Mangochi entrepreneur cherishes restaurant business

When 30-year-old Priscilla Figueredo Asedi lost her husband a year and some months ago, many would think that was the end of her journey to the business world as they were preconceived with a notion that women are failures.

Asedi packing food in her reataurant

Asedi packing food in her reataurant

The shelter harbouring a name, Golden Dish. Take Away and Restaurant.

The shelter harbouring a name, Golden Dish. Take Away and Restaurant.

But this is not the case with Mangochi-based entrepreneur, who has proved critics wrong –at least to tell the world that women can also do it.

“Let me confess here! The journey to my present predicament has not been all that rosy. After the death of my husband….May his soul Rest in Peace….I felt like the whole world crumbling and swallowing me. Together, we stayed the better part of life leading an elite life, so losing him was like the end of everything. I couldn’t see light at the end of the tunnel. But after praying to Allah, I saw Him giving me courage and strength, hence, the genesis of my Restaurant called: Golden Dish Restaurant and Take Away.

Asedi, who started her business in August last year, says she started it without fearing taking a risk from the money she had saved and worked for.

“I started this business just because I am good at cooking.  I did not learn cookery skills anywhere or went to a formal school but it was an in born talent. So propelled by that I said why can’t I try this?,” she said.

Added Asedi: “Some people were expecting to see me continuing running a hardware business as we used with my late husband but I said no to a hardware business and wanted to try something new.”

The young entrepreneur has now established herself in Restaurant business. She owes all the success to her late husband for leaving her a legacy- that is teaching her business skills.

“It is pleasing that people have accepted my foods and have trusted me. I have managed to penetrate the market. I do supply catering services at many institutions in Mangochi, be it Tea Breaks, Lunches and Dinners. Talk of workshops, weddings and birthday parties or even at funerals, my foods are ordered. On top of that I do receive a horde of customers per day which all translates to accumulating huge sums of money per day,” boasted Asedi.

The entrepreneur, who is a pillar of support in her 6 member family, encourages widows not to despair in life when something amiss has happened.

“Marriage is not the only option in this modern world. You can succeed in everything if you put your effort in it. Just don’t underrate yourself. Believe that you can do it,” counsels Asedi.

She said there is a high unemployment rate in the country and women are continuously being abused mostly because we depend on others to employ us yet we have able hands to turn things around.

Asedi says she thinks her business is growing because of good customer care.

Looking forward: She says her dream is to own a robust restaurant which can give people mouth salivary food.

“I would like have a state of the art restaurant which can give people tasty foods and again God willing-open a catering vocational school,” said the young and ever smiling entrepreneur.

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47 thoughts on “Mangochi entrepreneur cherishes restaurant business”

  1. zaoneka sizi says:


  2. steve says:

    Very hard working woman indeed..grateful to b her brother.may god bless her.and her mm.very delicious.cant wait till i visit home again

  3. Rizwan says:

    Well done to my aunt priscilla always hard working. And not bragging about it but she is an amazing cook Cnt wait to go vist this place

  4. Mangochi Moralist says:

    An exemplary hardworking young woman pamene ena kuthamangila kudya zamukabudula kumangoti ambele chile kufalitsa matenda Mmalawi.Priscilla is good role model.

  5. Aseleka says:

    Very hardworking Young lady,owez asmilling…………Allah is rewarding her for her hardworking

  6. sherry says:

    “six member family” the reporter was referring to number of people present in her family or in other words total number of those who were born together with Priscilla),like sisters and brothers, herself inclusive …I tried so hard to use simple terms. I hope I answered your question.

    1. Wailing Soul says:

      Thank you for the feedback. I really appreciate that you have clarified the mist. God bless her more.

  7. Leema Asedi Longwe says:

    Cooking at its best…..Aunt P…. Keep it up.U just made us proud.this is so encouraging… love ur food…. Can’t wait for branch to be opened in Zomba

  8. Andy Longwe says:

    Aaaaaaaawwwwh that’s so gooooood en encouraging……… Hard work really pays,no food a lazy person….. Aunt P Keep it up.can’t wait to taste ur food……orderz from Zomba now….We just love that

  9. sherry says:

    Hard work pays, you are one determined lady….a real role model for women not only in the kitchen but your personality and your angelic heart too . Just know you have a lot of people supporting you. LOVE YOU big sis…… & bring it on with more delicious meals

  10. masoanga says:

    Thus very encouraging keep it up

  11. Aseleka says:

    Mangochi have anumerous geni doing pipo,but when it comes to the real young entreperenuers,yu can’t write on the acknowledgements book without mentioning Sharif Asedi,Wellington Mangulenje,Imtiaz Mussa,Sally Janatu en Mzeee Sadik,very young minds who makes Halal money using their minds……

  12. Gexymaulidi says:

    .. she is so humble smiling so kind n wonderful… Aunt P keep it going

  13. Wailing Soul says:

    I don’t get it. The story says she is 30 years old and is supporting her “six member-family” Please Mangochi people who know this lady enlighten me on this one. the six members of her family include her brothers and sisters or just her children alone?
    Please let the reporter be clear on this one. I hope that’s the case. I hope it doesn’t mean she has six children at the age of 30. Even if she was 40, 6 kids would just be too much in this day and age.

    1. Patricia says:

      Her siblings and not her kids. She has got a golden heart though she supports everybody inneed

      1. Wailing Soul says:

        Ok thanks very much for the clarification. Bless you.

  14. khumbo says:

    Dats nc

  15. Sheriff Asedi says:

    Kate, mayiyu si wa ku mpoto. You’ve got to find what you love, sometimes life hits you in the head with a brick. Dont lose faith. U have to trust in ur gut, destiny, life, karma.

  16. Patricia says:

    Well done Priscilla. May Allah guide you in what ever you are doing and may the business grow big


  18. kate says:

    Mayi ameneyu ndi wa Ku Mpoto


    “Cooking is like painting or writing a song. Just as there are only so many notes or colors, there are only so many flavors – it’s how you combine them that sets you apart.”

    We have eaten from your pot from the day we were young but the secret to the mouth watering recipe is what leaves you oustanding till date.

    May the almighty Allah continue blessing you abundantly!

  20. Sheriff Asedi says:

    Wooh , U have to know that death can overtake anyone at anytime. whilst knowing this, we still become forgetful of it.

  21. Wellington Mangulenje says:

    Let me concur to statement of this humble business lady to say, true to her statement that her business is really growing not just of the delicious meals she provides but because of good customer care. Indeed I once heard Dr Tommy Weir saying, ” business is relationship and not transaction “! Needless to say you can’t keep on or sustain transacting in any business if you don’t maintain the role of relationship with those you transact business with (customers) . Keep it up and may the soul of your late husband who didn’t hide the business antics to you continue to rest in peace really as he knew to say there should still be life in case one of you has answered God’s call as he did. We are proud of you as role model to other women not only in your community but world at large. Remember to put God first in all your future ambitions of extending your empire and you shall overcome any storm standing your way God wills it.

    1. Ana ofewa says:

      Wise words from the wise man indeed.

  22. Aseleka says:

    History safuta bwanawe Ibu,Sharif whom iam talking about right now is the Youngest man to drive alegally registered BIMA @ avery tender age in Mangochi town,no interpol,Managed Katanga Investments,to agreater heights,very humble gentleman

  23. SHERIFF KAUNDE says:

    Conglatulations chemwali, I knew you had it in you and see who you have become now. Tukwasosela yambone yosope, ti ma samoosa tija ndi ma goujons ndi amene ife sitimaiwala.

    Indeed if you are in Malawi, you should go to Mangochi and when you are in Mangochi you should eat at Golden Dish……

  24. Ahmed Ibrahim says:

    Aseleka which Sharif Asedi are yu talking about here,coz ihav knwn alot of Sharif in town

  25. Aseleka says:

    Woow,very much we cherish the growth of the Business,the food @ the Golden Dish restaurant is very much salivaly en tasty Thumbs up Aunt Pri,.the Management team lead by Sharif Asedi is doing the commendable job for the growth of this bznez….Long live Hon Managing Director(Sharif Asedi)

  26. Sheriff Asedi says:


  27. Tamanda says:

    I know her, she is a makes good food, keep it up Priscilla

  28. GONANI says:

    Good work, keep it up and provide source of employment to your community. you are inspirational, ladys.

  29. utawasala says:

    Keep it up. That is what we need in Malawi.

  30. Mubarak says:

    big up

  31. Zinja says:

    congratulation madam

  32. KK says:

    Tutogolele Chemwali. Lwele ni lunda lwa mundu jwa Chiyawo. Business skills being an inborn thing. You make us proud. Slowly, slowly you will get there. Not some people we know. Being on headlines on wrong reasons “cash gate”.

  33. sabiti says:

    A wonderfull story keep it up

  34. onzo says:


  35. Tman says:

    My Malawi, why not comment on this inspiring suceess story. Were it rape post ohh! 198 comments. It clearly shows how our angle of thinking is inclined.

  36. its very really an encouraging to women instead of doing prostitution she’s doing a legal business

  37. wooh says:

    Koma imfai zoona kusiya chimkazi choyera bwinochi. Anthu achitanawo katundu ameneyi. 30 yrs adakali wanthete

  38. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    This is very encouraging to all Malawians, not just women. Congratulations are indeed in order for this lady.
    I hope there is wide choice on the menu. Can I get pork chops, or pork sausages there (in this Islamic Republic)? Yes or no?

  39. majonanga says:

    Comment sister putting MANGOCHISTATE on the map

  40. Nyonyo says:

    Koma msokho muzikhomanso…mra here is the potential to increase your tax base bravo madam

  41. harrison says:

    Its good idea

  42. Teacher says:

    Limbikirani aunt. Onse achina KFC tikuwawona lerowa anayamba choncho. Southern Bottlers inayamba ndi freezes wa malambe. AXA inayamba ndi kabaza. Universal industries inayamba ndi mtedza okazinga oyeza pa supuni…

  43. Kokotowa says:

    Congratulations and goodluck!

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