Mbendera calls for research on Malawi voter apathy

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera has called on researchers in the country to institute a research on the causes of voter apathy during by-elections.

The call follows an average of 12.12 to 40.87 percent of voters who casted their votes during the just ended October 7 by-elections which was marred by poor turn out.

Mbendera: We need research on pathy

Mbendera: We need research on pathy

Speaking in Blantyre on Wednesday after declaring results of the by-elections Justice Mbendera described the situation as phenomenon in the country’s elections history.

“Ever since we have been having by-elections in the country the turnout of voters during the polling compared to the number of registered voters has been always discouraging,” observed Mbendera.

“Despite the commission mounting extensive civic and voter education in by-election areas it’s very disappointing that voter turnout has been always poor, it’s now time we ask our colleagues in the academy or research institutions to conduct a research on the causes of voter apathy in the country,” added Mbendera.

Recently one of the country’s political analyst Dr Augustine Magolowondo blamed MEC for the low turnout of voters during the just ended by-elections.

Magolowondo said the commission failed to mount extensive civic and voter education prior to the by-elections a situation he described as unfortunate.

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43 thoughts on “ Mbendera calls for research on Malawi voter apathy”

  1. Mbendera donot be surprised of th apathy. It seems you are trying to tell pipo that are still kicking. Panopa waopsyeza PP kuti apite ku meeting yopanda ajenda. Kaya!

  2. Gule wa Mkulu says:

    I am going to start an organization called Anti-voting Crusade of Malawi (ACM) Only one objective: To discourage Malawians to vote as lawyers and MEC can do the job with corrupt money form DPP. Why vote when one high court judge can over turn the majority’s wish? let the courts and their staff and judges vote. Then swearing in ceremony at midnight.

  3. Matako says:

    Mbendera if you are actually surprised that the turn out for the recent by elections there must be something wrong in your head. How can you expect people to trust MEC after what took place on May 20th? I can tell you the problem and the reasons why there is so much voter apathy in this country. You! MEC are the reason why. People have lost not only respect for your organization but also trust in what you represent. Please do not look any further. Look in the mirror you will have your answers. No need to waste tax payer’s money trying to confirm what you already know.

  4. Olira sitimuseka pakamwa! Munthu nthaw ya kampen umangopangira mnyumba mwako mokha,ndye anthu akudziwa bwanj? Munthu ulibe mbiri inailiyonse yandale pa Malawi pano,uwina bwanj? Munthu anasiya kudyesa nkhosa za mulungu nkuyamba ndale,ndye nkumat nkhosazo zingasangalale? DPP A LIFE PARTY!! MUNENA SMUNATI!!

  5. Kalanga says:

    Possibly research the role of mec personnel in elections kkkkk!

  6. Munnyabu says:

    No need for reserch its uuu Mbendera we dont want, cant u see? Mbala inzakoyo cant fire u for obvious reasons bt mr knw tht we dont trust u and ur stupid mec its a disgrace

  7. big thought says:

    Kodi inu anthu bwanji mukulimbana ndi Mbendera. Mumafuna achite zofuna zanu kapena za anthu amene anavota. Ngati munampatsa ndalama kuti akubereni mavoti ndiye inapita mmadzi nchifukwa mukulira mpaka lero. Kuti mudzawine pitani kumudzi wina uliwonse mdziko lino akudziweni, muwafotokozere zimene munachita ndi chipani chanu apo biiiiii mukhalira yomweyo. Tangolowani chipani chowinitsachi.

  8. chekambewa says:

    Bravo mbendera zidude zapakatizi ndi zakumpoto zimafuns uzikondere kuti ayambe kususu nanga 20yrs ku opposition sipano ochakwera mutha zanu zambiri muwafunse obaba Tembo akuuza. plot mukulephera kumanga ifja ikhala choncho basi

  9. Mfwethu says:

    This MEC chair is as sheepish as his face looks. Does he mean to tell us he really needs to conduct a research for obvious issues like these? He is a bigger clown than I thought.
    People are disgusted for taking them for granted. Fact is don’t think village people are as ignorant as you think, they can see where things have gone wrong and thats one way of demonstrating their voting rights, stay away!!

  10. Precious says:


  11. Central says:

    Inu Mr Mbendera musatilakwotse enafe ndithudi!!! Do you seriously see any sensible person to be participating in MEC so called elections after mishandling people’s opinions afetr May 20 elections?? On a serious note, you must be very stupid Mr Mbendera!! Why research when we already know the reasons for this!! Kudzigomera nzeru? Chani? I wish I was doing this in person, because the last action would have been something you would never forget in your stupid life!!!!!!! Mwana wa njoka iweeeeeeeeeeeee, ndipo uli kutali ndi chilungamo and you are dirty to the word itself!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  12. M'ngoni wa pa Ntcheu says:

    I was not aware that this idiot is completely stupid as he has displayed here. You mean the whole shit called mbendera does not know the cause of voter apathy? Sure kanyimbi iwe up to the point of calling researchers? Really? This man is a total disgrace to Malawi populance. Even my 5 year nephew knows the reason why ppo will never go to vote unless idiot mbendera is butchered and the whole mec is re-designed. Where is Anastansia Msosa? The lady is genius and has got moral values not this bwampini wachabechabe

  13. Mbonga Matoga says:

    Mr Mbendera, this is a vote of no confidence in the MEC by the Malawian people, no need to waste more tax payers money doing research on obvious things.

    Just do yourself a favour and resign before things get out of hand, in which case you might end up loosing your live over it.

  14. Nobel says:

    Mbendera and Mec is another white elephant. What research is he talking about really? What if we first institute an enquirly to establish what happened on May 20 2014? The Mec must indeed be throughly investigated before they research in the voter apathy. MEC need to put its house in order before they go outside their cacoon.

  15. Kenya says:

    Let Mbendera Himself Do The Research,,,idiot

  16. Lomwepachakutipanu says:

    Chitsiru iwe chi mbendera, uzingokhalira pekupeku mumisewu. Galu wachabe chabe there was poor turn out because people dont trust you. Why should they waste their time pa zisankho zoti you chi Mbendera already know the outcome? Galu iwe eti, chimutu tachionereni chopanda nzerucho, shupiti.

  17. MAKANANI says:


  18. Rosie says:

    Of course it is poor mbendera, we did not want this president, therefore the turn – out would be poor. I would actually ask Malawians to boycot the event because it has never been fair in the first place.

  19. Nyani wa ku Mwananyani says:

    The learned judge is right. Research is the basis for evidence based decisions. Otherwise, we are peddling backwards.
    We need to jack up the participation rates in our elections. So that MCP (Kabwila-Kapasula) do not claim that “we lost because only thirty percent of the people voted” (my quotations). Like any diligent employee, Mr. Mbendera is just doing the job he’s paid for. Never mind his detractors.

  20. Nyangwani says:

    Who can waste money on such a useless research?

  21. kaphaizo says:

    Useless mbendera

  22. Mwenecho says:

    resign man a cant waste my time reading ur things

  23. g4s says:

    Ati kufunsa chinyezi ku bafa bola akanakhala Bengo W kuyendetsa MEC sure.

  24. Mbanangwa says:

    Mr Mbendera is crazy and making a joke of himself. He is himself the main cause of voter apathy. Why is he asking the obvious!

  25. Fathi Shehab says:

    rembrr he Mec Chair did not vote on may20,so too these persons.
    reseach yandani ndipo yachiysni… a bwana Apm koma iwo adakavotetu…

  26. Peter Benga says:

    Mr mbendera 20 may sikale.people have not forgotten what you did.Expect more and more to happen.malawians are not kites

  27. urban planner says:

    Please spare me from the political theatre. I am disenchanted with your comments and you need to stop spitting in my face as a rightful voter with your bogus assumptions and myopic theories. Get a grip of your organization and tell Malawians the truth. I find your assertions to be unworthy and oxymoron.
    A man in your capacity should not request academia to conduct any sort of research because you and your organization already know the root causes of such a “phenomenon” unless if you are indirectly saying that MEC is somehow incapacitated by incompetent people for which I will strongly agree with you on such a conclusion.
    Therefore, what exactly are you going to do with the findings as your decisions have been very bleak during such a pivotal election in Malawi? By the way, I am also appalled at the international observers for announcing that this was a free and fair election!
    Take this with a grain of salt-learn from the adversaries that you encountered during the election and make sure that this never happen again.
    “Stupid is as stupid does” I digress.

  28. Vyachalo says:

    Where did you get new voters (Zibabwian)? Where were they on May 20? Take care! God will answer you and your family.Ears are not ok.

  29. Niaquawer lone ranger says:

    The way the govt is run is what discouraged voters since we expected much while are baseless, not mec or mbendera,

  30. Chekatuli says:

    What research?Search yourself Che mbendera and you will know the answer.

  31. rational says:

    Mbendera did not fail Malawians. he only ensured that the voice of the majority should carry the other. Whether the majority were the lomwes is neither here nor there. Those that are frustrated are those who wanted Mbendera to rig the elections for them. Shame on you! God Bless Mbendera.

  32. Mdicai Longwe says:

    A Mbenderawa ntchito yavutapo apa. Kodi Justice Anastanzia Msosa ali kuti. Tawaphunzitseni ntchito bambowa.

  33. achanguti says:

    mdani wanga number one pa Malawi ndiwe so called Mbendera, sumalikonda dziko langali ata blood full zako ndithu

  34. Thom says:

    Is Mbendera serious? When people go the polls to express their choice and then get swindled into accepting some guy they did not vote for because the MEC irregularities are too much to correct and MEC cannot afford a rerun or a recount, do you really expect people to care about voting next time?

    This guy was not really crying for real at that press conference, he was only pretending. But keep on provoking Malawians with these nonsensical attempts to woo DPP and preserve his job and Malawians will make him sob like a newborn baby. We have had enough of being cheated and then being asked why we don’t like it !!!

  35. Lulu says:

    Crocodile tears or tears of joy or joy for Done deal. Am confused.

  36. Salika says:

    its bcoz you announced DPP n peter as winners wen in actual fact its Chakwera who won the 20 may elections.

  37. Alungwana says:

    Research? You mean you dont remember what you and your MEC did on May 20 elections? Are you out of your mind you the corrupt and incompetent chair? Step down and ppo wil go voting.

  38. Malawi says:

    Mr Mbendera pliz dont rub it on the faces of Peaceful Malawians. We aint stupid ok. Why r u trying to provoke us. Pliz just keep quiet, tieni tipatsane ulemu. The wounds inside are still raw. Musatitengele kokatiyesa ayi. Musatichimwitse ife apa.

  39. MKWAPU says:

    mavi ghako mbendera

  40. Stupid says:

    You do not need researchers, the answer is glaring at you. …..YOU and your stupid MEC commissioners are the reason for voter apathy………….wake up and smell the coffee fool!!!

  41. Mbolo Sidwala! says:

    The reason is very simple: you failed Malawians on 20 th May. Unless you step down expect more of voter apathy in the subsequent by elections. You are a shame to the Malawian society, not to talk of the legal fraternity. Ulibe manyazi ayi?

  42. John says:

    Hang on now. With the way Mbendera conducted the May 20 elections now you are wondering why you are getting low voter turnouts? Seriously? Do you Mbendera even respect the electorate? Do you think the electorate feel valued and that their votes do matter? I mean…if you want a real reason for the low voter turn out, just go in the streets and hear the people’s mind ( that is if you wont be swallowed alive at the very mention of the name “Mbendera”). You are lucky you live behind high walls with securities.

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