MBC boss Tembo redeployed to Macra, Ndala to Information: ’Technical Advisors’

Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) director general BensonTembo has been redeployed to Malawi Communications Regulatory Authority (Macra) where he will be  assuring the position of as “Technical Advisor on digital migration” with immediate effect.

On the move:Benson Tembo from MBC to Macra

On the move:Benson Tembo from MBC to Macra

According to MBC ,  Tembo bid farewell to the top management officials on Friday,  and said he would still be part of the national broadcaster while attached to MACRA.

“I called on all Directors and Controllers of Malawi Broadcasting Corporation to bid my farewell to them that I am leaving MBC for another assignment that I have been given by the government,” Tembo said as quoted by the national broadcaster’s online report.

“It is a secondment. I am being seconded to Macra so that means partly I am part of MBC but I will be with Macra where I will be advising on digital migration.”

The veteran broadcaster, who joined MBC in the mid 70s, has worked for the station for a long time and returned in 2012 after leaving while serving as Director General for TV.

Meanwhile, government has given  fired  Presidential  Press Secretary Frederick Ndala a new post as “technical advisor” in the ministry of informantion , civic education and tourism.

Ndala who was appointed soon after Prof Peter Mutharika became president was working for Blantyre Newspapers Limited (BNL) where he was the editor of Malawi News.

The country’s media fraternity had high expectations on Ndala that probably he would bring sanity into the president’s office because of his level headedness, but that never was.

Just like previous holders of the office Ndala seemed to have had challenge in creating space for journalists to work cordially with State House and in an environment where they are not intimidated or harassed especially during presidential press conferences.

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44 thoughts on “MBC boss Tembo redeployed to Macra, Ndala to Information: ’Technical Advisors’”

  1. Dunstan Phiri says:

    MBC ikutsogoleredwa ndi agalu opanda school.Onse amene amagwira ntchito as professionals akuponderezedwa koma mbuli zopanda school pano akuti ma Directors,shame on DPP radio station.I can assure you something tragic will happen to this country soon.



  3. zion says:

    And yet they can’t beam AFCON these stupid TVM guys. Shame.

  4. David Kamasa says:

    I hear that Aubrey Sumbuleta, the ag Director General and a few Directors at MBC master minded the Tembo ouster. Ndi dziko ili iwe Sumbuleta. We have not forgotten how you stole govt money in the name of sensitising Malawians to change the Malawi flag. Isn’t that why you got the boot from Information office. Have we forgotten how you embezzled money at the Electoral Commission? Do we remind you how you got beaten by a policeman, Mrs Ganya for flirting with his wife, Maggie. Uchenjere, there was Malopa there who was more intelligent than you, more closer to the President, but got the boot too.

  5. sizinantole says:

    I hope the government now will advertise the position in line with the campaign promise

  6. GANGAMFUNO says:

    Mmen Zikhalile Mutiuza Ife Ndiongomva Nanga Ife Opanda M,balefe Olo Mp Wathu Tinamuvotela Satiziwa Tili Ndi Kantchito Kamene Timakaziwa Boma Silingatitenge Mavuto Okhaokha

  7. opportunist says:

    Fortunately for me i don’t watch or listen to this MBC but still am bothered with the way things are moving

  8. opportunist says:

    Fortunately for i don’t watch or listen to this MBC but still bothered with the way are moving

  9. Osadandaula mphwanga ndikubwera kaye ndikupeze pompa usachoke

  10. kd says:

    behind this allocation there is Malopa ..

  11. Alex Likoswe says:

    This guys was not born during the digital age and has no clue of his responsibilities. Recycling these dead woods will not help. Hey wake up and inject new blood like Saulos who can present his ideas using the current technology, power point madala.

  12. Chabwanda!! says:

    Sorry 4 MBC Zokoma zija atayira galu….shame on this government!

  13. It was in 1980 that I heard about this old Benson Tembo. He has worked for more than 40 years and should retire. One of his children should be above 40 years and lives in Manchester. Surely Tembo must be close to 70 years. He should give a chance to young people. It’s a shame on his part and those that appoint him.

  14. Bololo says:

    …..and just like at MRA, MACRA, MHC to name just a few, he goes away on full perks to do nothing, the poor tax payers end up footing the bill for two CEOs, Deputies etc per organisation….including their K75million Prados. So much about reform. Malawi is a doomed and failed state.

  15. out says:

    The reforms proposed that those that are 55 above are to be retired early. Please implement those recommendations so Mr Tembo and others who has served govt faithfully should retire in dignity. Let our sons take over. We have done our part let others do their part. That’s how the world goes.

  16. out says:

    He should be 60 or above ynot retire him

  17. imraan Sidik says:

    Nosense. What can mndala advise ministry of information on. Koma this gvt of cartoons

  18. Gona n'kuphe sali patali says:

    Not good 4 malawians! We know Tembo doesnt tolarate politicization of MBC d@ y av removed so d@ MAKIYOLOBASI alabati mungomo shud kip his propangandized spreadsheet all ova mbc. Ndi dzikotu ili!

  19. sikusinja says:

    Technical advisor on digital migration. Hmmmmmm.

  20. Luigi Borgnis says:

    Congratulations, Ben!!!!!

  21. I don’t know when this circus will end. Oh mamamia !

  22. aphiri says:

    DPP wants sumbuleta to lead . This guy is too political and Mungomo. They hv bn fighting Benson Tembo. This country doesn’t want professionals like Tembo. Hw comes the deputy was too powerful than the director. Alhomwe u are making big mistake. This is the last lhomwe to rule this country musadzalire ngati mmene munayambila kulira Bingu atafa. Mwaiwala kale? Munakhala bwanji anthu osatenga phunziro . Mulungu Anakupatsani mwayi kuti muphunzire through Bingus death koma ayi ndithu. Tsoka

    1. mavuto says:

      Ukunama tidakalamula

  23. Benson Tembo, ife timadziwa kut angokugwilitsa ntchito polengeza zotsatila za chisankho za bodza zija,kenako akuchotsa nkuikapo wawo. Kugwitsidwa ntchito ngati tissue,imeneyo ndie Dpp.

  24. Kenkkk says:

    Davie Pauleen, It is debatable whether or not this is the right move for Benson, has he been pushed with a secondment disguise? He seems complimentary with his demise but deep down things could be different. Real professional.

    The govt again is replacing real mbc professionals like Benson with their own mediocre people who have been undermining him all along with the aim of eventually forcing him out. Mbc is at the moment a disgrace and it is probably better for him to leave rather than let his professionalism tarnished by this useless dpp Mbc.

    Benson strongly believes in the independence of the mbc which this govt’s puppet cronyies at Mbc don’t.

  25. Israel Difense Force says:

    So who cares?

  26. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    How can the whole managerial Director General be seconded to MACRA and be a technical adviser? Technical advisers are technical people, it should an expert in electronic engineering, not administrator. Tembo is sent there as he has been turned from a table mat to a door mat after being used in the elections. I hope he knows that – that’s politics my brother. But it is also possible that he is sent there to forge the interests of DPP and/or their upcoming TVs, including that of Mlhako wa Alhomwe or to start preparing for 2019 elections.
    You don’t get seconded and still be as Director General of MBC. How does the care taker operate? In what capacity? It makes no sense!!!



  27. A COMMONER says:

    Recycled Benson Tembo, tym to retire and give room to the new generation.

  28. wangawanga says:

    The government sld let mr Benson tembo go and stay with his grands at home .from 70s are you telling me that we don’t have replacement for him
    No it cant we’ve so many journalist in this land very good for his position

  29. Nkhombokombo says:

    A waste of “RESOURSE”. Don’t expect MBC to change with such unthoughtful redeployments. Politics should not take a centre stage here.

  30. osborné says:

    Rotation my foot. MBC opening up yavuta. People were geared to work independently but things have changed into a reverse gear. We can all read through the lines and see how MBC has turned out to be. The good thing is that not many watch or listen to MBC. You can use it the way you want zanu izo bola osalira next budget mulandira 1 kwacha. Remember oposition is in majority.

  31. Dick says:


  32. Mr. B says:

    Congratutions to Mr. Tembo for being deployed as such. How many years more do you still need to work please do something else before being asked to retire. You can join the private broadcasting industry and I’m positive you will succeed amazingly. In life one needs to grow that’s what we call great achievement, I hope next move will not be deployment to Mzuzu Studios replacement for Timpuza. But anyway all the best in your new post and wish you good luck.

  33. Bwampini says:

    I am not underrating the outgoing Tembo koma ophunzira amasiku ano can work well in the new technology.

    The problem of parastatals is working to please ur boss (govt) to keep the position longer. Eish!

  34. its welcome dev may be we will see change in service derivary.

  35. The continuation of recycling these old people is hindering the youth of Malawi. There are so many young ones who are unemployed. It seems this country is for politicians only. We need a revolution.

  36. Wapa Monkey Bay says:

    Ndala Analipira ndalama za APM zomwe zinkati ziperekedwe kwa majounors ? chifukwa ndi chimene chamuchotsa kumeneko PA chingerezi JOUNORGATE .

  37. Mapiri says:

    Can u advertise his position?

  38. chindere says:

    Zili bwino ena ayese mwai!

  39. MMALAWI says:

    And MACRA is supposed to regulate MBC! Kodi a Malawi tidzasiya liti masanje?

  40. This is wh@ we want,rotation of duties-we have a lot of educated yuths whu can teq over mayb angayambe kulembako anthu dependng on their papers not experience as it used tu be…its a Welcome Move!!!

Comments are closed.

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