Mayaya’s credibility questioned: Newspaper says activist ‘should not take Malawians for granted’

Malawi’s flagship newspaper, The Daily Times has  criticised human rights activist Billy Mayaya for “disrespectfully”  cancelling  the much publicised maize scarcity peaceful protests “just hours before staging it today.”

Mayaya: Credibility questioned

Mayaya: Credibility questioned

Mayaya  planned endless vigil against President Peter Mutharika from allegedly being insensitive to maize shortage and economic problems but on Tuesday announced the protests will not take place.

“While we appreciate that Mayaya has a right to his opinion, we find it disrespectful of him to expect Malawians to dance to his whims,” the editorial reads.

Observers say Mayaya has been influenced by other quarters to cancel the demonstration, fuelling rumours that he has been “palm oiled”.

But Mayaya denied that government can influence him.

“You know my reputation, I cannot sink so low,” said Mayaya.

He said all he needed was to verify maize availability in the Admarc deports and he is satisfied the situation is improving, saying he will still engage government “in dialogue.”

But the newspaper pointed out that Mayaya’s credibility “becomes questionable.”

The editorial reads: “We have every reason not to take Mayaya serious next time when he organises another protest if his assessment of the situation is not based on sound footing.”

The paper also questioned the funding of Mayaya’s national tour of his “misplaced assessment” on maize situation.

Mayaya said he used his own resources.

The paper, though,  stated that Malawians are now more knowledgeable and critical  than they were a year ago.

“No one should be under the illusion that they can stand on the shoulders of poor Malawians to attract attention for personal gains,” concluded the paper  as  Nyasa Times can’t agree more.

Malawians continue to face  severe hardships, with some citizens having to sleep in long queues in order to buy maize from Admarc.

Opposition parties recently shared their opinions on the issue, giving President Mutharika an ultimatum to improve the ailing economy within 90 days or hand in his resignation.

Pressure seems to be mounting daily against Mutharika, with citizens calling for a speedy remedy to the country’s economic ills.

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28 thoughts on “Mayaya’s credibility questioned: Newspaper says activist ‘should not take Malawians for granted’”

  1. Game over! says:

    Mayaya wachita bo! Fans ina ndi azipani ena amfuna akwere pansana pako. Opposition supporters too noisy on facebook, WhjatsApp and Nyasatimes. Many of you thought APM can be jittery coz of Jessie and Lucy Chitembeya. I was amazed by an analysis that a certain villager put across, educating learned town mongers. He said in last by-elections, MCP came to nothing in the South. But DPP ame second and trailed very close to the winners of the polls in Mchinji. His argument was, with such a trend, which party is strong? Which party can have a winning president? The learned town mongers were found with no words. Loudmouthed opposition and their sympathizers never think of this critical analysis. The live in an illusion thinking that one leader of opposition is famous. People have now understood why MCP and PP raped the PAC meeting. They know they are no march to DPP one on one when it comes to development and even campaigning. Unfortunately, now it is apparent that most of their schemed arsenals have been rendered now and void. Thanks to the leaker of the WhatsApp Coup Plot. So leave Mayaya alone. Next time organise your demo and don’t just keep on spitting shit on social media.

  2. odala says:

    Mayaya. Wangodya zam’manja basi.

  3. Happy Smiler says:

    Billy Mayaya, my man! Enanu muphulika ndithu! Last time, he walked alone all of you who are angry with him munali mzinyumba zanu. Now you think we demonstrate on Nyasatimes? eh kkkkkkk.
    You had your breakfast this morning and your lunch plus 15:30hrs tea and mwati Mayaya akakuyenderani? Where were you when he walked alone? Did you even say “You will never walk alone?”

  4. njanje says:

    Dont waste tym with mayaya he knows wat he wants from government.malawi its flames and flames its fire the fire it burns that is means we will be burning until forever unless we change the way of voting to leave khalamba.

  5. Mantaigah says:

    makape amenewa,asamaone ngati ndife opusa ayi,akufuna kuchita bwino,kuseli kwa mavuto akukumana nawo anzawo.mayaya-yo ampasa ndalama kutereko,waika nthumba mwake.

  6. che joyce says:

    BRAVOOOO Mayaya !!!!!!!!!! you are indeed a reall man, don’t just criticize anything. congrats

  7. Kasitoni 2 says:

    You Times Group! Why dont you organise your demo? Why waiting for Mayaya only? Useless!!!!

  8. Phwisa says:

    So The Daily Times had already reserved their front page for Mayaya’ s demos. What a shame. You mean you havent learn that Mayaya is a frustrated man. We hear from papers that he has an organisation but where is it. Daily Times trying kukweza nyani mu mtengo

  9. Ibacks says:

    KKKKKKKK mwagwanayo, ndimazifunsa kuti kani ku Malawi kungapezeke mnthu omenyera ufulu anthu, I know now sazakhalapo shame!!!!!!!!

  10. George says:

    Please think before you waffle

  11. Hell-Bound says:

    It is a pity that Malawians have to wait for the likes of Mayaya to voice out their grievances. I, personally haven’t seen Mayaya queuing for maize at any Admarc depot. Why should Malawians wait for other people to speak out? Unfortunately, those that do are money-hungry so after being “palm-oiled” they shut up. The demonstration was not about his household’s grievances but Malawi as a nation, samafunika kulesa ngati ndiya mnyumba mwake. He has taught us a lesson on make hay while the sun shines.

  12. Ruth Mnthali says:

    Mayaya takes advantage of the idiots in DPP because he knows that when he makes a noise they will come rushing to him with a bag of a couple of millions to silence him. Just wait and see, next time he is broke again he will come back with the same tactic to make a killing.

  13. Joyce mbava Yayikulu says:

    Anadziwa kuti ayaluka , akanayeda yekha ndi banja lake

  14. Trevor says:

    We will organise another demonstrations !!! Mayaya is not a true Activist,palm oiled indeed and his so called trips to visit admarc depots,thousands of Malawians are still cueing for maize as if its free and the government has failed to put in place programs that would are sustainable to eradicate hunger for years now:I suggest that they should engage serious famers to become commercial famers and provide tractors and fertilizers to produce more in order to address a problem we have carried several years back.Malawians not stopped thinking!!!! No country has ever come out of poverty through farming using a hoe!!!! Lets change the approach in eradicating extreme poverty.we do not want to keep on begging for help each year…there is a solution

  15. john kaitano says:

    amabungwe awa cholinga chawo ndikukhutitsa mimba zawo amafuna anthu awamenyere nkhondo kuti atchuke

  16. the culture of suffering in silence is killing malawi, kumangowayang’ana opanda mano mkamwawa akutibera ndalama zathu!!!!!

  17. Tan'gatan'ga says:

    The citizens of Malawi still have a right to conduct spontaneous protests without the leadership of anybody.

    So the the Mayayas of this world are not the deciders, for Malawi ans can see and feel the pains of being a Malawian at any point in time.


  18. concerned citizen says:

    ife nde tinakhozekatu, watikhumudwitsa, komabe sitifowoka. we will stage for another other and never depending on activicts.
    concerned citizen

  19. Game out! says:

    The truth is it’s not the Daily Times that is expressing these sentiments but MCP through their mouthpiece, Daily Times. The whole party being carried on the back of Mayaya and thinking that they can go to State House through the backdoor. kkkkkkkkkkk

  20. Bikiloni Nachipanti says:

    This Mayaya guy is a cheat. He is as stupid and he looks.

  21. JJ says:

    this was the MCP strategy to hold an endless vigil with an aim of toppling Mutharika. once it was exposed thorugh the whatsapp conversation, he knows that he will be in for a hot shower. Mayaya is pro MCP and does not represent the views of the civil society.
    ife tinakonzekera kubweretsa a kasinja kumeneko.

  22. Trapence gift says:

    Mayaya is insane

  23. MERCEDES says:


  24. BEJE says:

    u are an idiot.the first thing u cud have done was to verify availability of maize stocks in all ADMARC depots then after come up with a strategy to hold vigils and not publicise the vigils thenafter move out to check maize stocks and finally cancel the vigils.thou it might been done in good faith ur credibility is at steak.dnt take malawians for granted to help you achieve ur personal gains at the expense of the poor

  25. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

    Mayaya is a plant of DPP in human rights gathering. I wish the human rights watch in Malawi had means to prove this. Or else, Mayaya by nature is an opportunist who takes advantage of a situation. Indeed his credibility is questionable!

  26. Alungwana says:

    The culture of silence is killing Malawi

  27. mkaidi was kamuzu says:

    Yamwa madzi iyi. Tiyeni tineneni zina. If you think that mayaya should work for you like headless chicken then you are fools.
    Last time you fooled Mayaya when gays were fighting among themselves by saying that the hay was beaten by anti-gay. He went onto the Facebook without verifying the facts.
    This time he has gone round to verify the availability of maize and you say he’s been bought? You wanted him to be your tool for your political ambition?
    Two months ago, the parliamentary committee went to Kanengo food reserve agency and confirmed the availability of maize in the silos. When the chairperson of the committee spoke on MBC TV, you did not dispute him. Isn’t the same thing Mayaya is talking about?
    Drive and go to Mchinji border, go on the Zambia side and see for yourself trucks of maize waiting to be cleared into this country and even ask for statistical data of trucks that have entered into this country with maize. Work with available data you the so called reporters.

  28. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Mayaya is a fraud! And so are these others called civil society leaders, Gift Trapence, Maxwell Matewere, Martha Kwataine, Timothy Mtambo, Emma Kaliya and the like!

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