Mbendera coup remarks: Malawi CSOs demand MEC boss probe

Malawi Electoral Commission  (MEC) chairperson  Justice Maxon Mbendera has courted fire to himself over his remarks that he had pressure from former President Joyce Banda over management of the May 20 Tripartite Elections and that the Malawi Defense Force (MDF) was also instructed to storm the national tally centre at Comesa Hall in Blantyre in order to force a recount.

The country’s civil society organisations are pushing for investigations over the remarks which they say if true smack of power abuse on the part of the former president.

In an interview with one of the country’s private television station Times TV, Mbendera said that if Joyce Banda’s push was successful it could have been a coup .

Mtambo:   We need investigations

Mtambo: We need investigations

In a joint statement Centre for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) and Centre for Development of People (Cedep) have said that there was need for thorough investigations on Mbendera’s claims.

Mbendera told the Times TV that the former president ordered the MDF to push MEC to conduct vote recount, the exercise that was challenged a number of times through court injunctions. Mbendera himself also said that he did not succumb to the pressure as it was against the country’s laws.

“We at CHRR and Cedep implore the relevant authorities to conduct swift, thorough investigations into the claims so that all Malawians of good will are kept abreast of the truth about what happened during the highly controversial tripartite elections,” states the two organisations in a statement signed by Timothy Mtambo and Gift Trapence, CHRR and Cedep executive directors, respectively.

CHRR and Cedep said the allegation smacks of power abuse, which Malawians should guard against.

They also expressed surprise at the period that has elapsed from the time the elections were made to the time when the allegation has been made.

The two organisations have also described Mbendera’s action as putting him in an irrelevant position to the country’s democratic process and called on him to step down.

“CHRR and Cedep are surprised that four months down the line, the MEC chairperson and the rest of his team are still at the helm of the commission despite the shortfalls that rendered their competence and credibility questionable,” reads the statement.

The Islamic Commission for Justice and Peace (ICJF) also questioned Mbendera’s motive behind the allegations he made.

A statement signed by ICJF secretary general Hassan Chimwala, called on MEC to sort out all the problems so that future elections are conducted in a free, fair and transparent manner.

Mbendera has since refused to comment on the calls.

During the TV interview Mbendera : “It would have been a coup d’tat for the president to declare an election null and void.”

The May 20 elections were riddled with a variety of irregularities and violence that in some instances led to postponement of polling in some centres in Blantyre and Lilongwe.

The situation led to the extension of the voting beyond a single day and delay by MEC to announce official results.

The irregularities also led to some political parties claiming the elections were rigged, an observation which Mbendera, the Malawi Electoral Support Network (Mesn) and the European Union Election Observer team, among other electoral players, have since dismissed.

The violence that ensued in some areas left one person dead.

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45 thoughts on “Mbendera coup remarks: Malawi CSOs demand MEC boss probe”

  1. Tricia says:

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    and, in some cases, hardened coconut oil the “American truffle” is a half-egg shaped.
    When you receive your product, read the label carefully before opening.

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  2. Policeman says:

    Hehehe ati kwawo kopanda tchire, m’mesa tchire mudamaliza chifukwa cha umbuli wanu powotcha makala? Timanyumba tamaudzu tija tozungulira ngati mpira, basi nkumanyadira kuti kulibe tchire poti timanyumbato patokha ndi tchire kale. You talk as if kwanuko ife sitikudziwa bwanji? Kukhalira kupemphetsa in offices where this blessed clan give you alms, umenewo ndi moyo? Eating maize husks, I beg, I better die than live on maize husks. Mukuzithera zakudya nkhumba akhokhola inu!!

  3. Lomwepachakutipanu says:

    Why is that you people who claim kuti kwanu kulibe tchire, why is it that most of you you have ended up in houses of people amene mukuti ngakutchire working as housemaids; cleaners and ulonda. Why is it anthu mukuti you come from kwabwinonu, most of you muli muzigayo begging for maize husks? Ndiuzeni why is it that most of you are in streets begging for alms? Pantumbo panu nonse zianthu zopanda nzeru you will just die of nsanje because the more jealous you are of northerners, the more God is blessing them. They are few in number, but go in govt offices, most of them are northerners pamenepo dziko sakuyendetsa ndi iwo indirectly? Go to North and search for a single beggar in the streets, you will find none. Go south, the whole family, father, mother and kids are in streets even at the point of pretending that they are blind, what a shame!!!!! In this 21st century? Please give us a break and have a life heyi!!!

  4. chanda says:

    mbendela ndi mbava no 1 ndipo mulungu amulanga aona amalawi tayamba kuvutika chifukwa chaiye

  5. peter says:

    Mbendera needs to be investigated throurghly on his allegations.

  6. GONANI says:

    Mbendera is an idiot. Don’t trust anything he says.

  7. wawa says:

    Amalawi kumasamba kudzola mafuta abwino kumaso kumasalala abale… aah ada wa kumaso ngati mphonda ziphuphu… yiyayi mbale chonde..anyamata amadzolanso fairtu

  8. Alungwana says:

    Amalawikuiwala lion number pliz. It seems you are becoming the mdf witnes, isnt it? Or you are just our spokesman and since when?

  9. Alungwana says:

    I wonder where were the CSO’s when the elections were ligged? Where were you guys when the people’s rights to choose were denied by möney in the courts? Trapence where were you? Mtambo, you let the courts default people’s rights and think that wasnt a coup or a treason. Shut up CSO.

  10. Nobel says:

    So all this while Justice Mbendera kept this info? Thanks that u’ve now concluded ur stay by saying this. What remains is u stepping down since we’re through with the by elections. Good bye

  11. So idiots from the north think are the most intelligent ??? They are living in a false comfort zone. That’s why all parties screw them. Kkkkkkk kkkkkkk

  12. Moya, says:

    A Mbendera Liuzeni Dziko Zoona Apa,mukuti Zinakhala Bwanji?

  13. banga says:

    what happened to vigilante justice? this idiot needs to be dealt with. He is a disgrace to our democracy for real. Not only is he corrupt but he is a confusionist who needs to be taught a lesson.

  14. Mbanangwa says:

    Mr ‘cool’ learn to accept reality. The country’s think-tank is the north and lowly the country is becoming ungovernable, so it will be as days draw bye! Support Peter your brother, I will support the fall of Babylon. I still say, Nkhata-Bay Scondary School has suffered because Joyce Banda is our in-law. Open your eyes go back into the time machine and see how the north has shaped this country for the good or the bad as you think. Mile by mile federalism is coming. Shame and to he’ll with you, a coward thou art!

    1. drakes says:


  15. Pasop! ungazamwe turpentine kuyesa madzi says:

    Yes investigate IF indeed JB ordered Odilo to invade MEC. We just saw a comment from one of the soldiers that indeed the order was given to the Solders from JB through Odilo to the soldiers but they rejected the rubbish!

    If this is exposed and found to be true, then it will be treason of the highest order!

  16. MKWAPU says:


  17. Tawadi says:

    The people south are primitive in their thinking. It does not follow that if the head of an institution is a northerner then he looks at issues as a northerner. Remember it was the institutions that stood firm during tyrant Bingu & the whole country rallied behind them. Mr Mbendera can’t be honest as a rumour may be a rumour. A judge works not mere evidence but that which is beyond reasonable doubt. If one says he disobeyed the command then our army is well disorganised. Kutukwana kumasonyeza kupanda nzeru cifukwa zitsiru zimatero zopanda IQ YAIKULU

  18. I agree with comment no 11 of BABI indeed the order was given for the MDF to act and I was one of the soldiers who wanted to storm Peter Mutharika’s residence but the orders were leaked and a retired General intervened by warning Odilo to politely disobey the order. Infact most senior officers were against the order and this is the reason why the MDF Spokesperson put a clarification on the use of MDF on Peter’s house. The clarification was too little, too late and was put just to save him from the chop if Peter won the elections!

  19. Ngoni Ruler says:

    Its time 4 madam jb 2 face difficulties indeed its true madam ordered mdf 2 raid tally center bt it failled cz juniors disobey that order sorry 2 mr odilo a learned man lyk u being used by old,greedy,selfish woman politician in return of monie sorry former army commander.

  20. Big Kahuna says:

    @ comment number 7 you are a liar,no soldier will say that and no soldier will disobey the commands of the boss.You are a street vendor

  21. Overseer says:

    Justice mbendera we are proud of you. Without you this country would have been in chaos. We would have lost our hardly earned democracy through joyisi banda. Bravo for standing firm. Dont mind these gay organisations that are behind joyisi because of her support for the gays. Trepence and mtambo are under demonic influence. During cashgate saga they were silent coz the perpetrator was their dear joyisi. We love you mbendera

  22. ovirikana says:

    Atumbukanso ndiye mwayenjeza. Imeneyi foto ya a executive director? Tumbuka or no Tumbuka this time no shit! Munayamba ndi cessation lero mukuti feudalism. Not knowing what you want. Tikavotera NO for feadalism as a nation, inu nkuvota Yes, ife kumwera ttidzaikapo ya cessation. Inu yanu ya Nyika Republic ikamwa madzi ife tidzaikapo ya Shire Republic. Mdzaone ma company ambiri ali mu BT, Ma University kumwera kupa kutaya, zipatala ndiye lololo. Miseu ya myaaaa. Ma highway nkati. Zimenezi tidzachita tikadzatopa kulamulira ndipo abusa achigawo chapakatiwa akadzatha kubera chisankho poti inuyo mukuona ngati tinabera. Nthawi ya a Bingu timakuonani ngati anzeru but no more! Simungatiputsitse. Abiti anuwonso ndende ikuwadikira chifukwa cha cashgate ndi treason. Ma umboni tili nawo. Inuyo mumawatsekera anamatetule athu ku Lumbadzi koma inu ukakudyani ndi udzudzu wakuChikhwawa prison. Musovenge!

  23. vindere says:

    Mind you guys,Odillo and JB are not from the North but South. So you Southerners can go up to an extent of castigating your own sons and daughters. What a Region this so called South.

  24. vindere says:

    Mr cool critic,just express yourself in Lomwe or Chichewa. Your English is rubbish. Where did you go to school? Ndata farm???

  25. VYOTO says:


  26. chidumayo says:

    I think Mbendera is not a matured person, that why he shades tears very oftenely even before announcing the results. A sign of coweredness or crooky ways. Where were you all this time and to produce that statement now after 4 months? Akupanisa chi bread eti?
    Do not push the nation astray, you will lose your integrity old man.

  27. Osibweni says:

    Kag’wigw’i watimalizatu basi anthu akumpoto ife. Really you have finished us. My brother above is just looking like a vendor form Mzuzu not CEO for the whole CSO like CHRR.

  28. BABI says:

    Stupid Mtambo. another northerner. we all know JB had sent soldiers to tally centre and even to Peters house. Odillo was the most useless army commander who presided over theft of money and he was working hand in hand to steal. I am one of the soldiers and indeed we were given such instructions but we disobeyed because we did not want to casue chaos.

    1. CANAAN says:

      BABI, so you are a soldier? You must be a very stupid and dull soldier. That’s why you can’t see that stupidity in mbendera. Go and guard at NDATA farm. Fool! You are the people who helped stupid mbendera to snash the vote from our mighty MCP. Kagwere uko, umaidziwa nkhondo iwe. Kuzolowera kugonana ndi mahure is all what you know. Shame on you!!

  29. cool critic says:

    Mtambo: Are you sure you are the non-nyikalander? Are you Nyikalander? If you are not an emotioned Tumbuka, then you have facts. However if you are Tumbuka then thus load of nonsense.Go away.

    Gift Trapence: Are you a Tumbuka or not? If you are tumbuka then you are acting out anger. Yes out of emotion. Out of YOND’s objectives.Useless. Go to hell where amadiora is waiting to kiss you there.Stupid. Useless education mbwenumbwes who can not form an equation to see mbwenumbwenus rising to presidency. All what you is being jealousy when Lomwe succeed in forming the equation.

    Why cant you probe your female duck for choosing to be a friend of court behind Lutepo the chief cashgatier? Fosake a Tumbuka. who is Lutepo for your president JB to associated with. Apa ndiye mwatha basi. I have nagative feeling towards Mbwenumbwenus and that will remain like that until I see seccesion of the Nyikaland fro mother Malawi..

    What sort of minority who wants to rule majority? Then democracy wont have the meaning. In democracy majority rules. Mwera is in majority and it will rule for ever? Just take grade 1 tamerc.

  30. Chilungamo Chimawawa says:

    please DPP cadets, take your friend mbendera to Zomba Mental Hospital to seek for help. The money belonging to Malawian Tax payers which he ate are now disturbing his mental ability

  31. vindere says:

    Mr Kanyimbi, this just shows you how educated these people are and if you continue like this ,you’re going to faint.

  32. vindere says:

    Paja aKag;wig’wi zija mumavala zija zosema mumaona ngati ndinu azungu.Moti mukapaka phulusa m’matako basi enu happy kuti ndinu azungu.Hahahahahaha!! Azungu apa Malawi amenewo. No wonder this country is poverty stricken.

  33. Kanyimbi says:

    CEDEP and CHRR muli atumbuka okha okha. Kutereku akufuna kuwopseza kuti chilungamo chisadziwike. Machende awo onse.

  34. Mbudye says:

    Dziko lonse linamva Abiti Joyisi akufuna kuletsa chisankho ndi ma BRAKETE! Kikiki! Did she have powers to do so? Obviously no! Clearly that was treasonous! Abiti chingwe chikuwadikila basi! She accused others of treason and she duly committed the same when the reigns of power were fleeing from her! Bravo Mbendera for standing up against Jezebel and her cohorts!

  35. Fact Checker says:

    Silly Max Mbendera. Trying to suck up to the DPP government by accusing the PP of attempting a coup. Only to end up with CSOs wanting him to step down. What was the problem with just keeping quiet and letting sleeping dogs lie? He tried to be too clever and it backfired. Now he should just go home and cry himself to sleep.

  36. tsk tsk tsk says:

    Ha ha ha So the call to annull elections happened on National radio, MLS etc was there and also commented, the courts gave an order that basically said she has no power to do so and you want an investigation? am I missing something?
    For those who have actually watched the interview at what point did Justice Mbendera utter the words coup d’etat, unless now all illegal acts, the statement he made are now treason? at what point did he say the order came from the president his response was he is not sure any of the eleven candidates could have tried to influence the army to do do whatever they had been asked to do.

  37. kag'wig'wi says:

    Is this Mtambo CHRR CEO or he is group 5 security guard. Look at his uniform and general appearnce. Kuda kuonekeratu kuti ndi nyikalander.

    1. Aluweka says:

      Kag’wig’wi you are just proving your stupidity here. because Peter is Dark in Complexion does that qualify him to be a Northerner …? Lets not lose track of whats really important here. lets discuss issues that are relevant to us and to generations to come. No one will come from outside our motherland and develop it but ourselves. Whenever we want to debate issues lets not debate them with ill conceived minds. because I am from the North that doesn’t mean I am must subscribe to anything a northerner proposes..may be that’s why as a country we are not developing because of this myopic way of thinking . The change we want to see in Malawi begins with you.

      1. Kanyimbi says:

        musamuwopseze mwana. Inu mumawona ngati anthu akhala phee kumangokusekelerani? Inutu mukusewera ndi moto. Chifukwa cha mwano kwanu ndi kutchire kwachabe chabe.

        1. NGONI PRINCESS says:

          You have definately not travelled kwanu. Ntchire lili kumeneku nkumanenanso kwa anzanu?

        2. Aluweka says:

          Actually a s a matter of fact i am not the one kuwopseza the so called mwana. if he is that young then let him leave adults to debate this issue. let him go outside and play with toys…

        3. Munthavi says:

          inu town ndi yiti? anyani amasekana zikundu eti! a local malawian of the north is far much better than any other region,ndiye mukuzitama ndi chani?

  38. Nyikalanders says:

    Mbendera take your patience. Remember CEDEP and CHRR is composed of Nyikalanders.If that is not the case why can’t they probe JB after she declared that she will be interested party on the side of Lutepo, the cashgatier.

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