MCP conceals its stand on federalism: Chakwera says no intimidation

President for Malawi’s leading opposition party in parliament MCP, Dr Lazarus Chakwera says his party is yet to make its position on the ongoing debate about the introduction of federal systems of governed as opposed to the current unitary government.

Chakwera: Listening to all sides of the opinion

Chakwera: Listening to all sides of the opinion

Chakwera said although MCP has no stand on federal system of government, its members are free to discuss it and is calling for issue based discussions on federalism other than intimidating those with opposing views.

“First of all, we have to think why some sectors are coming up with this issue. We have a lot of powers vested into the leadership. Development to reach at the grassroots has been a problem too,” Chakwera said.

“Politicizing of national development, nepotism and partisan leadership are the order of the day. A lot of people are becoming poorer day by day while a few are getting richer,” the leader of the opposition stated.

Chakwera  pointed out that development should benefit everyone regardless of regions, tribe and political affiliation.

“This country and Malawians deserve better and a better. Malawi is possible with oneness when it comes to public debate on issues ofnational importance,” says Chakwera.

He said the party is currently listening to people’s views before it make its stand.

“We are listening and possibly we will come up with a position as to what can be of benefit to all Malawians,” he said.

The Public Affairs Committee has organized a public forum on the issue in the commercial capital Blantyre whose resolution are expected to come out Tuesday.

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Malawians we’r warm heart of africa why sarcastic and hate4 statements, natural law telz we reap afta sowin what seed r we sown in malawi critcsm is posibo in lv and wit a pure heart


Wina Afune Olo Asafune Ku malawi Federal Siizatheka Winawe Kaya Akufuna Kutchuka Ukulimbana ndimtunda opanda madzi


Nkhakamila: watha mau msanga, komabe ndikudziwa kuti Alomwe ambiri ndi mbuli zosaphunzira ndiye zadzadzana kumpoto “kutheba” kolima fodya chifukwa cha umphawi wakwanu, komwe kulibeso ndimalo oti n’kulimapo, ndichifukwa simungathe kuwona ubwino wa federalism, ndiye kulira kwanu kukumveka komanu alomwe inu mwajayila zedi, mukumadziona ngati inuyo ndiye amalawi enieni mitundu yina yose mukumayiona ngati ma Refuges.


amalawi mulimbana chani apa..ngati mukulephera kuchita manage team ya mpira ndiye olo muziti mugawanepo zikoli mukwanitsa? a lomwe in the north…vuto atumbuka sankho pali ponse ngakhale kwanu kuno will never unite on one thing.judge me or not.suprisingly majority of those pushing for federalism are in the centre or south.kwanu kuno simukondako or pang’ono.
muzichangamuka osangoti mukapita ku chanco ndikutha kuyankhula chingelezi nde mwayambapo phokoso,kupep


Hahahahahah waiona kuti ndi bad game wayamba kubwelela mbuyo

Novirhikana Kovahiwa

Is the pastor reversing his previous stand? He should not fool us.

Lt. Hornbrower Mwale

I would like to commend MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his comment on the above issue. It is really wise and prudent for him to remain neutral and listen to majority views even though some of his party MPs including the party’s spokesperson Dr kabwila is pro-federalism. Let MCP president and its followers research properly and consult grassroots on this issue other than just toying with those calling for introduction of federalism.


Paja Anzathu A Nyau Ndi Choncho Kuzolowela Kubisala Muzigoba.Whats Wrong Just Coming Out Openly And Tell Us Your Stand?Nepotistic John Tembo Shld Not Confuse Your Party In Decision Making.Wake Up!!!!

Missed -Call

Federal yomweyo basi!


Those Chewas that oppose federalism are directly supporting Mulhako. Next time they should not cry when Peter gives Mulhako all jobs & billions to host their prostitution promoting celebrations

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