MCP district chairmen testify in court, show ignorance on party rules

The High Court in Lilongwe on Monday resumed hearing of a case between fired Malawi Congress Party (MCP) district chairperson and the party leader Lazarus Chakwera.

The MCP officials share jokes outside court.- Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

The MCP officials share jokes outside court.- Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

MCP officials outside the court in Lilongwe. Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

MCP officials outside the court in Lilongwe. Photo by Mphatso Nkhoma, Nyasa Times

Four district chaipersons testified before Judge Charles Mkandawire on how Chakwera flouted rules of the party and party constitution.

They said it was wrong for Chakwera to keep on removing people from their positions which they attained at the party convention two years ago.

The district chairmen also accused Chakwera of removing some constitutional positions and creating new positions which were not provided for in the party constitution.

MCP lawyer Wapona Kita took the district chaipersons head on and punched holes in their testimony rendering the testimonies useless.

Lawyer for the former district chairmen Wesley Namasala was in his feet defending his clients during the trial as Kita wanted to prove before Judge Mkandawire that the district chairmen were lying and did not know what they were saying.

Some people say the district chaorpersons are being funded by Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, the newest party rebel who has since been axed from MCP along with deputy director of research Felix Jumbe whilst party publicist Jessie Kabwila and Joseph Njobvuyalema have been suspended from the party.

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20 thoughts on “MCP district chairmen testify in court, show ignorance on party rules”

  1. Cash Gate says:

    zamanyazi, zizindikiro zaonetsa kuti zimene mukuchita sizolongosoka, manyazi bwanji, mulibe nzeru anthu inu, dziwani kuti munthu akamachita zosemphana ndi chilungamo zotsatira zake ndi zimenezi, organization iliyonse imakhala ndi mtsogoleri ndipo ndi amene amalamula zoyendetsera organisationiyo. Ngati mukufuna utsogoleri, yambani chanu chipani osati kumasokoneza anzanu. Dziwani kuti simungapambane, sindinaoneko ochotsedwa mchipani akupambana ayi, mungotayapo nthawi yanu pachabe.

  2. tony kanyenda says:

    these district chairmen have exposed how weak the party strictures have been, there is need for new infusion of energy, you cant poor new wine into old wine skins, they will burst

  3. Pension Nenereko says:

    MCP is shading dead skin ready to move forward. 2019 Boma

  4. Chikwanje says:

    The party is undergoing self purification. By end of 2017 the party will be more formidable than ever.

  5. John Mzunguwalira says:

    Felix this is not farmers union. You have demonstrated that you are not leader. You should not be used by DPP.

  6. Jacoo says:

    Please so called former District Chairmen, know that there is no Life Chairmanship now. You are all foolish and you are the ones who made MCP into Opposition all this time. Just go and form your own Party if want. We are tired of you

  7. Hendrix says:

    MCP needs well educated District Chairmen not these ones. They don’t even know the party rules and regulations…what kind of District chairmen are these? They thought they will occupy those offices! Let them go please. Chakwera that’s the right direction you are taking. Get rid of all the confusionists and let the right people lead.

  8. Central says:

    Atumiki a satana kuonekera poyera tsopano………………….!!

    Where are your sensible testimonies you were boosting of ……………………………!! Zitsiru, ana a njoka inu, anthu odana ndichilungamo inu, kuchita kuonekera poyera kuti mukutumidwaaaaaaaaaaaa…………………!! Mbuzi za mano kunsiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii……………………………!! Mxiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii Musatiyanse ndi ndalama zakuba mukugawanazooooooooooooooooooooooo!!

  9. Bubu Leze says:

    Mabwana ndi Madona to say the fact even if Felix and Chidzanja can look for presidency. Can you compare the mentioned personnel to compete with Chakwera. Phuma lomwe ali nalo a Felix Jumbe can he be a leader. I am completely 100% doubtful. Zinazi kumawona. Ngati iwo alandila ndalama kuchoka ku DPP asamale nazo ndalamazo. Koma musamale musakonde ndalama kwambiri iyayi zikuwonekerani zina zake ngati simunakwanise chimene mwalandilira ndalamazo. Be very careful with today’s world. Osangodyera zipani zinazi ndalama. Mudzalipira. Kaya nzanu izo

  10. Zamunda says:

    These are rebels without a cause! Shupit madoda ndevu peyapeya mu khoti fundoless mumaona ngati mukupita Ku mbc tv, mwachakwala

  11. Charombanthu says:

    These district chairmen are useless. They are still living in the past. No wonder MCP has been failing to win any election since 1994. It takes courage to let go of the familiar and embrace the new. All we know is that all great changes are preceded by chaos. The dust will settle and you will realise your mistakes. We are watching……

  12. kamwendo says:

    District chairmen why denting the party image, if this party is liked by many is becoz of leader ship

  13. Maxson Mbendera (POISONED) says:

    Its a fight of light & darkness , but Chakwera will contest as MCP candidate come 2019. DPP get prepared to face him, you can spend tax payers money through these DCs but you will yield nothing dzanja lalemba khoma.

  14. Kokani says:

    They are just confusionists. This is what they believed to be life district chairman, they have to understand we are in democracy and there is need to respect that. There is no way you challenge the leadership yet you don’t have any crew of party rules what type of district chairperson are these Chidzanja is misleading them. There is no one to challenge Chakwera on this matter he is driving on right side. We are just looking at you zimene munazolowera muli ndi Honourable JZU zimenezo forget it.

    1. Khesule says:

      We will clean MCP of confusionists and put in place fresh blood that can re-build the party – not the so-called landlord. Chakwera MOTOMOTO BUUUU!

  15. Achimidzimidzi says:

    These District Chairs are destroying their own party because of money. Umphawi siwabwino.

  16. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    MCP and Chakwera 2019 Bomaaaaaa!!

    1. Where is Chatinkha getting these bloody monies to lure the stupid chairpersons this far? Shame on them! Go back and review your case!

      1. The Oracle says:

        How big a millionaire is Chatinkha? How many houses, cows, farms, vehicles does she have? Just wondering how a single woman can cause havoc in the once mighty congress party.

        1. CHIKUTUMBWE says:


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