MCP anti-Semitics apology ‘half-hearted’ – Bisnowaty: ‘Even Jesus was a Jew’

Member of Parliament for Lilongwe City Centre, David Bisnowaty feels the statement by leader of opposition Lazarus Chakwera to apologise on anti-Semitic and racists remarks against him was “half-hearted”.

Bisonwaty with Chakwera in Kauma

Bisonwaty with Chakwera: Forgive and carry on

In an interview with Nyasa Times, Bisnowaty said “reading between the lines of Chakwera’s statement, there was no apology.”

He said Chakwera’s statement only dignified the racism slurs by his party’s legislatures against him.

Bisnowaty said Chakwera’s statement was like a child saying the word sorry because they know it’s what the adults want to hear, rather than a sincere reflection of remorse.

However, Bisnowaty said he want by-gones to be by-gones and will “forgive and carry on.”

Among others, the MCP MPs branded Bisnowaty as a “foreigner” and “Jew” for alleging that during MCP’s one-party dictatorship, hunger was also experienced in the country only that such reports were suppressed.

He nonetheless said verbal attack on him based on his Jewish originality were “deeply offensive”.

Bisnowaty said the anti-Semitics and racism remarks are “unacceptable in a democratic Malawi.”

He said it was unfortunate that the racist remarks were uttered in Malawi when his family was discriminated against by the Nazi and some of his family members died in concentration camps in Germany.

The Parliamentarian nonetheless stated that he will not be cowed with the slurs.

“[My] grandmother was a holocaust survivor and my mother was in a concentration camp for one year. I will not be intimidated by these anti- Semitic and racist remarks, especially from the MCP benches. They should know better that even Jesus Christ himself was a Jew,” said Bisnowaty.

He said although he is Jew, he gave up his Israel citizenship for Malawi.

Human rights groups CHRR and CEDEP have sharply criticised the racism remarks by MCP lawmakers, saying they were said that the comments are seriously concerning

Speaker Richard Msowoya told the House he had ordered all racist remarks e deleted from the Hansard “that they should not form part of the record of what had transpired in this House” and personally comforted Bisnowaty following the racist attacks.

He implored upon the MPs to mind their language and always use “responsible language” and desist form “slurs.”

The Speaker assured Bisnowaty that the attack was isolated as Malawians love him as evidenced y his being voted into parliament.

He also said Malawi, as a predominantly Christian nation, loves him because he is Jew just as Jesus was Jew.

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I cant believe some stupid Malawians commenting here…[email protected] 50+ years after independence you still lick a white man’s ass? Cum on Bisnowaty is just as ordinary a person as all of us, amanyeranso, so wat’s the fuss about him? If he can’t take it let him go back to where he comes from and leave Malawi Parliament to Malawians, period! You are Jew, so what? We should dance around town clapping hands for you? Don’t tell us about holocaust wateva, it doesn’t concern us and we don’t care! Go tell that to the Germans, ok? The idiots evn suggest Bisnowaty… Read more »

Bisnowaty what else do you want? Stop comparing yourself with true Jew Jesus Christ because you are and will never be. You are Lebanese and Jesus was never a combination of Lebanese, Jewish and Malawian. He was pure Jew. Jesus never participated in active politics but you are!!! Zianthu inu mumandinyansa bwanji mukamatchula dzina la Yesu pachabe!! Go tell this to Peter Mathanyula also because next you fools try to compare yourself to Jesus, you will have mi to contend with! Stupid fools!


What gud would his reminder about hunger during Kamuzu era bring to the parliamentary deliberations if not just to provoke anger and confusion in the house??? To me, he deserves the ridicule that he rightly received. You can’t expect someone to sit bac and smile when provoked in the face, it’s not human nature

Blessings Kaweru

Racism is not good many Malawians are outside but not discriminated

New generation

What else Bisnowart want Malawians to do for him? He is a Jew and he should not interfere people in the name of being a Jew who surrendered his citizenship to Mw NO!! Azungu afuna kumatipusitsa pliz do not vote for them again in next election if they can be five and above, they will rule us!!! KAMUZU was a true leader Malawi ever has so this Jew must not cheat us this is Malawi for the True Malawians only.

Bambo atuwiri

Koma ngakhale mukukana iyeyu ndiwakuMALAWI? Kwawo ndi kwa a Phwetekele kapena kunsalu? Ndimyuda uyu mix

ndili frank
A Mamdela mufuna munene chani apa. Kusaywnda akunene enaku nkumeneku. Tsankhosi lili paliponse. Ine anafuna kundichotsa udindo chifukwa ndine wakuda. I was told in the face I have to be demoted because the one behid me is white and there was no way that white would be led by a black officer though less qualified for the position. Ndiye enanu simudanvepo kuwawa kokhala munthu wakuda pakati pa azungu. They will seem to like you only when they want to use you. So be very careful when you are commenting on these issues. I for one hates whoever taks ill of… Read more »
As usual its never enough with a white man. They can enslave colonize black people whole sale but one small statement to a privileged foreigner is racist. Racism is systemic Bisnowaty is not a victim of racism he can freely operate a business in Malawi, run as an MP AND GET VOTED INTO POWER AND SAY WHATEVER HE WANTS AGAINST MALAWIANS. WHILE THE ISRAELI GOVERNMENT STERLIZES BLACK JEWS FROM THE FALASHA TRIBE OF ETHIOPIA SO THEY DONT REPRODUCE. NOW THAT IS RACISM. WHAT ELSE DOES HE WANT. ISRAELI GOVERMENT LITERALLY KILLS OF BLACK REFUGEES FROM SUDAN, SOMALIA AND CALLS THEM… Read more »
ben malonda

Nyau basi


Kodi amalawi tidzachangamukaliti?anthu obwela ndiye kwapatsa ulemu onse.pamene ife kwaoko akuti thamangitsa.tidzapeleka dzikolitu kwa anthu obwela tikapanda kusamala.

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