MCP district chairmen insists on Chakwera’s resignation

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) suspended District Chairmenhave reacted to the discontinuation of  their case,  by maintainging that they still want the puster of  party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera accusing him of failing to run the affairs of the party and that ailing retired party leader John Tembo should steady the ship.

MCP district chairmen keep the squabbling on, insists on Chakwera’s resignatio

MCP district chairmen keep the squabbling on, insists on Chakwera’s resignatio

Speaking during the briefing, suspended Chairmanfor Dedza Lakeshore district, Lackson Chimangeni Khamalatha, said there is need for Chakwera resign and that Tembo should take over his seat.

“We are told that the chairmen who voted Chakwera during the convention are old and not fit then we are saying that Chakwera was also illegally voted into the office, we are therefore asking Chakwera to give back the position to Tembo so that we can start afresh,” said Khamalatha.

Former MCP regional chairman for the south,  Mr Nanthumba said Tembo managed to run the party affairs well.

“There was peace in MCP but now you can see the chaos yourself,” he said.

During the news conference, former member of parliament who challenged Chakwera during the 2013 national convention, Lyghton Dzombe questioned the court ruling.

Dzombe, who  was flanked with Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, said  the money for convention is already available..

Former chairman Foloma Mwale said it is unfortunate that he has never seen what is happening now in MCP since he started politics with Kamuzu Banda.

“I have worked with Aaron Gadama, Louis Chimango, Dr Banda but I cannot retire until we rectify the problems,” said Foloma Mwale.

Mwale said the only way to resolve the problem in the party is to hold the convention.

The news  conference was held amid dismissal of the court case by the Lilongwe High Court where the chairmen had taken the party to court to rule that MCP should not hold district and regional elections.

Delivering a ruling on Monday Judge Charles Mkandawire dismissed the case saying the complainants were not available to defend the case.

Meanwhile, Chatinkha has dismissed reports that the district chairmen are being sponsored.

“We are using our personal money,” said Chatinkha a former Chakwera and Tembo close ally.

The chairmen have since appealed for the continuation of the case.

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29 thoughts on “MCP district chairmen insists on Chakwera’s resignation”

  1. Moses Makoko says:

    Ma disitilikiti chalamani noooonse, zakuti zanu!

  2. success says:

    ndinawadziwa Bambo Foloma Mwale Muchaka Cha 1985 ndikuphunzira ndi mwana wawo Sendman ku Ludzi Booarding School ku Mchinji. Pa nthawi imenyo mkuti ali kale District Chairman wa Mchinji. Patha zaka 31 kuchokera pamene ndinawadziwapo kufika pano. Analephera kulera ana awo chifukwa onse sukulu inawalephera moti pano amangokhala kumudzi kwawo kwa Kalulu ku Mchinji.Farm yawo Chimwanjiwa inawalepheranso.Pa moyo wawo Bambo Foloma mwale palibe chimene anapanga chimene chinawayendera.Ngati mkotheka mukhale pansi Bambo, MCP si inuyo ndife anthuamene tili eni ake.Inu mutayima apa ndi Dr Laz mungafanane mu nzeru,Ulemu kapena mu ukadawulo. Bwanaji osamavomera kuti nthawi yanu inatha. olo ma thalauza mwavalawo akuwoneku kuti ndinu ma “spent layers”

  3. Maxson Mbendera (POISONED) says:

    Mukamva sete ndizo akunena ma chairman ndi Chatikha wawoyo. Kagwereni uyu mutichedwetsa Dr Laz ndichiyembekezo cha malawi. 2019 kuchedwa ndikavotele Dr Laz Chakwera izi zatitopetsa tikufa ndi njala mulungu anakwiya tisayembekele mvula yabwino until DPP idzachoke m’boma, God is very furious with this governement.

  4. Cash Gate says:

    you old district chairpersons of mcp, for how long have you stayed on that position? mwaluzitsa zisankho zingati inuyo munthawi yanu? kodi maposition amenewa mukuona ngati ndi amuyaya? go to hell. mwatikwana kwabasi anthu olephera inu, mwaononga chipani chathu chomwe chinali champhamvu in all regions. sitikukufunani ife a mcp, anthu omvetsa chisoni inu, opanda nzeru, amanyangumvi.

  5. Kenkkk says:

    Only stupid, ignorant and dpp bribed bootlicking so called mcp district chairmen can even think of bringing back tembo to lead mcp.

    Some of you mcp protesters don’t realise that by insisting on tembo to lead mcp, you are giving dpp a field day victory come 2019. They will use tembo’s past in the old mcp to easily defeat mcp.

    At the moment Laz and new mcp provides a formidable feared opposition to dpp, making dpp tremblie with uncertainty of any decisive winning in 2019. Tembo is easy meat for dpp and no wonder they are destabilising new mcp and encouraging old mcp so that they can open the old atrocity stories of old mcp. With Laz led new mcp, dpp have nothing to pin him to atrocities instead it is actually dpp which is dripping with blood of the innocents when compared to the new Laz led mcp.

    My advice to you bribed mcp protesters is, open your eyes and see what dpp’s intentions and actions on you are.

  6. Zuze says:

    So because you were a Chairman during Kamuzu, you want to be a Chairman now. kikiki

  7. J. Cha says:

    I hear some top officials in MCP are also secretly supporting Chatinkha Group. I feel this is just the beginning. Worse still, external forces may also have joined the battle. Put your house in order before the party loses its position in Malawi politics.

  8. Khudze Mkuyabwe says:

    These old men are tired . We want a new MCP with new blood. Its been avery long time since I have been hearing the name Foloma Mwale. These old guards need to retire. We need new blood in MCP not these tainted with blood in their hands. Please accept your time is up. ASA Fotseki. MCP has to rebrand.

  9. Chigumbuli says:

    Chpani chakuvutani to run abwezereni eni ake a chipani. The Mpamba people of Nkhatabay kikikikiki.

  10. jooo says:

    if these people are not supporting Chakwera let them quit, leave MCP . or wait for convention, MCP will go for convention for sure let them campaign for that time not desturbing the party. we are geared for 2019

  11. Khumutcha says:

    Poyamba zimavuta kuwambiri kumvetsetsa mfundo za awa ma fired Chairpersons. Koma pano ndaona kuti kufunitsitsa kumvetsetsa ndi kutayapo nthawi. The moment they have said Tembo should take over again, I see that this is clear loss of direction. JZU retired and I dont see it fit to ask him back in. Zoona? Kkkk

    So you say JZU was running party better that the current? Ok?

  12. Machiavelli says:

    Kagwereni uko inu, we know mwatumidwa. Ndi momwe mukuwonekera pachithunzipo palibe munthu wanzeru and nose mukuoneka ma savage komanso wolira. Palibe chanzeru munganene, Tembo, nkhalamba yoguluka mano ingachite chani. Linamulephera kale dziko lino kuti alilamulire. Muzingolima fodya basi

  13. be humane says:

    Malawi Crocodile Party (MCP) Itha ngati AFORD

  14. Mike says:

    Tembo is the past. Chakwera is the future. The problem is that he has failed to lead the party. Those around him are also small minded – mitu ili gwaaaa, no new innovative ideas to grow the party. Busy positioning for future cabinet positions. Shame!!! We are stuck with this mediocre team. Forget about winning in 2019.

  15. Mbesuma says:

    Paguluri palibe akuwone angalamulire chipani cha MCP. Ngati pala mbuzi ndiye are these members. How can u call kuti Tembo abwelenso amene akuwoneka woti ndiwotopa? Pali nzeru pamenepa? Mungofuna kunzunza munthuyu basi.Musiyeni Baba Tembo apume wooooo.

  16. MCP is fucked up, kutha ngati makatani uku
    Chakwera achokee

  17. chimwene says:

    ignorance among MCP district chairmen and greed for power is all what is blind folding the so called chairmen. It is the same Floma Mwale who has brought about all this chaos in the party because he thinks he is the champion of MCP,far from it,These are the people who deliberately over look the law of the party (constitution) in order to satisfy their personal egos. That group is the one which is confusing the party simply by undermining an elected president thinking the party cannot tick without them. Nanthumba was a Regional Chairperson for many years and so many elections in that period, ask him how many MP’s he produced in his region, As for this “Nkholokolo” called Chatinkha Chidzanja nobody in the party knows where it has originated from. To claim that Hon.J Z UTembo should come back on the helm because Khamalatha married his sister, is all poor thinking, if he was benefiting as an in low he should realize that times are changing and things cannot remain as it were, This is as good as asking late Dr Kamuzu Banda to come out from the grave to lead the party, something that he, Kamuzu in this period cannot manage. ,,

  18. These idiots were not at the court to defend their case during judgement yesterday. The court throws out the case because of unavailability of the defense. These idiots come back and say they are not satisfied with court ruling. I want to warn these idiots. DPP is a party of darkness. It knows how to use people and later discard them like a used condom. You’ll cry when MCP takes over government in 2019. If you are not satisfied with Chakwera just form your own party or better still go to the blue camp no one will complain. Mwatikwana.

  19. matofotofo says:

    I am seeing a bunch of tired dinosaurs in the picture. You want Tembo to run the party today? Don’t you know that the party has rebranded now? People are fed-up with the empty DPP leadership and they are looking forward to MCP to provide a robust leadership system. The moment we hear about such stupid demands from some section of the party it leaves us hopeless that DPP thieves will have a continued platform to govern and steal more tax payers money. Please madam Chidzaja wake up from your slumber. Stop accepting dirty money to confuse the party whose leadership is the hope of the people. Do not take us back. Time for dirty tricking politics is gone. If you love Malawi and you want it prosper please support one another. Respect the party structures and wait for your time when the convention is held. Are you not ashamed to see Malawi this poor 52 years after independence? How much more poverty do we want to realise that this country needs political transformation?

  20. These are disgruntled politicians who do not wish this country well. If you were not elected at the convention you think the best way is to disturbalize the party? Wait 2018 is not very far. The convention will be held and if you think you are mature enough to lead MCP go for nomination and lets see if you can make it, otherwise just shut up. Let Dr Chakwera concentrate
    on building the party for the common good of this country.

  21. Youna says:

    Back to Tembo?! kkkkkkkkkk

  22. Hunga Matama says:

    Abusa pewani chilango chomwe mungakanthidwe ndi mwini Namalenga. Adakusankhani kukaweta nkhosa zake. Inu mwasankha ulamuliro wa pa dziko kuti mulemere. Zonse zikuchitikazi nchilango. Zisiyeni izi kaweteni nkhosa zake monga m’mene anakusankhirani

    1. matofotofo says:

      I have heard such sentiments a million times. I would say yes the pastor can quit politics but not when we have a leader who does not seem to have any clue on how to run the country. After all there is no school for presidents. All these presidents we see have their own core careers. If everybody was going to stick to their career then we would not have presidents.
      I have lived to believe that there is no party in this country that has the art and the charisma to govern better than MCP. I still doubt if APM was prepared for the presidency. If it were not that Bingu was one then it would have been that DPP was going to nominate a different leader. This is why I agree with people who call him an accident president.

  23. Nabitiya says:

    I thought there was substance in these idiots’ arguments. However, am just wondering what they now mean to say they are not satisfied with the court rulling hence Chakwera has invited them for a round table peaceful talk which they seem to neglect too now…what are they up to? how could they say nobody is behind this from the blue camp? mmmmm it is very clear now. Tembo said publicly that he is out of front line politics…he said it publicly in a democratic convention ever held. what do these stupid idiots saying now?

  24. be humane says:

    vuto lanu a MCP every confusions mungoti DPP mukhaula muona instead of likonza mavuto anu. Tidzaukonani mu 2019 mukulira mkumati zonsezi ndi DPP komabe itawina mudzatani? Work on your problems now if you want to overthrow the DPP governtment. DPP woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  25. MABUSA says:

    Chakwera resign and let’s see what they want to do with MCP and this is not heavenly riches to cling on

  26. Vyaluta says:

    Mupenga u want to bring Tembo back koma a galu inu money ya blue ikupwetekani

    1. Becks says:

      Look at the people in the picture. If this is the crop of people MCP has in rank and file, then I am sorry let us forget about MCP bouncing back. If MCP is to bounce back these are the kind of members MCP as a Party must get rid off immediately. Who among these people can think strategically and plan winning campaign against DPP? DPP is using technology to win Elections, do these people understand what technology is, what a phone is? What sort of campaign strategy can these people produce? It’s a waste of time to argue with these people. Look at them?

      1. James Amin says:

        JZU is in no state to get involved in these squabbles. I wonder when these people last saw JZU! He is so old and frail he cant even stand up on his own! the man is 86 for heaven`s sake, musiyeni. You old farts chose the path of court and the court has thrown out your case, what do you want? AKupatsani zambiri za cashgate eti? Chakwera should ignore these people and not dignify these rantings with a response. They should go to hell

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