Mbendera’s poison death? Tembenu says Malawi polls chief had a sugar problem

Minister of Justice and Constitutional Affairs Samuel Tembenu made an attempt to play down speculations that the sudden death of  Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) chairperson, Justice Maxon Mbendera, was “state-sponsored” murder, saying Mbendera had health problem before his demise.

Mbendera’s wife Aida, and a grandchild being assisted to lay a wreath by Ella Tsukuluza, wife of bishop Charles Tsukuluza, founder of Revival Life Church

Mbendera’s wife Aida, and a grandchild being assisted to lay a wreath by Ella Tsukuluza, wife of bishop Charles Tsukuluza, founder of Revival Life Church

Social media has been awash  with reports  which have not been independently verified that  ruling Democtractic Progressive Party (DPP) operatives were assigned to meet and terminate Mbendera’s life using a drug that could mimic a heart attack and would be virtually undetectable as a murder.

The said meeting, according to the reports, was arranged to take place at the Auditor General’s office pretending that the MEC Chairperson was being summoned to be briefed of many anormalies identified at the Commission.

It is revealed that an operative working for National Intelligence Bureau (NIB) but masquerading as an Audit Clerk was given “Calcium Gluconate” which is a very useful drug to counteract the effects of IV Bag hyperkalemia (which pathologists easily identify as too much potassium in the body) that can produce heart arrhythmias.

Mbendera is reported to habe engaged in a verbal tirade with Minister of Agricutlure  George Chaponda who was being accompanied by chief spy  Nicholas Dausi and  DPP secretary general Ekrain Kudontoni.

He challenged to spill the beans  about abuses DPP was making through the electoral body.

A pathologist at the College of Medicine conducted the autoposy.

It is said lateMbendera before his passing was profusely sweating, had nausea and vomiting, an irregular and slow heartbeat.

He was served with a glass of water and a cup of coffee whilst waiting for the planned meeting before his sudden death.

But speaking at Mbendera’s funeral in Blantyre, Tembenu said Mbendera was not fit and well.

Tembenu, who spoke on behalf of President Peter Mutharika, disclosed that Mbendera had a sugar problem, which was high according to his family, before he left for Lilongwe where he died suddenly on Thursday.

The Justice Minister called the allegations of foul play as “absurd.”

Mbendera was the first MEC chairperson to handle tripartite elections on May 20 2014.

He will be remembered for publicly and uncharacteristically weeping on May 30 2014 as he announced final results of the May 201 2014 Tripartite Elections at the National Tally Centre in Blantyre.

His gesture shocked many Malawians, especially coming against a background of reports of disagreements among MEC commissioners on results

He confessed that he had an emotional attack after realizing that he was about to make a declaration that would spark wild celebrations for the winning party when one family elsewhere was mourning.

MEC chief elections officer, Willies Kalonga, in his eulogy said: “Justice Mbendera was a father. He led MEC with a vision. You could not bully him. He defended us.He was a great son of God.”

High-profile personalities that attended Mbendera’s funeral ceremony and burial included Vice-President Saulos Chilima, former president Bakili Muluzi, UNDP country representative Mia Seppo, former chief justices Lovemore Munlo and Leonard Unyolo, High Court and Malawi Supreme of Court of Appeal judges, Leader of Opposition and MCP president Lazarus Chakwera, a number of Cabinet ministers and Inkosi Ya Makosi Gomani V.

Born on November 4, 1958, Mbendera hailed from Kapala Village in the area of Traditional Authority Chakhumbira in Ntcheu and is survived by a wife and four children .

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25 thoughts on “Mbendera’s poison death? Tembenu says Malawi polls chief had a sugar problem”

  1. Tadala says:

    Ku malawi ndale zimayera anthu osapita ku school…coz umbuli ndi ufiti zimagwirizana. Inu muli ndima certificate..lekani ndale. Chenjezo…zomakonda kudya/kumwa mma meeting siyani…muzidyeratu kwanu. Kuyenda ndi cup like flask ndi nzerube

  2. Fisi Dausi says:

    Does it mean Tembenu is confirming that Mbendera’s death was a result of sugar disease he suffered from, or is it another theory to counter that of poisoning?

    Has the pathological liar Dzamalala established that it was diabetes which killed him?

    This is the reason I bemoan Nyasa Times journalism, it leaves you as a reader in suspense with so many questions floating on your mind. You can’t establish which is which. It’s all pure tosh in Malawi.

  3. Kenkkk says:

    Taking advantage of a person’s health problems to hide their evil actions is what dpp thugs are good at. Most of us are unfit and not well but do we have to die that way? Diabetes for that matter can’t kill an educated person like mbendera who knows what to do when it comes on or even travels with medication depending on the type of diabetes he had.

    How come such important people are mostly killed when there is some sort of a gathering? Where food and beverages are being served and where there is always presence of nib?

    My warning to all the opposition especially those very critical of this incompetent dpp leader and president that be careful what you ingest when you are at these gatherings disguised by dpp thugs as meetings or seminars. Ensure that you are aware who is at the kitchen or serving you, who is sitting next to you. Just common sense precautions.

    No matter what some of these bootlicking dpp thugs say, some of us know it was not a natural death but a human manufactured one. Just look at who attends the funeral from the dpp side. The radical thuggish dpp wing didn’t attend including the top leader.

  4. UDF says:

    You can kill but not everybody……. Mudzaulululana

  5. Mbava Yaikulu says:

    Calcium gluconate side effects include nausea, constipation, upset stomach. Rapid intravenous injections of calcium gluconate may cause hypercalcaemia, which can result in vasodilation, cardiac arrhythmias, decreased blood pressure, and bradycardia. Extravasation of calcium gluconate can lead to cellulitis. Intramuscular injections may lead to local necrosis and abscess formation.[11]

    It is also reported that this form of calcium increases renal plasma flow, diuresis, natriuresis,[12][13] glomerular filtration rate,[14] and prostaglandin E2 and F1-alpha levels.[

  6. santana says:

    These dunderheads were saying Mbendera helped the DPP to win votes yet the man was appointed to that seat by Jezebel Joyce Banda. Now you are saying the same DPP has killed the MEC chair, the one who helped them win the elections, what nonsense! It is Jezebel who can kill the man whom she appointed for not doing a good job for her. I thought the DPP would be the happy lot keeping the guy on the seat so that he does another good job in 2019? You the Msowoyas are really people of mucous brains. Your comments which are always on hate are showing that you are always at pains and you need to take an hourly dose to cool your burnt hearts. If you take these hourly drugs to cool yourself you should remember that we are almost two and half years to another election. How many hours are these? How many drugs will you take bwana Msowoya? Please just accept the situation we are in. The DPP is extra strong from the grass root level that the opposition combined will need a miracle to win the 2019 elections. APM’s house coming stronger every passing day and just waiting for the day to give the opposition another surprise which will be more surprising than the one in 2014. Msowoya and others should not waste their anger on postings on the Nyasa Times. Go and start campaigning in the villages for your party leaders. Convince people there on why they should not vote for APM in 2019. But don’t forget to tell them who they should vote for in 2019. You will be shocked my dear miserable man.

  7. Central says:

    I am too surprised to hear that and I quote “Mbendera is reported to have engaged in a verbal tirade with Minister of Agricutlure George Chaponda who was being accompanied by chief spy Nicholas Dausi and DPP secretary general Ekrain Kudontoni”!!!

    What were they arguing about considering that Chaponda is Minister of Agriculture not finance? Dausi is NIB boss? and Kudontoni is DPP guru? Amangetu is this serious or a fabrication? Can the alleged persons defend themselves please!!

    Mr Kamphasa, may you kindly tell us who was in that meeting!! A Kamphasa zonse chonde zisathere m’manja mwanu!! Please tell us something on the mebership only not on the serious issues!!

  8. Winston Msowoya..kikikiki….you are very WELCOME….to simply put it in your mother tumbuka tongue from the DEAD NORTH (THENGERE) as Kamuzu used to degrade you all the TUMBUKAS…you are WELUkhaMU…..

  9. Diabetic persons do take coffee with no sugar, and water is recommended

  10. Mapwevupwevu says:

    Nomwenu mumati MEC should be probed for corruption, the probing starts, Mbendera cant take the heat, starts visualizing himself joining his fellow lawyer Rough Kasambara and dies, mukuti waphedwa! A Malawi simudzatheka!

  11. Wiseman from the East says:

    When a person is either having HBP or diabetic problem, we do not give them water and DEFINITELY not coffee. Which idiot did this? While giving water causes the person to get sick (vomit) in such a situation, coffee on the other hand aggravates the attacks. Poor Mackson he thought he was being helped. So either the person(s) who administered water and coffee knew exactly what he was doing and so poisoning cannot be completely ruled out, or it`s complete idiocy!

    1. Ngwenya says:

      What can water do to a diabetic person?

  12. Mwananyanian says:

    The claim of murder of the late Judge is irresponsible, reprehensible, preposterous and even ignorant. And only peddled by conspiracy theorists, no less.
    The claimants have literally NO clue about the late judge’s health status. And pity them too: they have zero knowledge of medicine, physiology, and drugs or pharmaceuticals. But they feel they have to mouth off simply because THEY HAVE A BIG HOLE IN THEIR FACES!!! (Triple “!” on purpose) Utter ignorance from people who actually don’t know that they are ignorant – a very dangerous combination.
    Speculations like these only bring more anguish to the family. Why such nonsense?
    Also, why does everything, including what might have been a natural death, has to be viewed through a political lens, in this country? “Innocuous” diseases like high blood pressure, and diabetes can be and are easily a fatal combination. Everywhere. Especially when combined with stress, which is everywhere, including here in Malawi, and is always present, especially if you have a top and responsible job, in the public arena.
    So, stop the nonsense, even in the background.

    1. Hard man says:

      You speak like Dausi!

    2. Madala says:

      So you have foggy brain such that you easily forget. have you forgotten that when Bingu died you accused Joyce Banda and TB Joshua of killing him magically? now the same has been applied to you and you angry. foolish! muziyankhula ngati munthu wanzeru because akukamba za inu tsopano. zokuti DPP inadzadza ndi mbava, zigawenga, mfiti aliyense amadziwa. kupha ndi kwanu. koma musamale chifukwa Yehova sangalole kuti muzapha zolengedwa zake mwachibwana choncho. munaoha chasowa, njaunju and now mbendera. muli ndi tsoka anthu inu. koma dziwani kuti izi ndi za dziko lapansi

    3. Mbava Yaikulu says:

      Mwaphabe nanunso mufa pompano

    4. Thako Panja says:

      I agree with Mwananyanian 100%. The writer call Green Muheya is a pathetic writer and what he has written here has no evidence whatsoever. The fact that you are writers it does not mean that you should be writing nonsense. Please respect the family of the late and stop writing nonsense because you hate DPP, there are other situations and forums you can do that. Shame on you Green Muheya and Company!!!!

  13. Winston Msowoya says:

    Chimpeni James you and your friend Dr.Dzamalala are birds of the same feathers,shut your rotten mouth,why killing someone who catapulted your corrupt DPP into power? The truth will always triumph,it is a matter of time.GyurA

    1. mgoloso says:

      Please help me to understand – does it mean that anthu otchuka sayenera kufa/kumwalira?. Why always otchuka akamwalira zimakhala ngati iwoyo inali death immuned.

      Mbendera was a human being just like anybody else who is dying in the village – created by same God almighty

    2. mgoloso says:

      Many people are dying each day all over the world – how special are others not to die?. Death is even mentioned in the Bible by God himself who created us.

      Poison or no poison, Mbendera was to die as our fore fathers died long time ago including Abraham (father of all nations)

  14. Chambe says:

    It’s possible that if sugar level of a diabetic person is high and that the person is engaged in verbal tirade with someone in opposing views, the blood pressure can rise in effect. Usually diabetic people tend to also suffer HBPs.
    Justice Mbendera ( MHSRIP) was on a dangerous course on that fateful day. To suggest that the drug could find its way in the coffee or water that he was served with can only be proven in pathological test results.

  15. I hope Winston Msowoya and Kamlepo and Vyoto would require a copy of Dr. Dzamalala’s postmortem result. Its sugar disease and not DPP

    1. mgoloso says:

      No wonder, all is political in mother Malawi – so shameful. People died during Kamuzu, Muluzi, Joyce and Bingu. It is nobody who created death – it originated from Eden.

    2. kkilembe says:

      It is a shame Tembenu behaved like a doctor and disclosing in public the health status of somebody who could not answer back. I am appalled by this turn of events. Health in formation remains personal to holder. The minister went over board!!!

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