Mangochi Hospital probes nurse, medical assistant over negligence

The Mangochi District Hospital is probing reports that a nurse and a medical assistant delayed an ambulance from a health centre to Mangochi District Hospital which led to the death of a 15 year old pregnant women.

Mangochi District Hospital

Mangochi District Hospital

The hospital spokesperson Harold Kabuluzi said the office of the district health office has received reports that the nurse and medical assistant delayed the ambulance which carried the bleeding Ngaule Missi as they were involved in personal errands on the way to the main referral hospital from Makanjira Health Centre.

Reports say that the medical assistant delayed the ambulance by forcing the driver to stop at a tailor shop to collect his clothes as he was on his way to a workshop.

After running for close to 45 kilometres of the 101 kilometre trip, he realized that he had forgotten his mobile phone and forced the driver to return back to Makanjira to collect it.

The male nurse is accused of stopping to inquire abut baobab for his juice business.

Sixty percent of the trip from Makanjira to Mangochi boma is thrugh bumpy earth road and takes close to three hours. President Peter Mutharika assured people of Mangochi recently that the road would be constructed with a loan from the Republic of China.

Kabuluzi could not however give time frame on when the investigations on the medical assistant and the nurse would be completeted.

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14 thoughts on “Mangochi Hospital probes nurse, medical assistant over negligence”

  1. Madala says:

    DPP government loosing control of things on the ground and these and the many criminal acts in the country are clear signs of regime failure, in case you dont know.

  2. midyombanso yanyanya maplain mpaka kamwana ka zaka 15 osakamvera chisoni???

  3. saopa says:

    Negligency is not only in mangochi can the ministry probe M.A. at Mzokoto H/C. How he tell patients who come after 12 noon to come next week monday. can malaria wait for 3 days without killing apatient. How can he tell patients that ndinavutika ndekha ndi maphunziro nde musanditopese. How can he carry drugs and priscribe at his house, what is the use of the office, how does he do physical examination, is there privacy? Is there drug safet
    y at his house. Is there IP at his house . How should best the community best trust him. The ward councillor informed the DHO, nothing happened.

  4. Moya says:

    This issue of negligence is not news at all probably the death has brought the attention of the media but deaths caused by negligence of medical personnel in government hospitals is not new even, many can testify to this. Its a common behaviour of nurses and medical officers to neglect patients that require extra attention. As iam writing some people are dying already due to lack of attention. The investigation shouldn’t just b on these two but the whole health institutions otherwise its like killing only two mosquitos in a heavly infested area and u think u have dealt with the malaria problem.

  5. Tiko says:

    Medical assistant ndi munthu wa certificate ongodziwa kupeleka some few types of medicines. Not fully proffesional , may be technical officer. Thus their typical behaviours. Koma Matama

  6. Emms says:

    That is very bad. Are the two professionals indeed? How can they prioritize their personal interest at the expense of a patient needing urgent medical attention. Let the law do its part. Can the Health Committee in parliament Intervene please. Nanga Nduna za gender and Health muti chani?

  7. andrew chiwanda says:

    aaa just kuobjezera

  8. Noma says:

    A 15 year old pregnant women ?????? Pls you need to be editing anything which goes online Editor.

  9. Mlomwe says:

    Sometimes the reporters may mislead the reports kuti imveke yokoma.Thats may not happen ma nurse akaziwa kukongolesa nkhani bwanji.Kunyasa ngati pitala

  10. Ze Roberto says:

    Ku Malawi aliyense angoyendera yake. This recklessness starts from State house then cabinet ministers, directors, heads of departments, DHOs down to the very end of the civil service hierarchy. There is therefore, nobody to censure who. A country on free fall.

  11. LIttle Bwana says:

    Yes, negligence on the part of the nurse and MA. The death of this woman was likely, or at least possibly, preventable if they had made it to the DH in time. I know Mangochi well, and that Makanjira road is no joke – severe bumps and very long. Of course the road is only one part to the story, but a nurse and his juice business aside, if the road were paved and had nice shoulders, anzathu in Makanjira would have better access to the hospital. Peter’s commitment (we shall see, only time will tell) to improving the road is a good one, more Chinese roads? The Chinese are building our infrastructure with matope and laughing all the way to the bank.

  12. True Citizen says:

    15yrs is not awoman.kodi kukhala ndi mwana at atender age ndiye kuti ndi mai?Ameneyo ndi mtsikana.lembani bwino.koma anthuwo alandire chilango.

  13. chigo says:

    that is very stupid and unprofessional,what type of Health personel are they? they are suppose to be served with disciplinery letter.

  14. peter says:

    , Koma kunyasalande koha

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