Massie vandalism at Capital Hill

Theft has once-more reared its ugly head at the country’s government hub in Lilongwe, the Capital Hill, as thugs massively vandalized the brick fence, chopping-off a huge chunk of burglar bars in the process, Chief Secretary George Mkondiwa has confirmed.

Worn out pillar at Capital Hill

Worn out pillar at Capital Hill

The incident comes hot on the heels of yet another free for all public funds plundering christened “Cashgaate” a behaviour that until now has dented the entire Capital Hill professional image.

“Yes we are aware that many burglar bars are missing, particularly on the eastern part of the fence. And we have already notified ministry of transport and public works. They have since agreed to come and fix it once funds are available,” he said.

However, a visit to the place by our reporter, it was also discovered that even the supporting pillars of the fence are dilapidated and worn-out bound to collapse.

“We have also told them that by the time they will be fixing the burglar bars, they should also make some maintenance to these old pillars, so that they become strong once-more,” explained Mkondiwa.

Mkondiwa, who is head of the Malawi civil service, declined to divulge more information whether the culprits were apprehended and brought to book.

“No, no, no, I am not aware of that. And I don’t even know the people who did this,” said Mkondiwa.

Contacted for comment transport and public works minister Francis Kasaila admitted to have been approached on the matter.

“Yes they approached us on this issue. Meanwhile we are working out a budget. But mind you, we can only carryout such an exercise once we get funded,” said Kasaila.

James Chiphwanya, a resident of the Lilongwe’s vast Area 25 Township, minced no words saying its high time authorities brought sanity at Capital Hill. He wondered as to how such a thing could happen under the watchful eyes of the law enforcers who man the premises day and night.

“This is negligence of the highest order on the part of our police officers. By extension, I may also compel to think that this could be an inside move orchestrated by the same Capital Hill itself. We cannot afford this behavior to continue. Surely we need a breather of some sort,”  stressed Chiphwanya.

However, National Police deputy publicist Nicholas Gondwa in a telephone interview said police officers were deployed to provide security at the Capital Hill when the incident had already occurred.

“Police officers went there in February last year, and they found these burglar bars already been cut. So, it appears this incident happened sometime back, before they were actually assigned there. So in view of this, I don’t think Police should be to blame here,” he said.

Capital Hill, that houses almost all government ministries in the country, was built by Malawi’s first president late Dr. Kamuzu Banda in 1975. And the fence itself was erected during Bakili Muluzi regime around 1998.

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its completely not true the police service security has been at the main gate for longtime manning the so called security but the issue is the police team is composed of dishonest people imagine they are full of corruption even at the roadblocks they just collect money into their pocket inexchange with what they are called for, then what can stop them from coniving with de vandalise . In Malawi security we should borrow from Zimbabwe who are always royal to the government not the staff we train in Malawi.


Achembele Uku Ndiye Kukanika Kuyendetsa Dziko

Raw Staffer

The picture in this story does not add credence to the story. It just a single picture andbone would be attempted to think the rest of the fence is good, which I think is not the case. Try to balance the emphasis you give to the story with evidence that depicts the same.


useless arsholes


Pama presedent onse takhala nawo mention atleast two useless president u have seen and mention three good president .


Security palibe apa can u imagine all the roadblocks in area 47 akumangoimitsa ma minbus ndicholinga chomatolela ndalama basi kumasiya ma galimoto omwe angathe kunyamula akuba chitetezo chanji chimenecho?

Bambo atuwiri

Ndamva kuti awiri agwidwa ndipo akumutchula chakwela


Musalire. Munamusankha nokha presidentiyu anyani anthu inu.

Loto Lankhoswe

Its not only the burglar bars vandalized check the solar lights that the Chinese. Especially Area 18 side


Chi Mkondiwa chi chimandinyasa . Old cargo

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