As MCP gains momentum for Mchinji West by-election, govt withdraws funding

Malawi Congres Party (MCP) top brass has beenc riss crossing Mchinji West constituency campaigning to  return the seat and after gaining momentum with everything swinging the MCP way, government has withdrawn funding for the by-elections.

Msowoya:  Funding withdrawn

Msowoya: Funding withdrawn

Mchinji West fell vacant after MCP  member of parliament Kanjira Banda died suddenly of heart attack, a day after attacking First Deputy Speaker Esther Mcheka Chilenje.

Treasury spokesman Nations Msowoya said they have withdrawn funding for the exercise scheduled for October 4, 2016  following investigations into allegations of financial abuse at the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC).

Msowoya said Treasury will not release funding when the electoral body “demonstrate commitment” to act on their recommendation

MEC spokesperson Sangwani Mwafulirwa confirmed they have not yet received funding.

Political commentator Rafiq Hajat condemned the government for failing to fund MEC for the by-election saying that is flouting the Republican Constitution as people of Mchinji West are denied their right to parliamentary representation.

Catholic Commission for Justice and Peace (CCJP)  has said failure to conduct by-elections would be defeating democracy and good governance.

He said MEC has to engage Treasury on how to respond to their recommendations.

Funds amounting to K15 422 756 million were  abused at MEC between July 2012 and December 2014.

During a Mec meeting on January 19 2016, development partners, notably Britain, United States of America and United Nations Development Programme (UNDP), rejected MEC’s explanation on expenditure and suspected fraud as well as nepotism at the institution.

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26 thoughts on “As MCP gains momentum for Mchinji West by-election, govt withdraws funding”

  1. Mbava Yaikulu says:

    The people of Mchinji West Constituency should demand their right of having a representative in Parliament, otherwise they are losing out. Apange Match kupita kwa DC kaya akaphwanyako timagalasi tochepa but their voice will be heard. Its not right and it has never been right to deny more that 150,000 people a representative because of lack of funds yet we are able to source K50 Million Kwacha to receive an honorary Doctor of Letters for One Man which will not profit any one in Malawi except one person. Zuka malawi zuka.

  2. OMEX70 says:

    Santana,or whatever you call yourself, what makes you trigger happy with DPP? Don’t you see that people are suffering in Malawi under the DPP led government?

    1. mgoloso says:

      People are suffering because of too much ULESI and wanting to always be recipients of favours.It is written in the Holly Bible that “Osagwira ntchito asadye”.

      Are Natural calamities “drought, floods – Elnino” political issues? – wait for 2019 and see the outcome of the noise you all are making – just wait and see. You will cry more than ever before.

  3. Mwananyanian says:

    Green Muheya at it it again: mixing up issues of, in this case, financial mismanagement at MEC and the possibility that the government party would be MP may be losing ground! And Muheya even trying to editorialize! Can’t even mask the obvious: that this is partly an opinion piece. Why not just make it a column?
    And, where is the evidence that MCP is gaining ground in the campaign? Another guess just thrown in there to fill up the space?

  4. Cheumali says:

    Excellent job MCP. DPP has realize that they will miserably lose the election hence withdraw of funding. MCP please continue the good work and penetrate more into the south and as you have started. DPP has no place in Malawi.

    1. mgoloso says:

      MCP is for the Central Region and DPP is for the Southern Region period – we already know that MCP will win and we are fine with that. It was an MCP Constituency before so nothing special to worry about. What pleases some of us is that MCP knows quite well that the South where majority of Malawians are is NOT for them.

      DPP will continue ruling this country unless Chakwera is replaced by someone else competent enough – otherwise having Chakwera as MCP candidate is a blessing in disguise for DPP – believe you me.

      TAKE THIS SERIOUSLY WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT – It is a clearly known fact. He is so hungry for money and power, which most Malawians have come to know.

      1. mgoloso says:

        Lhomwes are everywhere like Nigerians – this is why DPP always have more votes in Centre and South coz of of the population. Chewas are in minority as compared to Lhomwes – you are free to take it or not. So, one can easily confirm that DPP will win 2019 elections – no question about it.

        MCP is well fit and comfortable to be in Opposition – you can ask them and they will tell you. This is why Chakwera is leading the opposition in Parliament and fits quite well and is TOO happy and proud.

  5. Quench says:

    One wonders how little brains most MCP Monday coaches have. How can they dream of having a president if their candidate can get less than 50,000 votes from Nsanje to Ntcheu? In actaul fact, Laza got less than 70,000 votes in the South in 2014 as compared to over 600,000 that the Centre gave to APM. In 2019, expect close to a million votes for DPP in the centre. So do your Mathematics well and find out who will rule Malawi come 2019. Pepanitu takuuzakoni chilungamo may be you can minimise fooling yourselves. .

    1. Mbava Yaikulu says:

      Mathematically it means they are more people who came from the South and are doing business or are working in many Estates in the Central Region and hence the 600,000. you know that the Southern Region now is overpopulated and its exerting resources for the government. We need to depopulate people in the Southern Region. They are a source of all these social economic challenges. No wonder they dont want Federation.

  6. Maunisi says:

    Central Region is for MCP I already told you guys. The north is becoming the home of MCP now after PP. Central region has more people that Mulanje, Phalombe, Thyolo Blantyre, Mwanza, Chikwawa and Nsanje.

  7. Central says:

    I believe Saulos is now able to see the signs which are now allover the walls!! As observed by him on 14th August now I am able to strongly agree that “people in Mchinji and in this constituency under discussion have come to senses and now know who is talking issues and should be given the post!!

    Achakulungwa anthu atopa nanuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu m’mdidzimuuuuuuuuuuuuuu!!

    Abale pali ponse kuba nanga anthu angakukhulupilireninso ndi umbava wanuwuuuuuuuuuu!!

    Mark my words, should you not work on people’s demands then you will loose all seats you had in 2014 in Central Region. You promised a lot of things during campaign in 2014 (Muluzi type) and have chosen to do the opposite.

    Take it or leave it, the truth remains: people are strongly murmuring against your inhuman morals and are saying M’mphechepeche mwa Central Region mukalowamo kawiri ndinu akatakweeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

  8. ...igwe says:

    …some people at MEC or rather MEC managememnt embzzled the funds, what Treasury should do is to bring these people to book instead of punishing MEC as an institution.

  9. santana says:

    Mr flames njonsava should accept that DPP even if it loses the Mchinji by-elections it still has a commendable support in the Centre. It is no secret that some of the votes which made APM win the 2014 elections were from the central region. Ask yourself if Chakwera can claim any support in the South. So for MCP it is obvious that the South is a no-go area for the party while for the DPP evidence is there looking at the constituencies they won that the Centre can be penetrated by it. These seats were won while the party was outside govt. This constituency does not stand for the whole region therefore you can not say losing this constituency means the DPP is not liked in the region. What can you expect from a party which is fighting itself instead of uniting itself and campaign vehemently for the 2019 elections. Is there any future for this party? Why don’t you Flames feel sorry for being outside govt for 22 years? Are you not ashamed? In Malawi what counts is the presidential votes. You can sweep all the constituencies in the region but if the numbers were not so big then don’t dream of having the top seat. Chakwera is being hammered by his own party and this will continue up to the polling day or the party will just boot him out. The DPP voters will just finish him. No party can have courage to challenge DPP as things are showing now that it is the only stong party. The voters are in the village not in town where they vote on Nyasa TIMES.

    1. Thasitala says:

      The small support DPP has in the centre is because of anthu othawa kwawo kwa umphawiko kosowa chochita ku south. Dull people supporting fools

      1. Maxson Mbendera (POISONED) says:

        You can say it again brother Thasitala, these people are running away from hunger kwawoko mkumabwera kuno adziti dpp ili ndi support ku central ?

        1. kwikosi says:

          Matenants anthu ku mafamu a fodya same are allover in the north

  10. Daniel says:

    Koma a sangwani ku mec muvutikako koma mufika 2019?

  11. Cash Gate says:

    Aaaaaaaa!!, angowona kuti sangawine ndiye akufuna njira yoti adzabere.

  12. Flames njosamva says:

    Kukanakhala ku Thyolo Thava sakanapanga withdraw. Koma pakuti ndi ku Mchinji and akudziwa kuti adzaluza basi no by election. Munya muona ngati mumadzinamiza kuti muli ndi anthu pa central.

    1. The problem of Lhomwelising government business. They like tax payers money to zitchetche and mbewa

      1. mgoloso says:

        Majority will always rule Malawi – if the Lhomwes are in majority then the equation is simple and straight forward. What else could you expect? – do you think Lhomwes can vote for Chakwera? – then you are joking. The best is kugawanapo dzikoli basi otherwise Southerners will continue ruling Malawi come what may. Muluzi, Bingu, Joyce, Peter are all from the South – what more evidence do you need to confirm this fact?. If MCP wants to win next time then have someone from South to lead the party otherwise forget it.

    2. mgoloso says:

      MCP will only rule Malawi if and only if the leader comes from the South and NOT otherwise!!!!!!. You are free to take this advice or not BUT this is a fact. Confirm it in 2019 – DPP win once again win elections and you will be frustrated more coz it shall be landslide victory – get prepared.

  13. Gogodasi says:

    No matter what tricks DPP employ on Mchinji bye-election, MCP will retain the seat to their fold. Mchinji is one of the hotbeds for MCP and DPP will not be relevant in whatever way. MCP should sue government for its action because it is demonstrating dictatorship so the bye-election proceeds.

    1. Mgonapamhanya says:

      It is a well known fact that DPP will not win the by election in Mchinji. But it will be on a better position in terms of votes compared to what MCP could get from the South. And Central Region has more Southerners than there are people from Central Region in the South. Again, districts such as Ntcheu, Salima, Nkhotakota, Kasungu, Lilongwe and Ntchisi are anybody’s zone. Northern Region is a battle ground in 2019. So you can see how awkwardly positioned MCP is.

      1. Harawara says:

        If we pipo from the south don’t vote for MCP and pipo from centre vote DPP what does that mean to a thinking man/woman? Which region is tribalistic? Maybe you are speaking from South do you know that in Lilongwe city there more pipo from from the south than from centre. In my city church we have more members from the south and in many churches I am told. Southerners come to centre and north for social and economic opportunities. Go to a village in the south and ask who is from from centre and do the same in centre and ask who is from south compare the data. Analyse by region and tribe numbers of crimes committed. Do you know why Police does not publicise accumulated cases of crimes by tribe? Guess what will be picture? Which tribe will top the list? Do think this will be the biggest tribe in the country? I doubt. We dont need a prophet to tell us what will happen soon when one region and tribe sit on he back of others.

      2. Kaziulika Chimugonda says:

        Government claim that MEC abused MK15,422,756 so no by-elections in Mchinji West. I wonder if we will have elections in 2019. This is serious lead to where Malawi heading. When did Govt know that MEC is corrupt? Govt. says from 2012. The President has just new MEC memers approved by all parties represented in Parliament. By the way, who annouced that by-elections in Mchinji West will be on 4 Octoer?

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