Mchinji Secondary School students damage property, charged by court

Mchinji Magistrate Court on Tuesday ordered 49 male students from Mchinji Secondary School to pay a fine of K45,000 each or in default serve a 42 month jail term for vandalising property at the school worth K3 million.

School damage

School damage

Police prosecutor Humphrey Makhalira told the court that the students all in Form three, burned the deputy head teacher’s office and broke windows of classrooms at the school in anger after the school management failed to provide them with eggs for lunch.

 “The students are provided eggs for lunch every Wednesday and on 14th July 2015 the students were told they will not have eggs for lunch because the supplier did not bring them and the school communicated to the students about the development,” explained Makhalira.

However, the development did not augur well with the students who organised themselves at a place called ‘Drain of Paris’ a place within their school premises where sinister activities are organised and agreed to contribute money to buy petrol to burn the school.

The form three male students boycotted the Wednesday nsima with beans lunch and went on to write their examinations in the afternoon but around 11pm on the same day they switched off the main electricity switch and burned the deputy head teachers office which had printed examination papers, a heavy duty photocopier, school jerseys and stationery.

The Head teacher of the school Harry Kamwaza reported the incident to the police the same night and the police in its investigations arrested 49 students who were charged with arson and malicious damage. They all pleaded guilty to the charges.

Mchinji First Grade Magistrate Rodney Meja Phiri ordered the 49 students to pay K15, 000 for arson and K35, 000 for malicious damage and 47 students have since paid the fine.

The Magistrate ordered that the K35, 000 be given to the school management to replace the damaged items and K15, 000 to the government.

Magistrate Phiri said the fine was given to the students to deter them from committing similar offences in future.

Last year students at Mchinji School also vandalised property at the school after disagreements with school authorities, during the incident I5 students were arrested.

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23 thoughts on “Mchinji Secondary School students damage property, charged by court”

  1. SALIMA BOYS says:

    Akuluakulu Anawa sikuti ndi Openga,ma sukulu ena amaonjeza kumango nyemba kakakaka..muli inu mungave bwanji??mukuchita kudziwa kuti lero tipume Nyemba pokalandira kukaonaso kuti ndi zomwezo…kudya ndalama basi…

  2. Petro Zadi says:

    45pin alipire koma mukuti 35pin ku xool 15pin ku boma, totaling 2 50pin?

  3. Hardworker says:

    Ana odikira quota awa.They don’t hv any ambitions.They are waiting for their cheap govt to spoon feed them to the University.

  4. Sapitwa says:

    Fines paid so fast? Kwacha yathadi!!

  5. Zachisoni Phiri says:


  6. Majete says:

    I also did this @ robert laws in 2008 hence i cant blame them, sometymz in these xoolz they r very poor admn & 4 sure this wz not the first tym 4 something lyk this to hapen

  7. Tman says:

    But why Malawi? Timadzichedwetsa tokha ndi chitukuko. Anzathu zinthu za 1874 zilipobe koma ife hmmmm. I think this generation deserve perish basi. Talephera kukhala, kusamala chilengedwe talephera.

  8. Taelo says:

    Ana osavinidwa awa. Kunvetsa chisoni. bwanji kuvuta dziko lanu with meagre resources. Expell them completely kuti azikagula petro ndikuyamba kuba. Senseless kids. These 45 to hell.

  9. James Phiri says:

    Koma abale chizungu chikumalembedwa pa ma comment-wa? Spellings, Grammar and Logic, all below 5%. Khomo la sukulu ngati linasowa chonde lembani mchichewa.

  10. stenson says:

    They have to be disciplined accordingly for their misconducts.

  11. zuze says:

    Eggs for lanch really? their actions was unexceptable and unprofetional but really we need to look at what we are feeding these kids.

  12. Redeemed one says:

    kalimeni fodya uko basi, sukulu yakukanikani mbava inu

  13. kanyimbi says:

    Expel them from school. Next time they will kill a teacher.

  14. In the know says:

    There are always calls for alumni of secondary schools to assist their former schools. I for one has often been reluctant to make contributions because of these stupid and senseless acts by students nowadays The behavior of students these days is so mind boggling that you even pity those in the teaching profession.

  15. Ophiri says:

    Mbuzi za ana,kuotcha xul coz of madzira awiri=K140 PA MSIKA.Bwanji ndalama munasonkherana kukagula petro osakagulira madzirawo?chonsecho mmutumo mamina okhaokha.Ndiye ndi zimenezotu madzira awiri mwagula 45 grand,matengeratengera,enanso mukukanika kupeza ndalamayo.

  16. John Kapito says:

    infact they could have have made it`K100,000 each ana opanda nzeru

  17. chatonda says:

    These students must be expelled from the school. They do not deserve any place in government schools. Places are very scarce and how can they misuse the opportunity others are lacking? Harry Kamwaza, please give the students a lesson that will stop any other student in future from behaving like this. They are all mad and Kamwaza is one of the best head teachers in Malawi. Deal with them until they leave the school on their own.

  18. Time has come for us not to take our children to government schools, if we can afford. There is nothing that really our youngstars can learn from these schools. Even if after passing examinations with good grades, the graduates have impoverished mindsets, not geared for development.

  19. half trillion says:

    shaa! they have money eti? kulipila pompo pompo? now you can expel them

  20. vuyisile ntombayithethi says:

    mazila omwewa zoona? mazila akenso oyikira a matron awo mwinanso kkkkkkkkkkk

  21. Kavuluvulu says:


  22. makito says:

    Foolishness and stupidity. No sane person can support these rogues. They should then be disciplined by the education authorities.

  23. Stevie says:

    Sakufuna kuyimba sukulu amenewo. Angowachotsa basi. Our schools are not places to harbor those vandals. Kuli bwino akangoyamba kuba ndi mfuti akaone kuti tsogolo lake lidzakhala lotani… foolish boys!!

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