Massive irrigation project experts jet in, to tap water  from Lake Malawi – Minister

Minister of Agriculture George Chaponda has told parliament that irrigation experts who are supposed to initiate a massive irrigation project to tap water from Lake Malawi are in the country.

Chaponda: Irrigation is project hope for food security

Chaponda: Irrigation is project hope for food security

Chaponda however could not give details on when the work would start of tapping the vast fresh Lake Malawi waters into fields for farming to vert another food shortage next year.

He said he would come up with a ministerial statement.

President Peter Mutharika, however, told a rally in Karonga recently that the government has already secured solar panels that would turn the Sun rays into energy to pump the water from the fields.

”This is not a simple project, it is not like drawing water in buckets from the lake to fields, this involves a lot of energy to pump the water to reach far areas,” said Mutharika.

Malawi needs at least 1.2 million metric tonnes in view of the drought and floods.

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13 thoughts on “Massive irrigation project experts jet in, to tap water  from Lake Malawi – Minister”

  1. Chambe says:

    Good news! Nothing wrong in inviting foreign expertise. Those of you criticizing this notion of foreign experts are not living in Malawi and totally disconnected from the reality.There is a high shortage of skills and mainly engineering skills here at home.We are straggling to even get highly skilled brick layers here and those available produce a lot of sub-standard work.Death robbed us the many skilled people we used to have.

  2. gunsary says:

    a Malawi kukonda dza kunja, mukufuna kundiuza kuti kuno tilibe ma irrigation engineers, water engineers etc?

  3. Joloza says:

    Malawians criticize any intervention. If this works, you start clapping hands. Just go on Chaponda and forget these useless comments.

  4. Mgift says:

    kudalira anthu akunja inu kungoti phwiiii

  5. chodziwadziwa Bsc (Poly), Msc, PhD (Oxon) says:

    A waste of time bringing foreign experts who will just demand huge sums of money for payments yet we do have engineers working at Nchalo and Dwangwa for the same irrigation projects. Malawi will never learn from its past. We have greedy leaders and I do not doubt that this is another syndicate aimed at siphoning cash out of the government coffers. I wonder why implementing another programme yet we have the Greenbelt initiative which was launched some few years ago but has not seen its light until today. Government, especially DPP Ministers can you learn to implement projects that will in the end benefit the people at the grassroot level. Cry for my beloved Malawi.

  6. The Commentator formerly known as Obanda Joyce Nti says:

    After 50 years of independence you’re just thinking of this now?

  7. kambalazaza says:

    You have to wait for foreigners to do it for you. And again the minister does not have a time table when it will all start. You’re not serious.

    1. Wadza says:

      What about you going to do it? you always blame government when foreigners are brought it to impart their knowledge but you are there doing nothing…what are you doing for your country?

  8. kulyolyopera says:

    why to spend more money by bringing in the so called experts of irrigation to draw water from lake Malawi just go to Dwangwa in Nkhotakota Dwangwa sugar corporation is irrigating 90% of their estate with the water from the lake
    Please Malawians lets use our resources wisely

    1. Wadza says:

      Who is doing that in Nkhotakota and are they doing it for free Mr wise man? you want to ask illovo to stop growing sugarcane and grow maize who will give them the money….? What are you doing for your country yourself? These people will set up things and teach us how to do it since we havent been able to do it ourselves and then they will leave everything for you and me to manage and continue…

      1. kulyolyopera says:

        people learn skills from the job they are doing more Malawians have learned the irrigation skill there and there can cannot be a problem to them if they can be asked to develop the irrigation system in the areas which they will draw water from the lake like salima nkhatabay and karonga mangochi will be the easiest
        Illovo just taught us the irrigation techniques there is no need to stop them growing sugarcane

  9. Mchemo says:



    1. Fayyaz says:

      This project should have taken of ground when Malawi became a independence state, anyway still not too late, will take time but will feed the generations to come, well done.

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