MCP accuse Police IG of trying to clear DPP over ballot ‘arson’

The main opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has called for independent bodies to carry out special investigations over the fire which gutted Malawi Electoral Commission warehouse in Lilongwe in 2014 just a day before recounting of votes for the Lilongwe City South East constituency where the ruling DPP Bentry Namasasu was controversially declared winner  against the MCP’s candidate Ulemu Msungama.

MCP'S Kabwila addressing a news conference

MCP’S Kabwila addressing a news conference

MCP publicity secretary Jessie Kabwila, MCP director of elections Maxwell Thyolera, and Ulemu Msungama took turns  at a news conference in accusing the Inspector General of Police, Lexten Kachama for his comment.

Kachama in his year end message at Police headquarters in Lilongwe, ruled out arson in the fire
that gutted MEC warehouse. Kachama described the fire as mere accidental.

But reacting to the statement, Kabwila said the warehouse was deliberately touched by the regime agent  in order to disturb vote recounting and defeat justice.

Kabwila said the incident was a  product of  “fear and anger” which  Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) had against vote recounting.

“We all know that from the word go DPP was against vote recounting that is why they rushed to court and got stay order against the same and after the court ruling for recounting, the same people derailed the by-elections by going to the Supreme Court of appeal now it is very strange for the IG to come in to clear DPP? By the events here it shows the IG has an agenda of trying to clear DPP from the mess,” said Kabwira.

In his remarks, Ulemu Msungama said he was also very surprised when he heard from the IG comment that the fire and yet he well knew events which led to the fire.

Msungama said the IG was not in Malawi and he followed all the events.

He said the IG comment will jeopardise the outcome of the report since some of the people investigating and preparing the report are his officers who cannot work against his expectations.

During the inferno, several gas cylinders,  lamps which Malawi borrowed from Zimbabwe and a total of 1,500 ballot boxes were destroyed.

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21 thoughts on “MCP accuse Police IG of trying to clear DPP over ballot ‘arson’”

  1. Balamanthu says:

    MCP nayo tulo too much.Just after the last ended elections, they should have worked on a bill to change the electoral systems so that we dont suffer the way we are suffering now under these thugs and crooks.

  2. Balamanthu says:

    Kachama is the most corrupt IG Malawi has even had.Amwenye onsewa ndi ma china amangopititsa masuitcase a ndalama kunyumba kwache thats why he is building in four places.IG wamtundu wanji amapita ku meeting ndi Randera kukakhala kuseri pochokera kumeneko waberekera kachikwama?Mbava yamunthu.Anayamba ali wa traffic ku Mzuzu

  3. Nankumba. (VG) says:

    Bwelesani umboni wanuo tiuone why mukulimbani ndi IG izi ndi zomwe wapeza. I hate MCP for noses everything

    Mangochi west shodow MP

  4. koma kumeneko says:

    Electoral reform is the way out , but I don’t see happening mcp members especially NEC is too childish they are easily devided they are no longer a block kungowaonetsa ka sweet not even bans basi ayambapo kuukilana , DPP is in control of MCP thru opportunists MPs and members who think it should be them leading the party nobody else. Malawians are expecting MCP to bail them out of these problems but it can not happen in the absence of change of electoral laws /reform and you unity within the party . Kulibwino mudzikalimbilana u president muli mu boma koma mukapiliza izizi forget it . Chipani cha MCP chili ndi utsogoleli wabwino koma anthu amene mgoleli akugwiranawo ntchito iiiiiiiiii osadziwa ndale they are failing to support him.

  5. Okondedwa says:

    Personally I do not see anything wrong with MCP reacting to IG’s comments. If MCP is to keep quite then it means we are comfortable with DPP behavior. I am much interested in Kalipinde’s comment. Mr Kalipinde, did you find out if MCP is not preparing for 2019 elections? Did you find out what DPP did during the recent by-elections? Do you know how much DPP siphoned from government coffers since 2007? Do you know how much corrupt is DPP? For me its good for MCP to react to such remarks from the whole IG. This is how we end up compromising evil practices of DPP eg The murders of 20 people, fate of Chasowa and Njaunju just to mention but a few.

  6. Nenani Zoona says:

    I hate DPP

  7. Judah says:

    watch out if electoral reform r not in place this is the beginning of dirty 2019 games these are players watch out MCP move swiftly

  8. Nthandalanda says:

    Boma la Dpp la ma mafias. They dont even know that they are ruling this cpuntry. they dont have a good policy for malawians
    They just want to destroy,destroy and destroy. Do you think Peter is thinking positive of malawians. He hates us!!!!!

  9. Prof Ralph Kamoto (PhD in Pant Politics) says:

    Kachama usamuke Ku Lilongwe. From now your home district is Thyolo kwa Goliath

  10. Njolinjo says:

    This IG should simply join DPP. He is so daft. We all know what happened.

  11. swiswiri mbewa says:

    Kachama cannot bite the finger feeding him. It is all expected.

  12. lackison says:

    The recount would bring real figres for elections where by MCP candidate would hv BN declared winner and could prove a point of rigging. Mcp could hv claimed that all votes must be recounted based on those recounted votes. Dpp knew well wat could hv happened

  13. Beast Msonda says:

    MCP if you can’t accept the police report then go to court. You seem to have your own investigations and different results. Bring that evidence to court. We need it here. Mere speculations will not help. Bring your tangible evidence here.

  14. kalipinde says:

    MCP Yes you could have a point but always derail the party from reorganise itself to find means to unseat current government. It is evidently seen cause of recless commenting you lose votes. In any situation one has to win and it’s a fact. try to forge ahead building the party at grassroot level. Accept litmus test have already seen during the by elections how the party faired. Muchedwa nazo point fingering it will cost you a lot cause at point you will need these people to assist.
    MCP for sure is lacking political maturity, you target wrong people assuming they have votes for the party. MALAWI politicd doesn’t work on assumptions. These assumptions are killing the party. This Is Time To reflect And Strategies How To Build The Party Other Than Dwelling On spilt Milk. Don’t Be stubborn dzichepetseni accept advices being given, be accommodative, avoid hate speech as masses measure you. There are people who can assist building at grassroot level but have some reservations the way you approach, comment, behave and react to issues.

  15. Frederick Chidziyendera says:

    What DPP must know is that Whoever stands against the truth is equally against God. The people they are maltreating are Gods people,who by any means is clearly watching them.Remember that the fortieth day is coming.Our God is not asleep!!!!!!.

  16. el chapo says:

    inunso ndiye kaya ndithu. mukuwinya za moto lelo a full year and a half after the incident? olo ali sherlock holmes amene angapezepo umboni pamenepo? ndinali wa congress koma mwayamba kunditopetsa tsopano mwamva?! iether organise a march or just stay quiet and eat your parliament allowances ok? ma press conference a daily ndiye kuti chani.

    ndiponso iwe kabwira unayala nawo nkhata pa manda a chasowa iwe. ukupangapo chani pa nkhani imene ija? ine ndi onse akwathu tisiya congress mukapitiliza kumaphika ndiwo zosaphsya. mumuwuzenso chakwera kuti aziwonekako kuno ku south. nyo!

  17. Patriots says:

    Reform ! reform ! reform ! MEC! or no credibility! The heart is deceitful above all things and this will remain a pattern unless electoral laws are reformed and prior to that the destiny of Malawians is at stake.

  18. anadimba says:

    musatinyase .useless opposition. You have your own ambitions not for the common good. Shupit

  19. ngoni chibambo says:

    This DDP want to continue rule Malawi 2019 despite all the rconomy hardship Malawi is going through. Riggning will be repetera in 2019. Peter wants to be like Mugabe old still ruling. Abale koma azingongo awa atuonongela Chao ife wana. What do we have The in 2016 when other countries have younger leder. 2019 elections will be very cruetial. Believe me. APM will not let go. Hej will use all medelstora to keep power. Malawians will be ruled again by a man Who has NO international support. Malawi and Malawians will continue to suffer. Only Malawians can do something. Let Chakwela taket other. U have NO other person Who can do it by This timer. Atupele is idiot. Hej can not be trusted.

  20. nyanja says:

    Nanu a MCP mumangokhalira pa press conference bwanji?

  21. patrick mwitha says:

    the ddp is adictat political party

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