MCP condemns panga wielding DPP for political violence

Malawi Congress Party (MCP)  has condemned the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) for disrupting the joint opposition political  rally at Chibavi in Mzuzu on Sunday and hurting bodyguards of opposition leader.

MCP secretary general Kaliwo addressing a news conference

MCP secretary general Kaliwo addressing a news conference

Speaking during the news conference at the MCP headquarters in Lilongwe, MCP Secretary General Gustav Kaliwo condemned the panga wielding DPP cadres for the violence.

He also bemoaned that Police were stopped to protect the opposition.

“It was unfortunate that they came at 17:30PM this was way after the rally had finished,” said Kaliwo.

“Where is democracy in Malawi with what is happening,” queried the MCP secretary general

Kaliwo commended the  MCP security detail for doing all they could to save opposition leader Lazarus Chakwera from being assassinated.

“The security chased the panga brandishing thugs away till they managed to confiscate 11 pangas,” he said.

MCP also thanked people from the north for attending the rally in their large numbers.

“Without them the rally could have failed,” said Kaliwo.

MCP spokesperson, Jessie Kabwira did not mince words by revealing that those who were behind Sunday violence were members of DPP.

Kabwira said there was no need for rocket science to prove the root that the violence was DPP sponsored.

“In the first place why the Police officers did came at the rally in time to protect the MCP members from the DPP thugs and yet MCP members are Malawians too,” said Kabwira.

Kabwira said the party have information that some very senior National Intelligence officials were available to guide the planning process of the violence.

MCP shadow Minister of Home Affairs, Maxwell Thyolera condemned the Malawi Police for being partisan.

“When we are approving the name of the Inspector General of Police, we always advise him to be non partisan,” said Thyolera.

But in an interview, DPP Publicity Secretary, Francis Kasaira distanced DPP from the violence.

Kasaira said, DPP has always remained a peaceful party.

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22 thoughts on “MCP condemns panga wielding DPP for political violence”

  1. Grey mpithi says:

    These opposition people they having mental retardition. Before speak out ur stupid things u ve to know that malawians are fools. They follow u in every step u take, this is not campaign time when police are suppose to provide security details, or did u hired them to give u security. What Chakwera is doing, lacks sense maturity. Take example from ur predessor, what was he doing? Muyenera uzichepetse ukafunsire nzeru kwa a Tembo bfore 90dys given by court. Ukamalimbana ndi boma uzingotaya nthawi yako pachabe.

  2. Nabanda says:

    DPP you want one party system maybe mxiiiiiiiii

  3. Hoitty Totty says:

    Peter Mutharika, you are an educated and civilised man who lived in a model democracy in US for 40 years. Why are you behaving like the savages Muluzi and Bingu? You were once in opposition and never once did Joyce Banda stop you from holding political rallies. as a matter of fact she put your news on MBC TV abd radio. Why are you being retrogressive? Sizikukukhala Peter. Change and reflect on this. This country is already going through tough times and you are on the negative don’t push yourself further into the negative. Condemn this violence and bring the people responsible to book starting with the planners and the Police who did not show up to protect Malawi citizens. In case you have forgotten only 30 % voted for you. Try and win part of the 70% or else you will lose and your antics are not helping either. You are pushing the 70% further away. Fire the savages who practice UDF politics such as Dausi

  4. Kenkkk says:

    We need Peter to overwhelmingly come out and condemn the panga wielding thugs criminals.

    Dpp thugs and party using the stupid disgruntled so called mcp members they have bribed to attack mcp rallies and then try to blame on some dissent within mcp as the cause of violence. It is actually dpp cadets who are causing this havoc, we know. Dpp recently appointed a violent thug as it cadet leader.

  5. Lottie says:

    If knives were confiscated, did they not catch those attackers? If they did, have they been arrested? Let the attackers explain what their motivations were. Who sent them to do what they did? It is wrong to just level accusations on DPP when investigations have not been concluded. As it is now, it is now up to Kabwila to prove her allegations

    1. Kenkkk says:

      The thugs are dpp, that is why the police didn’t arrest them. The police knew the thugs were dpp govt criminals, so they deliberately didn’t turn up when the thugs were attacking mcp. The police then turned up after the govt thugs have gone or after the rally had finished.

      Has the govt condemned the thugs? It should come out and condemn this violence, it doesn’t matter whether the matter is being investigated by the stupid police or not, also it doesn’t matter whether the thugs were sent by dpp or not or whether the thugs were mcp dissenters or not. These barbaric acts must be condemned.

      Kasaila in his response he should also have condemned the attacks. Dpp distancing is not enough. Where is the home affairs minister? She should come out and condemn the attacks and also tell the nation that they will hunt down these thugs, try them in courts and send them to the gallows. Koma zii.

  6. Marko Kalebe says:

    Wa Lupanga, adzagwa ndi lupanga Dpp watch out!

  7. Nyima says:

    This is the reason why ,mcp will never rule malawi again.Whenever you have a problem in your party you alwayz point a finger at DPP,without even doing a sour searching and find a root cause of the problem .Do you think what you are doing by forming a political a alliance with a cashget party will leave you without wounds? have you asked the people you represent about this marriage .To make things worse you are forming a marriage with a party which is disgruntled, what reasoning is this? ,do you thing this in party fighting in pp will bring fortune to you as a party ? what you are doing is like marrying a wife which is answering a court case for cheating to her husband.From Zodiak online the same story is different ,may you please consult them and tell you the truth ,because by doing this you will know the truth.What do you have so that dpp will be spending sleepness night with your party.Although you claim that you will win in 2019 ,how many political rallies have you conducted in dpp strong hood so that you can claim your victory ,how many constituency committees have you elected in the 43 constituencies that you failed to field candidates in the south,this is now close to 2 years since 2014 election .What you are doing is the same things ,political rallies in central region and in mzuzu city ,this will not change anything ,and malawians are not fouls ,they know what is good for them,and you can not force them to vote your party back in government mwapanga chani worth mentioning apart from forming political alliance ndi anthu owononga ndalama za boma ,what a shame

    1. Kenkkk says:

      Mcp Internal problems never create violence. They are always resolved peacefully. It is only when dpp thugs bribe mcp dissenters that violence emerges and usually carried out by dpp cadets disguised as mcp dissenters. Who doesn’t know you dpp dogs? Thuggish behavior is part of your dna.

  8. mg says:

    p etara meme timamenyera ufulu anali ku america, so he fill that he can do anything ,while he is a failed what should we do now as coalition? we know who were behind this let’s start with mzomera,let’s teach him areas on, then his boys from deport we know them all house by house no mercey

  9. Mr you-know-what says:

    Mutharika does not see the value of democracy because NEVER fought for democracy

  10. Sam says:

    Of late there has been a lot of misunderstandings in the MCP as a part. When Chakwera was coming from USA he promised to put his house in order. Meaning that there are some problems in the party that needs to be taken care of. Therefore, it is so sad to blame DPP for their internal squabbles. What political mirage can DPP gain by disturbing MCP meeting? This is just cheap politics. Propaganda at his work and at its best. You just want to get sympathy from Malawians. Don’t take Malawians for granted. Clean your house.

  11. Nyaliki says:

    Kusaila is the most stupid person in DPP. He defends DPP all the time when he knows DPP has always been a violent. Watch out what you say. People can even plot to KILL you.

    Be warned. Next time people will die in these politically motivated violence and they will hit back. It could be Kusaila himself. Don’t think people will stay idle when they are attacked. They will HIT back.

    Just send those DPP guys again, one of them will SURELY die. People will now be READY fro DPP thugs.

    The police commissioner for the north should resign forthwith because of being partisan. How can the police go to a rally after it over. This was MOST SILLY thing to do. MCP should press charges against these inept police officers.

  12. SHONAI says:

    Be careful when dealing with police.You always talk bad about them .Today you need there protection.If they came close to your Rally were you not going to chase them as you did at the parliament.Chikondi chanu ndi a PP every Malawian knows kuti chachiwembu.How can MCP go so low doing things together with PP with its cashget things troubling us.Nao a Chakwera sakubisa mau akuti akufuna mpando basi a PP ndiye aganyu othandizira.A Kabwira Ndi AKaluwa ndiye Makasu awo.
    Mr Chakwera first of all clean your house otherwise you are waisting you precious time pointing fingers at others.

  13. J says:

    I wish I could be a DPP sympathizer. I would have dragged MCP and Nyasatimes to court to defend their allegations in the court of law. Otherwise, this is character assassination and every apolitical Malawian like me knows that this is a cheap opposition propaganda. Unfortunately, I don’t sympathize with any political parties. However, to the DPP, I am here if you need legal guidance.

  14. kk says:

    No 2 am sorry kuti ndiwe Bakha wa chabe chabe, chitsiru cha munthu ngati iwe pamodzi ndi umbuli wakowo, sukudziwabe kuti DPP ndichipani chomwe chatengela dziko lathu kuchikhalidwe chokhapa anthu? Mpaka lero sukudziwabe kuti DPP imatha kupita ngakhale pamaliro ndikukasokoneza mwambo wa maliro? Iweyo mpaka lero sukudziwabe kuti DPP ikulepheretsa anthu kuyenda ndi kukhala momasuka dziko lawo lomwe? Mpaka lero siunadziwebe kuti DPP inapitisa mnyamata pa Poly chifukwa cholankhula chilungamo? Mpaka lero sukudziwabe kuti DPP ikudziwa bwino za ifa ya Njaunja?Mpaka lero sukudziwabe kuti DPP pa 20 july inapha anthu ku Mzuzu?Iweyo zoona sukudziwabe kuti DPP inayenda mu mzinda wa Blantyre ndi zikwanje? am not for any party so as am not in Malawi,but i do follow mmene kumudziko kulili.
    My fellow Malawians lets try our best to create a good Malawi just for our children!!!!!!

    1. @Imbecillic KK says:

      Nanu inu be democratic enough and accept dissenting views. Is number 2 a fool because his views are different from yours? Eeeeh koma ana a Nyakula Youth inu do you know that we are in multiparty and democracy? This is not the Malawi Crocodile Period (MCP). Everyone is entitled to his/her own opinion. Who are you to force everybody to think like you? You are a dunderhead, an imbecile, enemy of democracy. Just tell us your views and do not water down other people’s opinions.

  15. chipalamandule says:

    DPP is using Kachali Khumbo and Mzozmera ngwira in the north.Koma choti mudziwe ndi chakiuti Khumbo is not popular here even in his home village Edingeni at the moment. Bola Mzomera koma nayeso akuwononga tsogolo lake.Anthu onse anali ndi ma panga nives ndi amu Chibavi. Mmamawa amamwa chibuku pa Chiwanja Tarveni tinawona ndipo ndiwodziwika wina anthu okwiya amu chiwavi amuswera nyumba.Apolisi atabwera madzuro anathawa atatukwanidwa ndi anthu ndipo galiomoto yawo inagendedwa.LIKE IT OR NOT MPOTO 2019 IS FOR CHAKWERA. Ku Mpoto sitivotera mutundu ayi koma munthu wanzeru.AFORD.MCP,PP 2019 BOMA!!!!

  16. Kadewele says:

    Anzanu a UDF ankapanga chimodzimodzi, amaona ngati adzakhala m’boma mpaka muyaya. Zisadzakuwaweni anzanu akadzabweza moto. Death People’s Party is not eligible to rule this country. They should go to the dogs.

  17. Omex70 says:

    DPP is a notorious party full of devilish schemes against fellow Malawians.

  18. I thought MCP mwatengelana kuma court what has this violence got to do with DPP? Zikwanjezo zinalembedwa DPP kapena? Don’t blame DPP for your woes.

  19. Dule says:

    Kasaila should go back to 19 July 2011 before saying ‘DPP has ALWAYS been a peaceful party’. A party of matchona can not be peaceful since they were not part of the democratisation of Malawi. Shame that Saulos is allowing himself to be part of this ‘panga-wielding party’. He faithfully fought for democracy with us but now his hands are slowly being gragged into this blood

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