MCP elects MP Chilondola as chairman of ‘stronghold’ central region: Mlomo whinges

Member of Parliament for Dedza North Constituency, Patrick Zebuloni Chilondola, has been voted regional chairman for the centre of opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) during elections held on Saturday.

Chilondola being congratulated by Kabwila

Chilondola being congratulated by Kabwila

Mlomo (L) feels he was 'ambushed'

Mlomo (L) feels he was ‘ambushed’

Central region is considered a stronghold of MCP where is has all its members of parliament.

Five people—Lyton Dzombe, Patrick Chilondola, Alex Chitete and Dyson Kaphambe—including the former chairman veteran politician Daniel Mlomo contested.

Chilondola scooped 191 votes; Dyson Kamphambe trailed second with 152 votes n Dzombe came third after polling 53 votes. Mchinji Parliamentarian, Alex Pompopompo Chitete got 19 votes while Mlomo did not get any vote.

However, Mlomo protested that the elections were not fair.

“There was a plot to remove me,” he claimed.

Earlier the long-serving party regional chairperson claimed he had obtained an injunction against the elections but surprisingly the party was not served and he contested.

Mlomo said the elections were organised behind her back as he was targeted for removal.

“I was not even notified as the party planned to hold these elections; this is an ambush,” said Mlomo.

Mlomo said he was the regional chairperson who gave MCP a lot of MPs during the last election and wondered “why should they try to disturb the party here instead of focusing in areas where it is weak?”

But MCP spokeswoman Jessie Kabwila said the party made an announcement several months ago that it will conduct regional elections in all regions.

“Additionally,” Kabwila said “the decision was arrived at during a national executive committee meeting which Mr. Mlomo is part of.”

During the elections Joe Ching’ani was elected vice chairman after pollingm187 votes flooring two parliamentarians; Levas Chipuwa and Nkhosa Kamwendo.

Chilondola in an interview with Nyasa Times promised to revamp the party in the central region.

“I am appealing for unity amongst the MCP family so that we work hard in order to strengthen the party and lock out the region from other political competitors,” said Chilondola.

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38 thoughts on “MCP elects MP Chilondola as chairman of ‘stronghold’ central region: Mlomo whinges”

  1. steven says:

    MCP kaya wina afune kaya asafune 2019 ikudzawina clean game. First it will be support from Central Region to vote for MCP ;then Secondly it will be the whole Northern Region voting for MCP bcoz they is no alternative party apart from MCP;Thirdly Most Southerners will be sympathy vote for MCP. It will be a landslide victory for MCP in 2019.Prophet Liabunya’s prophecy, MARK MY WORDS !!!

  2. Mwachipoka says:

    Congratulations Guys!! I wish You well.


  3. maphang'ombe phodogoma says:

    Madam Jessie mwasekelera mpaka kulephera kubisa magweru. Hahahahahaha.

  4. Chiphwusi says:

    Free advice to mcp if they want to win the next election is to make the party a purely tribal party just like DPP. That way they’ll be sure of a near 100% vote from their stronghold and collect bits of votes from the other regions. Final thought, don’t forget to give token positions to a few northerners and southerners to make MCP appear balanced and democratic. This political system has worked for millenia.

  5. Nana says:

    Thats cute MCP u r always a winner no matter what it takes one day truth shall prevail since u were born u ve bn a strongest party where z baby Aford UDF PP and stinking Dull Plunders Party they r about to RIP viva MCP gud luck as u peacefully get strong

  6. steven says:

    You, Malawians,Prophecy ya Liabunya mukuyitsatira abwino-bwino koma? Mufune kaya musafune 2019 MCP ikudzawina zisankho.M’mene ananenera ndimomwe zikuyendera pakali pano. B

  7. Rev. Bonnextone Mitambo says:

    I strongly pray for Peace and Calm, Law and Order in MCP.

  8. puludzu says:

    Shortly we will be heading to the north. Chipani chikozedwe ichi.

  9. myao says:

    Get Ken Msonda for southern region, watsala yekha ku PP.

  10. kk says:

    Mwayamba kubelana nokhanokha tizisankho ting’onoting’onoto, ife timabela General Elections. Ti ma regions ndi tichani kkkkkk

  11. becks says:

    MCP go village by village , area by area in south east and North to gurantee votes

  12. Mhesha says:

    MCP should keep on rebuilding. ..your time of entry into the Gov is not now…many pipo who suffered at your autocratic onslaughts are still alive and these are all negative votes to you. Wait up until the next 50 yrs as your Nyau friend Kudomtoni advised so that at least you can stand to cheat another generation not the current one. Free advice. ..

  13. steven says:

    Please a Malawi, MCP inayamba zitsankho zam’ma Regions first kum’mwera a month ago,sono pano angochititsa pa Central Region tsopano next month akukachititsa ku Northern Region. Sono winawe ukungoyakhula motumbwa kuti MCP sanachite zisankho kum’mwera ,wasuta chamba eti? Ife ma Supporters a MCP timadzitsata Zinthuzi ndipo its a good move by our party. MCP 2019 idzawina .

  14. Mfiti idzafanso says:

    Mupangenso masankho ku south ndi ku Eastern region ndipo atsogoleri onse akale achotsedwe.Mukatsatira malangizo angawa boma mutenga 2019. Ife tatopa ndi zipani za cash gate!

  15. guta says:


  16. Chief says:

    Zilibwino kwabasi

  17. yyyyyy says:

    Jessie marry me. I will give you ana a map as a umawafuna aja. you are beautiful

  18. Bornface c Mwale says:

    ndale inu
    a mcp koma muzalowanso m,boma mbuzi amangokubelanu muli
    chete osalowa ntchile where is

  19. Kamata the conman!!!! Beware of this idiot!!!he doesnt zip,amayenda nayo mmanja!!!!!

  20. Patrick Phiri says:

    DPP ikubwera ku Central Region konko and take away more votes from this ever quarreling MCP.

  21. Willie Chimseu says:

    congrant to have been given this mantle & its our you will drive the region to the extent that no party shall again scoop the 400,000 winning votes in 2019

  22. Souja says:

    We want new faces in MCP,.sorry bwana Mlomo your time is up or want a recount, dude you got NONE votes even your buddies didnt vote for you,warning old timers we want a new faces in MCP,majekete yambakata yambata we will vote all of you out.

  23. Souja says:

    We want new faces in MCP,.sorry bwana Mlomo your time is up or want a recount, dude you got NONE votes even your buddies didnt vote for you,warning old timers we want a new face of MCP.

  24. This is the right time for doing that, and i would want this to happen in the remaining regions, loosing on this shouldnt bring any divisions at all. My experience tells me that ‘palibe yemwe amakachita zolongosoka akatuluka mu MCP’.

  25. Delick Phiri says:

    Yes, that’s how to go. Stir the party up further. You have all the support.

  26. Sapitwa says:

    The focus is much on the Center. MCP knows that the South is a tough nut to crack! They would rather concentrate on defending on what they have and remain an Opposition Party come 2019, wrong! They will lose some seats down to 27 as this has happened before. MCP chipani cha Magazi as you can eve see the attire ya Mai wofiirayo will never win into Government because no one in the South wants them. They killed over 3 million people over the years!
    We hate this party with passion and will do what it takes to block it from winning in 2019 we will!

    1. Souja says:

      Killed 3 million people over the time,iwe galu eti okuwona ngati ndife ana eti manambala amenewa ukuwatenga kuti ukuwerengera ndi ofa ndi edzi omwe…

      1. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

        As a matter of fact, Sapitwa is underestimating the deaths.
        MCP killed more than FOUR million Malawians, not three million, during their proto dictatorship of Kamuzu Banda. Malawi was almost emptied of critical thinkers. True. And even petty thieves were hanged at Zomba maximum prison (Kamuzu signed these death certificates) at an alarming frequency; as often as chickens are slaughtered in a whole village, outside celebrations. The only significant individuals who survived were cowards, pretenders and ass-lickers, like Chakuamba and Tembo.
        Kamuzu is lucky he died before the international community agreed on setting up courts or tribunals, to try and lock up his ilk.

  27. Mbanangwa says:

    Accepting defeat is not easy!

  28. Mcp does not hav mp’s only in the central region but even in the north it there are two mp’s. Be honest when writing kupusa eeeti

  29. Khuth'upa o'Machemba says:

    Apparently, MCP continues to implode. The party of kidnapping and death, has never been farther from governing. Akukolola zimene HKB analima (results of the atrocities and gross human rights abuse in their past).
    Sympathizers will say, this is a new party, thereby divorcing themselves from the past. DON’T GIVE ME THAT!
    And Ms. Kabwila-Kapasula, that portrait of Kamuzu, on your chitenje is inappropriate. There are many people who consider it offensive; and his lionizing just rubbing salt into the wounds which have not yet healed. And you know what? By always showing his portrait like this, you are only reminding Malawians of the dark side of your party. Thereby cementing the negative image of MCP. The party badly needs a remake, to be sure.

  30. Boma! says:

    Okey, koma osachita viwawa, mutiwonongela chipani

  31. Majox says:

    “Lock out the region from other political competitors” musayambetu yanu ija.

  32. Thom Duncan Paul Nkalodzwa says:

    Honestly its very possible for MCP to rule Malawi again. Aim at gaining votes in southern region,eastern region and northern region.Southern region is frustrated with D.P.P and its leadership and much of that you know. For PP ikuoneka kuti zawo palibe. Palibe chamnzeru chimene ndikuchiona one apa

  33. MANKHAMBIRA says:


    COME 2019 MCP BOMA !!

  34. Chinde says:

    Chipani cha nyau. Chilondora ndi Regional Chairman wa Nyau

  35. I don't know says:

    Chilondola what a lame manifesto if the name befits it. MCP is already strong on central region, revamp it in Southern and Northern regions, that is where you should work on. If I were there, seriously would have regretted my vote with that remark.

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