MCP, DPP take political rivalry to a chief’s funeral

In African culture, funerals are most respected places than any place. Malawi is not spared from that culture. Funerals are in most cases accompanied by sombre mood and dignified mourning from family relations and friends.

Kudontoni: MCP wanted the funeral to be political battle field

Kudontoni: MCP wanted the funeral to be political battle field

In African setup funerals unite people despite social status in the society.
Anyone found misbehaving during funeral in Malawi is summoned before the chiefs and discplined depending on the gravity of the offence.

However, this was not the case on Monday in Ntchisi when the ruling Democratic Progressive Party (DPP) refused the Malawi Congress Party(MCP) to mourn during the burial of Traditional Authority Chilooko of Ntchisi who passed away few days ago at Kamuzu Central Hospital.

Drama started when DPP officials openly declared that the funeral is for government so there was no need for leader of opposition Dr Lazarus Chakwera to give his euology.

Government angered the MCP camp who went and grab the microphone from DPP Secretary General Ecklen Kudontoni and handed it over to MCP leader Chakwera.

When Chakwera finished his eulogy, the microphone was also handed to government side.

Kudontoni in an interview with Nyasa Times accused MCP of trying to politicize the funeral.

“The problem is that Chakwera wanted that his presence should be felt but what I know is that funeral especially that of T/A is run by Government,” said Kudontoni.

But iMCP spokesperson Jessie Kabwira counter accused DPP of politicking the bereavement.

” It is DPP which politicised the funeral. What DPP should know is that Dr Chakwera is a leader of opposition in this country, Dr Chakwera is MCP president and in African culture no one is refused to mourn, Dr Chakwera has a right as a bonafide Malawian to deliver his eulogy,” said Kabwira.

Meanwhile it is not known if chiefs in the area are going to summon members of the two parties for causing problems during the funeral ceremony.

Senior chief Malenga of Ntchisi who happen to be spokesperson of the believed family confirmed to Nyasa Times about the incident.

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Shaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa drama at the funeral. Malawi 4 life


thats why malawi will never develop.nanga mpanga kukanganila maliro …chinthu chokufa…eeeh kusowa ma plan…amalawi tizachangamuka liti..apatu ndichimodzimodzi kulimbirana za kuntaya.shame!


Remember what happened in Zomba. They snatched nkhata. Now they thought they were going to do it again. Next time they will know how to behave. Zamanyazi.


Zopusa basi. Bwanji kumachita zinthu ngati woyitanila mini bus? Nonse opusa ndinu opusa bwanji panalibe kulolelana? Ngati pali anthu amene awononga dziko lathuli ndi anthu a ndale.


Maliro is not a battle ground where people should fight. Anamfedwa, mwamphuzirapo chiyani pa zomwe zachitika? Nanga a mpingo ngati munalipo mwaphuziranji pa izi? Kwa a mMalawi Anzanga, tiyeni tikhale chete pakanthawi kuganizira. Akadakha mbale wathu womwalirayo tikadatani, anthu akukokerana maikolofoni? Discuss with your friends and come up with a clear answer.




Koma this Chakwera is feeling himself too much. He doesn’t know that he is pulling from the tail side of the fish. He will cry the loudest together with his followers. Stop cheap politics abusa. You are making blunder after blunder. Remember, ng’oma yolilitsa siichedwa kung’aluka. Koma oChakwera mulimba mpaka 2019? You will realise the damage you are causing to yourself by 2017 ife a DPP tikadzayamba kuponya mpira wandale, pakali pano ndichitukuko.


Anthu ena umbuli. Let me educate you Kudontoni. DPP is not Government. Government and Political party are two different entities. KKKKK. You are very poor in the head. Shame on you


Useless parties! What this country needs is a dictator like late Brother leader Colonel Muamar Gadaffi.


Stupid Kudontoni.

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