MCP anti-Semitics apology ‘half-hearted’ – Bisnowaty: ‘Even Jesus was a Jew’

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre, David Bisnowaty feels the statement by leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera to apologise on anti-Semitic and racists remarks against him was “half-hearted”.

Bisonwaty with Chakwera in Kauma

Bisonwaty with Chakwera: Forgive and carry on

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Bisnowaty said “reading between the lines of Chakwera’s statement, there was no apology.”

He said Chakwera’s statement only dignified the racism slurs by his party’s legislatures against him.

Bisnowaty said Chakwera’s statement was like a child saying the word sorry because they know it’s what the adults want to hear, rather than a sincere reflection of remorse.

However, Bisnowaty said he want by-gones to be by-gones and will “forgive and carry on.”

Among others, the MCP MPs branded Bisnowaty as a “foreigner” and “Jew” for alleging that during MCP’s one-party dictatorship, hunger was also experienced in the country only that such reports were suppressed.

He nonetheless said verbal attack on him based on his Jewish originality were “deeply offensive”.

Bisnowaty said the anti-Semitics and racism remarks are “unacceptable in a democratic Malawi.”

He said it was unfortunate that the racist remarks were uttered in Malawi when his family was discriminated against by the Nazi and some of his family members died in concentration camps in Germany.

The Parliamentarian nonetheless stated that he will not be cowed with the slurs.

“[My] grandmother was a holocaust survivor and my mother was in a concentration camp for one year. I will not be intimidated by these anti- Semitic and racist remarks, especially from the MCP benches. They should know better that even Jesus Christ himself was a Jew,” said Bisnowaty.

He said although he is Jew, he gave up his Israel citizenship for Malawi.

Human rights groups CHRR and CEDEP have sharply criticised the racism remarks by MCP lawmakers, saying they were said that the comments are seriously concerning

Speaker Richard Msowoya told the House he had ordered all racist remarks e deleted from the Hansard “that they should not form part of the record of what had transpired in this House” and personally comforted Bisnowaty following the racist attacks.

He implored upon the MPs to mind their language and always use “responsible language” and desist form “slurs.”

The Speaker assured Bisnowaty that the attack was isolated as Malawians love him as evidenced y his being voted into parliament.

He also said Malawi, as a predominantly Christian nation, loves him because he is Jew just as Jesus was Jew.

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90 thoughts on “MCP anti-Semitics apology ‘half-hearted’ – Bisnowaty: ‘Even Jesus was a Jew’”

  1. Chidantere says:

    I cant believe some stupid Malawians commenting here….@ 50+ years after independence you still lick a white man’s ass? Cum on Bisnowaty is just as ordinary a person as all of us, amanyeranso, so wat’s the fuss about him? If he can’t take it let him go back to where he comes from and leave Malawi Parliament to Malawians, period! You are Jew, so what? We should dance around town clapping hands for you? Don’t tell us about holocaust wateva, it doesn’t concern us and we don’t care! Go tell that to the Germans, ok? The idiots evn suggest Bisnowaty should be president? For which nation? You must be the imbeciles of the century!

  2. Razaq says:

    Bisnowaty what else do you want? Stop comparing yourself with true Jew Jesus Christ because you are and will never be. You are Lebanese and Jesus was never a combination of Lebanese, Jewish and Malawian. He was pure Jew. Jesus never participated in active politics but you are!!! Zianthu inu mumandinyansa bwanji mukamatchula dzina la Yesu pachabe!! Go tell this to Peter Mathanyula also because next you fools try to compare yourself to Jesus, you will have mi to contend with! Stupid fools!

  3. Mbunga says:

    What gud would his reminder about hunger during Kamuzu era bring to the parliamentary deliberations if not just to provoke anger and confusion in the house??? To me, he deserves the ridicule that he rightly received. You can’t expect someone to sit bac and smile when provoked in the face, it’s not human nature

  4. Blessings Kaweru says:

    Racism is not good many Malawians are outside but not discriminated

  5. New generation says:

    What else Bisnowart want Malawians to do for him? He is a Jew and he should not interfere people in the name of being a Jew who surrendered his citizenship to Mw NO!! Azungu afuna kumatipusitsa pliz do not vote for them again in next election if they can be five and above, they will rule us!!! KAMUZU was a true leader Malawi ever has so this Jew must not cheat us this is Malawi for the True Malawians only.

  6. Koma ngakhale mukukana iyeyu ndiwakuMALAWI? Kwawo ndi kwa a Phwetekele kapena kunsalu? Ndimyuda uyu mix

  7. ndili frank says:

    A Mamdela mufuna munene chani apa. Kusaywnda akunene enaku nkumeneku. Tsankhosi lili paliponse. Ine anafuna kundichotsa udindo chifukwa ndine wakuda. I was told in the face I have to be demoted because the one behid me is white and there was no way that white would be led by a black officer though less qualified for the position. Ndiye enanu simudanvepo kuwawa kokhala munthu wakuda pakati pa azungu. They will seem to like you only when they want to use you. So be very careful when you are commenting on these issues. I for one hates whoever taks ill of Kamuzu. I was one of those who was made to believe that Kamuzu was bad. But let on, I realised that it was them who were worst people on the land. Such people like Muluzi, Malemu Kamphilusa, Kanyama Chiume, Bingu and George Chaponda were with us in Zambia. These people are very bad. But because you did not know them, They talked ill of Kamuzu and people have believed them. Ndimanva chispni nadi!!!!!!


    As usual its never enough with a white man. They can enslave colonize black people whole sale but one small statement to a privileged foreigner is racist. Racism is systemic Bisnowaty is not a victim of racism he can freely operate a business in Malawi, run as an MP AND GET VOTED INTO POWER AND SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS AGAINST MALAWIANS. WHILE THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT STERLIZES BLACK JEWS FROM THE FALASHA TRIBE OF ETHIOPIA SO THEY DONT REPRODUCE. NOW THAT IS RACISM. WHAT ELSE DOES HE WANT. ISRAELI GOVERMENT LITERALLY KILLS OF BLACK REFUGEES FROM SUDAN, SOMALIA AND CALLS THEM ANIMALS. COME ON. WAKE UP A MALAWI.

  9. ben malonda says:

    Nyau basi

  10. Henry says:

    Kodi amalawi tidzachangamukaliti?anthu obwela ndiye kwapatsa ulemu onse.pamene ife kwaoko akuti thamangitsa.tidzapeleka dzikolitu kwa anthu obwela tikapanda kusamala.

  11. James kotoki says:

    Cant understand,he says chambers only mentioned the racism ,,and apologized,he wanted to say that he is not a Jew???

  12. tain kutala says:

    Its only when u work/live with a white man when u know the truth. Most azungu hate blacks and this is a fact. Even in Israel blacks face racist abuses.
    I very much doubt if a Malawian can be an MP in Israel but our poverty is our curse. We mostly clap hands to whatever a white man says.
    For Jesus, He is a savior for all human race. When all is done even a Jew will be judged for his actions as equally as a Malawian.

  13. ABONZI says:

    Every where in the world racism is there, even where he comes from. How are his kinsmen living with Palestinians? Up to point of demolishing their houses, with aid from USA, giants of democracy.

    To live happily in a country not of origin its better not to remind them of where they are coming from. Just concentrate on what brings bread on your table, even if you happen to hold high position of influence, no need to remind them whre they come from. In most cases our histories are not pleasant. I can’t go to Bisnowaty’s country and remind them of the second world war period.

    Its painfull and I should expect to be handled hashly, though I’ve said the trueth. Bisnowaty should lead by example in chosing language that is not provoking. We should look forward to the future not where coming from if we are to succeed as a nation. Our history will only make us fail if we will dwell on it as we will convince ourselves that we descensants of failures.

  14. Kenkkk says:

    Judaism is the religion for Jews. Yes Jesus was a Jew but not an ordinary Jew, he was the chosen one the son of God who came with a message to save us from sins and follow God. But you fellow Jews rejected him and his message, you preferred the old testament not his New Testament. He is the stone which you Jews rejected but has now become the cornerstone that holds the whole house from falling.

    Yes he died as a Jew but his followers of the New Testament became known as Christians as most of us are today.

    We have to condemn racism of whatever form. In Israel there is blantant and open racism against Palestinians and most embarrassing of all against black Jews, the Falashas from Ethiopia, actually the origin and true Jews,descendants of Solomon who still hold the ark of covenant in Ethiopia.

    So David please pass also our message to the Israel govt to to stop racist behavior against black Jews. I have been to Israel on many occasions and I didn’t like the way black Jews are treated.

    You sacrificed yourselves to airlift these black Jews from Ethiopia only to mistreat them? What was the point of taking them to the holy land? You are the first ones to talk about the holocaust but keep on mistreating other people. Double standards and hypocrisy.

  15. Time will tell says:

    You will never understand the impact racism has until you find yourself in country where youu are the only different looking person. I hope some of you writing racist comments here will be found in Russia or somwehere in east Europe and get that kind of racist comment and see how that feels. Vuto la Malawi kusayenda simukudziwa kuti kunja kulinji. Racism is bad especially coming from anthu okuda oti you are usually the target of racism in the world. Ambirinu mmaonela mipira ya kunja anthu akuponya nthochi kwa player wakuda kumati ndi nyani. Mukutii amamva bwanji anthu amene aja stadium yonse kukukuwa kuti nyani? Muziganiza musanakambe zinthu

  16. The ambassador says:

    Is it possible for a Malawian to be sn Mp in Israel?
    Malawians,how possible was it for people of Lilongwe central to vote for a Jew?
    let me tell you this,Besnowaty will bring his fellow Jews here to rule this country as it is the case in America today

  17. Chitapata says:

    Ine zanga phe!

  18. Mandela says:

    Amalawi tanena zambiri koma chilungamo cha chipani cha mcp inu nonse simukudziwa makamaka amene mukulamulira chipanichi chifukwa nthawi imene mcp imalamulira mkuti nonse musali atsogoleri or mkulota komwe kuti mudzatsogolera chipanichi koma biznowat mkuti akudziwa zambiri komanso atapatsidwa kale malo pa city centre paja, ngati a mcp mukufuna kuchita bwino mukhale naye pansi akuuzeni zinsinsi za kamuzu vuto lotaya gogo tembo ndilimenero mukalimbana ndi biz muyaluka zedi chifukwa adzingobaya kamodzi inu ngati mukomoke chifukwa akudziwa zambiri zoipa za mcp mwava akabwira

  19. ntaba weniweni says:

    malawians are good at putting to fault fellow malawians.. the problem with most malawians is that they dont follow current affairs… you are busy making news here out of nothing.. check with julius malemia, him and his party does insult the whites every parliament meeting.. this bisnowaty guy promised alot in our constituancy but he has completly failed.. he is trying to get sympathy from people in other constituances because he know he can never win ku lilongwe city kuno.. with your dullness he will obviously dupe some constituancy and you will vote him in.. shame on you malawians..

  20. Munthu the Citizen says:

    Mr. Bisnowaty, I weep for my black race, it has suffered four hundred years of slavery and it continues to suffer but nobody including you seems to care. I weep for Palestinians. They have suffered more attrocities than your jewish race.

  21. masa masina says:

    Malawi is a peace country. We marry across tribal lines, pray together, drink together., play soccer together. The only moment we get divided is when politics is involved. The real source of problems of Malawi are politicians.

  22. BMW says:

    Jesus Jesus what. So what if Jesus was a dyew. Ife we worship at the Lundu cult. A Malawi let’s not get carried away with these white man religions. We have our own.

  23. chimimombo says:

    asaname ameyo yesu sadali muyuda adalimwana wa mulungu uzipita kwanu muzikamenyana ndi malestina

  24. Real Black Jew says:

    In other words he`s saying Jesus was a White man like himself which is not true(pure racism).Why then did Jesus flee to Encient kemet/Egypt?Arabs invaded Egypt in the 7th Century before this period they where only black africans in this region who built the pyramids

  25. pido says:

    His remarks show that he had intentions by attacking the MCP one party regime. I hope he did it deliberately. Read him between turning points

  26. Mbuya says:

    Kungoti some MPs ndiwovunda mkamwa

  27. ndine yemweuja says:

    Ndiye MCP imeneyo. Imafuna izidzudzula anzawo koma iwo asadzudzulidwe. Kodi Mumaona ngati chipani cha MCP chidzasintha???? Kananji ndi Ma Satanist akuchiyendetsa panowa eeeeish.

  28. BMW says:

    Oh stop that nazi crap! Hitler hated blacks too. Ayuda sanali the only victim of nazi Germany. We’ve heard that story long enough. It’s time to move on

  29. Sex says:

    Be careful Malawians. These j people are no good. Don’t be fooled with this Jesus talk. These are not the j people of the Bible. These are just some Europeans who stole the Bible story and appropriated a culture which they care little of. They just use it for blackmailing people into accepting them. Soon they take over. They corrupt your politicians with their money and begin to control your country for their own benefit from the back door. Ask the USA. Besides – who is it that offered Jesus up for slaughter anyway?

  30. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Cry my beloved MCP……Kodi anthu amene mwatenga mipando mu MCP mukudziwa za Ngodya Zinayi. Mwina ambirinu ndi ana , mukungozitengera mchikhandakhanda. Ichitu sichipani chamasewera, kapena kuti cha mchombo lende ayi. Chipani chathu sichikuyenda bwino konse. Anthu amene akugwira ntchito ndi bambo Chakwera akuoneka kuti ambiri ndi osankhwima pamchombo mundale. Bambo Chakwera pitani mukafunse nzeru kwa Baba a Tembo ku Nthulu akakuuzeni motiyendetsera chipani. Osati zachikhandakhanda zikuchitikazi, sitingalowe nazo m’boma.

  31. ZZ Junior says:

    For years we have suffered persecution, racism, slavery under the white man. We still are suffering how come this is not talked about as much as the Nazis

  32. Chileka man says:

    asova amafuna achite kumugwadira

  33. Munthu the Citizen says:

    Nayenso Anthony Makondetsa azipita kwao; akuti ndi muyuda from the tribe of Benjamin, kkkkkkkkkkkk!

  34. Harjit Singh Dhanoa says:

    Malawians are a racist people, they have sworn Asians for decades, they swear Northerners,
    and each tribe swears other tribes. They have added Jews to the list.

  35. whoever blesses an Israel shall be blesssed…Bisno i bless you

  36. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    What happens to the Racists?

  37. Ayaya kumudzi says:

    Francis Kaisi or whatever your name please get a life.

  38. Moyenda says:

    The MP that said those words needs to be punished and Chakwera needs to be more categorical in his apology. In some countries leaders resign from public office when they find themselves on the wrong side of public consensus. This MCP guy need not be left scot-free. He must be given a strong reprimand, he must make a public apologise, and we must see that he has been deprived of something as a punishment e.g. he must not participate in debate for the rest of the parliamentary session.

  39. I’m starting to love this party (MCP) It speaks my mind. Malawi is for Malawians. Gone are the days we used to fear a man with a different colour. We are very much informed that some of you are here for green pastures. Time will come for the new generation which will take over the leadership from these Khalambas. For now my advise to Hon.Bisonwaty”make hay while the sun is shinning” Time is ticking.

  40. Probably a Goat says:

    I have been following this whole story since the beginning and it surprises me that hurtful things like this can be said in Parliament. The MP’s should be a role model for the rest of the country. In my opinion the people who said those slurs are terribly wrong, this behavior should not be tolerated.
    Just because Mr. Bisnowaty is making a statement which is their eyes is not true, they should defend it as adults with good arguments, not with hurtful slurs. The fact that even the deputy speaker did not stop this childish behavior says enough about the debate capacity of this Parliament. There is a lot to improve, this is the moment to bring change and let the MP’s know that sitting, doing nothing and collect their cheque every month is not acceptable anymore.

    Let hope for this beautiful nation his sake that it have woking up some MP’s, so that we finally can improve this country instead of putting it in the ground.

  41. ADE says:


  42. Bulu says:

    Some dull Malawians think what happened in parliament is a Kindergarten issue. Please look at the country situation. We are all migrants including the so called Menyani. He is a Chewa from DRC and claims he is a real Malawian. Ku Dedza kumene he claims to come from is the home of Akafula evidence is there go to Chiphazi, Chentchelele, the caves which were used by Akafula are still there. Had Menyani gone to school in particular where these caves are he could have appreciated where he comes from and never had the courage to abuse Mr. Bisnowarty. We all know what happened to Akafula, they were killed and eaten by the migrating tribes including the tribe of Mr. Menyani. We all know how the Jews were treated by the Nazis in German and had it been Mr. Menyani understood his secondary school teacher he could not have the courage to stand up and make the said comments. When one considers how many Malawians are living outside Malawi and are citizens of other countries, it will be very disheartening to see them going through what Mr. Bisnowarty has experienced. Mr. Bisnowarty investments in Malawi pay a lot if taxes and employ Malawians hence contributing more than what Mr. Menyani earns or pay in form of taxes. But we understand the party Mr. Menyani is and why it has not changed as we expected. We know how MCP used ng’ona to deal with opposing Malawians. We know how our parents used to give their only goats, cows, chickens, flour and maize to Dr. Kamuzu Banda during rallies. Most of current activists could have been in exile the same way Kanyama Chiume, Atati Mpakati, Chipembere, Orton Chirwa and others were victimised for commenting on a simple matter like this one. To stand here and claim that Malawi was a better place that time cannot hold water. It only reminds us how bad MCP was and wishes to behave the same way it was before 1994. If MCP does’nt change it will be difficult for Malawians to accept it as a changed party. Menyani need to check his papers other wise he might have smoked high grade that day.

  43. Girl says:

    hmmm olo kamba atadukula zoona mu Jew abwere kuno adzakhale president inu a Molande muli ndi mano onse kamwamo zimene mukulakhulazi no wonder kwanu munagulitsa minda yonse kwa ma Burundi ndi amwenye sure mungasapotedi ayuda kukhala president dzilo la athu akuda lochepa ili

  44. tabix says:

    mukumuopa Bisnowaty a MCP. 2019 Bisnowaty Boma ilo

  45. Ndata says:

    Some of us who have worked with Bisno (thats what we used to call him) know who this guy is up to. I tried to put sense into members of Lilongwe central but they did not listen. By the time we get to realise that this man does not represent any interest of the constituents he will have reaped the nation off. The whole house is trembling because we are full of handclapping and boot licking the whites. I am even ashamed at the idoits who are insinuating that Bisno should be a presidential material for 2019. How low should we sink as a country? For once take Jesus Christ out of this madness for he was for the gentiles as well.

  46. achachanda says:

    Malawi very pathetic nation, why do we spend all our energy on something that will not assist, ask those Malawians that have been outside the country and see how mzungu hate us just because we are black. I have a bad memories while walking down the street of London I have no kind words for these so called whatever you call they are evil. they don’t love us but they like to exploit us for their benefits

  47. jmc says:

    I am now forced to call this party as stupid MCP. Simunasinthe eti? Am happy ur true colors are showing up now.

  48. Chikwenda says:

    So Malawi is a Jewish country by virtue of following Jesus who was a Jew….and by voting Bisonowaty to be a law maker of Malawi? Just watching.

    1. Malawi says:

      Colony ? mixiiii

  49. Thanduxolo says:

    Mau oti “-Semitic” akhala akugwiritsidwa ntchito pofuna kutseka pakamwa anthu kuti asalankhule zakukhosi. Kunyozana kamba kakhungu lamunthu kapena mtundu nkochuluka kwambiri ku Ulaya komanso USA. Mwachitsanzo, mtolankhani wa BBC Nkem Ifijika yemwe akukhala ku London koma kwawo ndi Nigeria adaona mbwadza ku Poland sabata zingapo zapitazo. Pa msonkhano wa atolankhani pomwe munthu wakuda adali yekha, wochititsa adanena kuti sanena zambiri zokhudza cholinga cha msonkhano chifukwa panali munthu wakuda. Chachiwiri, mu nyumba yamalamulo ku ltaly kuli phungu wachikazi yemwe kwawo ndi ku DRC. Mayiyu wakhala akunyozedwa kuti ndi nkhwere ngakhale kuti wakhala mdzikomu kuyambira mchaka cha 1983. Chachitatu, ku Israel kwenikweni nkomwe mchitidwe wosalana kamba kosiyana khungu uli wochuluka. Tikanena za anthu ofuna kulowa mdzikomo koma akuzunzidwa kapena kuphedwa ndiye izo zikuchitika. Amene ali kale mdzikomo monga a ku Eritrea, Sudan, South Sudan, Ethiopia ndi maiko ena ndiye akumva mbebe osati masewera. Nkhani ya a Bisnowarty yakula choncho chifukwa ali ndi chikopa ngati mzungu. Potero ali mgulu la anthu “lapaderadera” (exceptional). Ndiye enanu mwagundika kulankhula zonyoza Kongilesi chifukwa mumayikhumba kale ndi kale. Mkuluyu ofunika kumuunika bwino. Ena amakhala akazitape. Nkutheka kuti umbadwa wa ku Israel adausiya koma akazitape amakhala ndi njira zosiyanasiyana zophimbira anthu mmaso. Akamalankhula zamtopola mwadala ayembekezerenso kusamba msambwadzo. Kuno ndi ku Malawi.

  50. mtumbuka1 says:

    Just because you are a Jew does not mean you can’t be wrong. There’s reaction to every action Mr jew. You stepped on a live wire( mcp)and you will not be forgiven to think that you will not get shocked. Jesus Christ said the Jews refused their own ( Him)and He will give salvation and preach to the gentiles and other tribes including us. Lastly, you as a Jew from Israel are you happy with the way Israel is treating Palestinians? If not then Jews are people like anybody else and can be questioned and criticized. Haven’t you read about Jesus being accused and taken to courts? You mean he was not a Jew enough that is why he was criticized and it’s only you who is jew enough and therefore you are without sin? You are only human Mr bisnowatty therefore you are prone to criticism. You made some people angry in parliament and they had to react to your statement and this is common sense and you can not expect everyone else to say nothing to you even if they feel hurt just because you happen to be a Jew.

  51. Biznowaty 2019 president of malawi

  52. Dolo weni weni says:

    I am a Chewa and I don’t get bothered if someone calls me such. We have Tumbukas, Lhomwes, Yaos, Senas, Ngonis etc who are proud of their ethnicity too. Let him learn to be proud of his originality and feel proud too. In Christianity circles, we regard Jews with high esteem as the chosen ethnic group by God and where Jesus Christ was born to save the human soul. Everyone knows that the holocaust was inhumane and we don’t condone it too! Keep of going with life man…. we are all Malawians regardless of our backgrounds!

  53. Mwethu says:

    Bisnowaty should not use the holocaust as a tramp card, we Malawians are not in anyway associated with those attrocities and many of our MPs do not even know about the Nazi stories. What the MP said was typical of what goes on here, tribalism, and not anything to do with the horrors that the jews went through.
    And Jesus was not a jew, that was just to make the Bible a bit relevant. Jesus is God and God has no race. So stop bringing in christianity issues in matters that have no bearing in religion.

  54. Meja says:

    Kumpwepe, you are dull, this is not the first time un parliamentarly language has been deleted from the Hansard. Pisho Nkhwazi (DPP – 2004/09) discriminated against Clement Chiwaya because of his disability, and most recently, there was bad blood between Kabwila and kaliati, kaliati actually said kadzole yeletsa kumatako kwakoko, should that appear in the Hansard?

  55. Mbuya says:

    Bring contrary information that Muhamad’s body was not eaten by pigs and dogs…when his people thought he would resurrect just like Jesus……ndipo asilamunu musazaeyelekeze kuyekedwa ku Malawi kuno tizakuthamangisani mwamva a Swenge?

  56. Izo nzakonso says:

    What’s the fuss all about? It is only in democracy that when you are reminded of who you are and where you come from it is racism. In our villages when you become notorious the village chiefs remind you of your origin as a warning. Lesson drawn- be careful when you open your mouth. Otherwise the apology was not necessary. Ukaziputa limba.

  57. kate says:


  58. Swenge says:

    Bring the evidence that shows that Jesus was a Jew .who was Uzair to him can you ask him if he really know the bible.

  59. Alungwana says:

    What kind of apology do you need mr Bisnowaty? If you are a real Jew, you should display that by accepting an apology!

  60. khumakhuma says:

    Shame on the so called MP who cannot contribute objectively on matters concerning the lives of Malawians and should have known that MCP was relaying on help from Israel and that was why Kamuzu was sending young boys and girls to learn about inteligence. Any wise person can not speak ill of the Jewish nation especially if he/she claims that Jesus Christ is Lord and Saviour not only for the Jews but including the gentilles. Dave, Thanx for your heart!

  61. Hon.Bisonwaty, please stop playing a victim. “Kwa eni kulibe mkuwe. ” Your grandmother was a survivor of holocaust , sorry, my sympathy, but this has nothing to do with the issue at hand. What do you say about the siege, the bombing in Gaza. Your racist government has systematically made Palestinians foreigners in their own motherland. What do you say about that. Now you want all Malawians to shed tears because of the holocaust that happened 70 years ago?
    Dr Chakwela has apologised to you. What do you want him to do. Do you want him to come to your house and kneel at your door step. Sir, we don’t worship people , we worship God. You are in Malawi for greener pastures period, may be you think we are sleepy people. Unfortunately we are not.

  62. Tingo says:

    MCP it’s a party of darkness and mbuzi , sayenda akulira malo amodzi

  63. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    MP Bisnowaty is correct: the apology by oChakwera seems halfhearted, and insincere. And it lacks remorse. Notwithstanding, the victim in all this, Bisno, accepts it, and we should move on.
    But before we do that, oChakwera needs to show that he has the toughness to make political decisions, even if they are not popular with his Party. Show some political spine boss.
    Like, he has to punish those who abused MP Bisno; so that others can learn that there could be dire consequences if they follow the same path. This is a teaching moment for racists in Malawi; and the Party should seize on the opportunity to root out this behavior from its rank and file. Perhaps the chief abuser could even be temporarily suspended from the party. Ditto for Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula, for flouting the same racist views so flagrantly. Malawians: we can forgive; but let us not forget. The next parliamentary and presidential elections are only four years away. MCP should be punished for its racist and, by extension, tribal tendencies.

  64. Aubrey Norman says:

    Mwayambanso kusankhana Mitundu?South Africa muli Azungu ochuluka komanso alindimawudindo M’boma,musatero posankhana zochita.

  65. Dikisan says:

    Munthu ndi Jew in mukuti anyoza. Munamufusa iye kuti si Jew. Bakili Muluzi ndi yao. Mutafufusa akana ku sindine myao. Tisamakoke zinthu zopanda pake. APM ndi Mlhomwe. Mutamufusa akana. Mbwanji mutapeza nkhani zina zoti munthu apepese. Kabwira amadziwa kuti munthu sakana kuti ndi Jew. Kupesea for what?

  66. Green Grass says:

    Why all this fuss about Jews? After all an average Jew in the streets of Jerusalem doesn’t even know that a country called Malawi exists on planet earth so why are some Malawians being so jittery as if Jews cannot be criticized? Come on people take out this inferiority complex. After all this Bisnowaty guy is not an angel at all if comments following his speech in Parliament on civil servants allowances are anything to go by.

  67. patricia kaliyati says:


  68. Lottie says:

    Comment number 12 is out of order. You are not addressing the issue at hand here. Can you tell us what did Bisnowaty say that did not reflect the truth about the Kamuzu era? Every political era has had its own strengths and weaknesses. We need to acknowledge that. All that Bisnowaty did was to remind MCP that even in the dictatorial days of Kamuzu, hunger was there – but there was no freedom of expression to expose the situation on the ground. We were there and we know that was true. Now, to throw racial slurs against him in an attempt to protect Kamuzu is rather unfortunate. The Racist MP should have known better that when one is a naturalized Malawian Citizen, they are Malawians just like all of us.

  69. vickay says:

    was Jesus a Jew? I thought he was just born among the Jews.

  70. Patriotic Citizen says:

    Even Judas Iscaliot the traitor was a Jew just like Bisnowaty, this jew should mind his own business

  71. Biz says:

    Bisnowaty for President 2019. Son of Malawi

  72. Private detective says:

    Uchitsulu basi a chakwera kusiya ubusa kulimbana ndi anthu wankhaza ameneyu muziwe amalawi if he will be the president he will more than adolf hitler.

  73. Triumphant says:

    As far as I’m concerned there’s nothing good that can come from chilombo (the beast). Who doesn’t know that it is the “beast” that will get the ultimate judgement and be thrown into the lake of fire. Who doesn’t know that it is agents of the “beast” who have always fought with Jews since the world was created. To hell with all agents of the beast! To hell with the beast itself.

  74. Truck says:


  75. i hate Malawians who are always carried away by the fact that something/someone is from outside(foreign), you fail to appreciate your own brother and sister and you are warmhearted to strangers like this Bisnowaty, shame on us!

  76. Kumpwepe says:

    Msowowoya has no powers to erase history from the Hasard as by design it has to contain all good or bad records of what transpired in the august house.

    To MCP, know that you have started a malicious sublime battle against powerful world Jew community. This war is greater than Malawi politics and you can not win. The only way is to let all involved MPs including the infamous Kabwira to ku pepesa mogwira mapazi anzungu.

  77. Chilombo says:

    So are you saying you are related to Jesus?Much as i hate the racist remarks,but should we be afraid to critisize you when you fuck up coz Jesus was also a jew?

  78. The Analyst says:

    I have said it already, Chakwera’s apology lacks sincerity.

    Why did Chakerra or MCP allow Kabwira (the party’s spokesperson) to open her mouth earlier and say Bisnowaty deserved the racist slurs? And why did Chakwera not mention or disown or condemn the earlier remarks by Kabwira, anywhere in his apology? Further, why has it taken days for Chakwera to apologise? He failed to condemn it in parliament and also waits to be told to do so? If one waits to be told to apologise, and does so; is it done sincerely? Any person with a sound mind knows that it doesn’t.

    Anyway . . . Let us all realise that . . .

    “Darkness cannot drive out darkness; only light can do that. Hate cannot drive out hate; only love can do that.” – Martin Luther King Jr.

    As such . . .

    “Let us forgive each other. Only then shall we live in peace.” – Leo Nikolaevich Tolstoy

    I commend Bisnowaty for realising this and for being strong enough to forgive this insincere, misguided and confused camp anyway, despite the insincere apology. Coz . . .

    “The weak can never forgive. Forgiveness is the attribute of the strong.” – Mahatma Gandhi

  79. Sam says:

    Mr Bisnowaty you should be proud being a Jewish like Jesus. Why not if is true? Stop correcting the past because the past is ouer. Bring ideas that will heal again this sick and leaderless mother Malawi.

  80. Judah says:

    i a am not happy I will not buy that hansard now look u call this a verbatim report? I want those words back in the hansard,

  81. SONG says:

    Bisonwaty a Jew kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk! voted into office of MP. Mistake. Frankly speaking Kamuzu loved Israelites and did a number of development in Malawi, talk of military training and other infrastructure development. So Bisonwaty has to be careful when criticizing the MCP regime then because if MCP was in power now he would be deputy Minister of Energy.

  82. I love the public remarks by the Speaker of Parliament on Malawi being a predominantly Christian country, Jews, and Jesus Christ!

  83. Enock says:

    Genesis 12 vs 3 Bless a Jew u will be blessed, Curse a Jew u will be cursed

  84. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    Dr Laz Chakwera you are indeed our next leader come 2019. For Bisnowarty please learn to respect elders, yes of course you are doing that to win favours from governing leadership for you dirty business deals like the one at Kamuzu Central Hospital where you are claiming K25,000,000.00 for servicing Xray/CT Scanner which only worked for five days and broke again, we know of the substandard drugs you are supplying in our hospitals which are not fit for patients consumption. So be careful with your foul mounth Hon Bisnowarty

    1. wanthu says:

      Dont worst your time that you can rule Malawi, this really shows that dictatorship is still in your minds. being in opposition you have already started racism,,,,

      what about if you will be elected in power which means Ng’ona zija ziyambanso kudya anthu.
      forget about leading this country you blocks, you stones you are worse than senseless things (William Shakespear)

  85. Peter27 says:

    For crying out loud! WE DON’T CARE!
    Don’t play the innocent victim here as if you are a saints.! Sies man.

  86. molande says:

    Bisnowaty is Presidential material. He can make a good president. Malawians let us groom this man if we want experience progress. Bisnowaty will save us from hunger, poverty and corruption. We want changed politicians and politics in this country. Bisnowaty get assistance from Israel to rescue this country from sinking. We are tired of suffering.

  87. Mbayani says:


  88. Nelson phiri says:

    Jesus was not a jew take it u jew

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