  89. dreamteam says:

    The man became rich in two weeks – after the prophesy. He even won millions of dollars worthy of contracts from SA government. Within 2 weeks. Give a break people

  90. chizamsoka munthali says:

    Go deeper Major 1.

  91. Achimidzimidzi says:

    The bibles says everything is possible with God. God is not man, His ways are different.

  92. Kabilaboza Kabuka says:

    Kkkkkkk, masiku osiliza

  93. The Almighty God of Israel, Moses, Abraham, Joseph, Daniel,Elijah , Samson , Misheck & Abedenigo, working through the gadgets??????? I don’t think so!!!!!!!

  94. tonde wa mbuzi says:

    Let the believers believe and the satanists réfute. Thats m’y Major 1, not movable at all. I Will continue to serve m’y God with m’y Prophet, Major 1. God continue to Bless him more n more.

  95. flying eagle says:

    mat 24:24, 2thessa. 2:7-12. rev2:7(“he who has an ear, let him hear what the spirit says to the churches).

  96. ALOSWEA says:

    God is great Amen

  97. John Grey kufa 2 says:

    Last days ll here alote,in zambia man like JESUS my Lord apeare,here major 1 with his power hhmmm (I belive bible profers only)

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