MBC finally fires Gloria Banda

In a dramatic twist of fate, Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) radio personality Gloria Banda  -who is also wife to MBC Director of Programs Albert Mungomo – has been fired as an employee of the axpayer-funded media house  for misconduct effective 22nd March 2016, Nyasa Times can reveal.

Mungomo and his wife Gloria Banda: The untouchables at MBC now face the music

Mungomo and his wife Gloria Banda: MBC 

The decision follows a unanimous decision of a six member MBC’s disciplinary committee panel to fire Banda  after finding her “guilty”of being the mastermind of anonymous letters that have been circulating at the corporation castigating MBC’s Director General Aubrey Sumbuleta and other staff at the corporation.

According to sources who attended the disciplinary meeting,  Gloria Banda got busted and exposed when some people she engaged to circulate the latest round of letters on social media were caught and they implicated her.

Nyasa Times sources  said during the disciplinary meeting Gloria Banda who has  allegedly been calling herself and her husband as the untouchable mafia family at MBC was surprised to find emails she had been writing to her agents instructing them to publish the articles tendered as evidence against her.

‘‘She was clearly shocked; and when a twenty minute long recording of her talking to one of her agents in a car was played for her she almost fainted,’’ said the source.

According to the source, when copies of her emails were given to her to check, Gloria Banda got furious and started shouting at the disciplinary panel saying that she was entrapped and that there was a plot against her.

‘‘She admitted that the email address [email protected] which was being used to send the anonymous letters uses her name. But instead on denying or accepting the contents of the emails, she just kept asking mwazipeza bwanji zimenezi, wakupatsani ndani?’’.

Ulemu is the Chichewa name for Gloria and Khupe is the name of Gloria’s father.

When Gloria Banda nee Khupe received an invitation to appear before the committee, she boosted that she was politically connected in the ruling Democratic Progressive Party and that the MBC management was wasting its time.

She demanded that she appears at the hearing with two representatives.

‘‘When she was advised that procedures only allow one representative, she bossed her way through and brought her lawyer Aisha Banda from Mbetá and Company. She also brought a labour representative from the Ministry of labour. We allowed her because we had nothing to hide,’’ said the source.

According to the anonymous letters which Nyasa Times has seen, Gloria has been attacking MBC Director Sumbuleta accusing him of failure to run MBC. She has also continuously attacked President Mutharika of hiring Sumbuleta allegedly simply because both are Lhomwe instead of giving the top job at MBC to her husband Albert Mungomo commonly known as “Mr Madonzero.” Or “Mr Blantyre.”

Ironically Gloria Banda is also a Lhomwe from Mulanje.

She has also been attacking presidential aide Ben Phiri for allegedly demanding business from MBC.

In her anonymous letters, Gloria Banda also heavily attacked Minister of Information Jappie Mhango describing him as “a puppet” and MBC Board Chairperson Moffat Banda calling him “a villager. “

According to sources at MBC, Gloria is a victim of her own making after she started feeling too big and started victimising fellow staff members especially women when her husband become Director of Programs.

‘‘We are not surprised. She was doing all that to fight for her husband who is fighting a management decision to demote him for incompetence. But as fellow women, we wonder why she was victimising us,’’ said one female employee.

Some of Gloria Banda’s victims in the department include; Patricia Sundu, Flora Mkusa Nkhoma, Bashil Amini, Cosmas Tchale, Hope Chisanu, Ian Simbota, Olipper Banda and Esther Matope among others.

Nyasa Times has established that all these were abused at one point or another by the once untouchable Gloria Banda. The abuse included bad mouthing them, sending them to pick her kids from school and drop them to her home or cash money for her at Ginnery Corner Standard bank ATM as part of ‘‘ any duties assigned from time to time’’.

Albert Mungomo married Gloria Banda after dumping his wife for many years when he became presidential press officer for late President Bingu wa Mutharika.

The youthful and cute Gloria dumped her husband a Mr. Banda for Mungomo.

At MBC Gloria Banda was the deputy to Mungomo in the same department. The two treated the department as their personal estate while bragging that they made Peter Mutharika win the presidency as such they were untouchable.

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59 thoughts on “MBC finally fires Gloria Banda”

  1. namalokola says:

    Zimachitika apeza kwina

  2. [email protected] says:

    Aaash anyway…

  3. Lovey says:

    Ndizitsiru ndi amuna akewo,ofunika Alabatiyo nayeso agweeee.

  4. kaseka says:

    It is quiet unfortunate. This is a sad story hear as Banda was populary known at MBC.

  5. Nixon says:

    She doesnt deserve a chop but a warning.Anyway,its not the end of her life.She will do other better things in her life.How i liked Gloria’s [email protected]?Mzakwacha-+27731440799.Pretoria.

  6. Benard Lupiya says:

    I have read this whole story. What a total lie. The story contains about 10% of truth rest are lies. For those who have no idea about Innocent Mawaya (Sumbuleta) kumeneku nde kudya kwake. Wabisala pa chitsamba, anthu akukuona nsana.

  7. Mlauzi says:

    Let me congratulate her for the award of a degree with a credit yesterday. I`m sure some other doors will open for you. Take courage sista

  8. misheck shaba says:

    dramatic twist of fate indeed.

  9. hoitty says:

    Gloria Banda ulibe mantha. kapena poti Love is blind eee ayi ngati nyani mamuna

  10. Geoffrey says:

    pita ku times ku times Gloria tione ngati uzikawatuma achina Pilirani Kachinziri, Brian Banda kukatenga ndalama pa ATM. kuyerekedwa basi!

  11. Ziliko says:


  12. Thabanya says:

    Earthly things! Za ziii.
    Gloria don’t worry we all make mistakes.Manage your own life. Join Times tv

  13. nine says:

    pepani mama

  14. Naphiri says:

    makonda makonda komabe or money ndi a Mungomowo mmmhhh nde akavula amatowoneka bwanji apo akuwoneka lobodolobodo. Kuzitukumula pamalo sikwabwino. Anthu azikupatsa mdalitso osati nthemberero zimadzakubwerera. Kusiya mamuna wako Raph wabobo why kutsata chimdala ngati chimenechi??? Taona chifukwa cha khalidwe lero mbiri yako yaipa. Chopa chitsatadi mwini ndithu

  15. MaNyasa says:

    Gloria akuxosola nthenga,umaona ngati opambana kumazunza anzako?

  16. Sailota says:

    I told u, God is supreme…. Zichitika basi? Ambuye akuona ndipo atimenyera nkhondo. Aukilana okha ife tili pheeeeee

  17. chimbwi says:

    Manyasa nsanje ndi kaduka basi. Thats a matter of time zimapita zimabwera kenako kusiyana ndi dziko basi.SIMPLE IS GOOD,

  18. Ndakukambiyanga says:

    The evils th@ men do lives to mock back @ u.
    Plz acknowledge my humble sympathy while smucking ur knees.
    Go back to ur drawing board!

  19. mbwiyache says:

    She is an expert, she will find a nice job very soon. You will believe me. Gloria is no ordinary journalist

  20. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Congratulations to Ralph Banda for letting Mungomo scavenge this bitch! Upemphere kwambiri Easter imeneyi to thank the Lord for taking this harlot away from you.

  21. Nono Evo says:

    Basitu, awulula zinsinsi zonse.Palinsochina ngati aBanda? Tangolongezani katundu wanu muzipita.

  22. Observer says:

    A Mungomo kayezetseni mwachangu…..kenako mawa mulembe Will fast fast please. Gloria make sure you see that Will and keep it in your bra always. Ifunika pompano.

  23. CHINENA says:

    EIISHH !!!

  24. Namaloko says:

    Numbet 27
    While all details about gloria are true koma pa sister wake wa ku mra wanama in fact it was dexter kanike that left her for his cousin and tha was incest. .kanike acted like a mad man praising his own cousin over za ku bedi but that cousin anali hule atamusaukitsa a dexter anasowa kolowera anakangopepesa panopa ndi house husband wa sister wa gloria.
    So at times dont comment on things you don’t know.
    Thank you

  25. Abiti says:

    My advise to young ones do not trust your jobs be business minded no one will fire you.or shame u in public. Nnaiwerenga kale. I work for myself.n am happy. Wen I was working pa compaby ina yake anthu ondida of my success anali thooo pano ndili pa easy…dollar ili thooo

  26. Ojambula says:

    Kkkkkkkkkkkkk, this world of ours, full of surprises. Even the bible clearly says that the trap that you set for others, you get caught yourself. Am happy now that Gloria Banda has known that MBC really sucks. Ours were eyes when you were flying so high. But like the old adage says, no matter high the bird might fly, one day it will land. Am glad that today the bird has landed. You were the master minder of several pipoz downfall, you alongside your husband Albert were bigger than MBC, today your Albert has been trimmed to size, his voice can no longer be heard. That’s what we call dziko, be nice to pipo on your way up bkoz you might need them on your way down, that’s another saying. You thought MBC is DPP and the fact that you come from Mulanje pipo should get sick, oh my God. Anthu akakudandaula kwambiri supeza mtendere. Humility is a highway code to success. I can write and write and write komabe osamaliza. To sum it all know thru this kuti atsogoleri amapereka ndi Mulungu, so respect them. It’s a lesson to you even though you’ve leant it in a bitter way.

  27. Mulhomwe Wankulu says:

    Ada amenewa amaviika mwakansikana kankhope yonga imeneyi? Unagwilira mankhwala njole imeneyi kapena ndalama? Ayayayayayayaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa……kikikikikikkikikikiiki, koma nde ndasekaaaa!!!!!Iwe Gloria unalozedwa kapena? Paja Asena kukonda mankhwala apa nde ndakhulupiliradi,heeee!!! Shaaaaaaaaa.

  28. sindi says:

    Untouchable has been touchable. Tiyeni nazo

  29. Mac says:

    The problem of working together in one department and moreover a boss and the deputy.Shaa! It was more than an estate but a bedroom.

  30. Jackie says:

    Albert did not leave his wife,but she passed on,not very long ago I think during the end of Bingu era

  31. MANJA says:


    Do not despair! When one doors closes many more are open. With God all things are possible.
    Everybody knows your contributions to the system, and that you can be repaid in this fashion is difficult to understand. Ngati ukupsya wayuwisi nanga owuma mkutani?

    My advice is, do not fear those people who can destroy the body only; but fear and serve the one who can destroy both the Soul and Body. Another DOOR will open for you soon.


  32. makonyola says:

    I have always hated this lady. I knew her way back when she was dating my friend, Ralph Banda (who she indeed married later) This was the time when I was working with MRA. This jezebel divorced my friend in a bizarre fashion after she started using her buttocks at MBC to get promoted. She successfully divorced him under the pretext that the husband was promiscuous. My friend being in his youthful years used to enjoy beer and not women. This hule even attempted to get my friend arrested. She grabbed all the property accumulated by the family.
    It is part of their family culture to change husbands. Her sister who also used to work with MRA, Grace Kanike (nee Khupe) also divorced her husband, Dexter Kanike, in the same fashion. She used to offer carpet services to MRA bosses (now all retired) for the sake of promotion.
    I am glad it has happened to her today so that she can learn how to live on earth. Do not make shortcuts in life and please do not believe in character assassination in order to achieve personal ill omened gains. Love husbands not because of economic status.

  33. There’s no word like humbleness??? Gees you should go back to xool ma man.

  34. There’s no word like humbleness??? Gees you should go back to xool ma men

    1. hahahahhaha zili bho says:

      And there’s no word like “xool” and “my” is spelt with a “y” at the end. Further, why have you placed 3 question marks instead of a full-stop or an exclamation mark. Are you asking?

  35. Man of God says:

    Begining of the ending of mungomo. Wait and see.

  36. alhomwe atilaula says:

    I think Albertyo sikusaoneka bwino koma i think his health is not good. Chonde amalawi tisanyozane lets just comment on the issue at hand kwina komwe tikulowerako sizikugwirizana!

  37. macd says:

    iwe kodonto u are a fool iwe ndiye u know English very well kape iwe google humbleness ….the word is there and its definition busy nyasa times basi ….use google as well uzichotsako umbulu

  38. ziiiiii says:

    olo kuti mamuna sanyasa koma apa pokha mmmmmm wanyanya munthuyu ..ndalamazo inde ali nazo but pena pake

  39. hule wamkulu says:

    oooo ndizosadabwitsa eti iwe mungomo zoona ungasiye Mkazi wako for groria inu amathu agroria mungasiye mamuna wanu for mungomo kungoti ku MBC Kuli Ma Hule Ambiri Amene Akusiya Azimuna Awo Kukalanda Amuna Aaeni Chihule Chinaso Ndi CHIKONDI PHINDA Amatchedwaso Kuti(mai Mkulu)amanyengetsa Kwina Kusiya Mamuna Wake Mnyumba

  40. MTUMBUKA says:

    nde mwati anamuthandiza kuti awine? how? mesa m’mati zinayenda bwinobwino inu?

  41. Sheriff Asedi says:

    Team Mbeta and company.

  42. Mphatso says:

    koma Gloria zoona of all the men kusankha mamuna ameneyu?? or zili ndalama ai ndithu. mamuna ameneyu kunyansa kuemenku or atavula angaoneke bwanji?? kusiya mamuna wabwinobwino zoona kupita kwa abambo ngati amenewa?? or poyenda samakuchititsa manyazi?? I cant go this low ndisaname asah. ndalamazo zizibwlanso ndima looks chonde. ndikumanganizanso kuti uyu sandionongela ana koma

  43. 2016 welcome says:

    Instead of sympathizing with you Gloria for the dismissal, with the account given in this article, ife tingoti apa nyolonyo zalandana nkhwangwa.

  44. ellias mponda says:

    Komanso mtolankhani usachulutse mchere mu ndiwo chifkwa mawa zikupweteka pa khosi. In your writing skills, you have shown that you too hate Gloria.

  45. madonzero says:

    Chinauluka chinatela

  46. Boni Gadamuke says:

    Sad indeed. Ili ndi dziko ndithu. Yang’anani kutsogolo mayi, life goes on. Life is tough and very unpredictable. But all the same, i have never met you personally. You are very cute, the best thing to do at this time, is to be enjoying a very good fuck in your home. It is scientifically proven that it removes stress and worries

  47. ineyo says:

    What does Puppet Jappie Mhango have to say now? of course Gloria is right that Jappie is a puppet in fact not just one of Its kind but the biggest I have ever seen in the name of a minister.

    to u Gloria prepare to welcome your husband mungomo as well bcoz he is gonna not handle the heat at mbc

  48. KODONTO says:

    Iwe number 1, please go back to school to learn English grammar. There is no word like humbleness, its supposed to be humility. And again you say show off only bring one HUMILITY….. I guess you wanted to say humiliation. Humility and humiliation are two different things. Zikomo.

  49. Nkula says:

    It’s unfortunate that she was too pompus leading to her downfall. Otherwise all the allegations she had about the other people were just true. The ‘villager’ is indeed one, the ‘puppet’ very true, the ‘nepotist’ a good that sees other tribes as non-Malawians. Oh! ‘Any other duties assigned from time time to time’. Freedom is coming tomorrow

  50. Mbulu says:

    Sending Hope Chisanu to pick her kids from school what an insult to Bembelezi.

  51. Thyolo Thava says:

    Makiloyobala versus makiyolobasi

  52. Amadonzero says:

    Gloria Banda left her first husband to marry Albert Mungomo
    Albert Mungomo left his first wife to marry Gloria Banda
    Because both are broadcasters they thought they would be understanding each other better???
    Its not like that.
    Family is chosen and blessed by God and nothing material can bring you happiness.
    Am watching this space.

  53. jolozakapokola says:

    The beauty and the beast. That’s the moral of the story!

  54. BOKHO says:

    We will see how you will make Peter Muthalika win 2019. We will clean up all nyansi ku MBC. That was MBC we know in 1970 and 80s up to 90s. We cant have tax funded radion station being run like estate. Very stupid alhomwe tikuonela. Kamuzu used that to educate people in Malawi not abuse it for propaganda.

  55. Za ziiiii, anthu achotsedwa ntchito zenizeni enanso kuchoka okha.

  56. amangwetu says:

    love for money love for Gloria love for Albert

  57. thats how lyf goes

  58. Wariiwe says:

    Humbleness pays but boasting or showing off only bring one humility in the end,thats the moral of this story.

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