Manganya tears apart President’s ‘inner circle’

Outspoken Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Deputy Country Director Micheal Usi has said the nation is off track with President Peter Mutharika clueless on the priorities of Malawians.

Manganya:  Lashes at dirty Asians

Manganya: Lashes at ‘Inner circle’

According to Usi, commonly known as Manganya in comedy circles, Mutharika is surrounded by aides who are busy advancing their interests and enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary Malawians.

The outspoken comedian told Times TV–owned by Times Media Group–that the economy is in mess and failing to pick up due to ‘bad advice’ from President’s army of advisors.

“There is a problem in Malawi not only with the present government, in my view it is the over reliance on inner circles, political inner circles, it does seem that our presidents over depend on inner circles.

“Inner circles are taken to be think tanks, when they are not think tanks, these are politicians that are there to protect positions for their own survival in as far as economic stamina is concerned,” said Usi during the exclusive interview with host Brian Banda.

Usi, who claimed to know President Mutharika as a capable man, wondered why things are going haywire with his advisor and economic experts failing to bring the economy back on track.

He accused people surrounding him, noting that some are not qualified to serve in several strategic positions that they were entrusted with.

The Deputy country director further noted that if the trend continues Malawi will never develop.

“He (President Mutharika) is responsible for the mess because he is in charge but what am saying here is that the President is ok buy the presidency is faulty,” said Usi.

He advised the President to appoint professional think tanks not mere politicians to provide sound advice for the betterment of the nation.

On government’s fight against corruption, Usi said Mutharika administration is failing to investigate Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) top officials believed to have committed a crime.

“Those that are ruling will arrest the former and they will say they are fighting corruption and will further say the ACB is independent.  Unless corrupt DPP officials are arrested and brought to book, then the ACB is not independent,” said Usi.

Usi also called upon former President Dr. Joyce Banda to return to Malawi and clear the mist surrounding her involvement in the plunder of public resources, dubbed as cash gate.

He quashed reasons that the former president cannot come to Malawi because the current administration is yet to identify her a house.

“I know she has a place to live. She has a house in Malawi where she can stay. The reasons being given that she cannot come because there is no house for her are not making sense to me,” said Usi.

Usi, who was rumored to have political ambitions prior to 2014 tripartite polls, was non-committal if has plans to go into mainstream politics in the near future.

On Tikuferanji soap by ADRA Malawi beamed on MBC that has been in the news of late due to censorship by the state broadcaster, Usi said Adra Malawi has not run out of ideas but MBC has resorted to repeating episodes without seeking consent from them.

He said discussions are underway on how best to handle the censorship issues but assured Malawians that the banned episode will find its way through other airwaves.

“I think MBC top management is trying to be more catholic than the Pope” visibly concerned Usi told Times TV.

He however refuted allegations that MBC has banned beaming Tikuferanji.

ADRA Malawi has a long history of over 20 years of implementing HIV/AIDS programs, working in a range of methods of HIV prevention, treatment and care support and ‘Tikuferani’ is also aimed at preventing and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS.

The drama series called Tikuferanji “Why are we dying?” produced by the ADRA Malawi has been on the radio for nearly 13 years and on television for approximately 8 years disseminating HIV/AIDS messages.

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61 thoughts on “Manganya tears apart President’s ‘inner circle’”

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  2. California King says:

    Tinabadwila ku phompho ndidzafelaso komweko ku phompho

  3. vetran says:

    no man is island

  4. Tione says:

    I for one 101% agree with Michael Usi aka Manganya. Some of these commentators are just commenting ignorantly. One does not need to be close to the president to see that things are not going well. Remember Napolo akamabwera amaona ndi akutali who in turn warn their friends in or near the mountain to take cover. Those that are close to the president keep mum as they are protecting their bread and butter. They do not have the welfare of the citizens at heart but only to fatten their bellies which is a sad development. It is us who are feeling the pinch that are able to see things are not okay. People like Kaliati, Chaponda and other yes bwanas are there to milk the already thin cow. As for Gertrude, she is just nuts. Mama Late Ethel was a very sensible woman as she would refuse to accompany her husband whenever he went out on duty to save money for the people of Malawi. Awa a Gertrude ndege aikwera ataku lale. Ndiye poti zozionera kuukulu that is why she is always on the tow even when there is nothing for her to do. Remember, zonsezi ndi zotsala. A Bingu anasiya ma dollar ku Ndata n’kungopita ndi nsalu yomwe anafunda. Akakhala Peter, mtima unafa kalekale and he is a moving corpse.. Let us face it, We Malawians are suffering at the hands of these greedy DPP thieves. May God deal with them as Hesees fit. Iyaaaa! More fire Manganya! We are behind you.

  5. tain kutala says:

    There are so many problems in our nation and its unfortunate that things are getting worse now. No improvements at all in many sectors – education, health, agriculture, security, etc. But the big question is ‘WHO SHALL REVERSE THIS TREND? AND WHEN?. Otherwise we are doomed to misery as nation.

  6. khwamba says:

    Very shameful, some of the comments on this topic are not relevant, much as every one has his /her own party to support, but is it true that Malawians should be clapping hands when things are going astray kuopa kuti wina andinena zopusa, not that everyone has got his /her weknesses palibe mngelo padziko lapansi, ndiye zoti Manganya amatere sizabwino, inunso ngati mukufuna zichitani zomwe amachita Manganyazo koma nkhani ili apa ndi ya kayendetsedwe kadziko, mwina amene mukusangalalanu mumadya nao ndalama zikabedwa mboma, koma to many malawians dzikoli moyo ukuwawa. Who are we to say dziko likuyenda bwino yet indicators are pointing us to the grave, even IMF kuneneratu kuti Malawi is off-track ndiye ndinu ndani kuti muzikaikira Peter kumbuyo? I come from the lomwe belt but that does not make me to dance to the tunes of DPP just to please APM no, i have my own observations and judgements ndiye mbavanu zisangalalani tsiku ndilimodzi, chinauluka chidzatera. Manyanga has commented zomveka kaya mukuti digiri yake yaku MIM ndiyakebe basi inu yanu ndiyakuti? No DPP gurus should be commenting on economic issues on this news, mumationongera topic yabwino bwino because you take sides. Za zii


    Let wait & see

  8. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    JB hired Honourable Dr Maxwell Mkwezalamba to be the finance and economic minister who was not a politician at all and economy started to bouncing back. We saw fruits in Mkwezalambas. Can this clueless we call President (Mr. Ibu Muthalika) borrow a leaf from JB and hire someone like this humble man (Max) than these yes Bwanas? I totally agree with Manganya on this one. I went to the bank this morning and i was extremely shocked to be told that the kwacha is trading at K620/US$,!!!!Ooooooooooooooohhhh my foot!!! Malawi, where are we heading to?

  9. Makiolobasi says:

    laughing my a__ off/ lmao

  10. Tina says:

    Deal with the cash gate u are championing at Adra first. Kumawasainitsa anthu ma cheque a 500 000 nkumawapatsaa ma 50 thousand popanda ntchito yomwe agwira ukatero 450 000 pathumba. Watch the papers you are being investigated.
    Ndipo sumamva Za anthu ena on how sewero LA tikuferanji should go, acting as mr know it all resulting in poor production, NDE udzikamba za ma adviser APA? Iwe umamva za amnzako?

  11. Concerned citizen says:

    Manganya has the point and i agree with mbiyazapolama aswell

  12. Manganya choti udziwe ndichakuti Mugabe ku Zimbabwe kukakamila pamupando amakana zimene zili kuno ku Malawi zongo sankha anthu oti polanda dziko kwa azungu kunalibe ngakhale pobweretsa Multi-party panalibenso mukuganiza zingamupweteke?Amamva kupweteka ndi amene anavutikira ndipo mukawasankha ali ndi history ya anthu kuti awatumikire bwino.Enawa ndiwongodyapo zozipeza zaulerere kungochekera kunja uko basi.China ndichakuti munthu wakulira momuno mu Malawi ndiye kuti mavuto akuwadziwa palibe chifukwa choyembekezera wokuthandizira nzeru zawo ndipo utha kumakana zoti sizikuthandiza muulamuliro wako.Muluzi Bakili you are to blame ndiweyo unayambisa utsogoleriwu ife sitimawadziwa anganyawa Malawi wapita basi pokhapokha adzitsitse adzimva anthu akamayankhula komanso tengelanikoni khalidwe la Kamuzu kuyendera midzi yeniyeni ndi kucheza nawo anthu wamba mavuto awo muwadziwa ndipo mukukondedwa.Musamanamizane ndi anthu okuyandikirani ma good-boy kwao kuzinenepetsa basi ndipo mawa alikuchipani china chanu chikatha mphamvu.

  13. Koma Kumeneko says:

    I rememebr one of the questions paused to presidential candidates prio to 2014 general elections was ” what will happen if someone rigs these elections will you accept the results?” the answer from Prof. Dr Laz Chakwera said and i qoute, however will win because of rigging will be punished by GOD. END OF QOUTE. iF what we are going through isnt punishment then tell me defination of punishment. God is really better with leadership of this country any greedy supporters are around him. Leadership has no clue what to do next, no vision at all. Akamuuza kakalipe ku mangochi iye chabwino. Trying to cancel the wrongs u are doing today with those happened during mcp doesnt provide us malawians solutions, you cannot do the same mistake that was done 30years and think your excuse of mcp did the will be enough to be forgiven no. Mudzikonda musiye.

  14. No Laughing Matter says:

    His observations are spot on

  15. Sir Bentby says:

    The drama series called Tikuferanji “Why
    are we dying?” no this is not real and true interpretation. It should be “what are we dying for?” umbuli wanuwo musatipake ife.

  16. Munganya Utetsi says:

    If munganya or whatever he calls himself likes his fellow mulakho let him just declare so, instead of bring his now faded, out-of-salt and touch comedies here. Do not politic behind the curtains of drama. Do not fool yourself like a tortoise here. Who doesn’t know the mutharika’s in-borne and natural arrogance? Who? Unless you are stranger in Jerusalem, “alinse amadziwa anthuwa amamva zawo zokhatu basi.” Don’t come here pretending you are not wearing political robes for milakho. This is just a political respite that even a an embicile, retarded person would clearly see through your fake politically driven logic.

  17. elisha says:

    peter ndiwamakan angavere azake amene uja
    Ndakaika ndi2

  18. patson says:

    Don’t leave Dr Thomas chatangalala munthali as an economic adviser he is well expriesed even if he is anganya

  19. Mbiyazapolama says:

    Manganya is right because Presidential advisors are picked on political interest not on professional merit but in another way, to run a country is not a mean business. Sitima imaphweka akamayendetsa wina so goes the saying.

  20. how stupid can one be to say we blame the opposition? does this make sense at all, blame the government that is leading the country and its leader Peter who also is called bwampini because of his failures

  21. James moses says:

    DPP Gurus at work again trying to tarnish Manganya for criticising the clueless leadership of Mutharika. We all know Usi is right and soon Malawians will rise up against the Mutharikas again and this time we will just arrest the whole family for crimes against the poor starting with Ben Phiri and his brothers, his uncles,aunties and cousins all of them will go to jail. Stop attacking a mans education and answer his claims, why is the economy failing? Who told you without formal education you can’t see the ills of government? Amalawi tinatsukika pano Mutharika is useless JB was better. People in the villages are now saying bring back JB because she was serious on the economy, now we have this Mutharika trying to be his brother, and Ben Phiri sleeping with azimayi achipani and promising them contracts, zachamba bass.

  22. akukonde akukonde Osaopa says:

    let Manganya comment on economic crises in Zambia. talk is cheap. Leading a country is not as easy as leading a Church NGO. What authority does manganya have to comment on Politics and economy of a nation.

  23. patricia kaliyati says:

    Ena akuti dziko liribwino ena akuti siliribwino, sono pamenepa timve dziti? Mukagwiridzana chimodzi mutiudza ife akweni kuti tikawawudze a prof.

  24. I like Manganya but you know he seems to be an expert in many fields. A nurse from Malamulo but through his acrobatics got masters and now is doing his phd. With what college mmm i think they are just pocket colleges. Economics, law, linguistics, marketing and i think its only health related issues that he knows. Kagulileni mahule magalimoto mu Ndirandemu

  25. Phaghlani Vwavwa says:

    Blame quota system

  26. Nkolimbo says:

    This fella is clearly just trying to gain attention. He is not a technocrat himself with patchy education. How can he say it is the advisors who are ill advising the Malawi President when he is not even close to cabinet business? And in what capacity really is he making such nonsensical sentiments? In so far as we know he is a hypocrite at adra and he uses his influence to make sure he does not get the scrutiny current management deserves. He made sure he barred a very brilliant and educated young man in the Church, Obrey Chiume, from assuming the role of Chief Accountant at adra because of his corruption and of course that of pastors who are siphoning donor money through adra. He is a deaf womaniser. He is just not fit to comment on such matters.

  27. mjukululightening says:

    hmmm, guys APM is not to blame entirely on the mess, guys the Prof is doing his best, we have fuel wina kuchita kutaya ena nkumaseweretsa fuel, forex mbwembwembwe, haaa, guys tisamaiwale komwe dziko likuchokera, APM is real deal osati zinazi, zomatukwana ma foreigners as if sadzawafuna Ayuda. APM ndinkaona ngati sangakwanitse kuyendetsa dziko koma he has proved mant wrong, let us support him & his government, dziko likuyenda bwino ili, jelasi siumuna, Viva Professor Peter Arther Muthalika, may God bless him & his team richly.

  28. Plate says:

    The blame shud go to the goverment and opposition for being selfish unlike workin for the poor

  29. Mugonapamhanya says:

    Talk is cheap and great talkers are great liars too. Who wants Manganya at his place of work? The guy is pompous, arrogant and immoral? How many married women has he forced himself into their skirts at his place of work and worship? He talks of president Muntharika’s advisers as not being professionals, is he a proffessional himself? He thinks he is educated with those timadigri ta online ta sukulu ya kwacha ta ku MIM. How much of donor money has he embezzled? All he has accumulated is stolen wealth, this thief.

  30. Andy says:

    Seems like Mr Usi is applying to be an advisor for the President. He is silently saying that he is better than the “inner circle” that is there and he could do a better job. After all he is the chosen one with a magic ward and once appointed the economy will change. Qualification: Deputy Country Director of ADRA – big position

  31. learnedmi says:


  32. Myao says:


  33. Komatu anthu mungoona kudana ndi ife ma advisor
    Bola ife tikulandila ndalama zabwino,olo tisawalangize bwana APM komabe timalandila.
    Zandiwawa ulendo uno osanditenga ku UK?

  34. mtochi says:

    Kodi anthu otchona ku America atithandiza cha? Exit Peter enter Chakwera.Utsogoleri wa ngwiro wa Mcp. MCP 2015 boma!

  35. Dolo weni weni says:

    Those who watch football know very well that when a team is not performing the first to blame is the coach/team manager. The clear reasons is for blaming the coach are simply: 1. Poor assembling or selection of players that are not suited for a particular position;
    2. Incompetence of the coach to drill and teach players tactics of play to win games. Each player maybe blamed for a specific event for spoiling the game while the overall blame rests on the coach. Similarly, a good leader know whom to pick for a specific task, when and use them towards those specific missions. If there is high degree of failure, this rests on the leader since there are plenty of good advisors where he would have picked from! The versatility of a leader depends on how best he assembles his team. don’t blame the lame duck because there was a chance to miss them in the appointment!

  36. waseme says:

    Amagwetu that’s Manganya’s comment ndi m’mene iyeyo akuwonela palibe zomamunyoza apa ayi. Inuyo ngati mukowona kuti ziri bwino zidyelerani nanga simulimomwemo. Paja a Malawi ndikhalidwe lathu lomasapota mwa uchimbulimbuli. Wina asanenepo maganizo ake ayi. Tizikhalila zomwezo basi.

  37. mphatso says:

    Michael Usi is 120 percent correct. These so called advisors are there as an appeasement for suffering together with the president before he was elected that’s why he cant fire them. If you check closely they are not professionals at all only bootlickers. infact they are the one who engineered dpp victory that’s why status quo.As a way forward e must come up with a way to curb this because is wil continue as far as I know a Malawi ndi choncho…

  38. Sinapondamtota Mbirithire Masiyafumbi says:

    Go ahead Manganya

  39. nachisale says:

    Usi is completely off-track. Malawi’s problem/s are bigger than just inner circle.

  40. Chibanja tv says:

    Manganya himself lacks negotiation and management skills, this is evidenced by the running away of good and promising actors from Tikuferanji dramma group which now lacks rythm and popularity it enjoyed by then. Everybody coming out points a finger at him so who is fooling who?

  41. Telling the Truth says:

    Michael Usi is badly mistaken to blame Advisors. It is clear that Usi is courting favour from Peter Mutharika by not blaming Peter Mutharika. Well Usi you are mistaken because:
    1. It is Mutharika who appointed these advisors after being satisified that they will help him.
    2. They report to Mutharika who is in a better position to assess whether they are performing or not.
    3.They do not report to you Usi. How then do you know they are not performing?
    4. Advisors are not allowed to tell you Usi that their advice is being ignored. Are you saying that advisors should be revealing to you that their advice is ignored for them to defend themselves?
    5 If they are not performing according to you why is Mutharika not firing them?
    The truth is that it is Peter Mutharika who is failing. Why blame advisors who are not only innocent but cannot also defend themselves.

  42. WAMISALA says:


  43. Llo says:

    The problem with Malawians is that we see things going astray and we talk, talk and talk. No action why? Do you expect change without action? For every friction there is heat and on every heat there is movement. If the presidency is the problem here what can we ( some of us that are not in the driving seat) do to protect our humanity and livelihood? There is again another coming bad year ahead of us and we are here talking, talking and talking. when will we stop this? Mr. Usi , good ideas but what is your action forthwith? Who do you expect to bring change? Its you yourself Sir! You have seen it yourself and you’re telling someone to start? Are you serious?
    Let’s stop regionalism
    Let’s stop Racism
    Let solidalitily be unified and fight together for noble cause.
    Wake up my fellow youth this is our country believe it or not there shall never be another Malawi

  44. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Sorry sir! you are an ADVENTIST (remnant) stay away from politics.

  45. kambwali says:

    Michael Usi u dont have the right to call for Joyce Banda. she is free to stay where she wants and u cant decide for her

  46. Viyazi Tembo says:

    Nothing Africans are good at, what they know is eating, love making and thuggery . This GOVT can not help our impoverished citizenry unless Madonna, Federer do something……..

  47. Green Grass says:

    I am non partisan but wish to question in what capacity Michael Usi was saying all this. Was it as Deputy Director ADRA or as a citizen under the guise of a celebrity? And what is ADRA’s policy regarding members of staff giving out such interviews?

  48. Truck says:


  49. ZZ Junior says:

    This man seems to be bitter but we don’t know why. From what in hear about him he is not holier than thou.

  50. Ndailo says:

    ACB if indeed u r independent, do something on the sale of Government vehicles. the whole board has become extremely rich. ask those that have bought the vehicles especially good vehicles. there were pre-arranging that one should pay MK500,000 before bidding. during bidding he bids for MK 189,000.00 or so. the latter goes to government while MK500,000 goes in their pockets X the number of vehicles in the North, in the South in other districts in central region. fufuzani chonde ndalama za boma zibwerele

  51. choonadi says:

    What has Manganya done at ADRA to suggest if elected President of Malawi he would do things differently? If you scrutinize Chakwela he will not be different. If you scrutinize the people who say are speaking for Malawians, you will not they are hypocrites. I am yet to see a genuine Christian Politician.

  52. MWASUWA says:

    Next tikufuna soldier, atilankhulire amalawi.

  53. Iyi sinkhani ya ndale koma tatopa ndi utsogoleri wa nkhwidzi mdzikomuno;simungasinthe nangasimwabakale nanunso,mudzaziona nanu ngati zaka zisanu mungamalize,ndakaikazedidi tsono,Ambuye tawakanthani akubawa

  54. kankhwani says:

    Thank you Times Television I don’t miss Times Exclusive with Brian Banda. Indeed there is something wrong with the Presidency. Brian Banda Please bring Atcheya one day we miss him. Keep up the good work Times Television and bravo Brian Banda!

  55. Phillips Chisambo says:

    you very correct Mr Usi! they are all the same coming to power using the word of will save the masses,but when they are there,nothing happens other pocketing all the donor money

  56. Myao says:


  57. Chabwera says:

    Big up Manganya this is our country we only have one Malawi if only few people mess this country will all cry. as things are now we need people like you who can speak the truth without fear and favor. nothing for us without us.

  58. bumbu nchuma says:

    umakwnaila manganya asakuopseze mbuzi izi za DPP

  59. Kkk more catholic than the pope mbc imeneyi…..?

  60. akuntinji anamuona says:

    Inu amanganya zizandivuta kukukhulupilira chifukwa cha chomwe muli. Inu mangodziwa kunena anthu ena pamene muli zofowoka zambiri.

    Takumbukira zomwe munachita kwa mafumu akwanu zija atabwera kudzakupephani thandizo ku nyumba kwanu. Mmene munapangira muja muli ndi umuthu inu?

    Mudzii anamiza amene sakudziwaniwo. Apa ndangokamba kamba zochepa.

  61. une says:

    Nawe usatinyase apa ntchito kutamba kuba ndalama za ma donors andi sleepinf with azimai okwatiwa a kuchurch kwanu. Mbuzi

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