MCP district chairmen insists on Chakwera’s resignation

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) suspended District Chairmenhave reacted to the discontinuation of  their case,  by maintainging that they still want the puster of  party president Dr Lazarus Chakwera accusing him of failing to run the affairs of the party and that ailing retired party leader John Tembo should steady the ship.

MCP district chairmen keep the squabbling on, insists on Chakwera’s resignatio

MCP district chairmen keep the squabbling on, insists on Chakwera’s resignatio

Speaking during the briefing, suspended Chairmanfor Dedza Lakeshore district, Lackson Chimangeni Khamalatha, said there is need for Chakwera resign and that Tembo should take over his seat.

“We are told that the chairmen who voted Chakwera during the convention are old and not fit then we are saying that Chakwera was also illegally voted into the office, we are therefore asking Chakwera to give back the position to Tembo so that we can start afresh,” said Khamalatha.

Former MCP regional chairman for the south,  Mr Nanthumba said Tembo managed to run the party affairs well.

“There was peace in MCP but now you can see the chaos yourself,” he said.

During the news conference, former member of parliament who challenged Chakwera during the 2013 national convention, Lyghton Dzombe questioned the court ruling.

Dzombe, who  was flanked with Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, said  the money for convention is already available..

Former chairman Foloma Mwale said it is unfortunate that he has never seen what is happening now in MCP since he started politics with Kamuzu Banda.

“I have worked with Aaron Gadama, Louis Chimango, Dr Banda but I cannot retire until we rectify the problems,” said Foloma Mwale.

Mwale said the only way to resolve the problem in the party is to hold the convention.

The news  conference was held amid dismissal of the court case by the Lilongwe High Court where the chairmen had taken the party to court to rule that MCP should not hold district and regional elections.

Delivering a ruling on Monday Judge Charles Mkandawire dismissed the case saying the complainants were not available to defend the case.

Meanwhile, Chatinkha has dismissed reports that the district chairmen are being sponsored.

“We are using our personal money,” said Chatinkha a former Chakwera and Tembo close ally.

The chairmen have since appealed for the continuation of the case.

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Moses Makoko

Ma disitilikiti chalamani noooonse, zakuti zanu!

ndinawadziwa Bambo Foloma Mwale Muchaka Cha 1985 ndikuphunzira ndi mwana wawo Sendman ku Ludzi Booarding School ku Mchinji. Pa nthawi imenyo mkuti ali kale District Chairman wa Mchinji. Patha zaka 31 kuchokera pamene ndinawadziwapo kufika pano. Analephera kulera ana awo chifukwa onse sukulu inawalephera moti pano amangokhala kumudzi kwawo kwa Kalulu ku Mchinji.Farm yawo Chimwanjiwa inawalepheranso.Pa moyo wawo Bambo Foloma mwale palibe chimene anapanga chimene chinawayendera.Ngati mkotheka mukhale pansi Bambo, MCP si inuyo ndife anthuamene tili eni ake.Inu mutayima apa ndi Dr Laz mungafanane mu nzeru,Ulemu kapena mu ukadawulo. Bwanaji osamavomera kuti nthawi yanu inatha. olo ma thalauza mwavalawo akuwoneku… Read more »
Maxson Mbendera (POISONED)
Maxson Mbendera (POISONED)

Mukamva sete ndizo akunena ma chairman ndi Chatikha wawoyo. Kagwereni uyu mutichedwetsa Dr Laz ndichiyembekezo cha malawi. 2019 kuchedwa ndikavotele Dr Laz Chakwera izi zatitopetsa tikufa ndi njala mulungu anakwiya tisayembekele mvula yabwino until DPP idzachoke m’boma, God is very furious with this governement.

Cash Gate
you old district chairpersons of mcp, for how long have you stayed on that position? mwaluzitsa zisankho zingati inuyo munthawi yanu? kodi maposition amenewa mukuona ngati ndi amuyaya? go to hell. mwatikwana kwabasi anthu olephera inu, mwaononga chipani chathu chomwe chinali champhamvu in all regions. sitikukufunani ife a mcp, anthu omvetsa chisoni inu, opanda nzeru, amanyangumvi.
Only stupid, ignorant and dpp bribed bootlicking so called mcp district chairmen can even think of bringing back tembo to lead mcp. Some of you mcp protesters don’t realise that by insisting on tembo to lead mcp, you are giving dpp a field day victory come 2019. They will use tembo’s past in the old mcp to easily defeat mcp. At the moment Laz and new mcp provides a formidable feared opposition to dpp, making dpp tremblie with uncertainty of any decisive winning in 2019. Tembo is easy meat for dpp and no wonder they are destabilising new mcp and… Read more »

So because you were a Chairman during Kamuzu, you want to be a Chairman now. kikiki

J. Cha

I hear some top officials in MCP are also secretly supporting Chatinkha Group. I feel this is just the beginning. Worse still, external forces may also have joined the battle. Put your house in order before the party loses its position in Malawi politics.

Khudze Mkuyabwe

These old men are tired . We want a new MCP with new blood. Its been avery long time since I have been hearing the name Foloma Mwale. These old guards need to retire. We need new blood in MCP not these tainted with blood in their hands. Please accept your time is up. ASA Fotseki. MCP has to rebrand.


Chpani chakuvutani to run abwezereni eni ake a chipani. The Mpamba people of Nkhatabay kikikikiki.


if these people are not supporting Chakwera let them quit, leave MCP . or wait for convention, MCP will go for convention for sure let them campaign for that time not desturbing the party. we are geared for 2019

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