Mbendera calls for research on Malawi voter apathy

Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) Chairperson Justice Maxon Mbendera has called on researchers in the country to institute a research on the causes of voter apathy during by-elections.

The call follows an average of 12.12 to 40.87 percent of voters who casted their votes during the just ended October 7 by-elections which was marred by poor turn out.

Mbendera: We need research on pathy

Mbendera: We need research on pathy

Speaking in Blantyre on Wednesday after declaring results of the by-elections Justice Mbendera described the situation as phenomenon in the country’s elections history.

“Ever since we have been having by-elections in the country the turnout of voters during the polling compared to the number of registered voters has been always discouraging,” observed Mbendera.

“Despite the commission mounting extensive civic and voter education in by-election areas it’s very disappointing that voter turnout has been always poor, it’s now time we ask our colleagues in the academy or research institutions to conduct a research on the causes of voter apathy in the country,” added Mbendera.

Recently one of the country’s political analyst Dr Augustine Magolowondo blamed MEC for the low turnout of voters during the just ended by-elections.

Magolowondo said the commission failed to mount extensive civic and voter education prior to the by-elections a situation he described as unfortunate.

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Mbendera donot be surprised of th apathy. It seems you are trying to tell pipo that are still kicking. Panopa waopsyeza PP kuti apite ku meeting yopanda ajenda. Kaya!

Gule wa Mkulu

I am going to start an organization called Anti-voting Crusade of Malawi (ACM) Only one objective: To discourage Malawians to vote as lawyers and MEC can do the job with corrupt money form DPP. Why vote when one high court judge can over turn the majority’s wish? let the courts and their staff and judges vote. Then swearing in ceremony at midnight.

Mbendera if you are actually surprised that the turn out for the recent by elections there must be something wrong in your head. How can you expect people to trust MEC after what took place on May 20th? I can tell you the problem and the reasons why there is so much voter apathy in this country. You! MEC are the reason why. People have lost not only respect for your organization but also trust in what you represent. Please do not look any further. Look in the mirror you will have your answers. No need to waste tax payer’s… Read more »
Chins wakummwela

Olira sitimuseka pakamwa! Munthu nthaw ya kampen umangopangira mnyumba mwako mokha,ndye anthu akudziwa bwanj? Munthu ulibe mbiri inailiyonse yandale pa Malawi pano,uwina bwanj? Munthu anasiya kudyesa nkhosa za mulungu nkuyamba ndale,ndye nkumat nkhosazo zingasangalale? DPP A LIFE PARTY!! MUNENA SMUNATI!!


Possibly research the role of mec personnel in elections kkkkk!


No need for reserch its uuu Mbendera we dont want, cant u see? Mbala inzakoyo cant fire u for obvious reasons bt mr knw tht we dont trust u and ur stupid mec its a disgrace

big thought

Kodi inu anthu bwanji mukulimbana ndi Mbendera. Mumafuna achite zofuna zanu kapena za anthu amene anavota. Ngati munampatsa ndalama kuti akubereni mavoti ndiye inapita mmadzi nchifukwa mukulira mpaka lero. Kuti mudzawine pitani kumudzi wina uliwonse mdziko lino akudziweni, muwafotokozere zimene munachita ndi chipani chanu apo biiiiii mukhalira yomweyo. Tangolowani chipani chowinitsachi.


Bravo mbendera zidude zapakatizi ndi zakumpoto zimafuns uzikondere kuti ayambe kususu nanga 20yrs ku opposition sipano ochakwera mutha zanu zambiri muwafunse obaba Tembo akuuza. plot mukulephera kumanga ifja ikhala choncho basi


This MEC chair is as sheepish as his face looks. Does he mean to tell us he really needs to conduct a research for obvious issues like these? He is a bigger clown than I thought.
People are disgusted for taking them for granted. Fact is don’t think village people are as ignorant as you think, they can see where things have gone wrong and thats one way of demonstrating their voting rights, stay away!!



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