Mcheka blocks MP’s statement on Jappie funeral saga

Dowa East MP Richard Chimwendo Banda’s desperate attempt to inform parliament on Tuesday of the plight of deceased MP children in Rumphi who are to spend another night in police cell, hit a snag as deputy first speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje told him to follow parliamentary procedures.

Banda: Told to follow procedure

Banda: Told to follow procedure

This is the second time that Chirimwendo Banda, chairman of parliamentary Social and Community Affairs took to the floor to tell the House how Minister of Information Jappie Mhango ordered the police to lock up three children of his former political rival Tasoka Msiska, just a week after his death.

Chilenje told Chirimwendo Banda to follow parliamentary procedures and standing order before bringing the matter of urgency for debate in the House.

On Monday, Speaker Richard Msowoya told him the same to follow parliamentary procedures.

In an interview, spokesman for the family of late Msiska, Collins Msiska said the police arrested the former MP’s son Christopher and his three cousins Macdonald Msiska, Adrian Msiska and Harris Msiska.

Collins Msiska said the suspects have since been charged with conduct likely to cause breach of peace at the funeral.

He said the family simply told the minister to leave the place because it was an insult that when Tasoka was alive, he was not in good books with Mhango yet the minister wanted to “shed crocodile tears” at the funeral.

Police spokesman in Rumphi confirmed the arrest but refused to comment although some police officers said in secret the arrest was ordered by Mhango.

Mhango floored Tasoka in the 2014 parliamentary elections.

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19 thoughts on “Mcheka blocks MP’s statement on Jappie funeral saga”

  1. prince says:

    Idiot and foolish minister see on 2019 shit

  2. dzina langa says:

    arresting ana olira. did you people ever study psychology or were you sent by misguided bosses. shame! shame shame!

  3. Mercy k says:

    Nothing wrong Mr mhango did, if he was harmed then u fools could perhaps rejoice? Police is simply doing their work

  4. chatonda says:

    Mcheka Chilenje will try her best to protect the DPP because of her issue that is likely going to end her political career with an arrest. She stole government money through false pretence and also theft by public servant are her cases. Let the opposition do the needful and teach her a lesson that will make her remember Masenjre in Fatima, Nsanje.

  5. mogasa club member says:

    kodi mcheka wabweza za rent? iye sanapange conduct likely to blah blah blah yanuyo?

  6. Happening Boy says:

    The arrest Is wrong, payifwa tikukakana yai.

  7. sawira 1 says:

    chifukwa chot chit adadi adaluza u mp kwa jappi basi chidani ndi pa maliro pomwe, zidani za pa campaign iye adaziiwale mkana anabwera kuzakutani inu mmalo mothokoza ndikuiwala mwayamba ku mponya miyala , kodi amatero????

  8. Let Us Pray says:

    It is not the first time some people have been chased away from the funeral. What is special with the so called Jappie? Amasuleni anawo alire imfa ya kholo lawo infact you are inflicting more pain on them.

  9. Moya Jombajomba says:

    china chilichonse akufuna azilamulira k6a zikulephera ku muyendera eg zisankho za ma vdc/adc koma no training,dhasp/cement malata subsidy mavuto okhaokha on selection of beneficialies as he wanted to endorse his members,teachers transfers a problem etc what a type of minister in rumphi?

  10. Munyasa says:

    Mhango u hav been empowered by satanic procession of the peter muthalika and thats ur end brother…ugalu wako

  11. SONG says:

    Mpoto kuyichita nthena Jappie dpp yamara akulu uko. Iyo ni north tikuyimanya imwe ndimwe tuwana twasonosono. Iwe takaka kale pa 2019 apa nge nkhutali chalo mzamchiona chifinyi ichi. Wafumiskeni wana awo wali pa siwa machero kundache.

  12. flamingo says:

    Wa Dowa East adziwa bwanji za ku Rumphi? please spare us the politics, if they acted unlawfully they have to be arrested! Ifenso tikadzagendedwa zikafika ku parliament?

  13. messiah says:

    mhango iz very stupid coz popita kumalilo sitiyendela za chidani

  14. Kadakwiza says:

    Wolemekezeka Bwana Jappie Mhanngo atembenukira abale awo lero chifukwa cha unduna, nzomvetsa chisoni kwambiri. A Bwana a Mhango ayiwala chi tumbuka choti, CHALO NI MAZGOLA, CHIKAZGOLA A GAMPHANI PA NKHAMANGA. Pano anthu akumva ndipo akuwona. Zikomo.

  15. Mashamase says:

    Imwe a jappie make sure u will b a minister for gud

  16. mtumbuka1 says:

    Release the innocent children you useless police. Who are these cops? Give us their names they are probably nakhumwas, kamwikos etc, these lomwe cops stationed in rumphi must also be stoned they must be deployed to the lomwe built so we can see if they can arrest their families and friends there for petty issues. It’s police brutality coupled with corruption cos jappie had corrupt their minds. Listen here jappie, don’t think dpp will rule forever and that you will be an mp forever. Who thought aford will wake up with one mp in the whole northern region one day? Don’t be silly jappie and people must burn your houses in rumphi( that is if you have one)so you can relocate to tyolo to live with your useless godfather peter.

  17. belekiya says:


  18. mdk says:

    They were arrested cos they committed an offence not because somebody ordered the police.please spare us the gimmick.they were seen trying to harm the minister.just because their father lost to the minister does not mean they are enemies.wake up please ndale ndi pamaliro pomwe?pathetic

  19. becks says:

    The beginning of the end of Jappie mhango

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