Out! MCP expels MP Jumbe and ‘confusionists’: Kabwila, Njobvuyalema suspended

Main opposition, Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has expelled from the party lawmaker Felix Jumbe and some senior figures for “sowing divisions” within its ranks.

Felix Jumbe: Expelled from MCP

Felix Jumbe: Expelled from MCP

MCP national executive committee meeting in Lilongwe chaired by party president Lazarous Chakwera ruled that Jumbe should be expelled alongside Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, Azam Mwale and former chairman for southern region Denis Nathumba .

The party politiburo also suspended party spokesperson Jessi Kabwila and lawmaker Joseph Njobvuyalema pending disciplinary hearing.

NEC members of MCP moved to quell dissent in the party, dispelling allegations that its leadership is nepotistic and intolerant of other views.

They accused the Jumbe led rebels for their actions fighting party leadership as tantamount to holding the MCP to ransom.

Some disgruntled MCP members were calling for an early convention in protest of party president Chakwera’s style of leadership.

In May this year, some MCP officials—including district chairpersons and committee members—dragged the party to court, demanding an emergency convention asserting serious irregularities over how Chakwera runs the party and appointed some NEC members.

MCP has alleged that its problems are a result of external influences.

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51 thoughts on “Out! MCP expels MP Jumbe and ‘confusionists’: Kabwila, Njobvuyalema suspended”

  1. be humane says:

    Talongosolani abale pamenepa. Kabwira’s Car arson mumati ndi a DPP. So iwo omwewo a DPP are also funding Kabwila yemweyo to cause havoc in the party? Does this make sense? Thats where mCP is missing the point komanso inu a Nyasatimes munazolowera mabodza campaign opanda nayo manyazi. SpeEch ya Chakwera wakana kunamizira extenal forces koma wati those people lack discipline

  2. lawson says:

    So the arson of Kabwila’s car has a clue”””””””””

    1. The Oracle says:

      without doubt Chakwera had a hand in torching Kabwira’s vehicle although Kabwira blamed DPP

  3. Ngongoliwa says:

    Kumpha njoka nkudula mutu. Pa Jumbe mwakhoza mwakhoza sure! MCP Woyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!

  4. No single individual owns Mcp, Njobvu Yalema has oldinary beliefs, he has dictatorial tendencies, he is still living in the reigns of Kamuzu, he believes he is the right person for the post of the partys presidency, jelous has completely influenced him. He has to respect others and the party leadership. For Kabwira it is suprising to hear she conspired to set Mcp buildings/headquarters into fire so tha the nation should be blaming dpp, this is archaic politics and savaging behaviour. This is dangerous because you dont beg for misfortunes in order to get sympathy from others and in conscience things gets connected, it can be logically linked that this lady burned her car deliberately to blame dpp. This is uncivilized politics and yes dpp is evil but we should not be deliberately tarnishing its image for the sake of gaining popularity. I believe she will cogitate on this one and drive her senses to normal. On Jumbe let me congratulate the executive committe for firing him, it was long overdue, an educated ignorant, how can he gets manipulated by tvm and mbc without understanding that this is manipulation? JUMBES Wisdom is very questionable or paja school imathetsa umbuli osati uchitsiru. This man has umphawi wa mmutu, subjective poverty. To dpp sympathisers who are talking nonsense, let you know theres more confusion in dpp than this and the party is sitting on a time bomb, wait for your time which is coming soon. The good thing is you very well know that dpp is evil that has stollen all our money, killed jaunju, chasowa and so many to say. The other good thing is that non of you as i am can foretell or predict what tommorrow brings but God cannot tolerate us to be languishing in the hands of devils like dpp gurus, certainly God will redeem us from this evil party. GOD IS ALWAYS IN CONTROL.

  5. So this is a party in civil war trying to create power vaccum in the circus?….am fllowing

  6. Khudze Mkuyabwe says:

    Good decision . Even Satan was thrown out of heaven because of pride. These people were bringing confusion in MCP. Problems will always be there but must dealt with decisively. Well done. I started to wonder about Jessie Kabwila . All along I have been thinking that she is a principled woman but of late I noticed some trace of arrogance in her. She is an attention seeker.

  7. Patriot says:

    This is a big test of leadershipmin MCP. Knowing the Malawian politics, more is happening behind the scene but the evil motive is to disturbilize the party. Shame the devil the will God come what may will prevail.

    1. Tikhulupirire ziti? ena akuti kunalibe masasipenshion , inu mukuti awasasipenda? Wina wagulidwa kuti afalitse bodza ndithu

  8. Khombe Kay says:

    This is a good development to embark on “Metamorphisms”. This clean up is very crucial for MCP to stand the test of time. People who have been there for too long to not necessarily add value. They need to exit either smoothly or hard-way. The good examples of the veterans who existed smoothly are Katola Phiri, Bisani, Watayachanga Chirwa just to mention a few. Make MCP very attractive to the youth who are the major voters other than clinging to these dead woods. Bring in more young blood to take up positions in the NEC. These disgruntled members do not want democratic processes to occur in MCP. CLEAN THIS MESS NOW THAN LATER!!!! WE NEED DECISIVE LEADERS IN MALAWI TO FACE HEAD ON THE GROWING CORRUPTION PRACTICES… VIVA MCP… THE PEOPLE’S PARTY!

  9. Maxson Mbendera (POISONED) says:

    Good decision by MCP NEC and indeed democratic approach by Dr Laz Chakwera …… people dont learn from others MCP ndingati somba ya machekacheka ndichipani choti sichingathe ask a chair akuuzani

  10. success says:

    Great decision!!!! Keep it up Man of God.You will still meet unnecessary opposition but do not fear and be courageous like Joshua and Caleb. Nehemiah faced such opposition from people like Tobias when he was rebuilding the Walls of Jerusalem but he still he succeeded. Your enemies will fail and later they will come back to you because of your wise and dynamic leadership . Wishing you and the whole executive committee all the best as you go into the rebirth of the Mighty Malawi Congress Party.

  11. Kamale says:

    well for Jumbe i think it is Justified. but you have got it wrong on Njobvuyalema

  12. Chihaula says:

    MCP will never rule Malawi again. The party of death and darkness! Mmmm, mmanja mwa MCP muli magazi thoo!

    Ndiye wina adziti “Kwacha! Kwacha!” Lero?

    1. Khombe Kay says:

      @Chihaula – just wait. Your corrupt briefcase parties will have the same thing when the owners will exist the show. DPP and UDF are the current parties of murder and darkness!

      1. Khawa says:

        Chilungamo cha lero chimenecho Khombe Kay. Remember Matafale, Stambuli, Sheik Bughdad, Robert Chasowa, 20 people 20 July 2011, Issa Njaunju, Epiphania Bonjesi, Chancellor College student Phiri – were these killed by MCP? Chihaula, have you been in Malawi of late to be able to remember issues of the 70’s and not 2015?

    2. Gonankulawe says:

      Chichaula- 20 people gunned down, Robert Chasowa brutally murdered, Issa Njaunju violently killed and many other – between MCP and DPP which is the modern day party of death and darkness?

  13. Breaveheart says:

    there is still time to put things together and win and i bet we will win come 2019, the party needs new blood and the president has done well to remove this controversial guys. lets remove old branches to give room for new ones to grow and be better, Kabwira is just a noise maker don’t worry about her

  14. Zachamba says:

    Good riddance. Jumbe has been a thorn in the flesh of MCP for so long. The detriment he has been causing to MCP has been no less than the pain of losing him. Ayende basi.

  15. goodwellbanda says:

    Chipani changa maaaaaayoooo basi ndapita ku DPP

    1. Cash Gate says:

      pita ndithu, usadzabwerenso, umutenge felix wakoyo, ife zopusa ku chipani chathu sitimafuna.

  16. Youna says:

    Anaonjezadi anthu amenewa. Akalowe DPP kapena ayambe chipani chao ngati akuona kuti amadziwa kwambiri ndale. Nthawi yonyengelerana inatha. Great decision!

  17. Zuze says:

    Thumbs up on Fellix Jumbe. Munachedwa. He thinks because he is running a successful farm then everybody who doesn’t have a farm is under him. You gain respect by respecting others. You can get Govt orders without tarnishing you party. Asadzabwerenso ameneyo. Kabwila and Jobvuyalema will be back. These are principled guys and are aware that DPP wanted to use them.

  18. John Black says:

    Top down ruling. No internal democracy. Chakwera is not the fresh breath of air we hoped when he entered politics. He is just another power hungry representative of the kleptocracy.

  19. jooo says:

    thats the best thing to do expel those who do not follow procedures. bravo NEC lets unite the party and set for 2019,these people the Jumbes do not wish the party well

  20. Bongololo says:

    Kamuzu must be rolling over in his grave.

  21. Alex kaliba says:

    Kudambwe kwavuta kkkkkk mwati extenal imfluence,ndi kabwila yemweyo chipani chinatha ichi

  22. The Oracle says:

    Tikamati MCP future people look at Kabwira, Jumbe, Njovuyalema, Gustav Kaliwo and the district chairpersons. Onsewa sangakhale openga.

  23. Nyakwawa says:

    Koma kunena zoona OChakwera chawavuta kuyendetsa chipani ndithudi. Ndukayika ngati tingawine 2019, apa ndiye kuti PETULO adzayenda moyenda moyera sinanga omathu wajaso kulibe…. tidakaphula njerwa zotentha shaaaa

    1. chunies says:

      Ndipo inu, inenso ndaona choncho. We will yield nothing if these divisions will continue.

      1. MCP Moto says:

        Tachotsa agulukunyinda mu chipani tsopano we will concentrate

  24. Koma chipani cha bwana Billy Mayaya chitha ngati Makatani. This has proved that the MCP remains a party of death and darkness. They tried to kill Kabwila by burning her car. They tried to kill Chatinkha by sending armed thugs to her house; they tried to kill Felix Jumbe, now they fire him from the party. Nanga Joseph Njobvuyalema walakwa chiani? Nanga Gustave Kaliwo? Nanga Namthumba? Malawi Crocodile Party is back….I fear for Jumbe, Kabwira, Kaliwo etc….They maybe fed to ng’ona soon.

    1. Buyelekhaya says:

      Some of the comments we spew are based on little information and understanding of the activities behind the scenes. I don’t blame you. However, make an effort to dig up as much information as possible before you expose your thinking capacity packaged in a 12MB brain!

  25. Harawara says:

    Bravo MCP!!! for getting rid of cancerous Jumbe from the party. Any party with wise leadership and protocols could have done the same. Jumbe’s behaviour was destructive. Being democratic does not mean being disrespectful to the Party’s leadership and code of conduct. Intra-party democracy has limitations

  26. Winston Msowoya says:

    MCP’s perpetuation of its political unrest is an indication of the final demise.By all means,it is most likely that MCP will never again elected into power for its 32 years of truculent rule and again,it’s present leader Chakwera does not attract massive support to form the next government.Malawians of wise thinking take MCP as the architect of all the problems we are in today such as tribalism,nepotism,regionalism,political assassinations,frankenstein’s monster quota system and myriads of other anomalies affecting our life.Right now the only party which stands to attract massive support,is UDF so long as a new leader apart from Atupele Muluzi,is democratically elected.Let’s acknowledge the fact that in Malawi we have an established Republican Constitution and not a Monarchy Constitution.Malawi belongs to Malawians and not to Muluzi’s family alone.

  27. MCP Diehard says:

    Great. That’s the way to go Chakwera and team. This decision was long overdue. Let Jumbe, Kabwira and company join the DPP… Next time, try to make timely decisions.

  28. ADE says:


  29. Mmalawi We Niweni says:

    Ths the way to go, thumps up MCP. Let them form their own party. For those suspended let them think twice of their actions. Otherwise MCP now move on at grassroots with full force. Chakwera 2019 BOMAAAA!!!!!

    1. wanthu says:

      Boma lake liti nanunso hahahahahahaha

  30. Spade says:

    Good riddance

  31. Mzala says:

    Good! Now we can move forward.

  32. Blessed Banda says:

    Good. Confusionists must be removed.

  33. Mirella K says:

    MCP is a done party. I wonder why nyasatimes has ven time to cover it…

    1. Afana says:

      And i wonder why you have time to read and even comment on MCP issues. Its a threat to your party and you know that.

  34. Peter says:

    That’s the way to go. Well done Chakwera

  35. Mwananyanian says:

    Mr Njovuyalema is a cornerstone of the Party, NO? Both he and Ms Kabwila-Kapasula probably didn’t see this coming! A heavy hand with the hammer, to be sure.
    In contrast, Mr Jumbe’s expulsion was predictable, after all the nsanje (envy) by MCP heavyweights, some of whom are actually from the Kamuzu era. They don’t want to hear even the word “democracy” introduced in their meetings. Ditto for attempts to cull their leaders’ dictatorial behavior. Is this Party going to die a death of a thousand cuts? Mr Chakwera should know that these are NOT the halcyon days of the 70’s or 80’s when MCP reined supreme, unchallenged.

    Sad for especially Ms K-K: she is so assertive and her sense of self importance suggests she would not take this censure sitting down. Will she now suggest the governing Party has a hand in this maneuver? We’ll see how the “disciplinary” hearings go. But one thing we know is that MCP have a history for kangaroo court procedures! So forget fair hearings and lack of intimidation.

    And also one thing is for sure: once Malawians taste national politics and the prestige, privileges and perks (like unjustified loans and allowances), etc. that come with the position of MP, most will NOT depart voluntarily. As if they have always been politicians! At least Ms K-K has her teacher positionto back to at Chirunga. Lucky for her. She should go back, admit that she has failed in politics baasi (to be sure). She wasn’t cut out for it! Asa.

  36. Sibweni says:

    Honestly, this should be the end of MCP, just imagine the removal of prominent figures like Jumbe, Chatinkha Chidzanja Nkhoma, Azam Mwale, former chairman for southern region Denis Nathumba and Kabwira
    Tsapano mu chipani mwasala ndani?
    I think it s a good time for Chakwera to go back to his mission and leave the party for eni ake.

    1. Afana says:

      I doubt whether you have been following Malawi politics ever since multiparty was established. How many even more prominent people have left MCP? Most of the membership and leadership in all the other parties once belonged to MCP but the party still soldiers on.

  37. edna says:

    That’s a gud move. Confusionists should be removed from our beautiful party.

  38. jacob mtsunji says:

    Please, MCP Leadership we are behind u but you should be more democratic. A Tembo, why are u just looking at all this, please come to our bell us out of this mess.

  39. BIGGIE says:

    O Baba, omati, NKHOLOKOLO, A KATUMBU, kikikikikiki Good Riddance, akayambitsev chawo chipani, agalu amenewa asaaaaaa!!!!!!!!r

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