Mangochi told to take DHO to task over Nurse’s rudeness

Communities from Malombe, Traditional Authority (T/A) Chowe in Mangochi have been asked to get organized and dare the office of the District Health Office (DHO) for failure to transfer a  rude nurse at Malombe Health Centre in the district.

NICE, DCEO, Banda empowering the communites

NICE, DCEO, Banda empowering the communites

Village Headman Likulunga registering the concern to the interface meeting

Village Headman Likulunga registering the concern to the interface meeting

The call was made by the National Initiative for Civic Education (NICE) Trust after learning that a Nurse at the healthy facility has
become so arrogant and rude so much that she showers insults to patients who go to the health facility for medical help.

Speaking during the interface meeting the Trust organized at Maiwa Extension Planning Area (EPA) recently with community leaders and service providers to hear problems people in the communities face and to find their solutions; it was revealed that communities in the area are getting medical help in a hard way.

“The nurse is ill treating us. We don’t have health rights here. All our health rights were comprised,” said Village Headman Likulungwa.

“The nurse neglect to attend to patients and whenever there is an emergency and that she has been asked by the guardians to attend to this patient, the nurse becomes so angry that she showers them insults,” said the chief.

The chief said the behavior has instilled fear to the community to the extent that they fail to go to the healthy facility when there is
disorder in their bodies, and this, the chief said has caused a lot unnecessary or preventable deaths.

Inspector Sign Chitsulo, Officer-in-Charge for Malombe Police Unit also shared with the chief’s sentiments.

He said, since the hospital doesn’t have a Medical Assistant, he heavily relies on the nurse to assist him with medical reports if
there are cases related to reports such as rape and defilement but instead of being assisted to the accordingly, they get the help after kneeling down.

In his remarks, NICE Mangochi District Civic Education Officer, Turner Banda said issues of health are not negotiable and he asked the people to petition the DHO as one way of demanding services to the duty bearers.

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29 thoughts on “Mangochi told to take DHO to task over Nurse’s rudeness”

  1. CKV says:

    Its so hard for a person to be working in the OPd, ANC, FP and Labourward all alone 24/7. She is also a human being amatopa. Limbikirani amuchotseko nayenso adzikakhalako nd ma off kumeneko kukhale kopanda munthu a DHO adzatenge makey. Ngat simumuchotsa pliz my friend kapemphe transfer upite kwina.

  2. B.O.B says:

    Ku Malombe kuli fans yobhowa,and how do they expect quality care when there z under staffing..!!!awachokere awone ngati kupiteko munthu….

  3. Ku Mangochi achawa ndi ovuta komanso ku Malombe anthu samafunako chifukwa ndi kovuta kuli Malombe secondary school yovuta. Amatumizako aphunzitsi ngati chilango ndiye mascandalous teachers are found in schools such as Puteya, Chingale, Majuni. I hope its not the same with the hospital personnel.

  4. Patrick Majoni says:

    I will coment after hearing the nurse’s side of story.Otherwise……..mmmmmm.

  5. Mirella K says:

    That the health facility has only one nurse is not a problem of the community…it just shows how useless the Mangochi DHO is! The community deserve better treatment, it is its right! The nurse is a stupid idiot! She knows she ought not to be alone! Why wasankha kukhala konko phwi! Let her demand that she be sent other colleagues or she leaves the facility instead of kutukwana ma patient…I wish i was a guy…i cld av raped dzuwa likuswa mtengo this idiot masquarading as a nurse!

  6. Mr. B says:

    My fellow friends and colleagues, Mangochi is part of Malawi and Yao tribe is one of among the largest tribes in Malawi. Mangochi gave birth to so many successful people in different professionals and carriers. Yaos as a tribe have already in the recent past produced two presidents. Mangochi has produced an Archbishop of the Catholic Church and he is a pure Yao. Please just do a proper research before you open your big mouth. We can name so many yaos from Mangochi who have done tremendously well and achieved highly in differently professionals. Wake up you are not going to achieve anything by demeaning other tribes.

  7. Ambuje apali says:

    Anthu akumangochi sazatheka! amafuna uzipanga zofuna zawo osati za professional yako

  8. opportunist says:

    Don’t just blame sometimes the behavior of these communities needs alot to desired. I know once this nurse gets transferred no one will accept to there otherwise found home boy who can endure them.

  9. Giffy says:

    Anthu a ku Mangochi pabwino anatayila Galu (Mbwa). Anamenya PEA…..etc. Amatengela zinthu m’manja mwao. Iwe Nurse tachokako kumeneko. Aikeko wao wovala buibui…..!!

  10. Mweneeeeh!! says:

    There are so many health officials at Mangochi district Hospital of that behaviour. So dont add another one please. Just fire her. Private hospital are. Beter off,the only problem is lack of equipment.

  11. Khongoni Boy says:

    Hey Nurses Pliz Be Good As The Way My Uncle Dr Mittawa Was Pliz

  12. fkr says:

    what’s the her

  13. MCP GVT says:

    Nursing as a calling from God. Don’t enter nursing or any other medical field jst bcoz u have no where to go.

  14. stefano says:

    Take her away. Abwere Ku KCH basi

  15. Wanex banda says:

    Ma nurse mmm! May be 2.99% provide better services but ambiriwa kwawo ndi kusambwaza ma patient

  16. ayaya says:

    There are two very rude at Lilongwe Bottom Hospital at the Psychiatric Ward. U encounter them you will not want to go back again.

  17. john mzunguwalira says:

    Amafuna kangachepe manja ameneyo. Zikuchitika zimenezi angakhale ku Capital Hill kuti file yako ipezeke mpaka uperekepo angachepe koma achikulire angoti phwi.

  18. Mwama Du says:

    The nurse is an agent of devil.

  19. Akufunika transfer ameneyu alibe umunthu. Akafike

  20. Mtupatupa says:

    Much as we have heard their side of the story, its a sad but if i may ask, How many nurses are there? And how many patients does she attend per hour and per day? Am not backing her but one patient per time rule has to be followed, otherwise one can get someones dosage becoz you want her to attend to everyone quickly, put necessary structures and ask for another nurse or a Medical assistant, becoz even at our police stations here in cities, you pay for a abstract Police Report on Monday, they ask you tell you that they do those things frm Tues to Thursdays, later they tell you that we dont have tonner in our printers, up to 3 weeks, the same police penple they want something frm someones office they want everything urgent, why? Thats my opinion

  21. chemembe says:

    Achoke ameneyo adzikapangira mwanowo amache. Was she forced To Be a nurse?Mxiiiiiiiiii

  22. Think Tank says:

    ok she may rude. But to me i looks as if she is overwhelmed by load of work. There is a limit to which one can endure. Looks she is the only member of staff. Administrator,nurse,lab ass. Messenger,stores clerk,pharmartical ass etc all in one. The problem is the Ministry and DHO

  23. phwanya nyini says:

    People from mangochi have to be committed indeed.these people have their plans with this district.cant you see that even the government itself ???

  24. truth says:

    one person heading a health centre 24hrs/30dys its not a joke.Sometimes lets not empower pipo for the sake of it.Do u knw that exhaustion kills.Tell the community to ask DHO for more staff otherwise its a sacrifice what this nurse is doing.And the other thing anthu aku mangochi amafuna kulamula paliponse.Nurse leave the place a NICE akuphesa.Ndi bwino a mabungwenu muzilemba a chipatala anu.

  25. brutsha says:

    I may not side with the nurses in the first instance because I once witnessed professional misconduct by some nurse/midwives in the mentioned district. However, I want to mention that society seems not to fully understand the scope of practices for nurses/midwives in the Healthcare delivery settings. I have noted in so many occasions that nurse/midwives are erroneously blamed for short comings of other cadres in the health care delivery settings. Society needs to be made aware that nurse/midwives have dependent,independent and interdependent functions. Simply because nurse/midwives play an interface role in the hospitals, they are more prone to anger vented by patients. In view of this, it is incumbent therefore, for professional associations and regulatory bodies to sensitize both the supply and demand side on what and who is expected to do what in the hospital. DHOs may not be better placed to deal with some professional misconduct because they are professional in nature.
    Thank you!

  26. Kangankude says:

    Me too work at a H/c,,which is in Yao dominated area, koma eish! They insult u while assisting them nurse sakulakwitsa,they r a very stupid tribe,chomwe amadziwa kuthawa xool,nkumabereka ana.

  27. Kangankude says:

    A Yao ndi anthu amwano,,osazolowereka,sadziwa nkomwe kuthokoza,i hop nurse-yu naye watopa ndi ulemu bcoz of the community’s attitude

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