Manganya blasts MBC over ‘Tikuferanji’

Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) country director Michael Usi has taken a swipe at state broadcaster Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC), mainly it’s director general Aubrey Simbuleta for blocking latest ‘Tikuferanji’ episode.

Usi: Those stealing relief items will be punished by God

Usi: Blast MBC ‘s ‘retrogressive order’ on Tikuferanji

The latest episode was supposed to be aired last Saturday, but the state broadcaster’s Director General reportedly shoved the series as its content were reportedly not in favour of the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) led government.

Instead MBC Tv repeated a programme that was shown a fortnight ago without seeking consent from ADRA, a development that did not go well with Usi, who took trouble to confront MBC management over it.

Usi, widely known as Manganya in comedy circles , said he was surprised when his eyes caught a repeated Tikufera programme when they had produced a latest series and was duly given to the state broadcaster for beaming last Saturday.

“We pay them K25 million every year to have Tikuferanji beamed on state television. Their conduct breached the contract existing between MBC and ADRA

“The programme was replaced following a directive from above and it is the director general himself who made this retrogressive order and chose to breach our agreement. He made the directive just because of the fear of unknown. Tikuferanji is non-partisan and is there to address issues on human rights, gender, democracy and good governance,” said Usi.

He said they will not produce another episode until MBC beam the series in question.

When asked whether they will consider pulling out the programmes, the outspoken comedian said “they must respect the contract which is there, but if they don’t go by the agreement, appropriate action will likely be taken”.

When contacted to provide his side of the story, MBC director general Aubrey Simbuleta declined to comment.

The focus of the drama series has slowly been widening to encompass not only HIV/AIDS issues but also addressing issues on human rights, gender, democracy and other social topics.

ADRA Malawi has a long history of over 20 years of implementing HIV/AIDS programs, working in a range of methods of HIV prevention, treatment and care support and ‘Tikuferani’ is also aimed at preventing and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS.

ADRA uses Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) methodologies through mass media and community based mobilization and advocacy.

The drama series called Tikuferanji “Why are we dying?” produced by the ADRA Malawi has been on the radio for nearly 13 years and on television for approximately 8 years disseminating HIV/AIDS messages.

And it is one of the popular television shows and it received the radio play of the Year Award at the 2008 MBC Entertainers of Year Awards, and it has been voted the best advocacy program in Malawi on radio and television.

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john mwaniza

a MBC simukupanga bwino tisiya kuoneratu ife tv yanuyo mudzingothokoza tikuferanji kuti imapangitsa anthu kuti awonereko tv yanu komanso apopo mwalakwitsa izi zikusonyeza kuti contact yanu ndi tikuferanji munauza kuti akhoza kupanga act pakhani iliyonse nde mwalakwitsa tangoyikani episod Saturday tionere ife pomaliza amene wa ika comment yake kaya akuti levelheaded ndiwe opusa ukuona ngati kuti 25million ndindalama zochepa utakhala iwe ukuona ngati ungalole zimenezi

Koma Manganya mutu wawung’onowo ndi magalasiwo ndi parallel. Ena akuti upititse programme yakoyo Ku ma TV enawa, ma TV ake ati? Othawa signal every 5 minutes’wo? You can talk bad about MBC guys but those so called private are not any near to MBC. Try it Manganya, udziwonera wekha ndi ana ako. On Sumbureta’s issue what you should know is every institution has its own rules and guidelines for every employee to follow and the director general being mandatory employed by the president can’t publicise something that’s directly tarnishing his public reputation. Even you Manganya their must surely be some… Read more »
Mac Millan Banda

Thats bad 4us coz we only watch mbc on sartuday coz of this episode, ganizan bwino a Mbc tisanasiye kuonera ka tv kanuka


Muli ntchito…. Board Chair mpaka kuitanidwa kuzamvera Tikuferanji? Ana Ali kuti mpaka Board Chair? Sumbuleta slowly akugwetsa MBC komanso making DPP lose elections in 2019. Ntchito iyoooooo

ellina maonjera

imwe apute manganya lero sagona sagona ndi mpweteka!!!!!


Try zodiak or times tv pasavute

Viyazi Tembo

It was Sabbath day either way, don’t fume Mr Usi, mukufana kupanga ndalama mutsiku la sabata?


JB was really a democrat and shall live to be remembered. we could see Peter Muntharika, Chakwera, and all other political leaders on MBC freely castigating Joyce Banda but she never complained. Ndizomwe munkafuna izi ndipo simunati. Since 2014 muone apangapo chani a DPP apart from kugulitsa MSB.


tangoyifunira njira episode yo tipange download basi.Changu pa malo.


I am very happy with this development. Tinkanena anathera msiiizi! Zayamba kuluma mwini. Simunati mulila mtoooooo!!!!!!

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