MCP happy to welcome back Sosten Gwengwe

The opposition Malawi Congress Party (MCP) has opened its arms to Former minister of Industry and Trade, who was also People’s Party (PP) running mate in the May 20 Tripartite Elections, Sosten Gwengwe.

Gwengwe: Rejoining MCP

Gwengwe: Rejoining MCP

Gwengwe, who lost his Dedza Central parliamentary seat to Malawi Congress Party’s (MCP) Daniel Chiwere, took a low profile after last year’s elections, saying he needed to recharge his batteries away from frontline politics and “reflect.”

The 37-year-old politician christened by many as “Ben 10” did not rule out a return at some stage.

He is now being linked to rejoin MCP, the party he dumped when he joined DPP and then PP.

Gwengwe has hinted that he is heading back to MCP and will withdraw his PP membership.

MCP secretary general Gustav Kaliwohas said the party will welcome back Gwengwe into the fold,

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100 thoughts on “MCP happy to welcome back Sosten Gwengwe”

  1. Double Click says:

    Welcom bak Mr Gwengwe!!

  2. Manga wa Ngui says:

    This is a wise decision by Sosten. It shows that you read the Bible. The prodigal son came back to his senses and remembered that he had a home where there was love and food and care. Welcome back home. We were waiting for you. Please tell your colleagues in the names of Kunkuyu, Jean Kalirani, Ntaba, Josia etc to come back. The Southerners are the most cursed and perverted people who have no love for this country. Matsotsi akuba heavy! May all those who are insulting the Chewas be cursed including generations to come

  3. fodya says:

    wawu silu….wadya ula

  4. Ufiti eti says:

    Komanso necktie wavalayo ndi ya UDF.

  5. king kong says:

    hey gwengwe, mr teen ager.


  7. wachilungamo says:

    ndiye kupusako kumeneko

  8. Jag says:

    Wausilu uyu

  9. Ubweze kaye njinga za abiti ntila why practising politcs of regions ndale ku nyasa my foot

  10. Chisaka r says:

    Ubweze kaye njinga za abiti ntila why practising politcs of regions njale ku nyasa my foot

  11. Kennedy says:

    What did khumbo kachali said after jb dumped him? Jb should introspect on khumbo’s word.

  12. Hot Iron says:

    Mwana wa mng’ono Gwengwe zitaye ndale. Get yourself a job, as their is no way you will reclaim the parliamentary seat from Chiwele.

  13. Andford Sungeni says:

    your welcome Gwegwe bola usadzapangenso coz mmapanga awili avubwitsa

  14. bwidzedze says:

    Ife ayiiiiiii! Tambala wakana!!

  15. Kavuluvulu says:

    Imraan Sadick,did Gwengwe tell you he needs some moss ?

  16. mwana new says:

    ukainyonzeranji McP? kupepera basi anf u should check u tongue

  17. phwete says:

    A Gwengwe kodi a mayi anu mwasiyira ndani? Dyera basi, if u r doing so pple will loose trust in u 4 ur own information.

  18. apundi says says:

    agwengwe mukhalira yomweyo, mumafuna dpp okulimbitsani mtima wasowa. mafilimu ako amenewo. uziwona wakula watha. umera dazi ngati atupele muluzi

  19. CHISHENEMESI says:

    Adah Ndale Musiye Mwachepa Mnazo

  20. Rolling stone gather no moss

  21. bwantasa says:

    politicians should learn to treat the poor people who vote for them with humility and love and not with selfishness to advance their personal interests.

  22. mhg 35 says:

    its a gud decision i have admired you simple and polite, eloquent in english, its only pp spoiled your political path. but its not bad you have not today but tomorrow take a small steps . go back to ur mother land mcp it will work.

  23. Kenkkk says:

    Probably he has learned from his mistakes and become wiser. If he hadn’t, he could have chosen dpp who are in power.

    Give him the benefit of doubt and let him start from scratch!!

  24. mathanjez Ishmael says:

    A kungoyenera.he wasted much of our time and I don’t think he has wrist watch

  25. Ngwenyama says:

    Mwasowa chochita agwengwe osangobwelela ku sx bwanji? Olo kumango vala Nyawu kumudzi

  26. koma says:

    Zaziiii we dint miss this Ben 10

  27. Mubwe says:

    Pita ku MCP ko, but get matured. Mwanamwana ngati iwe watha zipani zones? Pano you have decided to start recycling.

  28. Zitserekwete says:

    Too late for tears Gwengwe. Ufumu wanu anzanu anatenga inu mukushashalika ndi PP. Dyera limalanda I hope you have learnt the lesson of your life.

  29. Gwengwe is opportunist,he’s still young & don’t know what he’s doing.moving from mcp to dpp when dpp was in power,then leaving dpp joining pp when it was in power shows luck of seriousness and focus.thinking of himself above the people who voted him into power.He’s money hungry.may be, maybe he has learned his lessons But i doubt.He sees only way to go back on top is through mcp and once he’s on top he will dump mcp for greener pastures.

  30. MP says:

    At such an age in politics he has already changed parties three times. WHat kind of politician is he going to make. He was a respectable MP when he was in MCP until he started rolling chasing power in rulling parties. The problem with some politicians is that they think of their personal benefits only.

  31. opportunist says:

    Yake imeneyo

  32. Amawo says:

    STOLEN Gwengwe……. lost and found

  33. urunji says:

    OK bwana. Tell us then where should we go popeza ife timatsatsatira inu ku PP

  34. cjp. says:

    MCP is the only hope NOW after udf has been eaten up by the dpp, let all unit and don’t refuse those who are returning back into the party also if possible go beyond the boarders and get people like Mias in Chikwawa, Kachale in Mzimba

  35. Onthu Obambo says:

    Much as I do agree with MCP policy of having an open door the MCP party needs to screen between asserts and liabilities in to the party some of these people will only go where the water seems drinkable and when its hot they quickly run away like the likes of ted kalebe, kutsaila and others If gwengwe is coming back let him come with the heart of building and helping the party and not just because he is on flat belly. I would like to have people back who can only help in buiding the party and promote it to another level, not this just jack and jim.

  36. mulopwana says:

    @ that age he has already started political prostituion.what a shame…………………

  37. honesty says:

    kikkkkkkkk welcome back the lost Son.
    Poooor, i hope now you have learnt that the other parties just wanted to use you and loose your credibility. Remember not to be like Khumbo Kachali and other Unstable politicians
    Thank God for MCP has welcomed you again, now learn to work within your grounds and stay in one Party, do not crave for money so much, you are still young if you have good ideas share to the party without doubts. if any disagreements consult the elders for advise within your party.

  38. Gule Wamkulu says:

    Spent force. At 37, he has been to every party around. MCP, then DPP then PP then MCP. There is a name for such politicians. Prostitutes driven by greed. Let him go back to the party of death and darkness. No wonder, anakwatira hule wa pa bwandilo

  39. Chindende Uli Masakapende says:

    ukusile ni wanache…no wonder Malawi is not developing…it’s because of idiots like these who have no moral spine and principal..political harlots…

  40. vendor says:

    Sosten u are a disgrace

  41. Wodzichepetsa says:

    kkkkkk Gwengwe tsopano ,

    mesa unkati wasiya ndale…….I knew you were frustrated ndi matama omwe unkachita ndi ma sten sunkadziwa kuti ugwa. Mpaka kuthesa banja.

    Now you are the same like Mbuya welcome to the world of nomadic politicians .

    Koma kuti MCP idzalowe mmboma nde silero mphwanga, iweyo mpaka udzayendera ndodo ili oppositionbe

  42. Charombanthu says:

    At your age Mr Gwengwe, you already have the MCP colours, DPP blue colours and PP orange ones. I wonder how many colours you will have in your wardrobe by the time you get to 45. You will be another “Chenji Golo” who has MCP colours, UDF colours, DPP colours and PP colours in his wardrobe and now he is ashamed to go back to the blue camp. Unprincipled politicians

  43. Joloza says:

    Pitani muzikakhala phungu wosutsa mpakana kalekale. anzanu a PP aja mwawasiya akukalowa ku DPP. Mwachita bwino kuchoka koma zija mumagawana za Cashgate zija tikuzifuna mutibwezere

  44. Nyirenda says:

    Mwana wolowelela takulandila.

  45. mcp man says:

    Kufulumira sikufika mwaona anthu akwanu azakukhululupirira bwanji iwe sunaone anathera Antaba


    Short cuts are sometimes long cuts becareful!! So you are back to square one. Wishing you all the best young man.

  47. Patrick Phiri says:

    Ngakhale mutaphatikizana MCP ndi PP, simungaithe DPP. You willremain in opposition for the next 50 years. DPP was born to rule.

  48. Mnjonja says:

    some people don’t seem to have a backbone. whichever direction the wind blows athyokera konko. Sometimes grass is not always greener outside. We can make it greener ourselves – kungotenga water cane ndikutsirira and make it greener.

  49. MIKE (mchewa weniweni) says:

    Ok let him be a member but not to stand in 2019.
    to show his loyalty angokhala member basi apo biiii akhale ku pp kwakeko paja ankazimva heavy and amanyoza mcp kwambiri..

  50. gabriel says:

    Indeed going back home where the grass is greener.

  51. Kwekwekwe says:

    PP chipasupasu chayambika.

  52. Luckychisomo says:

    Haaaah! Thot u gone to Korea Gwengwe?

  53. Achimidzimidzi says:

    Its sad that Gwengwe is practicing politics of empty headed people.

    People like Atupele Muluzi, who has never worked anywhere before because he is unemployable. They out put trust in money and lies to convince their people.

    Welcome him but mabodza ai. Don’t say anything about PP or JB and cashgate.

  54. Stanley Simtowe says:

    He has now run out of ideas.He was born not to lead.He isn’t fit atall.

  55. Mt Mulanje says:

    Mr Gwengwe that’s political prostitution… from mcp-dpp-pp and then back to mcp. Hopefully this is ur final destination otherwise tatopa nazo.

  56. Masoambeta says:

    If MCP wants to be a serious party to win people’s votes, Gwengwe should not be allowed back into the party. It shows he can leave as he wishes and has no loyalty to any principles.

  57. Zidura Ntengo Undigwere says:

    This is part of the first stage of death of PP. As has been suggested many times, even on this forum, that party will soon disband; as it has lost any relevance or credulity in this country. And it will die slowly; death by a thousand knives.
    Already PP does not have any room for scars. Thupi lonse ndilosupasupuka (The whole body has injuries, and is scarred). Confidants are deserting Joisi Banda. And she can’t be a happy person right now.

  58. nsonga ciswe says:

    Mmusatinyase a MCP ngati mukufuna culeyu , cunning band no manners bastard uyu. Ukunnde kuika mmadzi kuti adatselele. Mukufuna kudzisangalatsa pena tikuhaukileni? Mind u this is cipani for the public , the nation not just your own. Muluza Nazi mavoti.
    Pompous like he was, is.
    Anativuta nthawi IJA kudzigulilatu anti furniture my ofesi ya vice plesdent. Kudzicemerera. Za zii ankanama pa question time ya manifesto IJA_!!!!!! Chakwera uku NDE kuyamba kuphwa. Musatipute. Gustaava watch out don’t bring chaos in the party.
    Ma cash gate okhaokha awa ndi make anakangamila kwa mereka uja. Zomwe alucita Ku US sizutikhudxza ngati aluganiza kuti adzwinaso, adzayambe wafotokoza mbali take pa zomwe zinkacitika nyengo ya dzana IJA. Ndlama za ndege etc anadera limodzi ndi child abused opanda citukuko analepheretsa skill mkazce so called. NDE citukuko cingayande???? MCP watch out!!!!!!

  59. mwinimbumba says:

    welcome back Sosten

  60. young s says:

    Kkkkkkkkkk recycled politicians.

  61. Sokosi says:

    Young man? Your choice was very bad in the first place, and JB has used you like Manyuchi. You are now recycled politician.

  62. Chenjewazi says:

    Gwengwe wausilu ameneyu. Osamangopanga ma business akowo. Mwana mwana ngati iwe kusintha zipani zonse zitatu within this short period of time. Fortune seeker. Mapeto ake ugwera mzenje.

  63. Mapiri says:

    Uchindele pera

  64. Inhumane Rights Activist says:

    Sosten, I think you have had enought time to reflect over your nomadic political life. By going back to the roots, the spirits of your ancestors welcome you. I, as an MCP supporter, endorse your return. You are most welcome.

  65. Zadziwika says:

    Takulandira Gwengwe! PP inakusocheletsa ndi cashgate!


    Our elders say “Gona nkuphe saali patali” or as the English would have it: “An early bird catches the worn”.
    Wise decision. 2019 is not too far off.
    The only hope is that he has learned some lessons: Dedza is a staunchly CONSERVATIVE DISTRICT and you disregard this at your peril.
    What’s more, most people in the hard working districts of the region are now tired of the mediocre leadership we’ve been getting from the South since 1994.

  67. Masharubu says:

    This should teach JB a lesson . Her choice of running mate was a very poor one . She had a lot of men of substance to choose from but , for reasons known to herself , she decided to settle for this toy boy . The combined ticket of JB and Ben 10 was the least inspiring one during the 2014 Elections .

  68. Akatswiri says:

    Welcome Mr Sosteni Gwengwe to your mother party.

  69. zoona says:

    Kkkkkk. Koma aka ndi Ben tenidi eti? Ndiye amayi chapaphewa chawo chija azianyamulila ndani. Posachedwa a Ken Msonda akhala akubwelera kwithu kukaya ku Rumphi. Change golo ndiye alibe kolowela I fink akangopitiliza u kadaulo wa u Shehe kaya akalandilidwa Madrassah kaya ndi mtumiki muhamad(mtendere ukhale ndi iye)kkkkkkkkk

  70. Howard Kachipanda says:

    Sosten mng’ono wanga, kabwera. Auzenso anzako afulumire, George adabwera kale tuyendera limodzi mmisonkhano. Usachedwe taona mmene zidakhalira kuluza mpando utakhalira chithumba. Ife akongeresi thumba ayi koma chipani. Tikulandira.

  71. Mxiiiii korma 10 Ben uyu sadza yanga ndere ndithu kwaputa mphepoko basi kutengeka ngati madzi am’beseni mxiiiiew

  72. mcp says:

    Basi atengeni bolani akhale pa bench

  73. chivwamba says:

    He knows but he has shown some “Change Goal” character. Soon you will Change Goal himself and many others move. Politics of Malawi!!!@@

  74. titus Scoti says:

    That’s Malawian politics. If you want something you move to the party dangling carrots and when those carrots wither ir become scarce, you move back to your former party! No sense of responsibility and accountability

  75. mphini za mutchafu says:

    Welcome back to mcp zoona mwawasiya a.mai?

  76. howe says:

    Why recycled ones always. Dont we have intelligent pple out there? Who is he, as young as he is changing parties like clothes?

  77. Alungwana says:

    Welcome Sos

  78. MOG says:

    Kupupuluma ngati mkodzo wa mowa. Nanga pamenepa wachitapo chani? Kungodzipeperetsa basi. Mwana wosapola pa mchombo ungamalimbane ndi Dr Chakwera? Kutengeka basi. Koma Daniel yo osampatsa mpishupishu. Koma ngongole za akabaza zija mwamaliza kutolera?

  79. He should join with good intention time for political prostitutes is over the country needs to move forward with the right people on boad.

  80. Black Market says:

    Opportunistic hence a failure, I can’t trust him. Very soon he will dump MCP again for ministerial post. If I were the MCP leader I could say, remain where you are. What was the problem then to dump MCP? Wa kampeni kumphasa, not genuine. He has come to contaminate the stable reputation of MCP, he is not genuine but he is running away from Khumbo Kachali who is back in PP the two cant be in same camp. Useless guy.

  81. bwangazi says:

    Dont welcome this idiot called sosten gwengwe!!! He just want to use mcp for his own benefits!!! He will dump you again at an appropriate time!!! Uyu ndi hule wa zipani!!!! A chakwera pliz dont accept this mad person!!!!

  82. paulos banda says:

    Ana adyera inu.

  83. Mphongo Zidana says:

    Malawi politicians not even ashamed without integrity at all. He will soon be like change goal.

    Just imagine how this little boy vilified JZU just to please JB. Now he is going back to the same party. Very shameful indeed.

    Malawi is not developing because of such undecided, greedy politicians like Sosten Gwengwe. The political system needs to wean and discard such politicians for the sake of integrity to prevail.

  84. nobel says:

    Recycling politics, be careful there are many potential youthful politicians out there

  85. arkmm says:

    mwanayi ndi kape heavy, Choncho nkumati angakhale Vice President?? zinangokumana mbuzi zokhazokha ndi mai wache uja, mamina mmutu thooo, chibwana chenicheni

  86. onjoya says:

    from sinking boat to another sinking boat.kkk komadi achewa ndi nyau eti

  87. nyopsy says:

    political foolies hahahaha next you join renamo

  88. nyopsy says:

    hahahahaha political foolies

  89. omawe says:

    Ndale pa Malawi.

  90. Wausilu ameneyu why malawian politician behave like prostitutes.

  91. yosefe Gambatula says:

    The prodigal son has gone back to where he belongs after having scathing attack to the man of God.Kumangomva kuti ung’onoung’ono ndi Malawi yalero.You think Malawians will simply pick just because you are young?Mwaga nayo.Kabwezeni chisoti cha pp chija mumaoneka nacho ngati cowboy wolisha ng’ombe.Pano aliyense will be going through so much vetting for being picked for any post.Welcome back to the family party.Uyamba ndikupukuta kaye nsapato za ochakwera before being thought of any post in Mcp.Mwana olowelera!!!!

  92. Kadakwiza says:

    With such politicians, Malawi is going nowhere. Our country will not develop. These leaders are not serious about us the poor, but themselves. What will happen in 2019, because Joyce Banda will win.

  93. hon says:

    Osamasewela ndi MCP mphwanga. The only party which can develop Malawi without corruption

  94. Bongololo says:

    The prosperous business of political harlotry featuring Sosten Gwengwe.

  95. johntembo Kuffor says:

    What a fool he is, even MCP leadership is full of FOOLISH people

  96. gonapamuhanya says:

    Ka hule kakang’ono! Ka sweet sixteen, ka head cleaner! Kikiki!

    Kukula mtima kuli thooo! Ukanangowina ndi a sugar mummy ako aja mukanatibowa heavy!

    Umamamiza mphwanga iwe ndiye watha basi ask Ntaba!

  97. Camptain Romero says:

    Iyo ndiye njira yabwino , PP yatha ayise, ayini achipanicho , atumbuka akuchokamo , msogoleri wake anachithawa chipani kalakale, changosala ndi Msonda basi chifukwanso Ralph Jooma azathawa ndi mzake Change Goal

  98. chindere says:

    Mmm if I was Kaliwo, I would be cautious with his coming back.i like the DPP approach these days.They are very cautious with recycled politicians

  99. Trevor Manyi says:

    Hahahahahahaha kkkkkkkkkikikikikiki

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