MCP Chakwera, Jumbe in political war trenches

Opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) deputy director of research Felix Jumbe has advised his party president Lazarus Chakwera to stop listening to praise singers.

Jumbe: ts

Jumbe:  His MCP future looks hazy, considered to be working for DPP

“Otherwise the party will fall apart. Some people are engulfing Chakwera to victimise others,” said the Salima Central legislator on state run MBC a day after the party reshuffled him from an Agriculture parliamentary committee where he was chair.

He has been moved to Defense committee where he is an ordinary member.

Jumbe said there was a time he had a frank one to one talk with Chakwera concerning their differences.

“But this caused a multitude of anger from others who want our relationship destroyed,” said Jumbe.

He however also blamed Chakwera for the problems, saying he has himself taken a position to hate the MCP Agriculture shadow minister.

“It is normal for people to like some people and hate others,” he said.

The party has also reshuffled him in parliamentary seating plan from the front bench of senior party leaders to the back reserved for junior party members.

“I have been moved three times in the House but the last change of seating plan came as a shock because I was not told that I would be moved so I went to my usual seat number 42 just to find another name tag so I had to walk around to find where I was allocated to seat,” he said.

MCP chief whip said he was responsible for House seating plan of the MCP bench whilst Chakwera said he was sorting out the mess in the party.

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We are all aware that Jumbe has been given money by DDP but he is another rubbish guy from Salima and shortly he will be ashamed because people from SALIMA are not happy with him

Mbonga Matoga
Its a shame that it has taken this long for MCP to understand the true colours of Mr Jumbe. By the way what does Jumbe mean by saying that he will continue to fight on? who is he fighting with and for what purpose? In case you didn’t know, the Jumbes have a long history of betrayal and terrorism. Many Malawians suffered during the slave trade era becoz of the Jumbes and the Mlozis who went about with guns separating Malawians from their families and sell them to the Arabs. MCP can trust Mr Jumbe at its own peril becoz… Read more »

This is un fair for a big party to wash dirty clothes on public. I still believe MUNLO could have done better! But all the same just try your luck Dr Chakwera


Mr. Jumbe may be welcome in other Parties. While Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula will be stuck with the crocodiles, unless she quits: she thinks she knows every political, even though she’s a mere rookie. (Wagwa nazo) the learning curve in politics is way steeper than the academics she pursued.

Haswel Bandawe

It is sad that the main opposition party is washing its dirty linen in public.

The issue of personal hatred should not even arise. MCP should use (and I believe it has) structures for resolving professional differences.

What should not be forgotten is that the opposition party is whittling down its moral authority and public respect by squabbling publicly about issues that are internal to the Party. The effectiveness of MCP is at stake.

We can do with more maturity.

Patrick Maxy

I am not a fan of Jumbe but we can all agree that Dr Chakwera zikuwakanika to lead the mighty MCP. Mikangano ikumangopitilira with no end. Idzatha liti mikangano kutino ntchito iyambike? Ku South mikangano yokhayokha yomwe isakutha. Come 2019 Dr Chakwera cannot win. He has led the party astray together with those around him whispering mabodza instead of discussing solid strategies. Makosana surrounding Chakwera, Jumbe is the least of our worries. Growing membership numbers is more important.

MCP please sort out these small differences before DPP takes advantage of the situation. Hon Jumbe do not wash dirty linens in public. RT HON REV Chakwera this is the time you can demonstrate true qualities of transformational leadership. You may be listening from one side but I would urge you to treat your members especially MPs with some dignity. The national at large are banking on you to bring back the lost glory with which Malawi is known of. We are fed up with gvt that runs on lies and beģging. Nothing for us without us including you Pastor.

The best that can happen is that Jumbe and Kabwira should just resign from MCP as soon as possible. You are being sent by the rulling party to disorganise MCP. You are fools… !!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Anzanthu zikuyenda mpaka kukalankhula pa MBC za a pulezidente anu. Ndinzeru ndinthu.
Mwina akuptsana kale u minister it is just a matter of time.


Do you really need to go to public for family issues. Then this means you are one bringing confusion. Remember there must be one LEADER at a time so wait for yo time.

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