Mangochi West MP joins DPP: SG Kudontoni says Malawi ruling party getting stronger

Member of Parliament for Mangochi West Constituency Geoffrey Meleka Chiwondo has announced his membership with ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Kudontoni: DPP getting stronger

Kudontoni: DPP getting stronger

Chiwondo was elected as an independent MP but said he would now want to be in the ruling party.

He announced his joining of DPP during a public rally at Malembo Primary School ground in Mangochi.

Chiwondo said he was happy to be associated with the ruling DPP.

“I am obviously over the moon to have joined the DPP which has visionary leaders. I would like to contribute to national development through the ruling party,” Chiwondo said.

Chiwondo said he would do everything within his might to live on his promise made in the run up to the May 20 elections of transforming the constituency so that people’s living standards improve.

Secretary General for the DPP, Ecklen Kudontoni said Chiwondo’s decision shows that the ruling party was getting stronger each day.

“We are very happy today to welcome MP for this constituency Hon. Chiwondo into the mighty ruling DPP. We would like to assure him that we will work hand in hand with him to ensure that our party grows from strength to strength for the benefit of all Malawians,” Kudontoni said.

Kudontoni noted that not was easy for a party in opposition to win a general election in the Malawi.

“It is not easy for an opposition party to win elections in Malawi but as DPP we managed to win the elections and this shows that people in the country love the party and that they have trust in its leadership,” he said.

Kudontoni, therefore, urged members of the party to avoid petty jealousies and backbiting for fear of disintegrating the party.

Parliament is scheduled to reconvene on May 5 for the 2015/2016 national budget deliberations.

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26 thoughts on “Mangochi West MP joins DPP: SG Kudontoni says Malawi ruling party getting stronger”

  1. You mean there was no dpp candindate during elections?Hahahahaha……Ndiwe opusa zedi G. United America Chiwondo.Sudzawinanso in 2019

  2. Zako says:

    Thats a very welcome development to the mighty DPP.

  3. Wanga says:

    Asaaa, zamkhutu. Ife tili bzy kupanga makobidi. DPP kuti chan?

  4. True PP says:

    Our Country malawi will not developed because of these poor MPs.They Don’t Even Consult Pple In Their Constituencies,they Just Want To Intertained Themselves.U Wll Cry Come 2019.A Sg Kukondwera Ndi Anthu Adyera And Ur Speech Realy Shown That U Rigged Becouse U Said The Party Is Getting Stronger That Means U Were Not Stronger When U Were Lobbing This Government.

  5. Fisi mphiri says:

    Good move Chiwondo munthu siuyenda mutchire msewu ukuwona welcme to mighty party the blues!

  6. Karrib says:

    DPP legitimately won the May 2014 tripartite elections. Kuvomereza ndikomwe kukutivuta cz sizinatiyendere…….. Let’s look forward lest we get stuck with the past.

  7. 100%Dpp! says:

    Hon Chiwondo dyera too much, after kudya za Joyce Banda and JB gave u toyota white landcruiser to use it for campaign.

  8. Insight says:

    Did the DPP win the Elections? Who are you trying to fool. Let me remind you, the DPP bulldozed its way through hook and crook means on one side and ONE Maxon Mbendera SC announced the so called victory with tears flowing like a kid. For the very first time in the history of this nation we witnessed a president being sworn in at a magistrate court when all other presidents before him were sworn at the the stadium. And again for the very first time Malawians saw a government being ushered in the middle of the nightwhen everyone else least expected. For the first time malawians witnessed a party having won an election going by the results of a radio station, The events are quite numerous that i could go on and on narrating a scenario which took place then. So, when one Kudontoni talks of winning an election he should find somewhere else to talk about his lies. In as far as malawians are concerned the DPP did not WIN the elections and this country is being run by according to DPP Mary Kachale, MAFIA OPERATIONS

  9. Emmatuwa says:

    MP wopusa sindinamuone ngati iwe. dzikoli sukuliona kuti likupita kuti iwe siphungu wa kuno ku Mangochi

  10. Akiba Alli says:

    UDF singathe ku mangochi

  11. Nkhwilitoto says:

    Dyela,tionana zaka zikubwelzi

  12. Dobadoba says:

    did i hear you say DPP is getting stronger?

  13. ziko says:

    Kutha kwa UDF ku Eastern Region.

  14. Akulisinga says:

    He is a one term MP adyere chire

  15. Winston msowoya says:

    So,MP for Mangochi West Mr.S.G. Kudontoni has joined friends in the DPP to get- rich quick.The reasons,however,he gave to his voters are not novel in our country: 1. He wants to work for the development of his Constituancy and secondly,he feels that DPP articulates visionary trend for the country.SG,whom do you think is so idiotic that he can believe you? It is no secret that you joined the DPP to share the loot with your bed fellows.

  16. Thomas says:

    Mangochi MP u must check urself be4 u go to public meeting u don’t have a wife

  17. Thomas says:

    Kodi Ma MPS akumwera saziwa kumanga tayi kodi alibe morrow mumanyumba awo kuvala ngati mnthu wowonera ng’ombe

  18. Matey U .Mopiiya says:

    Kudotoni so you are confessing that DPP rigged the elections when you are saying that it is difficult for s party which is in opposition to an election.

  19. Kadakwiza says:

    Malawi politicians do not care for the people who voted for them but themselves. That’s why we are still the poorest people in world. Useless leaders.

  20. Stenala Banda says:

    Kudontoni who told you that Dpp won in Malawi?It was the decision made for Malawians by some crooked lawyers in the midst of night.People like Mbendera were crying like chicken feeling guilty to have sold Malawians to crooks.Those were the worst general elections to go in the history of Malawi.Figures were inflated in most polling stations to make the unpopular Dpp.Whether that opportunist from Mamgochijoins Dpp or not who cares.We are just waiting for 2019 to put you on the shelf and forgotten.

  21. Blessings says:

    A Chiwondo kwanu kwatha dyera lanulo musawerengereso za 2019 Dont take Malawians for granted nawadys.

  22. john says:

    Is this still fashionable? Seems our MP sanalape

  23. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    DPP is becoming a stronger magnet, and since the last elections, attracts many people, including ordinary Malawians. The party should stay humble, as always under APM; welcome and even encourage “defectors”. And avoid humiliating them.
    This is part of the path to another win, in 2019. Leaving MCP to breathe in the dust left behind in the race in 2019 – they are already planning to strategize about how they will lose, again. MCP have no antidote against DPP’s steady state flow. And PP are not even worth discussing! Then who’s left?

  24. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You have put on weight , good food .

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