MBC TV bans Blackface music video: `Msika Wapsanso`

They say music is power, yes and as proved, state owned Malawi Broadcasting Corporation Television (MBC TV) has purportedly banned playing ‘Msika Wapsyanso’ music video due to the nature of its message.



Performed by Blackface Family, Poztv Yut, Emperor K and Thiggo Amplifier, the song tackles the controversial infernos razing markets in Malawi and how such fire leave a multitude of traders hands akimbo without a means of earning a living.

According to information at hand, the song has been enjoying airplay but got criticized recently by one of the newly promoted programs manager as having been anti-government.

It is said the song in a way demeans the current authority as having been reluctant on dealing with fire accidents as well as having contingency measures to set aside in such times.

In response to the development, manager for the Black Face Family, Kelvin Sulugwe, confirmed that the rumour mill of the ban has reached them.

“We have heard that senior management at MBC has directed some producers at the television station not to beam the song. If this is true, all I can say is that it is very unfortunate. The song is not political and does not in any way insult the country’s current leadership and the song has been there before the current government,” said Sulugwe.

MBC is state controlled.

The track gives attention to a vendor who is lamenting the fires while ironically blaming authorities for being coy in addressing the issues.

It further revolves around the notion that the infernos will reach a point of not being strange news in town.

Some of the markets that have this year alone been razed down by fire include, the Mzuzu Market, Tsoka Flea Market as well as the Mchesi furniture market in Lilongwe.

The group which released titled Golden Jubilee to celebrate Malawi’s 50th independence anniversary, has worked with the  United Nations Population Fund (UNFPA) in the ‘Let’s Condomise’ song  to raise awareness among young people regarding the importance of condom use.

Blackface Family has  just released a Welcome 2015 which can be accessed through this link: http://mdubvibe.com/song-details/?sid=2525

Their other songs include Money Maker and Motokala .

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26 thoughts on “MBC TV bans Blackface music video: `Msika Wapsanso`”

  1. nyimbo ngati dzimenezo ndidzomwe zingati pangise malawi kutetedza ufulu wathu go dp

  2. muhe says:

    Koma mkazi ndikumbuyo ndiye yabwino
    Becoz is from our neighbour. What ashame to those in authority.

  3. musekanji palibe kanu says:

    mwapamga Bo itchuke kwambiri tsopano

  4. FCK says:

    yayaya now here comes fwe fwe fwe fweee party at work democracy at stake cso where are you?you want us to go back with tis dictator? this is just the start, mai J B NEVER HAD THIS

  5. njanji says:

    Za chikale,a mungomo,mwakwera yo kuphwa kale tikudutsani mukumata matayala onse folo

  6. abiti says:

    Albert Mungomo ameneyo siwinanso ayi, even if you ask the DG Ben Tembo akuuza kuti sakuzidziwa, a very overzealous person who thinks polically on every issue without looking at it objectively, anyway easy come easy GO! tikuonerani mukulephera interview ya u director pompano Board yake ya Tamani?

  7. Daniel says:

    Boma ili silizathekaso basi

  8. Alungwana says:

    You can ban the song but you cant ban the reality of the song! Msika wapsabe basi.

  9. Blessing says:

    That’s the DPP we all know they have Permanent head damage (PHD) this just the beginning of the poltical drama in Malawi democracy

    1. matchonisa says:

      mkukachita ban nyimbo yabwino ngati iyi instead of kubana mlako wa alomwe ndi BEAM amene ali ma cashgaters. shame on you, Mungomo!

  10. Patriot says:

    Oh paja bwampini akuti tizilemba zabwino zokhuzana ndi dziko lathuli.
    Oyimbanu muziti msika suunapsye, Anthu sali pa straka, mitengo ya dzinthu inatsika, kwacha ikupikisana 1 to 1 ndi dollar, anthu akuba ndi mfuti kulibe, apolisi sakuba ndi mfuti, akuteteza anthu, palibe wodandaula kuno ku Malawi dziko la mkaka ndi uchi, etc etc.
    You know we have to SUGAR COAT mbiri yathu kuti azungu abweretse ma company kwathu kuno.

  11. Osadanda! The song will be beamed on other TV stations. Coz pano ku malawi ma TV ndiosayamba ngati Virgin!!! Tionerabe ximenez!!!!!!

  12. Aliphee says:

    osadandaula ife ndiye tizimvera kwambiri after all who listens to MBC TV mawayilesi ali mbweembweembwee

  13. Mabiri Jere says:

    Ndizimenezotu pitala wayamba kuonetsa mawanga

    1. You might be shocked that the president doesn’t even know about this issue.

  14. Masoambeta says:

    MBC is a failed parastal. You will agree with me if you go on their website and see what type of nonsense Malawians are constantly being subjected to. Look at the layout, profiles and pictures of the presenters. Look at the garbage they spew and the lack of creativity and direction the website displays. It will tell you what type of organisation MBC is and what type of people run it! Absolutely stinking and unprofessional.
    While being publicly funded, management is only concerned with the quality of propaganda it churns for the present government at any point, given all the opportunity.
    In this day and age, it is only a failed state that can ban a video which narrates what is factual- as the recent mysterious fires, which certainly are architects of some tin pot goons.
    Every government is continually doing the same stupid things- pulling the country further backward. These are the antics pulling Africa backward? altogether. It makes me sick to death. All my holes are bleeding sick!
    Idiotic governments continuously full of educated but stupid and weak, selfish and untruthful people. Makes me wonder which baboon organises such a mess.

  15. hfty says:

    Tayikani pa YouTube nyimboyo and it will go viral. Ka MBC TV-nso nkachani?

  16. Chokazinga says:

    MBC ikuyendetsedwa ndi Banja limodzi Munthu ndi mkazi wache, Albert Mungomo ndi Gloria ndipo akudzudza anthu koopsa ku MBC,amachita kunena kuti athana namfe kuti timve kuwawa Chonde Mulungu tipulumutseni ku Banja limeneli.

  17. MBC kupusa basi, I’ve watched the song several times its not ant government in anyway wat they are saying in the song it’s true n facts. Imagine our fire fighters in Lilongwe have never managed to extinguishe any fire,wat they will say is Madzi atha, the engine is not working.Zachamba basi lero anawa akuyimba zochitika mukuti they r ant gvt.
    Mwayambapo Paja ndinu azikwanje this time sinthani its not the same malawi yoti mudzipondeledza.tiyimba zokuyamikilani mudzionesa pa TV yanuyo.

  18. Iyaah awachita bwino nyimboyi anachita kuba ndi ya ku Jamaica achina Mavado ndi amnzawo

  19. ambuje says:

    mbc will never change,bolani a mayi anayeserako kuisintha

  20. Thuli says:

    Timakufilana ma rudebway aku Mzuzu.Atumbukanu mumatha.Maka-maka paja mumati ikana khala shoprite,fire ikanabwela mwa liwilo olo ikanakhala nyumba ya a minister a chimalilo llikakukata siliwona litsilo

  21. Ayaya says:

    inde kumangoimba nyimbo zo dandawula asi. Nika wapsyanso ndiyekuti chani. Please MBC ban all music zomadandaula zopanda pake. za usawi basi.

  22. omar says:

    Kaya tizingoyang’ana

  23. Ms. says:

    Cheap advertisement kkkkkkkk

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