Manganya tears apart President’s ‘inner circle’

Outspoken Adventist Development and Relief Agency (ADRA) Deputy Country Director Micheal Usi has said the nation is off track with President Peter Mutharika clueless on the priorities of Malawians.

Manganya:  Lashes at dirty Asians

Manganya: Lashes at ‘Inner circle’

According to Usi, commonly known as Manganya in comedy circles, Mutharika is surrounded by aides who are busy advancing their interests and enriching themselves at the expense of ordinary Malawians.

The outspoken comedian told Times TV–owned by Times Media Group–that the economy is in mess and failing to pick up due to ‘bad advice’ from President’s army of advisors.

“There is a problem in Malawi not only with the present government, in my view it is the over reliance on inner circles, political inner circles, it does seem that our presidents over depend on inner circles.

“Inner circles are taken to be think tanks, when they are not think tanks, these are politicians that are there to protect positions for their own survival in as far as economic stamina is concerned,” said Usi during the exclusive interview with host Brian Banda.

Usi, who claimed to know President Mutharika as a capable man, wondered why things are going haywire with his advisor and economic experts failing to bring the economy back on track.

He accused people surrounding him, noting that some are not qualified to serve in several strategic positions that they were entrusted with.

The Deputy country director further noted that if the trend continues Malawi will never develop.

“He (President Mutharika) is responsible for the mess because he is in charge but what am saying here is that the President is ok buy the presidency is faulty,” said Usi.

He advised the President to appoint professional think tanks not mere politicians to provide sound advice for the betterment of the nation.

On government’s fight against corruption, Usi said Mutharika administration is failing to investigate Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) top officials believed to have committed a crime.

“Those that are ruling will arrest the former and they will say they are fighting corruption and will further say the ACB is independent.  Unless corrupt DPP officials are arrested and brought to book, then the ACB is not independent,” said Usi.

Usi also called upon former President Dr. Joyce Banda to return to Malawi and clear the mist surrounding her involvement in the plunder of public resources, dubbed as cash gate.

He quashed reasons that the former president cannot come to Malawi because the current administration is yet to identify her a house.

“I know she has a place to live. She has a house in Malawi where she can stay. The reasons being given that she cannot come because there is no house for her are not making sense to me,” said Usi.

Usi, who was rumored to have political ambitions prior to 2014 tripartite polls, was non-committal if has plans to go into mainstream politics in the near future.

On Tikuferanji soap by ADRA Malawi beamed on MBC that has been in the news of late due to censorship by the state broadcaster, Usi said Adra Malawi has not run out of ideas but MBC has resorted to repeating episodes without seeking consent from them.

He said discussions are underway on how best to handle the censorship issues but assured Malawians that the banned episode will find its way through other airwaves.

“I think MBC top management is trying to be more catholic than the Pope” visibly concerned Usi told Times TV.

He however refuted allegations that MBC has banned beaming Tikuferanji.

ADRA Malawi has a long history of over 20 years of implementing HIV/AIDS programs, working in a range of methods of HIV prevention, treatment and care support and ‘Tikuferani’ is also aimed at preventing and mitigating the impact of HIV/AIDS.

The drama series called Tikuferanji “Why are we dying?” produced by the ADRA Malawi has been on the radio for nearly 13 years and on television for approximately 8 years disseminating HIV/AIDS messages.

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California King

Tinabadwila ku phompho ndidzafelaso komweko ku phompho


no man is island

I for one 101% agree with Michael Usi aka Manganya. Some of these commentators are just commenting ignorantly. One does not need to be close to the president to see that things are not going well. Remember Napolo akamabwera amaona ndi akutali who in turn warn their friends in or near the mountain to take cover. Those that are close to the president keep mum as they are protecting their bread and butter. They do not have the welfare of the citizens at heart but only to fatten their bellies which is a sad development. It is us who are… Read more »
tain kutala

There are so many problems in our nation and its unfortunate that things are getting worse now. No improvements at all in many sectors – education, health, agriculture, security, etc. But the big question is ‘WHO SHALL REVERSE THIS TREND? AND WHEN?. Otherwise we are doomed to misery as nation.

Very shameful, some of the comments on this topic are not relevant, much as every one has his /her own party to support, but is it true that Malawians should be clapping hands when things are going astray kuopa kuti wina andinena zopusa, not that everyone has got his /her weknesses palibe mngelo padziko lapansi, ndiye zoti Manganya amatere sizabwino, inunso ngati mukufuna zichitani zomwe amachita Manganyazo koma nkhani ili apa ndi ya kayendetsedwe kadziko, mwina amene mukusangalalanu mumadya nao ndalama zikabedwa mboma, koma to many malawians dzikoli moyo ukuwawa. Who are we to say dziko likuyenda bwino yet indicators… Read more »

Let wait & see

Mulhomwe Wankulu

JB hired Honourable Dr Maxwell Mkwezalamba to be the finance and economic minister who was not a politician at all and economy started to bouncing back. We saw fruits in Mkwezalambas. Can this clueless we call President (Mr. Ibu Muthalika) borrow a leaf from JB and hire someone like this humble man (Max) than these yes Bwanas? I totally agree with Manganya on this one. I went to the bank this morning and i was extremely shocked to be told that the kwacha is trading at K620/US$,!!!!Ooooooooooooooohhhh my foot!!! Malawi, where are we heading to?


laughing my a__ off/ lmao


Deal with the cash gate u are championing at Adra first. Kumawasainitsa anthu ma cheque a 500 000 nkumawapatsaa ma 50 thousand popanda ntchito yomwe agwira ukatero 450 000 pathumba. Watch the papers you are being investigated.
Ndipo sumamva Za anthu ena on how sewero LA tikuferanji should go, acting as mr know it all resulting in poor production, NDE udzikamba za ma adviser APA? Iwe umamva za amnzako?

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