MCP ‘dissident’ Jumbe says can’t join DPP

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) lawmaker Felix Jumbe has said he is being deemed as party “dissident”, saying despite rank and file plot to to frustrate him, he will not quit for ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP).

Jumbe: ts

Jumbe: Sad that all of a sudden I have become a dissident

Jumbe who was campaign director of MCP has been demoted in recent executive committee shake up by party president Lazarous Chakwera, giving him new role as second deputy director for strategic planning.

“This is a demotion and I will now be reporting to people who even failed to get a constituency,” said Jumbe in an interview published in the Weekend Nation on Saturday.

He also gave an interview to Times Television, saying there is a deliberate move to frustrate him in the MCP.

Jumbe said fellow members from MCP unsuccessfully championed his removal from the chairmanship of the parliamentary committee on agriculture.

“ It’s sad that all of a sudden I have become a dissident and my colleagues have completely forgotten all my contributions and sacrifices to the party. For your own information, I was the only one who was not being financed with fuel during the campaign period,” said Jumbe.

Jumbe described his relationship with the MCP president as “quite normal; that of a junior and his senior.”

He nonetheless said he is not a type of a person who would want to praise somebody.

Jumbe also dismissed speculation that he has joined DPP and described his political flirting with governing party leaders as relationship above petty politics.

“I haven’t joined DPP and I will never be DPP. All my parents were MCP and my father was a senior member of the party and he attended the first MCP convention,” said Jumbe.

“ When you see me with DPP ministers, it’s because I want the government to fix problems in my constituency like roads and hospitals. Most DPP ministers like Goodall Gondwe, Francis Kasaila and Patricia Kaliati speak highly of me because I am beyond party politics and when I am talking to them we discuss issues and policies that can develop this country.

“The problem is that the country is operating on an old operating system like a computer using Windows 95 in 2015. Party issues should not define us.”

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37 thoughts on “MCP ‘dissident’ Jumbe says can’t join DPP”

  1. Zuze Chilombo Chammudzi says:

    FISP ivuta kwambiri. Jumbe has been promised to be a supplier of seed maize under FISP programme on condition that he disstabilizes

  2. Wadza says:

    Kindergatten politics by Jumbe

  3. shibobo says:

    Jumbe has no wisdom. No Party can accept you unless that party wants to lose number. Politics is a game of numbers. You made MCP lose in 2014 coz you could not take advice from the wise

  4. chatonda says:

    Jumbe should not have gone to the media for internal issues. He needs to grow and get matured. Political issues are blown out of proportion because of the media. His links to the DPP are not health either and he better stop keeping grudges against his own party. His future is in MCP and not DPP any longer. DPP is sinking Titanic ship loaded with cashgate and financial problems and hunger lingering around the next of the DPP president. Wait for January and February, then you will agree with me that Peter inherited huge and unfathomable problems beyond his reproach . He needs miracles to rule comfortably otherwise we have problems ahead of us.

  5. food for thought says:

    Before anyone was a party member or supporter, we were all Malawians with common interests concerning our nation… politics should not dwarf the interests of Malawi collectively.

  6. Fatsani Boyilo says:

    Felix Jumbe, this is not Farmers Union, this is politics, and know you that you are playing on a slippery surface. You are an MP in an alien land, you don’t belong to Salima Central, you won the seat because of MCP. Let me remind you of the results.

    Felix Jumbe (MCP) – 12,526
    Samuel Tembenu (DPP) – 12,322
    John Chitimbe (UDF) – 11,527

    Be careful Felix with Salima Central, you nearly lost to a DPP candidate, and yet you are making friends with the same DPP, you will be surprised.

  7. Mbiri says:

    This is the boy Lutepo was talking about. He got blood money to confuse MCP convention. He lost. Now he is busy pleasing his nocturnal masters all over the place. They will be please but you will be a goner sooner than you expected. Play politics in MCP not radios and newspapers. first time MP yet too talkative. Loser zip your mouth shut and eat the DPP blood money and lets see for how long you will chew.

  8. Che Ngana says:

    Heheeeeeee Windows 95 Kkkkkkkkkkkk Sukunama Jumba Dont Praise Anyone.

  9. Bollingers Mowa says:

    #11, Commentator, you are good. I hope this chicken called Jumbe has read and understood you. Jumbe listen, otherwise you are finished pa ndale. DPP uses fools like you till you realise you are nothing but a condom filled with dog semen.

  10. maa says:

    Congrats Hon Jumbe that’s sober decision!

  11. Brazilian wax says:

    Jumbe! Learn from what happened to people like little Gwengwe! Political prostitution doesn’t see the sun set. It short-lives your political career. Unfortunately politicians are like goats. They keep on staring the wolf devouring one of their herd in close range.

  12. legal b says:

    In fact Jumbe you are luck to have bn considered another position despite demotion otherwise you are very dangerous ! We don’t want unnecessary division in our party, just hold on unto our principles.

  13. major says:

    A Jumbe mukulankhula kwambiri Ku ma wailesi which means the allegations are true dekhani kupupuluma my ndale sibwino mark my words if you leave MCP you’re gone can you compare your self with Chakwera in all fairness appreciate mzanu osati kupanga praise. Mukutha mzongo ndu otcha simuphikako meaning muyenda omwewu simuoloka kwinako

  14. Cash Gate says:

    Mr Jumbe, Donnot Quit Mcp Because You Will Loose Your Seat In Parliament, Ask Mr Ngwengwe, Dpp Cannot Help You But Can Use You, Ask Dr. Ntaba, Be Royal To Mcp, That Is Part Of Life, Donnot Wory.

  15. Ndatero ine says:

    Jumbe osokoneza anzako ali ndi chidziwiso .adziwa kale zolinga zako mulungu waawonesela pita ku dpp ukathera konko umufinse ben 10
    Dzina lako ndi zomwe uli nzofanana ndithu JUMBE ogulisa anthu iwe who can trust a double face idiot like u haaaah
    Go plz dude go infact you should be demoted further upite ku branch kape iwe

  16. Zondiwe says:

    Politicians should learn not to disrespect their own party and sing praises for other parties at the same time.
    This is the reason why they get demoted.
    In Malawi we need to tighten party membership by re-introducing Membership Cards and not allow ‘political nomads’ to be ‘travelling’ all over the place looking for, and dumping parties left, right and centre. It is not good.
    Look at the learned Dr Mwalwanda. He has put himself in a political corner, and has sold his soul to the party of death and darkness. Dr Mwalwanda, you are a smart Economist. Why are you stooping to Std 8 party zealots and dancing to their tunes? Mwenifumbo is a political thug and you will see that he will not leave you alone, even if you win on the MCP ticket. I pity you people of Karonga.
    And Rev Mzomera………… pitiful. When men of the Collar start flirting with politics, chaos ensues, and Mzomera is a typical example of this tragedy.
    He thought he was powerful, but he is not. His boss has finally fired him, and there is nothing he can do about it. But the main confusionist is VP Khumbo Kachali. He is the one behind Mzomera’s rantings. What a shame. You people, just go back to your DPP without confusing Malawiand further.

  17. mdk says:

    So just because he was being praised by members of another party he has become a sell out?this is why Malawi is not developing.zimafunika kumagwila ntchito limodzi doesn’t mean If you are members of different parties you should become enemies.chimenecho ndi chimidzi that is why simungawine.he is right you people are still using Win 95 in 2015 kkkkkkkkkkk

  18. Thanduxolo says:

    Kodi a Jumbe mukufuna kutchedwa nkholokolo ija oBaba adanena nthawi ija ku Konveshoni? Ngati mumacheza ndi nduna za DPP kuti adzibweletsa zitukuko ku dera kwanu, ndiye kuti ndi zoopsa izi. Mongokukumbutsani chabe. A DPP ali malingaliro achabe. Panopa akulimbana ndi Dr JB komanso PP. Akamaliza kufafaniza ziwirizi ayambukira ku Kongilesi. Ikakhala UDF ndiye adayigulula kale mano ndipo chatsala ndi nkhama zokhazokha. Langizo kwa a Jumbe ndi lakuti “stay away from DPP and any other official from the party”. Kupanda kutero ndiye muswayidwa kwamnanu ndipo muyithawa Kongilesi. Ndiye ukathawa Kongilesi nkupita kwina ukazione kumeneko nzomwezo. Tiyeni timange ndi kulimbitsa chipani kuti pokwana 2019 tidzatulutse mmboma DPP mwachilungamo. Zoti uku mwalowa uku mwalowa ayi.

  19. Mphatso Thawale says:

    Commentator at #11, I salute you

  20. Mphatso Thawale says:

    I wonder why people don’t learn. Felix, the Malawi Congress Party is mighty, it shall never be destroyed by small rats like you. There were people before who tried and thought they would achieve their crazy thoughts. Check what these characters have achieved; Chakakala Chaziaya, George Bundaunda Phiri, Chikoti Kumbuyo, Hetherwick Ntaba, Gwanda Chakwamba, Ephraim Kayembe, Bintony Kutsayila, Ted kalebe, Chris Daza, the list is endless, still MCP is going strong. You will witness your own downfall, a political downfall.

  21. caesar mbewe says:

    commentator, i have much liked ur short but good analysis. ican see some natural bestewed wisdom in ur brain as evedenced by ur commentary . ur english just flows smoothly. keep on commenting on nyasatimes so that we can take a aleaf out of your book. tnx

  22. janssen says:

    The Commentator is spot on

  23. Lizeo Biliyati says:

    Felix Jumbe, this is MCP, we have lived and grown under the four corner stones of Unity, Loyalty, Obedient and discipline. Remember, “kang’oma kolilitsa sikachedwa kuphulika”. You are interacting with DPP robbing for development, but I can assure you Felix, you have already lost Salima central constituency.

  24. NYONYO says:

    By way who said DPP wants JUMBE the farmer? we dont want him either sitifuna zindele anthu ozikonda inu a chewa achabe chabe…we dont want zindele anthu amagzi inu.STUPID tazingochotsani ma udindo kumeneko

  25. getu maseko says:

    Mmmmmmh felix u r wrong? That’s how kayembe and his friends started,sponsored by DPP,they brought confusion in MCP,thank God that JZU was strong. Are u sure after dining and wning with kaliyati and being praised by the DPP gurus u expect ur party to trust u? U r shooting urself Jumbe

  26. TITO says:

    mr jumbe
    Why worry ,this is the world that will never say thanks. Just look up to JESUS AND SAY THAT IT IS WELL.And forget

  27. commentator says:

    I like Jumbe’s energy. But in my short career life I have learnt not to be overly antagonistic, overly opinionated, overly expressive, and overly adventurous. Reason is there are a lot if insecure people that feel threatened. Also, as a lamb, you cant say your favorite hobby is to count teeth in a crocodile’s mouth. Double dealings make u get stuck up in a thorny bush (mumtengo waming, nkukanika kutsikamo – be cautious, very cautious with DPP). If you want to be a team player, follow the rythym of the team as determined by the conductor of the ochestra. If you want to play your favorite tune in an ochestra, make sure the conductor has the tune on the order paper. A successful orchestra is the one that practices together and are happy to show off as one in a prrformance. Remember, an ochestra has only one conductor at a time.

  28. Professor Chipsenthe wa Mavuzi says:

    Jumbe is an agent of DPP. Is always in company of senior DPP ministers, providing transport to DPP functionaries during political rallies. This is unethical and political indescipline, Mr Jumbe. In fact akuchita bwino,

  29. captain says:

    Jumbe talks too much but in real life u are too proud and pompous, u cant survive with this type of attitude, inu ndi amene a DPP adzakupangeni sponsor kuti musokoneze MCP

  30. Basikolp says:

    Pride and hunger for power!! One year as an MP and you think you’re the best, oFelix! I predict you’ll join the DPP before 2019!! Useless

  31. clement says:

    You fucken Jumbe, are you trying to seek for sympathy from DPP? Who invite you in our colourful party? We don’t need you coz we can do without you and we have been doing it without you.

  32. becks says:

    Jumbe zip up your mouth for a while and open again in 2017. Parroting will make you more enemies.

  33. xxxxx says:

    It was bad timing in the First place To demote Jumbe. It portrays signs of intolerance on the part of our man of God. He Jumbe Will make a meal out of It and the credibility of the party and It’s leadership is at stake here.

  34. [email protected] says:

    If Chakwera demoted you is simply because you failed as campaign Director . You never attended a single rally or orgarnised a rally during the last by election . You failed completely to organise the party. It was Jesse Kabwila and the Director of Elections who worked hard . You are a failure . You can compete with Chakwera. He is the best we have and you are just wasting your time.

  35. Rabson Michael Chembezi says:

    So far, I’m now convinced that Mr Jumbe is indeed a matured politician who loves his country. We have to remove our party affiliation and discuss constructive measures for the benefits of the poor and make our country a better place to be.

  36. Beast Msonda says:

    I like Jumbe’s last sentence. Political party issues should not define us. Unless Malawians realize this, Malawi will never develop.

  37. baby says:

    Am behind you Jumbe. May God bless you.

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