MBC says Mutharika, DPP to win in 2019 polls

Government mouth piece, the Malawi Broadcasting Corporation (MBC) on Wednesday put as the major headline in its news bulletins that President Peter Mutharika is likely to win the 2019 presidential polls.

President Mutharika: I will win by landslide in 2019

President Mutharika: I will win by landslide in 2019

The state run broadcaster says according to a London based firm, the Economic Intelligence Unit, Mutharika will likely defeat Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  president Lazarus Chakwera.

The tax payer funded radio attributed Mutharika  winning to his “sound development programmes.”

Mutharika himself is on record saying he will win his second term by landslide and that he will be fit and well to campaign for a DPP presidential candidate in 2024 and 2029 elections.

Elections are away in three years time but the public broadcaster makes serious, unverified allegations of corruption against the opposition.

The government sponsored poll comes barely  weeks after a reputable newspaper, The Sunday Times published its cabinet assessment which gave President Mutharika an average performance and his cabinet a fail grade.

Government disputed the assessment questioning the tools used to assess the cabinet and the skill of the journalists involved in the assessment.

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26 thoughts on “MBC says Mutharika, DPP to win in 2019 polls”

  1. mapwiya mbolomboliwa says:

    zopusazo ndiye ndizimenezi. malawians you reaaly take things for granted. you r talking of a program of APM to happen in 2019 overring all the programs of God our armighty creator. How sure is peter that God might not need him most before that time? Vuto losapemphera ndilimeneli.

  2. charles kamlaza says:

    He will win

  3. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    Mutharika Broadcasting corporation (MBC). Manyi okha okha kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk

  4. mk says:

    Ndale za kumalawi ndizodzitchela ajoice ankatelonso tidzawona bola moyo

  5. Winston Msowoya says:

    It would be very hard for the people of Malawi to vote for the MCP which enslaved people in the country for 3 decades and when we come to the present day ruling party, it would be also difficult to be re- elected for its unlimited rule of corruption ,tribalism and ineptitude. However, 2019 is still far we shall see as things evolve each day passes.GOD HELP US!!!

  6. Christopher AUBLIC Ligomeka says:

    Don’t swallow it a joke, unless GOD bail us out before then, we may praise to GOD for a long waited miracle. during elections last year, i observed a similar directory of php for elections 2019. it doesnt matter what system methodology will be implemented but the database for electronic figures is computer based. everything is intact and MEC is not ready to part ways with DPP lest they be exposed by the next goverment. its just an advice take it or leave it

  7. Winston Msowoya says:

    Malawians are called POLITICAL LEPERS OF AFRICA and LOUGHING STOCK of THE WORLD.If we can look what has been the norm for 52 years of independence,I strongly believe that this time our people have learnt a lot what they have been going through right away from Banda’s brutal rule,Muluzi’s corrupt regime and Bingu’s diabolical rule.Right now our people are living under the most flagitious regime of our time.Is there any room for Peter’s party to be voted into power again? It might be because of the finances Peter and his brother Bingu stole from government coffers.Mind you,funds play very effective role in any national elections.As for Malawians to see changes on polling boxes,I would strongly urge UDF to consult Joyce Banda’s Party and urge the Northerners to revive the once powerful AFORD and form a united front,in this way,we can be assured of political and economic transformations and we can start from there to rebuild our dear mother MALAWI once and for all.It can be done,play your part.

  8. peter chimbalame says:

    Izi nde zachamba mbwerera zake zimenezi mudzit 2019 mudzawina,,,mkuonanga zidzathekaso kutipanga chitaka ngat munatipanga chinja et??? iwalani zimenezo

  9. Chatsika says:

    Whose gonna carry the dpp flag with what the president said about a nigerian prophet prophesying. Dr ziphwisi or ‘dpp can win without the north’. Chakwera woyee! BOMA! 2014 onse ogwira ku mutharika broadcasting coperation tikuchotsa ntchito

  10. That’s true, Pitala Mathanyula will win with land slide victory to Mpumulo wa Bata not through the ballot box, Keep on dreaming like that Mchona.

  11. banzie says:


  12. Dowa Boy says:

    It’s better to leave Malawi and be a refugee somewhere else than see this dull president rule Malawi again. Enough is enough, inu masapota a DDP how are you making ends meet? Life is unbearable in Malawi now, this guy should go back to USA !!!

  13. mwini lilongwe@!!!! says:

    mbuzi inu mbava ndizomwe mungavotere chipani chakuba mitsokho yathu 577bln yathu tikuyifuna inu mwapha angati mnkulu wa Acb chasowa mp tayika dzuloyi banda njalayi ikukhalitsani kumweraka ife kuno ku Lilongwe tikolora zopusa dpp ndichipani chosaukitsa athu ndiye bola amayitu mbava inu

  14. Chitsiru chiri ndi mwini says:

    A dpp nonse ndinu zitsiru mbc tv yanuyo ingokuputsitsani.

  15. anonymous says:

    Olo atandithira doom sindingavotere chipani chamagazi cha mcp my vote is for dpp

  16. anonymous says:

    I doubt if mcp can win again we all know that dpp will win again my vote is for dpp infact am from here south ndipo atandithira doom mmaso sindingavotere mcp

  17. Kondwa S M Ikwanga says:

    Let Jappies Mhango issue the statement and refute the report as government spokesperson. Anything for government is welcome to Malawians.If the man bites the dog , it is good news and worth reporting, but a dog biting a man, no news

  18. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    Abale, don’t kill the messenger.
    MBC is only reporting what The Economic Intelligence Unit reported. MBC is only fulfilling it’s mandate to report relevant issues without bias. That’s all.
    Perhaps we should be asking MBC to tag the detailed EIU’s report, for completeness of the story. Or inquisitive readers can google the report themselves. Then perhaps they can argue with the methodology, if they can understand it, on which the conclusions are based.
    MBC is in a no-win situations: it never pleases the Opposition and the government at the same time. that is the nature of our modern politics in Malawi. And that’s alright too.

  19. Moses Mataka says:

    Let government refute this propaganda as they did with the news paper’s research,mr president failed to man all ministries given during Bingu, here he is goofing ,this is the worst one ever in southern Africa,we cannot allow this continue come 2019.

  20. Mlomwe mbamva says:

    Ndani pano angavotere peter ngakhale atamuthira doom mumaso anthu tonse tasankha kale chakwera osati your idiot whom you call peter and let me warn you idiot staff of mbc pls dont cheat pitala mudzamupweteketsa come 2019 mcp boma mbuzi za anthu mapwala anu

  21. 2016 welcome says:

    “Sound economic programs” Can someone just mention one of the sound economic programs? This nation has no future. Doesn’t get any more hopeless than this!

  22. ZINGINI says:


  23. Foolish people, instead of giving people maize for food, instead of collecting the economic problems we are in, you are too busy thinking of 2019, this is why our country will never develop. This term will be another five wasted years.

  24. BOKHO says:

    Why MBC is making decision now 2016 yet there is 2017, 2018 ,2019 for campaign. Will Muthalika be there. MBC cheated Joice Banda and now they want to cheat us. This is rubbish, tell me which policies are you talking about. Don’t cheat people Pulesident wanji woti aziti ndilibe problem yet anthu akufa mdziko. Alhomwe womwe adzavotere muphatikizane ndi a Yaowo.

  25. Mlauzi says:

    2019 is too far. Let`s concentrate on things which will help us now

  26. therere says:

    Watch out all opposition leaders, you are wasting in castigating the government instead of building your parties,

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