MCP insist on summoning Mutharika to face Malawi MPs grilling: Parliament opens Nov 6

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) insist that they want to grill President Peter Mutharika in parliament as part of accountability politics, saying he should oblige to the constitutional requirement.

Chakwantha (left)  with opposiiton leader Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwantha (left) with opposiiton leader Lazarus Chakwera

President Mutharika will perform the State opening of 46th Session of Parliament on November 6 at Parliament Building in Lilongwe, according to Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya.

The meeting will run up to 4th December, 2015.

MCP wants Mutharika to face His Excellency’s Question Time (HEQs) style-session since holding the executive to account is one of the three responsibilities parliament.

The question time grilling for the President would be led by leader of opposition and MCP president Lazarous Chakwera.

Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament, Peter Chakhwantha, has since said if President Mutharika fails to appear before Parliament, he will be accused of “higher moral turpitude” which is an impeachable offence.

But, Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has said Parliament should draft the agenda of the President answering questions from the lawmakers if it was necessary and invite the Head of State.

According to Section 89 (3) of the Constitution, the President is required to submit himself before Parliament without necessarily being invited by anyone as he does with the State of the Nation Address.

The call for HEQs have received backing from the civil society with Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo and rights campaigner Billy Mayaya, saying Mutharika should appear before Parliament.

Malawian professor of law based at the University of Cape Town, Danwood Chirwa, clarified that the President does not have to be called by Parliament for him or her to answer questions posed by MPs for the HEQs.

Chirwa said the President “is constitutionally obliged to appear before Parliament every year, immediately before the consideration of the budget, to do [the said] three related things.”

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64 thoughts on “MCP insist on summoning Mutharika to face Malawi MPs grilling: Parliament opens Nov 6”

  1. malawi view says:

    Koma wa MCP sumachita manyazi mukamachalira mtopola, kukhaulitsana mu paliament meeting? wat do u discuss in ur nec meetings? do u know that majority of ur supporters are adults? do u know that central rigion, the chewas are peace loving pple? remember section 65 saga, did it help u? think of pakamwa pa jese wil u stand 2019 makiyolobasi? LEARN FROM MISTAKES … ungamve! achewa amatembenukatu,,2009 kkk

  2. mj says:

    kukamwa kwa winayo ndi ma spectacle wavalo akungokhala ngati chipi wa mu filimu ija ya robbot kkkkk

  3. MSANA WA PETURO says:

    Ahlomwe onse akudziwa kufunika kwa constitution koma kuti they know that their idiot will embarass them if he dares go to the parliament. Palibe chimene angayankhe cha nzeru. He is headless. Komabe apite and if questions will be difficult he can just use the theory banging tables.

  4. Gurney Chinyamunyamu says:

    Please my brothers in Malawi check your English spellings .This I refer to Mr Mwase he wrote ( president erect .) its supposed to be president elect
    Thank you

  5. Dausi Phiri says:

    Pamene Pali chilungamo palibe mantha. Why fear question time.This is an opportunity to show the Nation what one wants to offer on the government plate.

  6. Ziedou says:

    I have alot of Zuma’s footage answering, interacting with fellow members. Zuma is not educated and infact, he is number 3 from bottom when it comes to African leaders education background.
    Here is a professor who has never put himself into this corridor kungocheza ndi ana ake for the betterment of our country.
    Ndinakumvani a DPP kuti, zinazi tisamanyoze president pagulu and the likes of Kabwira should engage the president to round table discussion trying to cable out problems faced by Malawians. Here you are, mukuti ayinso Chakwera akufuna udindo. How stupid are you people?
    Where do you think you are taking Malawi to? Our constitution allows members of parliament to question the president where ever possible and the president must appear before August house to answer those questions. What else do you want?
    A president alemekezeke malamulo adziko….period!!!!!

  7. Jasitasi Chilungamo says:

    What is wrong for a leader to be held accountable?What is wrong with sleepy docile Malawians.So Pitala should be doing things without be questioned?Malawi will never amount to anything with this backward spirit.I support Chakwera on this even though I don’t belong to any political party.

  8. Che Bakali says:

    So the problem with childish grouping like chakwera team, you are already discussing the contents of the meeting with president and its consequces in public. I for one would be silent till the day comes then you surprise your enemy. How on earth is that stupidity going to work where you expose all your neckedness and meet the challenger in that attire. Does that meet you too is clueless? What a fool. Ungotitayisa nthawi ndi hule lakolo.

  9. KARU UNITED says:

    Bakili wasn’t a professor, but was courageous enough to be grilled by parliamentarians, in one such incident, the onslaught was led by RT. Hon. Gwandanguluwe Chakuamba Phiri. Let the professor explain to parliament why his crony Bowler is squandering our CASH so soon after the president left UNGA?

  10. joke says:

    Problem is Malawi has more educated fools who even thier acquired papers in high education whether from Malawi or abroad don’t mean anything. A leader at any capacity is required by law to be answerable, only in malawi that a president is not answerable hence abuse of office is possible.
    muthalika is a man of a later and knows it better.
    Malawi, my Malawi

  11. KARU UNITED says:

    O Mwase, m’dzatukwana nazo m’gulu, mpaka president ERECT? amati…elect!

  12. kumangoni says:

    Carry on kill fuko la Malawi becoz you don’t care about them, you only care about Leadership.

  13. sapitwa says:

    Grilling, what grilling? It is his job to answer drafted planned questions put on the Agenda to him prior to parliament opening . Question not on the Agenda are not allowed, take note1 So Lazarus, tell us, why didn’t you prepare the Questions to be put on the Agenda on the previous parliament sittings? Were you not aware that it is always required of the Presisdent to answer questions? From the word grilling, it seems you were clueless on this and you think by raising this matter, you will put pressure on the President; Nop! Ndiye pakuti aka kakhala koyamba, osakamenyana kumeneko, chifukwa mu parliament ndi momwe mumabuka ndeumo.

  14. kaya says:

    MCP, we are tired of your noise!! This nonsense should stop. Ma MP azikalima

  15. I wonder what type of a professor is this. Fearing to answer questions from mere MPs. Koma ziriko. Koma kuyankha mafunso pa TVM. What are you afraid of??? You’re obliged by the constitution of Malawi to go to parliament and face grilling from MPs. Malovu nde mkamwa akuti professor. Za ziiii.

  16. zibwente says:

    I think alot of Malawians they don’t know there own constitution. How could you like your president to shun his constitutional rights ? He is supposed to go there without being invited koma ma president ambiri amathawa. This is not the first time in Malawian history Muluzi anakayankhapo. Anthu a DPP mukudziwa kuti akuluwa dziko lawakanika ndiye kumangolimbana ndi Chakwera za ziii. Chakwera is only following the constitution basi

  17. bwalya says:





  18. Mr Dowa says:

    I think that’s the good the way to take than just fighting for nothing,Mr President needs to be there for the goodness of us who voted for him, we are tired of being critised by these people they call them selves Professors but for nothing,this is high time Malawians should know what type of leadership we have. Go ahead Chakwera!

  19. Rodgers Banda says:

    Keel on MCP the ball is in your hands.DPP and Mtharika is a failure. If Malawians have a say let him resign.

  20. Apangana kuti aphe president awa meeting akumakapangila ku zambiayi. Patsikulo muzabwera nsing’anga uja anagwilitsira ena ntchito uja. Munthu uyu anamwela zikho za Yehova nkhanga zinawona kkk

  21. kk says:

    koma umburi ku Malawi siudzathe eti?moti simukudziwa kuti ngakhale pa South Africa pompa azanu amayenda every day pali nthawi yomwe President amayankha mafuso ku chokela kwa ma MP? aaaaaa Malawi kuvetsa manyazi bwanji? munthu amene mukuyikila kumbuyo ndi amene ali wankulu yemwe akhoza kukwanisa kuyankha mafuso ngati ku ngatero mmalo mwake mukukamba za Chakwera kuti akufuna udindo pali nzeru pamenepa koma? kikkkkkkk. Kumayenda kumanvako kwa anzanu mmene dziko amayendetsela osati za ugonthizo ayi, Bwana Chakwera tikufunilani za bwino zonse pa nthawi imeneyo kikkkkk tifuna tinve zeni zeni osati za masewerazo, kudziwike kuti nzeru za ku school ndi zeru zobadwanazo ndi zosiyana kikkkkkk! akamuone mwana wa mChewa. English yokhayo mai mai mai kaya kikkkk ASOVA!!!!!!!!!

  22. MaKopa says:

    What’s the use of having a President when he can’t go to parliament and answer questions from MP’s that’s democracy. Maybe APM is just a demoncrazy man

  23. dav says:

    palibe nkhani apa ,kodi kuzolowela kukoka nkhani yoti inatha kale bwanji anthu wophunzila kwambiri inu?

  24. YAKI says:

    Kabwila must resign otherwise mcp is doomed forever

  25. Che Ngana says:

    Mchewa Mnakhala Nae Ndi Munthu Oipa Ozikonda Wa Jelasi Ndiouma Mtima.Sizachilendo Kuti Mchewa Uyu Akhale Patsogolo Kufuna Udindo.Akufuna Akapanga Za Munyenyembe Akuti Eni Akewo.Mukhaula Muona Sizitheka Mukhaula!

  26. mijomba ikuluikulu says:

    Konseko kusafuna kulima eti ? Tiyeni kumunda nthawi yatha ,osamalimbana ndi mizozodo yoti iyo zawo zinayela kale. Office yofewa ,zokudwa zofewa,kuyenda mofewa ,ndalama sibvuto. tsono iwe ulibe password ya zonsezi ndiye kumalimbana ndi nzwanya umenewu ukwanitsa ? Akakhala enawa dzuwa lawapha kwambiri . Ku ubusa kuja sanabweleko nkanthu ndiye dumbo lokhalo iiiiiiiiii!!!!!

  27. Mlauzi says:

    Let him answer questions, articulate his strategies and give hope in these hopeless times.

    Moya, this could well be an opportunity to put up your case and set your record straight, after all you are a professor. Just prepare and avoid those temper tantrums. Don`t go with a hangover

  28. Kengere Kengere says:

    Abusa a feck utsogoleri akuufunitsitsa koma upresident sititenga choncho.A Chakwera akudziwa kuti ngakhale zisankho zitachitika motani MCP singapambane hence exploring other avenues to find faults for the president to be impeached.Believe you me once their plan is successful Malawi will not have peace.Every president will be forced to either resign or get impeached.Zina zili zonse zotenga mwaupandu zimapitilira mpaka mtsogolo.Look at Madagascar now,president Ratsilaka was forced into exile though we all know that Ravolomanana won the election what happened next Ravolomanana was forced into exile by Rajoelina and believe you me him will also be removed by somebody one day why? it is the seed which they sow.Check what is happening in Egypt after Mubarak was removed,how many presidents now?

  29. apao says:

    Definition of multiparty. Democracy, .kaya. funso ndi loti chosen bi pple? Yes. Governed bi pple? pp tokha. Basi

  30. mwase says:

    I think Chakwera is a bad man. How possible can you dare to talk that nonsense? Are you desperate for presidency? Wait until 2019. You can not remove president erect. That is the reason why you were unsuccessful in pastor hood.Expect again to be unsuccessful in this political journey.How can you mention impeachment here? Why? You will not achieve anything here. Mark my words. Even ask John Tembo.

  31. WOPENGA says:





  32. yamikanimkandawire says:

    Kukambikana kumakoza zithu

  33. Iwe hardwick kameta, bwinotu angakutenge nib kkkkkkkkk. Komadi zoona mkuluyu akawonekere. Kati akadziluma izo nzake

  34. becks says:

    Only fools and thieves hate this proposal. You want your leaders really to go unquestionable?. On in poor Malawi. Even when Chakwera becomes President he shall not be immumed to questions. Kodi a Malawi mwapenga eti? APM must be quizzed.

  35. YAKI says:

    MCP Zitsiru inu mungofuna backdoor ruling. wait for 2019

  36. Dominic says:

    Komadi kukhala ku opposition ndi chinthu chowawa – ndaonera Chakwera ndi abale ake. The best MCP could do was to win the hearts of Southerners and nothing else. Unfortunately, people in the opposition are short sighted – they can not see the opportunity at their door step. They are busy campaigning for APM without their knowledge. If i were Chakwera, I could concentrate on building MCP instead of campaign for a member of another party. Wake up, please.

    NOTE: Chakwera, think about Kabwila, i know you love her so much BUT is the one who will contribute more to your down fall.

  37. YAKI says:

    Presidentr kumeko asapiteko ngati parliament yawalephera kupanga fundo zachitukuko ango tulukako alephera kuyimira anthu . MCP mkayaniso kupha kulithoo

  38. wakukaya uyo says:


  39. Chekambewa says:

    Chakwera ur useless have you heard mamulumuzana a malamulo?mungoti mukakhuta tizakudya tatunuto mili fwe fwe pulezidenti abwere kupaliament useless

  40. bikiloni says:

    Ayankhedi mafunso. Or else……….

  41. Today's Quote says:

    “When I want to speak nobody listens, when they want me to speak, I have nothing to say.” – Winston Churchill

  42. Mwasandusa parliament dambwe la nyau kokametera anthu. Abakha okhaokha

  43. ADE says:


  44. Mapwevupwevu says:


  45. komko says:

    MCP The only party to give Malawians happiness

  46. Stampycious says:

    Ziyeneradi kutero, za booking’zo ayi

  47. Tim Masamba says:

    Good, time for real questions not the fake issues raised on TVM during a program called “Talk to the Idiot” This man is taking Malawians for granted let him face the Music.

  48. Kaligondo says:

    Koma ndiye bola asakakane popeza amamusokoneza ndiomwe anamuzungulira achina kaliat, chaponda, ndi ben phiri

  49. Mchikumbe Nthesa says:

    The request is not being made in good faith. Why should the Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee start highlighting the consequences. Slow down MCP, greed should not bring this country into anarchy. I expected the MCP would tone down and show maturity as expected of them but the path being taken is no different from the Young Cadets

  50. Jose' says:

    Zauchitsiru. Sabwera kumeneko. Chakwera, you have run out of ideas even before the elections. Wagwa nayo imeneyo!

  51. john banda says:

    ine zonidabwitsa. tati mcp tikufuna kovension muli kana. pano mufuna apulesident akakana muti cha

  52. peter says:

    We are tired of rhetoric politics! Tell APM to abide by the constitutional provisions failing which impeach him!!!! We don’t have time to waste for bobobobobo politicians.

  53. Rich CJ says:

    Ndiye munthu wake ndi Pitalayu? Mgontha mkhutu wadu!

  54. mtumbuka1 says:

    It’s within his mandate to attend question and answer sessions in parliament and if he expects to be begged to come to parliament for Q&.a’s then he is not a democratic president and needs to be impeached with immediate effect. in fact, chilima the vice president must also attend since he is the one behind the so-called reforms and jce abolishment he must equally be challenged to unpack his reforms and tell the nation as to when people will start seeing the fruits of the reforms even if it means sour grapes. The country needs a man who knows what he is doing, visionary, with both hands on deck and one who at this stage must not worry about his political party or planning about rigging the next elections. We need someone who will put the country first. The president is always asleep as we are all aware and we expect the vice president to at least play ball. I have always argued with my friends ( bar counter talks) that we can not have a vice president sourced from a corporate world I don’t even know what criteria was used to elect chilima but all I know is that both chilima and peter are just flops and they are both not politicians but they can be a successful lot in a corporate world and they are certainly not the people Malawi needs at the moment ( I stand to be corrected although I won’t apologise for my opinion)

  55. Nthuni bondo says:

    Health budget cut half. Food ratios have stopped in our hospitals. Civil servants are being told to go hell or work in private companies. Mapwevupwevu is order of this government. Youth unemployment is just a reality. Chilichonse chayima apa. Ndiye ulendo uno ayelekeze wina kumuyika ku mbuyo Pitala ameneyi mxiiiiii. Uyu akayankhe mafunso osati speech reading . Iwe Chakhwantha ikhani imeneyi unayamba bwino. Tili pambuyo pako go konko osamusiya nyapapi ameneyi. Masiku ano koma wakhala chete bwanji mwana iwe. Usalowa nazo ku cabinet izitu. Tikudalira inu

  56. matombodya says:

    Mtambo and Mayaya you too have no sense of direction. Today you tell us to demonstrate then now you agree with MCP to have APM appear in parliament. I think before we speak lets see how feasible what we want happen is. MCP has the 7 day ultimatum yielded anything? Mayaya ask yourself the feasibility of demonstrations

  57. Paulos Banda says:

    Musiyeni Abu sadzatha kuyankha mafunso anu. Koma pambuyo pake adzalandira ma allowances.

  58. Joseph Moyo says:

    Yes,Muntharica should resign but first all NGO leaders must resign too.mumalembana ntchito pa chibale kapena ziphuphu mumalandila amaalawi a mbiri akuvutika ndi ulova ndi mboni.tisangoona za Muntharica zokha ayi ndipo nkhani imeneyi titaikoka okuthandzaniwo akhoza kusiya.ndye musinthe chifukwa la40lizakwana kunoko kumalawi kulibe chilungamo ngakhale mipingo no exception.dziko lidaola.mabwana a ku carlsberg adachosedwa posayendesa bwino chuma atatu onse adali a tribe imoz mufuna mundiuze kut ntchito zawo adafunsla ndi a tribe imoz?palibe munthu wabwino kuno ku Malawi ntokotowo mungofuna mpando basi mukhaula sakutula pansi APM.muyambe ndinuyo.

  59. Professor Linton Pamberiii says:

    Bola ku MCP, si ku DPP. Ku DPP kuli nkhope zowopsa kwambiri eeee achina George Chaponda, Mwanamveka, Kasaila eish a Jean Kalirani ayayayaaa Kaliati, Nankhumwa. Ndinayiwala Gertutu kapena gutu¡¿¿ Nde pali uyu mumati mathanyux, Mumgomo waku MBC iiiii. Koma tawonani ku MCP tima handsome, tima beauty ta china Lunguzzi.

    DPP full of BWAMPINIS

  60. Patriot says:

    Mumati Boma ndi anthu, well, ife anthu tikuti
    IMPEACH this clueless incompetent lomwe ruler.
    This party must go. Malawi need fresh elections within 6 months.

  61. Chimunthu Banda says:

    muthane naye mathanyulayu. anandilepheretsa ine Chimunthu Banda kutsogolera dpp. anabela mavoti amati mchiyani. k577 billion, msb bank, nyumba ku nyambadwe, … ndikumudziwa galu ameneyu.

  62. Ineyo says:

    Suprisingly, it is only Bakili Muluzi, in the history of Malawi’s democracy who once fulfilled this very important constitutional requirement.

  63. The Most Concerned says:

    Send the Questionaire & he wil answer all yo stupid questions thru e-mail.

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