MCP conceals its stand on federalism: Chakwera says no intimidation

President for Malawi’s leading opposition party in parliament MCP, Dr Lazarus Chakwera says his party is yet to make its position on the ongoing debate about the introduction of federal systems of governed as opposed to the current unitary government.

Chakwera: Listening to all sides of the opinion

Chakwera: Listening to all sides of the opinion

Chakwera said although MCP has no stand on federal system of government, its members are free to discuss it and is calling for issue based discussions on federalism other than intimidating those with opposing views.

“First of all, we have to think why some sectors are coming up with this issue. We have a lot of powers vested into the leadership. Development to reach at the grassroots has been a problem too,” Chakwera said.

“Politicizing of national development, nepotism and partisan leadership are the order of the day. A lot of people are becoming poorer day by day while a few are getting richer,” the leader of the opposition stated.

Chakwera  pointed out that development should benefit everyone regardless of regions, tribe and political affiliation.

“This country and Malawians deserve better and a better. Malawi is possible with oneness when it comes to public debate on issues ofnational importance,” says Chakwera.

He said the party is currently listening to people’s views before it make its stand.

“We are listening and possibly we will come up with a position as to what can be of benefit to all Malawians,” he said.

The Public Affairs Committee has organized a public forum on the issue in the commercial capital Blantyre whose resolution are expected to come out Tuesday.

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62 thoughts on “MCP conceals its stand on federalism: Chakwera says no intimidation”

  1. BOBY B says:

    Malawians we’r warm heart of africa why sarcastic and hate4 statements, natural law telz we reap afta sowin what seed r we sown in malawi critcsm is posibo in lv and wit a pure heart

  2. Zainno says:

    Wina Afune Olo Asafune Ku malawi Federal Siizatheka Winawe Kaya Akufuna Kutchuka Ukulimbana ndimtunda opanda madzi

  3. mbakwazulu says:

    Nkhakamila: watha mau msanga, komabe ndikudziwa kuti Alomwe ambiri ndi mbuli zosaphunzira ndiye zadzadzana kumpoto “kutheba” kolima fodya chifukwa cha umphawi wakwanu, komwe kulibeso ndimalo oti n’kulimapo, ndichifukwa simungathe kuwona ubwino wa federalism, ndiye kulira kwanu kukumveka komanu alomwe inu mwajayila zedi, mukumadziona ngati inuyo ndiye amalawi enieni mitundu yina yose mukumayiona ngati ma Refuges.

  4. nkhakamila says:

    amalawi mulimbana chani apa..ngati mukulephera kuchita manage team ya mpira ndiye olo muziti mugawanepo zikoli mukwanitsa? a lomwe in the north…vuto atumbuka sankho pali ponse ngakhale kwanu kuno will never unite on one thing.judge me or not.suprisingly majority of those pushing for federalism are in the centre or south.kwanu kuno simukondako or pang’ono.
    muzichangamuka osangoti mukapita ku chanco ndikutha kuyankhula chingelezi nde mwayambapo phokoso,kupep

  5. Walani says:

    Hahahahahah waiona kuti ndi bad game wayamba kubwelela mbuyo

  6. Novirhikana Kovahiwa says:

    Is the pastor reversing his previous stand? He should not fool us.

  7. I would like to commend MCP President Dr Lazarus Chakwera for his comment on the above issue. It is really wise and prudent for him to remain neutral and listen to majority views even though some of his party MPs including the party’s spokesperson Dr kabwila is pro-federalism. Let MCP president and its followers research properly and consult grassroots on this issue other than just toying with those calling for introduction of federalism.

  8. Wawaman says:

    Paja Anzathu A Nyau Ndi Choncho Kuzolowela Kubisala Muzigoba.Whats Wrong Just Coming Out Openly And Tell Us Your Stand?Nepotistic John Tembo Shld Not Confuse Your Party In Decision Making.Wake Up!!!!

  9. Missed -Call says:

    Federal yomweyo basi!

  10. CNN says:

    Those Chewas that oppose federalism are directly supporting Mulhako. Next time they should not cry when Peter gives Mulhako all jobs & billions to host their prostitution promoting celebrations

  11. Quota system says:

    Chakwera is a clever politician now. Not just a cleric. He knows why he is responding this way

    1. Great Caesars Ghost says:

      If wisdom has become making contradictory statements after the party spokes person has unequivocally said MCP is for federalism then yes this cleric is wise… But then again that opens up a whole new can of worms for those who are paying attention and being critical rather than being fan boys!

  12. Chakwera is a coward and this guy has no leadership. His party is a flip flopper—no direction. The leadership of Nyika people says it will only enter into Federalism if only there is strong provincial governments, rotational presidency among our three regions, and a point system just like an electoral college that of the USA. In order for a party to win the presidency it must win two provinces out of three. Anything less than that—Nyika people have a right to be on their own. We’re tired of your quota system which was initiated by the president from the Central region and now it is the Southern region which continue to slap Nyika people with all the oppressive laws. We’re tired of being your slaves and you must let my people go. If the Central region wants to stay in union with the Southern region that is their own business. We Nyika people want secession—completely peeling off from our oppressors. I APPEAL TO ALL NYIKA PEOPLE THAT THE ONLY OPTION THIS MULHAKO TRIBALIST GOVERNMENT HAS LEFT US IS THE ARMED STRUGGLE. THE ARMED STRUGGLE MUST HAPPEN IN MALAWI BECAUSE WE CAN’T REMAIN SLAVES FOREVER. IT IS ONLY US WHO CAN FREE OURSELVES FROM THESE CHAINS OF SLAVERY. PETER HITLER MUTHARIKA WILL NEVER FREE US BECAUSE HE IS LOOSING SOMETHING. WE MUST FIGHT FOR OUR LAND, REPUBLIC OF NYIKA.

  13. Kalanga says:

    Let me hope UNIMA wl be full of 30 to 40 on average from south kkkkk

  14. Great Caesars Ghost says:

    Like other commentators on this forum, I am very surprised with the clerics refusal to rubber stamp Dr Jessie Kabwila’s utterances on Federalism. She has made it clear she speaks for the party and presumably with you and the executives blessing. This makes this cowardice/ coyness or apparent ‘sudden growth spurt in wisdom’ strange and also awkward for the MCP on this issue but actually on wider issues of cohesion what with this clear display of crossed wires between a party president and the parties mouth piece, not to mention MCP MPs conspiring to remove an MCP chair of an agricultural committee, but thats a story for another day!
    Now seeing as the stance of the party is known, since the ever verbose Jessie Kabwila has taken every opportunity to communicate it to what ever audience might (and some times not) lend her a listening ear. This Headline and the content is all the more confusing for me. Nyasatimes is supposedly the bastion of integrity in journalism, do you need the comments section to point out to you the inherent contradiction in this parties position on Federalism, in light of Jessie Kabwilas very public statements?
    Excellent Journalism indeed, Keep it up! LOL! SMH

  15. Tengupenya says:

    Koma Malawi sadzathekanso! Kambani fundo zanu osati kunyoza maganizo awena. Fedulo basi yathuyathu muchiweniweni ngati a Malawi, kapena ndi mayiko ena mu Afirika kapena akutsidya la nyanja.

  16. ttnn says:

    M’busa odzodzedwa ndi Mulungu sangapange maganizo ausatanawu. M’busa odzodzedwa sangasiye kutumikira Mulungu nkupita ku ndale. Akadawina akanachita Nkhaza zoipa uyu.

  17. Mphwache wa Bingu says:

    Dr Chakwera be assured that the problems you and other people are mentioning will still be there even under federalism. We will still have Central government and a ‘lomwe’ president who will appoint ministers and the central government will be responsible for allocating funds to states. So federalism is not a solution at all. Delta state in Nigeria is one of the poorest although is produces a lot of oil, why? Its because federalism is not a solution to nepotism or corruption. So Dr Chakwera please take time to follow and read the world trends. We know that your doctorate is in theology but you will do yourself justice if you can now start reading books in economics, law, agriculture, politics and watch some documentary tv channels.

  18. Phodogoma still online says:

    Whether you delete my text or not feudalism will work on principles of mathematics, No region will benefit from bread of other regions.This is clear. Those who are eating bread from other regions will stop because there will correction of national cakes. Feudalism is a game of no body fool the other. So bwana chakwera you comment will not be taken lightly. this will show how mature you are on politics. Awaiting for your comment. Thank you.

  19. mpandadzina says:

    Chakwera you approach on this issue will have a bigger response on your 2019 elections. Particularly if the thing is proved unworkable after your support statement. This is south. Take it from me.

  20. Phodogoma says:

    Dear Rev Chakwera,

    Please with feudalism or no feudalism south will remain south and develeped for ever. This means that all students who are patronising our region will pack and head back to Nyika state their fathers will be paying a fee higher than it is today for our colleges in south.This is a fair play concept. If not who will be feeding them so that feudalism should play a fair game. No sense for south to support 5000 students from Poly , COM, and CHANCO with revenue from tea estates while Nyika is eating its own revenue from chkangawa. No sense and phodogoma do not appear to a person to allow north to be a guyer than him. Anybody from north and central regions will need to pay for medical services in public hospital as south will not be ready to buy medicine to be given free to Nyikasa while revenue from Chikangawa is used by themselves. You dont expect south to pay all senior civil servants from north working in south while north has just kept its revenue. In otherwords every region will be paying its own civil servants for the sake of that every region’s resources are used by its own people as Tumbukas feel cheated today with the current situations unless Tumbukas want double standards. The Phodogomas will never allow that double standards at all. North can not fool south. Go on south is watching. You cant play a smart game with south. No. Impossible. We are watching you guys. Any game you play will have a smart counter attack. That is south.

    Surely north should know that:
    1.Out of 7000 students from public colleges in south , almost 5000 students are from north 1600 students are from south possibly due to quorta and other means whil the remaining 400 students are the grand sons and daughters of Kamuzu banda from central region.


    2. 70 percent of senior officers in south are from north and who will be paying these civil servants. If feudalism is there to serve its purpose time will come when south will be paying its own civil servants, likewise north and ochakwera’s home.


    1. APM says:

      kukhala ngati ndinunso a educated savage. ndamene mukunamiza anthu inu za federizimu. if resources were equally distributed bwenzi some unima constituent colleges ali ku north. u have told us in ur rubbish that your mapwiyas are nepotistic in such that they want all structures to be in the south. if only you and ur fellow mafias stopped the nepotism and regionalism, bwenzi malawi ali wa ufulu. wait a minute chisano akuvutisani kumeneko akulandeni. osazabwera ku nyikaland kikiki. nanji mwawapasa kale njira ya train chonchi. lets wait and see. malonso olima ndi okhala akutherani tione chomwe mutazachite. ife titenga ma pulofesawo nkukayamba college of medicine ku nyikaland si basi. pangavute? muzithaima.

    2. dadaboma says:

      You appear ignorant of federalism. Federalism means maintaining brotherhood and oneness as a country while the power for governance is devolved to regions or states, with central govt retaining some (not all) power. It doesn’t mean that Tumbukas from the north will chase Lomwe tenants working in northern estates or chasing Lomwe sawyers from Chikakngawa plantations. Your view of federalism is shared with brutes. Be honest with facts brother. If this north-south polarity and tension persists this country will break up. Advise your APM to mend this polarization by bringing up unifying policies such as abolishment of quota system and allocating cabinet positions equally to all regions. Treat this country as one Malawi with one people, but if you treat it as regions, districts and tribes you will break this country up.

  21. Mc FairGuy says:

    Ubusa umenwu ukusonyezeratu kuti sunali ozozedwa ndi Mulungu koma unali wa satana chifukwa akuwoneseratu ntchito zawo zausatana abusawa

  22. Mc FairGuy says:

    Zamulungu ndi zandale ndizosiyana, ndale ndi satana chifukwa anthuwa chomwe amalimbirana ndi ndalama basi osati zachilungamo ayi ngakhale munthu wamulunguyu anataya mabaibulo nkuyamba ndale chifukwa chongofuna ndalama basi. Bola akanangolimbikira za umulungu zomwe zija kuti akapedze mtendere kumwamba kusiyana ndi zausatanazi. Vuto linaso dziko la Malawi asogoleri athu ndalama zaboma amgwiritsa ntchito mokomera okha amene basi zina namaponyera mmatumba mwawo pamene ma voters akuvutika koma ikafika nthawi ya campaign akaona kuti zawavuta amkhala busy kuwakopanso anthu omwe aja ankavutika aja kuti awavoternso, nawonso anthuwo chifukwa chakusauka nawonso amaiwala zonse zomwe amaziona nkusiya ntchito nkumakhala busy mmisonkahno mwawo. Kodi aMalawi tidzachangamuka liti? Chinanso anthu amenewa amangotolera misonkho kwa business za anthu osauka basi pamene iwo mma business mwawo satolera chilichonse Wake up Malawi, Wake up my country, this is the time that everyone must forward, please don’t trust any party just work hard for your own other wise we’ll be same level while these politicians they are getting rich each and every day and misusing government money money for their Fair well and their birth day parties.

  23. thengeremwathengitso says:

    Federalism hmmm, the country has beautiful land especially in the Northern region, it’s the same northerners who left their homes & flocked to Southern & central region, they buy land in centre & south, settle there and never go back to their homeland, now they come & say gvmnt is neglecting them, haaaaa, mwanamfyale, dumba, who is neglicting what?? kasi muka jalana mawoko nikupanga wanagwa & start developing the dead north don’t u think pple will flock & settle in Northern State?? Lekani kuyoboya zakuti boma likukondera ku Central & Southern, tell me where did wadada Goodall Gondwe build his mansion?? Why didnt he build it in Mzuzu or Mzimba?? We know ur schems now we southerners & central guys we are going to stay in the North, we will populate & develop it, the way you have done in our cities, this is one malawi, one nation, say no to division.

  24. victim Chamkhuni Lwazazi says:

    That’s a sober mind from MCP president. I do not support any party but the truth. We have to be sober minded, have feeling of unity, and mature in thinking and talking about the issue. I am disturbed by those who take sides for no truth but selfishness.

  25. Nyasa says:

    So, on whose behalf does J. Kabwera speak? Is it not on behalf of MCP? Kabwera told us MCP is for federal government. And now the president of MCP himself says MCP does not have any side. Which is which? Baba Tembo said he is for unitary and not stupid federal government. MCP ….?

  26. Munthu wa Mulungu says:

    Yes, a wise leader must listen and observe first before commenting. Thumbs up MCP/Chakwera.

  27. Lottie says:

    Dr Chakwera is not saying the truth here. People from his own inner circle have explicitly called for Federalism – the likes of Jessy Kabwira; justifying the call on equitable distribution of political power and resources. Does it mean that this MCP Spokesperson speaks for herself? Does she not consult? Are you then at the top of your party?

    We also know that there are contrary views in the party. The MCP Veteran, John Tembo has expressed his opinion on the matter. Do you not talk to each other?

  28. masoapatali says:

    The majority of people against federalism are from the south. Ever wondered why? The population in the south is lazy. They cannot fend for themselves. They depend on the centre for food as the centre with its hardworking citizen is the source for agricultural produce. They rely on the north for mining, etc. All they know is kuberekana and steal from government. This time around ndiye zikuvutani mbambadi

  29. Mkhalangeya says:

    Malawi @ 50 years old,BUT still struggle to stand on its own feet.Its is so because we trust/depend on the Matchona’s very much kuti atha kulamula bwino than those we struggled together

  30. Old APM says:

    2019 Chakwera for president.

  31. Precious says:


    1. O says:

      I agree with you. Secession is the way to go. It is clear now that Central region is not for federalism. John Tembo says no to federalism and a Chakwera nawonso ndi awa akuyithawawa. Little by little everybody is running away. They think we can’t do it on our own. Let us fight for secession of the north cause federal will not be possible as it is clear referendum will not be on our side.

  32. wakukaya says:

    Words from a dinamic leader.




  34. kanthu says:

    People like Phodogoma can not bring unity in this country first you should analyse issues osamangonyozana. Digest things properly brother. Also think of yourself not what others have?

  35. Kanyimbi says:

    The wise remain silent. The bible says so. Congrats Chakwera.

  36. Nanenso says:

    Abusa: No coin will never cross state boarder to develop another state. Never just Never. GOD give us wisdom over this issue.

  37. saini says:

    I Like MCP postion they will make their stand late ,yes allow has to debate ,Listen ,catach our feels our thinking and the action that may result and come out in support of what is the best for the nation but when federalism fails then a stand alone state will be created with blood or not blood .the road map has started

  38. unfortunate says:

    Am very concerned and worried with the behavior of other commenter’s, I don’t see anything wrong to oppose if you’re not agree with some of the opinions, democratically is your right do so, but please don’t insult other people just because you’re differ in issues, in so doing you’re undermining the rights of others to be heard.

  39. Pido says:

    Federalism Sikugana Dziko. Tisanamizidwe.

  40. karamka says:

    Abusa a ng’ombe a chani?

  41. MMALAWI says:

    akulu ndale zidayambira m’baibulo pamene adanena kti munthu ali ndi ufulu osankha moyo kapena presdent ndaiwiri JESUS CHRIST N DEVIL ndiye musamalimbane ndichakwera.bwanji anthu omwe amatsatisa satana simulimpana nao.yesu ndi olamura satana ndi otsutsa.aliyese ali ufulu osankha.musiyeni chakwera ndi m’busa oyamba kukha presdent?mallan mtonga,rev mngwira,bisho vumbwe,mmanyoza mmene mumanenera chakwera?

  42. Alfred Munduwabo says:

    You are showing maturity in Malawi politics , you are not dictating as what others are saying.

  43. Jando says:

    The pac conference has shown that federalism may be good solution to oppression of one tribal group over other tribes

  44. Its clear from some posts here that those intimidating and threatening are from the South and Hlomwes in particular. Mind you, Malawi is for everyone.

  45. Big brain says:

    We don’t eat fedelism our problem is Poverty ! Chakwara u are missing the point !

    Concentrate on Poverty where will the money for the Pulse to support the three Governors comes from the president,the MPs, Councillors and the Chiefs!

    Tell us CHAKWERA ! This country needs serious discussions about poverty

    1. Mccarthy says:

      You’re the one who miss the point not Chakwera and you’re foolish, people like you” we don’t need in this Country, federalism is only way to deal with nepotism thieves.

    2. masoapatali says:

      The poverty problem is profound because of tribalism and regionalism as these two do not improve equitable distribution of the country’s resources. in the end it encourages corruption as people become so greedy trying to get their tribe , family rich. So federalism is part and parcel of the solution to the abject poverty we face in Malawi. Am not from the south, nor from the north. I am from the centre so I am neutral.

  46. the abductor says:

    It is my belief that Malawi is too infested with regionalism and it is unlikely that this country will be fixed as some anticipate. Going by the comments of the likes of Phodogoma, leaves a lot to be desired. People waste a lot of time castigating each other instead of working chonsecho mmanyumba mwanumo umphawi uli tho. What a shame!

  47. Mbuzi says:

    Mwina anthu ayiwala kale kuti stand yanu munanena kale kudzera mwa Kabwila, you said you are for fedalism.

  48. Biliati Phodogoma says:

    Offcourse it is a national agenda but it us ill-timed,this smacks of hypocrisy,why now?those who are championing it have been in government for two solid years,yet they were cool with statusquo,buy after being kicked out of government they become wise and think of federalism is this not greed,or bitterness?their argument is they want equity,when you were in government u had ample time to develop your north,you were busy investing in south,blantyre and central Lilongwe but why atumbuka nzeru zija zili pati? Komatu this is a national issue so the only way is a referendum,then let the whole nation decide,anthu ozikonda inu munakhala bwanji?you’ve got ulterior motives get out!!!

    1. dodo says:

      Iwenso ndiye mbuzi yeni yeni!!!!!!! Is it not possible for u just to express ur views without insulting a tumbuka!!!!

      With proper plans in place the system might lessen corruption that is so rampant at the central gvt so dont hate v system.i know ur one of v mulakho people who want to benefit from corruption activities mwayamba kale kuba with v nac saga!!!!!!!! Pa nyo panu!!!!!

    2. Mwene says:

      You miss the point because you are filled with hatred!!!! With hatred you can’t reason properly!!!!

  49. Abusa ytawerenganii 1 Petro 3:8-12. Mmalo monweretsa mtendere mufuna kuyambitsa mkangano. Mudataya Mulungu simudzalamulilanso dziko linno ndikaKabwira kanuko. Mchifukwa Peter anakukanani muli ndiwembu inu mtima wanji woipa ngat simuwerenga Baibulo. Muchititsa mamyazi azibiusa anzanu. Mukamalankhula mulibe manyazi eti?

    1. Mccarthy says:

      You’re very stupid my friend, why are you defending thieves like Peter Muthalika, that’s why malawi still poor because people like you. If fear God you should support Chakwera not Devils.

  50. Lwitiko says:

    please lets make our stand clear that with Mlakho around we just need to go for federalism. Agalu amenewa use their reckless breeding program to monopolize very thing senselessly. So we need to give them power only on themselves and not over enafe.

  51. Ambuje ku lilongwe says:

    Abusa petition mukunenayo osapeleka or kunena panopa bwanji? Mukazanena msonkhano utatha anthu sazaona ngati mwanena xifukwa cokwiya.
    Abusanu koma penapake ndimakudabwani. Inudi ndinu m’busa ndithu? Bwanji simukonda dziko lanu? Bwanji mukufuna kubweresa cisokonezo mzikolino? Bwanji simumvera amzanu akamanena? Koma mzeru zilimo? Bwanji osakafunsa mzeru kwa agogo anu?
    Zacibwanatu mukucitazi ngati simukuziwa.

    1. Louis says:

      lets debate this issue with so minds regardless of which region we are coming fron

    2. Mccarthy says:

      You need go back to school, if you don’t know the Meaning of Federalism or ask others, don’t be stupid.

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