MCP bursts into party songs in Malawi Parliament as Chakwera says President’s incompetence is taking its toll

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) members of parliament burst into party songs on Monday and gave their Leader Lazarus Chakwera a standing ovation after his hard hitting state of the nation response.

MCP cheers and erupt into songs of praise to Leader of opposition Lazarous Chakwera

Speaker of the National Assembly Richard Msowoya, who is also MCP vice president smiled as the party members turned their side as political song corner.

The members of parliament from the government side just looked stunned after the Chakwera Sona response.

In his hard hitting response to  President Peter Mutharika’s state of the nation address delivere don Friday, Chakwera saud in two years the Head of State has allowed, exemplified, and turned a blind eye to more high-level government corruption and incompetence than anyone ever did in 50 years of the country’s independence.

Chakwera pointed  out that  nepotism, cronyism, kleptocracy, substandard projects, predatory taxation, political intimidation, and public misinformation are all “happening in abundance” under Mutharika’s  supervision.

He said: “This President is so desperate to make us believe that he is doing meaningful work that in his address, he lists routine maintenance work on buildings and roads as accomplishments.

“You may have also noticed that he claimed several times that such clerical work as the writing and reviewing of documents related to policy, or strategy, or roadmap, or a Bill, count as Government achievements. Are we expected to cheer at the suggestion that Malawians’ living standards will improve because the Professor wrote and reviewed a document? Are we expected to clap because no one in the entire Government explained to the President that rehabilitating a building does not count as development?

“Are we expected to applaud for the fact that the World Bank feels so sorry for our people that they have agreed to further put our children in debt by an 80-million-dollar credit? Are we expected to congratulate the President for lowering inflation when the decrease is largely a result of improvements in agricultural productivity because of God’s mercy in sending us rain? Are we expected to sing the President’s praises for the stability of the local currency and the availability of forex when we know that a large part of this stems from low demand for forex from local businesses whose industries have slowed down?” continued Chakwera.

He went on: “No, Mr. Speaker Sir, the nation’s Vice-President, the Right Honourable  Dr. Saulos Chilima was right when he once said in a speech that we should never clap for mediocrity.”

He said even if his ministers clap hands  at such things, Malawians are wise enough to know that when President says in a SONA that him traveling to the United Nations and the African Union to attend a summit are “notable achievements”, it is a sign of something far worse than mediocrity.

“And when you talk to Malawians about how life is under this President, you see how this President’s incompetence is taking its toll,” said Chakwera.

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23 thoughts on “MCP bursts into party songs in Malawi Parliament as Chakwera says President’s incompetence is taking its toll”

  1. be humane says:

    chakwera, rains does not improve economy. govt policies supported by good rains change things. we can have good rains and poor administration and nothing changes. please you should know better than this than lying to the nation in parliament. you can do better than this. if you think rains on their own improve things then applaud government for failure when rains fail and it means you don’t know how to run the economy then you cannot be a good leader of Malawi

  2. wagonapamuhanya says:

    So inu a OPP MUGANIZA MCP SIDZALAMULIRA DZIKO LI ETI? NDINU ANTHU OPANDA NZERU.mwafufuza kuti a anthu amene amavota kumidzi akuti chani pa mmene Mtsogoleli wanu Peter akuyendetsela dziko? wait and see.2019 is just after next year and days are flying.Mudzadya mau anu omwe.Tifuna mtsogoleri wina.kaya ndi Chakwera or wina koma APM mabvuto ku Malawi basi .

  3. The so called first past the post system of electing the president is what is destroying this country. This system is encouraging tribalism, regionalism and nepotism. Unless this system is abolished Malawi will never develop because candidates will always bank their hopes on their own tribesmen. hence they will do everything possible to promote their tribe in return for the votes. Let’s adopt the 50+1 system if we are indeed serious of taking this country forward.

  4. sign kuntambira says:

    You have alot of home work in your party than spending your precious time making these shallow criticisms. Time is fast approaching to 2o19 polls, is this that you can offer to convince 67% of people that will Ussher you into power?.

    Unless you change the way you’re playing your cards stop dreaming of ruling this Country

    Your emotional criticism displays nothing but your poor leadership skills.

  5. Atate JBC says:

    “Are we
    expected to congratulate the President
    for lowering inflation when the decrease
    is largely a result of improvements in
    agricultural productivity because of
    God’s mercy in sending us rain?”, like seriously Chakwera???? How do you expect the economy to perform without good rain?? You want the President to create rain or manufacture water for you to acknowledge his achievement? We can not always agree but you should be reasonable in your criticism of APM and his Government.

  6. santana says:

    You dance in Parliament while others dance in the streets after winning the elections!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. santana says:

    DPP supporters with their cadets do not answer on every rhetoric. They are good at answering the call of elections that’s why their candidates win because they answer in unison. Come 2019, they will repeat the 2014 scenario.

  8. zaka says:

    Nothing tangible,chakula ndi nsanje ,dyera ,khwizi and failing to appreciate what others has done,keep doing that malawians are clever ,they are able to know what is good or bad for them.The way you see things is different with the way how voters see it ,thats why despite all the propanganda and insults that were showered on APM prior to 2014,but the guy managed to carry the day.Inu munali a clean ,koma anakutengani left right back and forth pa home ground panu pomwepo pa lilongwe.The secrete with malawians ,amatha kuziwa ku vuto ili anabwelesa ndi wakuti.Mukunena za poverty ,inu munalamulira 31 years ,umphawi unata ? and people were more poor during mcp error than nowdays.Keep on dreaming but you will be surprised,if not you will remain in those benches for ever,Too much anger ,the guy need deliverance

  9. Munyane says:

    One wonders why MCP live in perpetual dreaming. You will only hear them barking akapita ku parliament basi. fter that ndi mma courts ndi pa Zodiak basi. Tabagonani. You think DPP is a walkover. Ask matate a ndale a JZU mpaka anaimika mikono mmwamba.

    1. Imbwa says:

      You think Saulos adzakuthandizaninso kuba mavoti momwe mwamuzunziramu?

  10. GAMALIYELE says:


  11. kathyali says:

    kkkkkk wagwidwa

  12. psyta says:

    kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk !! I can foresee ma MP ambiri a MCP akudziombera chifukwa choluza sitsankho 2019.

  13. MCP WENIWENI says:

    Sheeeeeh! Awa Mbanalume!!!!! Kaya muti chani tsopano? Zanuzo muziwona nokha!!!!

  14. Maunits says:

    Makadeti anamvapo kanthu ndi accent ya Prof Chakwera. That is our 2019 Head of state whether you a cadet want it or not go away.

  15. Chimanga says:

    Chakwela…. well thought analysis

  16. WALIKO MAKHALA says:

    Mbuzi ya President.

  17. mtete says:

    And should we clap hands when the so called DPP cadets beat up our police or terrorize opposition members at Chilembwe memorial service. We should instead feel sorry, very sorry

  18. Justice says:

    Ma Cadet muyankheni munthu.

    1. Nyopex says:

      What can they answer for all they know is intimidation only!!

    2. Yankho says:

      Ayankha ndi mafumu pa MBC Tv

      1. Chief Lundu says:

        kkkkkkk you made me laugh

    3. youna says:

      Ayambira pati? kkkkkk

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