Masangwi used power to silence MRA on ‘timbergate’ -Malawi News reveal

After Nyasa Times reported that Malawi Revenue Authority (MRA) boss Ralph Kamoto h suspended commissioner for exports Shadrec Namalomba for facilitating to clear nine trucks belonging to ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) lawmaker Noel Masangwi of round wood from Chikangawa meant for export, it has been revealed that the DPP heavyweight silenced MRA officials from doing their job following the seizure of his trucks.

President Peter Mutharika is on record describing Masangwi as a “smuggler” in a leaked gossip talk.

Masangwi: Timber scandal

Masangwi: Timber scandal

According to a report in the Saturday’s edition of Malawi News, Masangwi slighted off MRA’s Flexible Anti Smuggling Team (FAST) manager for the south,Tamandani Mainjeni on February 18 2015 when she went to check if the trucks that carried the timber but were parked at his (Masangwi’s)Elvis Freight premises were still there.

The newspaper relied on a document which Mainjeni wrote to the commissioner of Customs an Excise,also details how Masangwi used his power get back the seized timber.

“Four 40 containers carrying Mukula and belonging to Ahadi Luhanga and honourable Masangwi were seized by Lilongwe FAST on 29th January,2015. These are containers numbers GESU 51118500, ECMU 9529501, CMAU 4058371 and ECMU 9690244”, reads the report signed by Mainejni and dated February 19 2015.

According to Mainjeni when the containers were seized, she was advised by Namalomba on February 7,2015 that they should ne handed over to Blantyre FAST pending finalisation of the cases.

The report says arrangements were made by Lilongwe FAST to have the containers escorted by police officers on February 8,2015. The containers arrived in Blantyre during the night of February 8 and 9,2015 and were deposited at Elvis Freight Temporary store which also belongs to Masangwi

On February 9 2015 the police escorting the containers handed over copies of seizure order to Mainjeni and she visited the temporary store on the same day to confirm the arrival of the containers, reads the report.

“Whilst I was waiting for the finalisation of the case file, I was called on my official mobile phone by my Deputy Commissioner Enforcement on 18th February,2015 asking me about where the contatiners were and on the position of the case files and if payment was made. I told him that they were deposited at Elvis Freight Temporary store and that in my understanding by virtue that there is a ban on the logs, I would not expect the owners to pay duty on the banned goods…….but only a fine for the conveyance”, reads the report.

The report adds “He later instructed me to check if the containers were still at Elvis Freight temporary store. I went to Elvis Freight temporary store the very same day (18.2.2015) and disovered outright that the above mentioned containers were not there even before I asked the clerks that were present. I met one of the workers, Mr Rodrick Masangwi, who confirmed that the trucks were not there but could not give further information”, the report adds.

Mainjeni said while at Elvis Freight store room, Rodrick Masangwi called the MP and upon arrival he told her that the containers were released and sold locally.

“I asked two questions to him: (1) the reason why he had to release the goods that were under seizure without any official release note from us and (2)where exactly he sold these logs too,” said Mainjeni in the report but Masangwi later told her that he had spoken to the deputy Commissioner Enforcement.

Masangwi has since claimed he is not into timber business and accused people he did not name “for dragging him into the circus”

Nation Publications exposed a shocking rush by ‘timber sharks’ to deplete round wood and government has since acted by revoking all export licences for the dealers.

Ministry of Trade and Industry principal secretary Cliff Chinua warned that anyone found exporting raw hard round wood timber “will be liable to prosecution in accordance with the provision of the relevant laws of Malawi.”

The new Parliamentary Committee on Natural Resources and the Environment said a comprehensive investigation done by its 20 members had shown that local and international syndicates, corruption and bribery were at the heart of the illegal exportation of the timber, including the local tsanya variety.

According to the committee, some Cabinet ministers, members of Parliament (MPs) as well as some civil servants who have allegedly manoeuvred to loot Malawi, by illegally exporting the nation’s prized and protected round wood through local and international syndicates, will soon be named and shamed in an investigative report to be tabled in Parliament.

Most of Malawi’s forest reserves, including Dzalanyama in Lilongwe and Viphya (Chikangawa) in Mzimba, have virtually been depleted by dealers in timber and firewood over the years.

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45 thoughts on “Masangwi used power to silence MRA on ‘timbergate’ -Malawi News reveal”

  1. Njoka mu udzu says:

    Masangwi ameneyu watikwana,ndisala kudya kuti ambuye amukondetsetse asantimalize tonse

  2. Soko says:

    This is a thug and a thief.

  3. Wapa Monkeybay says:

    Chasowa Robert eish and round woodgate this is Malawi ikakhala pa nkate mbewa siyipheka.

    1. tuvitwana says:


  4. ujeni says:

    How come Masangwi is untouchable, is he a Lhomwe?

    1. Eranive says:

      Mulhomwe wapa phata


  6. Eranive says:

    But do you know that Mankhwala George is a big crook? Do you know that George Mankhwala used Masangwi and Mbilizi for him to rise to the position of manager before Bingu died? Strategically George was put there to facilitate fishy contracts to benefit top DPP BRASS.

    1. Eranive says:

      Zoona izo. In fact George Mankhwala was appointed by Muhala to be procurement manager tto facilitate clandestine deals with DPP Gurus like Masangwi and Muhara himself. All this was happening against recruitment or employment procedures. Being mulhomwe George Mankhwala was also favored because muhara being mulhomwe just as is the case with Kamoto , they are fulfilling the agenda of DPP to put lhomwes in strategic positions so that they can siphon more and remain in power.

      Mulhakho WA Lhomwe plainly put is an employment bureau. No sooner than later 99% of top positions in government and public institutions will be filled by Lhomwes. Lord have mercy on Malawi. The very same issue of trying to lhomwelize MRA, is similar to what is happening at Malawi University of Science and Technology (MUST). Top positions is a reserve for Lhomwes. Perfect uchitsiru. Professor Kwapata is Vice Chancellor there a renowned nepotism gladiator. When he was at Bunda as a Department of Forestry, lecturers and support staff in that department including osesa were from Mulanje, Thyolo, Phalombe and very few from Chiradzulu.

      Something has to be done on the naked and rampant nepotism, tribalism and regionalism which is growing roots in Malawi

  7. mona says:

    Mansangwi is evil, murderer, drug pusher, mafia, assassinator yet he is a member of Parliament

  8. atate says:

    Don’t be jealous. Why mentioning Ntonga B and Tompex. They pay duty my friends. I personally know them. Sitidzatukuka tikamapanga za anzathu.

  9. Mngoni weniweni says:

    Am waiting for the tabling in parliament of those cabinet ministers’, MPs’ & civil servants’ names with keen interest. By the way, who is this deputy commissioner (of) enforcement who is being referred to here? NB: On this fora, its better to comment things you are very much familiar with otherwise you just show your ignorance. What I mean is that all the people who are talking about/against Namalomba are referring him to as one from the south, a Mlakho guy, which is not true. Shadreck Namalomba is from Dedza, Bembeke to be specific. Go and check if am wrong!

    1. Masangwi says:

      Namalomba amafuna kumapusisa anthu a DPP ndi nthira kawiri. Nthawi yachisankho ija ataona kuti pavuta mwina MCP iwina anayamba Kumati akukagula Msalu ya MCP or nthawi Ya Amai anayamba Kumati achina Bizwick ndiakwao. Pano ndi uyo ati chairman wa fundraising. Zaziii ma style anamuthera pa town

    2. Eranive says:

      Anakakhala mulhome , sanakamuchotsa

  10. acn says:

    Iam sure Bingu and Mulli will be the victims in the investigations. These two have looted Chikangawa Forest.

  11. Mphepo Zinai says:

    How about KAMU Guards that have silently returned to the Borders and at MRA?

    DPP is full Masangwi type. As we all know chinangwa cha masangwe ndi chiwawa kambiri. No wonder the owner of the name behaves like the bitter cassava species.

  12. mtimuni says:

    Timber is not for masangwi. Its for two chinese kbown as wie li and Harry. They live in area 6 lilongwe. Other containers are at nkusa farm in mchinji 19 of them

  13. matchonisa says:

    from mudering university students to smuggling. Chigwenga choopsa chimenechi.

  14. Katiye Bandulo says:

    MRA kukonda ziphuphu. Wina sanadyepo chifukwa chake tikuva tweee tweeee! Is this not a Forestry matter. Bwanji sitikumvapo Forestry Department kutchulidwa pa nkhaniyi. Apondana a MRA asatipusistepo apa.

  15. Machinjiri says:

    Mr MP what are u doing in terms of development for your area ,its a shame for us who voted u to hear this rubbish issues which u are busy being involved in , pliz we people in machinjiri we need tangable development ,i you going to help us , i cry for my beloved x MP JOHN BANDE

  16. Chamahungwa Qoma says:

    After all is said and done, the sad conclusion to this case will be as follows: Namalomba will be cleared of any wrong doing and reinstated, Mainjini will be reprimanded and posted to Mzuzu, where while holding a senior position will not be given any work, the anonymous deputy commissioner will be promoted to full commissioner.

    In just a matter of two weeks this story will be forgotten as no one will ever recall it.

    This is business as usual for Malawi.

  17. [email protected] says:

    Kamoto why r u talking to the media? No spokesperson? Where is Kapoloma? You r just making a fool of yourself at your level! Calm down bambo! Grow up!!!

  18. Mainjeni says:

    So where is the commissioner here? Kamoto stop your childish behaviour!! Zomwe zija Za ju PCC with John magombo and ku MRA with MJM Phiri eti? Grow up other wise you r embarrassing your son inlaw Chilima the VP

  19. Kelita kamoto says:

    Kamoto you have no respect and passion for our party, this we know. You charged maniac K40million for the same offence. Why r u treating masangwi differently? Tiye nayo..poti wayiyamba

  20. Alfred Munduwabo says:


  21. Abiti says:

    Muthane nowo nokha ma floads becaose your the causer. Anthu inu mwamaliza nkhalango ya malawi mpaka kukwiitsa mulungu, moispva mulungu athana nanu.

  22. KASONGA says:

    MRA kuba too much. Investigate George Mankhwala also

  23. Soja says:

    Mainjeni has a PENIS, its a he, not a she as referred here. It totally shows that u write all this shit relying on a hearsay, without proper investigation. Thats why ur writings leave alot to be desired, poor MIJ reporters!!!

  24. Mpembu says:

    Ameneyo ndie Masangwi Noel zimenezi amazikwanitsa kobasi moti kuti achite business yachilungamo samatha Ai komabe ndikufuna kuchenjeza Masangwi ndi anzake omwe akudziona kuti Ali pamwamba pa malamulo ndipo akhoza kuchita china chili chonse,One day is one day ndipo dziko udzalinva kuwawa. Mwatibela kokwanila.

  25. Bob says:

    Govt must act with speed against such culprits or else this sets a bad precedence to would be offenders. Let Malawi be clean of such mess. Anthu enact azitengerapo mwai mukamasiya zimbalangondo ngati zimezi osazipatsa milandu. Boma lisamangopenya.

  26. kd says:

    mbonga .you have hit the nail on its head….

  27. Jemusi says:

    Can MRA and other law enforcement agents arrest this smuggler? APM himself has already lost trust of the public because his MPs are involved in all sorts of criminal activities and he is just quiet. Good leaders live by example. Bravo Kamaoto. This Namalomba guy has to be fired for negligence of duty.

  28. Evidence says:

    The same Masangwi is in the business of facilitating smuggling of beer by ntonga,thopex etc where they falsely declare imports as groceries yet it is beer. masangwi is untouchable and he threatens all customs officers and things will be worse with kamoto as cg at customs. if you value beer being sold by thopex,ntonga and others you will see that there is no duty component if the cost in RSA is anything to go by. locally brewed beer is even more expensive than imported.

  29. enuf said says:

    Don’t tell me
    An Asian was involved



  31. Wanga ndi yemweyo says:

    It pays to have “a name that matters” in Malawi. Fortunately, it is not so with God, who will judge all with absolute equality. When that day comes… out all of you who have “names that matter”.

  32. True patriot says:

    APM.must get rid of him quickly,before he pounces on brilliant politicians like Chilima,John Bande,Hon.Thikhiwa and Atupele.Remember he was the matchete gangster on 19th July 2011.

  33. Milward says:

    So where is the link leading to the suspension of Shadric Namalomba in your earlier post? All I have seen in this one is talk of a Deputy Commissioner.

  34. Busy brains says:

    Masangwi sadzatheka!!! All what he thinks is himself. Just imagine from the day DPP was declared winner, he has managed to finish his new office complex next to Robins Park, yet it was far from completion before the DPP won. Soon his Rays Construction will be everywhere building and constructing toilets & plans bridges respectively. While his friends in DPP are crying, him is swimming in monies. Nothing will happen to him, mungoti pheeeee!!!! Ali ndi njira zake Masangwi, that’s why I began by saying that Masangwi sadzatheka!!!

  35. Livulezi river says:

    If the state president at one time confessed that Masangwi is a smuggler, I mean the moment he was chatting with Charles Mchacha, can’t he now act taking into consideration that he is now caught in the act? By the way, how & when did Peter Mutharika come to know of Masangwi’s calendastine activities? What did he do then to stop Masangwi from continuing his smuggling? Or is he more powerful than the state president? Time will tell!!!!

  36. How long should this criminal Masangwi be tolerated. Zokhumudwitsa for poor Malawi

  37. Reporte says:

    Mukufuna kumamiza ndani? Bwana amene anaimba foni Kuuza ma officers a ku Lilongwe kuti apange release ma track simukumutchula bwa? Nanga amene anaimba kenako kuwauza ma officers to escort tracks to Bt simunamutchulenso bwa. Usiru eti. Pali nkhani yoti muzimutchulira Mainjeni apa. Mukuona ngati onse amene anapereka ma instructions sitikuwaziwa. Bravo Lilongwe fast officers for sticking to the procedures. Chain chonse tikuchiziwa yamukanika I ija mumafuna kumudesa Kamoto ija.

  38. Mtchona wopanda mano says:

    You let thieves, smugglers and killers represent us in Parliament. What a disgrace to the nation!

  39. Mbonga Matoga says:

    Its an absolute shame that becoz of politics, our govt headed by the president himself backed by its full law enforcement machinery is afraid to bring to book the one and only Masangwi, a well known smuggler and a suspected muddler of Robert Chasowa.

    It is not surprising that with people like Masangwi who are looting our country with impunity we are and we shall always be the poorest nation in the world.

    1. Chimidzi says:

      Very true, we are moving in circles

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