MCP civil war go much deeper: Chakwera’s stern test

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  is embroiled in its bloodiest civil war for decades after some senior officials made allegations that its leadership is nepotistic and intolerant of other views.

Chakwera: MCP rebels  test his resolve

Chakwera: MCP rebels test his resolve

In a move  to quell dissent in the party, MCP president Lazarous Chakwera summoned a National Executive Committee (NEC) meeting in Lilongwe on Wednesday but turned out to be more destructive as party cadres  barred secretary general Gustav Kaliwo from the meeting roughed up.

Some officials  suspected to be in the ring of dissenting views were also reportedly assaulted by patry cadres.

MCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwila, who is also Saima North-West member of parliament (MP)  and veteran politican and legislature  Joseph Njobvuyalema shunned the meeting.

They members however proposed that they should be suspended pending disciplinary hearing.

While Salima Central legislator Felix Jumbe, also second deputy director of strategic planning, was expelled in absentia.

Jumbe was  also removed as Agriculture Committee chair in Parliament and allocated what he thought was a weaker position.

There was  also a conspicuous abscence of  administrative secretary Portipher Chidaya.

The meeting reportedly agreed not to effect any suspension of the officials but that all the accused be given a right to be heard by a disciplinary committe.

MCP also agreed to hold a national convetion in due course.

Some disgruntled MCP members were calling for an early convention in protest of party president Chakwera’s style of leadership.

In May this year, some MCP officials—including district chairpersons and committee members—dragged the party to court, demanding an emergency convention asserting serious irregularities over how Chakwera runs the party and appointed some NEC members.

“It’s now a choice between the survival of MCP or Chakwera ’s leadership,”  said one of the NEC members who attended the meeting.

MCP has alleged that its problems are a result of external influences.

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20 thoughts on “MCP civil war go much deeper: Chakwera’s stern test”

  1. President Chidakhwa says:

    Chipani cha MCP. started by a man from the Northern Region Orton Chirwa QC in 1958, ursuped by the Chewas. Now the impostors are segregating others. Mayo how tracherous is MCP, their former leaders trecherous, their present leaders trecherous. Mwaona A Malwi zimene timasankha. this would have beeen our leader. Thanks that he didi not wini. Chakwera is not a lidala, but an assemblys church leader, mpingo wa anthu ozikonda uja

  2. Namoyo Chipanga says:

    Lazarus Chakwera is one of the best people to lead Malawi. Akapanda kulitumikira dziko anthu owopa Mulungu mukuganiza kuti angatumikire ndindani? This country is supposed to be led by people who fear the Lord and not otherwise. Lazarus ndi oyenera ndithu kutumikira dziko lino osati anthu ena amphamvu zakumidimawa. A Malawi lets open our eyes and see the right people oti atitsogolere. Who told you that he is supposed in church all the time? Kungoti inu a Kabwila ndi a Jumbe ndalama mwalandirazo tamangodyani osati musokoneze chipani apa ayi. Inu a Jumbe ndale mwayamba liti. Ofcourse you can argue kuti Chakwera wayamba liti. Ifeyo timayenera kugwirana manja kuti chipanichi chidzawine by 2019 osatinso kumayambitsa zisokonezo. ndalama mwalandirazo is going to benefit just your family and not the rest of Malawians.

  3. mjiba says:

    Chakwera was not prepared to lead any political party in Malawi. He is an opportunist who with greed succumbed to John Tembo’s mentality of Chewa leadership of the MCP in order to feast insatiable appetite for easy riches and fame. The true leader who will take the MCP to greater heights and win an election is Honourable LOVEMORE MUNLO. The only true and tested leader of MCP.

  4. Mwananyanian says:

    AMalawi anachenjela masiku ano (Malawians will NOT accept the insinuation that people from outside MCP are responsible for this mess).
    Apparently, the embarrassing defeat of the MCP dictatorship was not cathartic enough. One gets the sense that MCP will never lean towards any democratic wall. Indeed, old habits are hard to get rid of; even in organizations – they are, after all, made up of people.
    This episode is a big test for the man of God, oChakwera, now. The Church handles problems differently, for obvious reason; and he could not have learned about resolution of political problems in theology classes. He is stuck in his old ways, understandably, because that is what he knows. In this regard, he probably would have been less unprepared for politics had he NOT come from the Church.
    Perhaps, he should just give up now, and return to his old profession. Because, even if he stays, the damage is slowly eroding MCP of the little support they had outside their backyard. The 2019 outlook is looking more bleak.

  5. Muchiwere mu Nyolonyo says:

    Komanso iwe Jakumusi Makolija, ngakhale atakuthira dhumu mkamwa sungafotere chipani cha death and darkness? Ndakumva.

  6. Olo kundifaila Doom nkamwa MCP yatha ngati chovala chogwera acid , and its wise idea if this aged Chakwera resign and pave way for Jumbe either my darling Jessie Kabwilo.
    Ng’ona Party in Crisis… out Jumbe if it was not for democracy ukanaponyedwa mu Shire river
    Zikomo Atcheya pobweretsa democracy you have saved Mr Jumbe’s life tawonga chomene a Gama

  7. This is the Malawi Crocodile Party I know. This party plays politics of kuthana and nyau. Yesterday, the MCP NEC agreed to eliminate any leader amene sanalowe nyau…kuthana kuthana basi! Ndichifukwa chake Alekeni Menyani ndi ena onse omwe sanalowe gule ali pa mabvuto zedi. Chakwera wants all the NEC positions to be occupied by people from Lilongwe. That’s why even brilliant graduates like Kusamba Dzonzi sakununkha kanthu chifukwa ngakhale analowa nyau, koma akuchokela ku district yolakwika Dowa, which Chakweraa says is a District of Wild Animals (DOWA).

  8. Jakumusi Makolija says:

    Ine olo atandithira Doom mkamwa, sindingavotere MCP!

  9. Kenkkk says:

    If mcp is to command a winnable 2019 election position, then its leaders must strongly strive for its diversity amongst its top officials.

    Laz is leading mcp in the right direction but we have these so called traitors dpp bribed officials who are not happy with diversity at the top, not happy in particular with the inclusion of a few northerners at the top. They are clinging to tribalism and nepotism, still thinking mcp is for chewas only. Jockeying for positions at the expense of a winning formula.

    Dpp is afraid with the rising popularity of mcp in the north but some stupid chewa or central region officials in mcp are too blind to see, just interested in taking dpp bribes to destabilise the party.

    Mcp can win the 2019 elections or form a formidable opposition if it takes the majority of seats in the north. Hence its strategy of including as many northerners in its top ranks make sense and promotes unity and diversity in the country.

    Mcp now needs to expand into the south and do the same as it is doing for the north. Just be careful with the southerners you choose, most of them are prone to dpp destabilisation. Probably targeting those in pp or even udf expecting them to jump ship.

    So please think again you stupid dpp bribed mcp officials from the centre.

  10. EPIGLOTIS says:

    Koyambirira zonse zisanayambe kuchitika ndinanena kuti ndi dziko liti lomwe munthu amasiya kutumikira zomwe mulungu wamuitanira ndikukapanga ndale. Pachizungu timati ‘Politics is a dirty game’. So how can a man of God who is so clean join dirty games. I said Chakwera is dirty, wadyera, wankwidzi, wodzikonda, wosaweruzika ndichifukwa chake anachoka kutchalichi ndi kulowa ndale’dirty game’. Chakwera stop destroying our party. We are not interested in your english. This will not run our party to victory. walephera basi…..resign the party is too big for you. Sitchalichitu ichi ndi ndale zimafunika munthu opanda nkhwidzi, wosakwiya msanga, woweruzika, womva za mzake. Zayekha anabviika nsima m’madzi

  11. Chigwaja says:

    I pray that MCP will come out stronger after these squabbles. The fact is the nation’s hope is on MCP and these misunderstandings are not doing the nation any good. MCP leadership should understand that it is the most loved party in this country. Its survival in opposition for 22 years speaks volumes of the love that people have on the party. No other party including the DPP would last for five years in opposition. Look at the once moghty UDF, makatani. Please listen to each other and chart the way forward. For those who are receiving money to disturb the party I want to tell them that they are egocentric and they don’t know why they joined politics. Please go back to the discussion table and resolve the problems.

  12. Dr Tambala says:

    What wrong has Gustav Kaliwo done? Mcp has no notable leader in the south and only msowoya from the north compare with DPP which has heavyweights jean kalirani, saulos chilima, heatherwick ntaba, eckleni kudontoni, Samuel tembenu and josaya Phiri from centre, in the north there is Goodall Gondwe, Obama chiumia, , jappie mhango, vuwa kaunda etc, eastern region it has getrude muthatika, bright msaka, atupele muluzi, lower shire there is Francis kasaila, and Ku mwanza there is dausi and katsonga. Can you now see how dpp is able to get votes across the country?

  13. Some external forces know that Chakwera is a threat and are using these selfish MCP members to destabilise the party. Why can’t we be sorry for the mess that is going in the current system? Chakwera may not be the answer but should we allow selfish people use tax payers money to remain in power at the cost of majority Malawians? Shame us as a nation!

    1. Chigumbuli says:

      Chakwera is what MCP should be worried about…. Mark my words he will destroy the party to a level that it will cease to be the alternative to DPP. A Party should be inclusive of people with different opinions united by a common patriotic interest. Chakwera wants to build himself into a latterday Kamuzu in this new dispensation ! He wants to surround himself with robotic Yes Men. DPP need not worry Chakwera is doing the DESTRUCT for them.

  14. santana says:

    Yet there are many dunderheads like Mr Central who dreams that his party, MCP will make it in 2019. Tiyeni nazoni.

  15. Mengo says:

    Just when we thought MCP was our hope to deliver us from DPP

  16. be humane says:

    Why MCP still believes that all this is due to external influence? Does that mean these Jumbe, Kabwila, Kaliwo are headless pigs and excess buggage in MCP that cannot think on their own? Its the right time mr president to wake up. If you are confused with intra party politics and you resort to expulsions and suspensions will you hold the pressure from opposition once in power as Malawi president? I doubt. Practice leadership from party level and buyMalawian’s trust now before 2019 otherwise MCP is planning its next failure come 2019

  17. Fwangalubiro says:

    Very sad for Malawi I believe this due to external influences so that Peter does not have a strong challenger.A new leader in MCP now will weaken the party heavily.I do not support Chakwera as a person I support MCP as a party lets leave personal interest aside for the sake of our children. am really crying

    1. mgoloso says:

      MCP ndiye imeneyotu – those are the true colours of Chakwera. Amabisa mawanga ake nthawi yonseyi kuti tipuse koma panopa watopa tsopano.

  18. Kang\'wing\'wi says:

    This Chakwera dude is full of evil! After completing his demonic mission at Ass. of God he joined MCP to fulfill his luciferic mission on earth!

    It was evident from the start when he completely removed his closest challenger Lovemore Munlo from everything MCP. Just how can you remove Njobvuyalema the one who ensured the survival of MCP by challenging John Tembo?

    MCP is now truly banished to the chronicles of history!

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