Mayor Chalamanda in ‘clean Blantyre’ campaign

Mayor for Malawi’s Commercial City, Blantyre Noel Chalamanda, together with his councillors, will officially roll out ‘Clean and Make Blantyre Green’ campaign on November 1.

The view of Limbe town in Blantyre

The view of Limbe town in Blantyre

The campaign, according to Chalamanda, will start with a whistle-stop tour in some Wards  in the city where the Mayor and the councillors would be introduced to the constituents before cleaning activities in some markets, hospitals and other public resources.

After whistle-stop tour, Chalamanda will hold the “Mayor’s Ball” at Mount Soche Hotel.

First Lady Gertrude Mutharika is also expected to grace the “Mayor’s Ball” as Guest of Honour.

Chalamanda said the whistle-stop tour will offer them an opportunity to interact with the people let alone getting to know what they should be done in this clean and make Blantyre green campaign.

“The Mayor’s Ball will help us fundraise so that we have resources to sustain the campaign. We don’t want to start something and after a week or so it is abandoned,” said Chalamanda.

He further said the Mayor’s Ball will also give him platform to engage and interact with all ket stakeholders, who are vital to the viability and success of the campaign.

The initiative has put together a team of professionals and business persons that will voluntary work with the Blantyre City Assembly management team to drive the initiative.

Continental Outdoor Media is among the organizations that have joined the campaign, and General Manager Khwesi Msusa, said it was high time “we make our city clean and green”.

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21 thoughts on “Mayor Chalamanda in ‘clean Blantyre’ campaign”

  1. Phiri wa kale says:

    It is saddening really, Mayor wa Lilongwe is busy following Mrs Mutharika, wasanduka chola boy wa mayi mkulu, imagine when will he start working, Blantyre will very soon be very different from what we call capital city, the face of all visitors. Lilongwe Mayor wake up and start working, city staff is just busy selling trees and making the city look even more ugly. Tikanena za Njerwa, actually the tress are being sold to those in very senior positions, this is another treegate that we are seeing and it seems a big waste of time when the Minister of Environment is talking of Dzalanyama when people are cutting down trees right in the middle of the city under the guisie of protecting ESCOM lines. Lilongwe is at the verge of collapse where the majority of people have no respect for the law. Timuowonera Mayor ameneyu ngati angadzamutsankhenso kawili,because he has no idea why what he is supposed to do in this office. Big Jokeeeeeeeee! DPP

  2. Moyenda says:

    Musiyeni mwana akonze town. But stop mopping water that floods the floor before “closing the taps”. Enforce bye laws and bring to book all companies and shops that let effluent to flow into Mudi and Limbe rivers. Noel, start small, with sub-campaigns like “Reclaim Mudi River and Chiwembe Dam”. Simultaneous launch the “Light Up Blantyre” campaign as well. There are too many dark streets in the locations and shop verandas in town. Then go to “Prepare the Way” campaign. There are no access roads in many communities, with houses build behind other houses, with literally no access. The drainage, oooh! Lilongwe needs to address this one – Mchinji round about and old town hall. Do cities not have technical staff and departments to do fix these problems? What are they paid for. Remove all square pegs from round holes (“deadwood”), please!

  3. J Boma says:

    Mr Mayor, at your level of education and background, please think strategically. Cleaning the street today will not keep it clean tomorrow. Izi musiyire a cheap politicians ngati Mrs Mutharika osati inuyo. You need by-laws that will punish polluters, peeing all over, littering etc. and you need a city police force to enforce this.

    You should also be looking at the bigger picture of street housing for the poor, city buses or train,, lighting, more/wider roads to reduce congestion, When is BT going to have bypass roads?

  4. mapwala says:

    Chalamanda is full of shit..mapwala

  5. Nediek says:

    Excellent start for Noel. All the best!

  6. Chalaka Bakha nkhuku singatole says:

    I like the way this Mayor is working. Very proactive and creative. Mayors for Lilongwe, Zomba and Mzuzu should also take a leaf from the Blantyre Mayor. Next time we want to see Mayors spearheading infrastructural and Industrial development in their cities. Issues of sanitation should be taken seriously, use of street waste Bins should be encouraged and pernaties enforced on those who do not comply.

  7. gerald says:

    Mayor please look at mauvuni a njerwa behind MRA is this good for our environment??right in the middle of Blantyre cty anthu olemera akuomba ma uvuni please lets do something.this is pathetic

  8. Mavuto says:

    The ball idea ndiyabwino, please raise enough funds to cheer the underprivilidged this festive season. Mabwela mushe bwana Mayor

  9. loveness says:

    AH! Chalamanda udya po Ndalama kwa a mwenye and paja you are too corrupt. easy money ate.

  10. Feel good says:

    Bravo Noel Chalamanda, you came in on a mission to change Blantyre.Always hitting the headlines with some good initiatives. You hardly hear news like that for Lilongwe i wonder what some folks wanted that office for.

  11. Zale P says:

    1- tayikani ma by-laws amene adzipanga punish anthu omwe amayika nyansi in the city kuti asiye.
    2- Lembani ntchito anthu woti adzisesa komanso kuchotsa zinyalala mu city,gulani galimoto zonyamula zinyalalazo

    These campaigns are a waste of time, resources and mere publicity stunts

  12. Counsellor says:

    His Worship, pali mtsinje apa passing Likhubula stage on Zalewa Road, I always see kids swimming in it, but this river starts as flying toilets below Mbayani Market. Please do something. On the other side of the road is a similar situation with a busrt sewer in Namiwawa that runs through Mbwelera. Please, please this will kill people.

  13. Chemwali says:

    At least we can see things moving in Blantyre. Here in Lilongwe our Big Man seems to still be dreaming and cherishing the mayoral aura. Wangoti phwiii! Nothing moving. Talk of garbage collection, poor sanitation no clear programs on the table! Can you please kick start the tree planting campaign for a start, especially at primary schools so that our children can stop suffering from these persistent coughs? Fix our road in Area 25 from the junction to Kanengo all the way to Dzenza. It is in a very poor state and I feel very sorry for the residents of Area 25 Sector 7 who continue breathing this dust since the campaign promises of 1993! That road remains a campaign tool for MPs in that area. Nothing moving!!!.

  14. kadamanja says:

    Town imeneyi??? what a disgrace! misonkho yanthu mumangodya inu a Boma. Really, Kamuzu was a clean man.

  15. Wanex banda says:

    Mr Noel ntchito amaitha ndithu

  16. Kawamba says:

    U guyz, u hv wised enough so y inviting uyu mukuti first on dis

  17. Kalulu says:

    Mr Mayor please help Bangwe residents and other areas there is no water from Water Board. Please work hard to ensure that justice is done people cannot stay for months without water its dangerous. Give people water and clean the city. Those in government take note of this.

  18. Thoko says:

    Have you invited Gertrude Maseko????

  19. MADALA TEAM says:


  20. Chenjerwa says:

    Really. we need to clean our cities. Secondly no mauvuni a njerwa in our cities!!!!!

  21. ujeni says:

    Just start cleaning the dirty town why the party. And the first lady seems to like eating than working.

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