Mangochi parents demand equitable distribution of teaching, learning materials

Parents and guardians of pupils learning at Mama Khadija Girls Primary School in the area of Traditional Authority (T/A) Jalasi in Mangochi have complained that the District’s Education Manager’s (DEM) Office is failing to provide teaching and learning materials at the school due to issues surrounding on school uniform.

During the interface meeting.

During the interface meeting.

Mama Khadija Girls Primary school is a public institution and was established in 2010 after communities around the school asked DEM office to consider them opening the school to help reduce congestion at Masongola 2 Primary School and the surrounding schools.

And the school is using the structures of Al-Barakah Charity Trust, a Muslim charity Trust which has different programmes in Malawi among them being a string of schools.

Speaking during the interface meeting organized by the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust recently at Masongola Teacher Development Centre (TDC) in the area, School Management Committee Secretary, Robert Mtwiche said the school had been sidelined for a long time and it has adversely affected learners such that even a standard five pupil cannot know how to read and write.

He felt the school is being sidelined because pupils some are Muslims and that they do wear hijab (clothes Muslim women wear)

“We feel the genesis of our trouble here boarders on school uniform. But we wonder because the uniform these pupils are wearing were chosen by the parents during Parents and Teachers Association Meeting (P.T.A) and the same went to DEM’s office for approval as per requirement  and it received their blessing, but here we are being denied the resources,” worried Mtwiche.

“Let me tell you that this issue is an outstanding one .It is the one of the issues that forced communities to chase away Chauluka Muwake (one of the Primary Education Advisor for the area) .He (Muwake) couldbe withholding teaching and learning materials, accusing communities around this area were failing to comply with government’s policy on school uniform.

“But if you could check the policy it is not clea because it is saying pupils should not be forced to wear any form of uniform but should be advised to put on simple and neat clothing. So why punishing us in this way?” he wondered.

Mangochi NICE District Civic Education Officer, Turner Banda urged the people to meet the District Commissioner, so that the compromise should arrive and that the school should enjoy the support just like other government schools.

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16 thoughts on “Mangochi parents demand equitable distribution of teaching, learning materials”

  1. No sane teacher should teach at this school. Instead of being ashamed of themselves, they pride themselves of having chased Muwake cos of the same school. What is special about the community around this school. NO teacher should be posted there. let them find their own teachers. Even the name of the school does show that it is not a public/school. No. 12 You are a lier. You need to some Sociology

  2. sh ebraim isa says:

    It must be made clear here,the fact that,Islam was already in exsitance back in 1505 long before the expedition of the first European explore Dr.David Livingstone to set his foot in this country.
    So,when you make some coments,you may excersise a spirit of coexistance as we live in the diversty community.
    Muslims being the bonafides of this Republic of Nyasaland(changed to Malawi as it was named after the word of Yao dilect”Nyasa”)therefore,Muslims with their religion of Islam,is here to stay forever.
    The Government of Malawi,should not mistreat Muslims for their belief as what we are witnessing in this case of Mamakhadijah school.
    Another point worth to be mentioned here is that,christians should know that their faith came at the expensis of our freedom as their masters are one who colonized our was only after conquest,then christianity were introduced by the colonial masters.all this time,Islam was in full operation.and for this and other reasons,Muslims should be not taken as foreigners in their owner country and at the same time,contributes into Government cofers with tax payments.

  3. mr BJ says:

    These ndiova, they force non muslim members at this school to put on hijab, l hv afriend who z a teacher at this xool but she z forced to put on hijab, and this muslim xool not gvmnt one

    1. Chemtukanika says:

      That friend of you and yourself are all liers.There is no teacher who is forced to put on Hijjab at Mama Khadija.Just go there and see for yourself.You are just used to tell lies.Be ashamed.

  4. Awuze ngozi says:

    Both the DEM & the Namwera community never went wrong in this process. The policy gives mandate to the community that hosts a school to decide colour & design of school unoform. Consultation was again a good move to seek for Govt’s advice. The DEM’s approval was a good move too becoz uniform doesn’t compromise pupil’s learning, that’s why it is not compulsory. What is worrying here now is that the Govt is now making a U turn after many years the uniform has bin in use. Let us learn to promote co-existency in this country. Moslems are too Malawians. They’re not just staying with us. Come to Dedza. Go to Machinga. Go everywhere in this country where moslims are found in large numbers, u’ll find one or more Govt aided schools, where muslims are @ liberty to wear hijjabs or even with long sleeved dresses. Let us work & leave these dirty things with the Villagers. There’s no basis on the matter that mandates whoever to close any school. Pliz ooficers, respect urselves & the rights of others as well.

  5. Mweneeeeh!! says:

    How can a pupil be in standard 5 without knowing how to read,ithink you better close the school. Why clinging to the uniform that will not benift pupils. Is it a Mosque or School? These people. Eeeish!!!!!!!!!

    1. Chicoalnd says:


  6. Jabu says:

    Tonde you are stupid. Am a Christian yes but don’t just accuse people because you hate their religion. What suicide bombing are you talking about. Galu wonukha usanafe iwe.

  7. Mtupatupa says:

    First we should appreciate the Charity for accommodating a gvt free primary sch, however there must be a difference of uniform between muslim sch and gvt sch in a sence that muslim sch is by force that every girl should put on hinjab while gvt sch uses universal standard dressing. Do you want to tell the nation that non muslim girls are also forced to put on hinjab?

  8. Nkhombokombo says:

    School dressing code and Learning materials to me are very different things. Make your query alittle clearer, it sounds abit vague.

  9. odalla gracian. says:

    Anthu ovuta awa mesa munamuthamangisa Muwake pano mukufunanso chani?pangaani zomwe mumazitha zija,inu munaamuwonongera katundu Muwake aanthu odana ndi chitukuko

  10. kasawala says:

    CommenttTonde u are so stupid the issue here is not muslim people who decided school uniform for our children but ourselves as a parents. I know some of u have negative atitude with Islam even those on goverment but to us is just a request as a malawians who contribute the development of this country and pays tax why negelecting us. We want the goverment to look into this issue seriously.

  11. vikhalenthena says:

    Muslims,what type of people are you? Hijabus @ school? Learn & know the differences between a public institution,a school, and your Mosque. Open up your own muslim xool & uniforminise it with hijab not a gvt one. Shit!

  12. sothini says:

    How they dress is not a concern, Supply them learning materials to read/study, later they cud change mindsets.

  13. tonde says:

    You have said the policy is not clear and then what is clear is that pupils should wear school uniform and not hijabs. Learn to understand at once you Muslims, we are afraid that you can be hiding suicide bombs in inside those hijabs as you mix with pupils who don’t believe in putting on religious attire every time. What would be the situation like, if zion and Salvation army Christians were to put on there attire all the time? We wouldn’t differentiate btwn pupils and not pupils.
    Let us obey rules and regulations of education ministry.

    1. Chemtukanika says:

      If you know nothing about Islam and school uniform policy,you better remain silent.Islam requires proper and Islamic way of dressing at all times and Hijjab is one of such requirements for a Muslim woman or girl.As for the school uniform policy effected in 1996,the government says NO force but should be encouraged to put on simple and well fitting clothes.Hijjabs according to the Muslims are simple and well fitting clothes that covers the nakedness.I don’t see anything wrong here unless there is a hidden agenda above because the very same DEM’s office gave the said community a go ahead with the said uniform 5 years ago.There are some non Muslim learners at this school who are not putting on hijjab as per the policy,NO force.The law of the land provides the right to dressing and not undressing as understood by others.Comparing Zion and Salvation Army with Islam is totally out of order as they are totally different.

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