Manganya blasts ‘childish’ govt over failure to pass Information bill

Adventist church relief arm, the Adventist Relief Agency (ADRA) through its deputy director of ADRA Michael Usi has severely criticised the government for its failure to table the Access to Information bill, saying the government is creating a breeding ground for corruption.

Manganya:  Government is childish

Manganya: Government is childish

Usi says the government is insenstive to the plight of Malawians, most of whom live below poverty line.

“This is childish. I repeat the government is childish because people are suffering, what is in that bill that the government is hiding,” said Usi.

Asked by a radio reporter if President Peter Mutharika is childish as well, Usi did not mince words: “He and his government are childish.”

He added: “ They are not sensitive. There can be a back clash and they will have no one to blame, people are very angry out there.”

Civil society groups and the media are planning an unspecified action against the government for its failure to table the bill.

Media owners and managers who include Times Grouo managing director Leonard Chikadya, Nation Publication Limited’s Mbumnba Banda, Zodial’s Gospel Kazako and Capital Radio’s Alaudin Osman have petitioned the President regarding the bill.

Usi said it was unfortunate that the government is failing to provide answers to most problems facing the nation, including the Access to Information Bill.

Misa Malawi president Thom Khanje said Malawians woukd not accept a doctored bill after stakeholders fine tuned it and regarded it as the best of all bills.

Media Council of Malawi chairperson Chijere Chirwa said the bill has taken time to draft because of wise inputs from civil society groups and the media among other crucial stakeholders and would not allow the executive arm of government to dilute it to suit the ego of the executive.

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I think usi is right. It was the same govt which assured malawians of this bill”s implementation once DPP becomes the ruling party. Why now delaying it..?


Pitala childish, Chaponda stupid, Kaliati nonsense, I really agree with you Manganya, this government leadership is childish. Look at the sufferings that we are going through but it does not concern them. The government has gone to the dogs.

mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa
mankhaulee mlaamu baabaa

manganyayo ati chaaan? anena koma mano ali mmooomo?

Man Ganya

Kutopa tu ndi chigololo sopano


Brother Usi be careful with these politicians you know them they can do what ever they want anytime.Osanyoza president.


ndimayembekexela ma comment okwana 107 onyoza Michael Usi. Apa zikuwonekelatu kuti anthu enanu ndemanga zanu zimayendela mitundu osati mfundo. zachisoni kwambiri

ellina maonjera

zoona mr usi your real citizen koz aliyense amaopa kuyankhula molimba mtima ngati mmene mwanenela inu
big up!!!!!


Too much talking but no action taken. Ngakhale mutokote pa nyasapa palibe chochitika apa.


Including Pitala Muthalika is also Childsh, Manganya yemweyo kuti “wa! wa! wa! Kumeneko ndikuyankhula Bwana mopanda phyete

T/A Goneka

Point of correction,Manganya was speaking on his personal capacity not Seventh-Day Adventist so musaonjedzere Seventh-day coz salowerera za ndale.

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