MCP insist on summoning Mutharika to face Malawi MPs grilling: Parliament opens Nov 6

Malawi Congress Party (MCP) insist that they want to grill President Peter Mutharika in parliament as part of accountability politics, saying he should oblige to the constitutional requirement.

Chakwantha (left)  with opposiiton leader Lazarus Chakwera

Chakwantha (left) with opposiiton leader Lazarus Chakwera

President Mutharika will perform the State opening of 46th Session of Parliament on November 6 at Parliament Building in Lilongwe, according to Speaker of the National Assembly, Richard Msowoya.

The meeting will run up to 4th December, 2015.

MCP wants Mutharika to face His Excellency’s Question Time (HEQs) style-session since holding the executive to account is one of the three responsibilities parliament.

The question time grilling for the President would be led by leader of opposition and MCP president Lazarous Chakwera.

Chairperson of the Legal Affairs Committee of Parliament, Peter Chakhwantha, has since said if President Mutharika fails to appear before Parliament, he will be accused of “higher moral turpitude” which is an impeachable offence.

But, Attorney General (AG) Kalekeni Kaphale has said Parliament should draft the agenda of the President answering questions from the lawmakers if it was necessary and invite the Head of State.

According to Section 89 (3) of the Constitution, the President is required to submit himself before Parliament without necessarily being invited by anyone as he does with the State of the Nation Address.

The call for HEQs have received backing from the civil society with Center for Human Rights and Rehabilitation (CHRR) executive director Timothy Mtambo and rights campaigner Billy Mayaya, saying Mutharika should appear before Parliament.

Malawian professor of law based at the University of Cape Town, Danwood Chirwa, clarified that the President does not have to be called by Parliament for him or her to answer questions posed by MPs for the HEQs.

Chirwa said the President “is constitutionally obliged to appear before Parliament every year, immediately before the consideration of the budget, to do [the said] three related things.”

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malawi view

Koma wa MCP sumachita manyazi mukamachalira mtopola, kukhaulitsana mu paliament meeting? wat do u discuss in ur nec meetings? do u know that majority of ur supporters are adults? do u know that central rigion, the chewas are peace loving pple? remember section 65 saga, did it help u? think of pakamwa pa jese wil u stand 2019 makiyolobasi? LEARN FROM MISTAKES … ungamve! achewa amatembenukatu,,2009 kkk


kukamwa kwa winayo ndi ma spectacle wavalo akungokhala ngati chipi wa mu filimu ija ya robbot kkkkk


Ahlomwe onse akudziwa kufunika kwa constitution koma kuti they know that their idiot will embarass them if he dares go to the parliament. Palibe chimene angayankhe cha nzeru. He is headless. Komabe apite and if questions will be difficult he can just use the theory banging tables.

Gurney Chinyamunyamu

Please my brothers in Malawi check your English spellings .This I refer to Mr Mwase he wrote ( president erect .) its supposed to be president elect
Thank you

Dausi Phiri

Pamene Pali chilungamo palibe mantha. Why fear question time.This is an opportunity to show the Nation what one wants to offer on the government plate.

I have alot of Zuma’s footage answering, interacting with fellow members. Zuma is not educated and infact, he is number 3 from bottom when it comes to African leaders education background. Here is a professor who has never put himself into this corridor kungocheza ndi ana ake for the betterment of our country. Ndinakumvani a DPP kuti, zinazi tisamanyoze president pagulu and the likes of Kabwira should engage the president to round table discussion trying to cable out problems faced by Malawians. Here you are, mukuti ayinso Chakwera akufuna udindo. How stupid are you people? Where do you think you… Read more »
Jasitasi Chilungamo

What is wrong for a leader to be held accountable?What is wrong with sleepy docile Malawians.So Pitala should be doing things without be questioned?Malawi will never amount to anything with this backward spirit.I support Chakwera on this even though I don’t belong to any political party.

Che Bakali

So the problem with childish grouping like chakwera team, you are already discussing the contents of the meeting with president and its consequces in public. I for one would be silent till the day comes then you surprise your enemy. How on earth is that stupidity going to work where you expose all your neckedness and meet the challenger in that attire. Does that meet you too is clueless? What a fool. Ungotitayisa nthawi ndi hule lakolo.


Bakili wasn’t a professor, but was courageous enough to be grilled by parliamentarians, in one such incident, the onslaught was led by RT. Hon. Gwandanguluwe Chakuamba Phiri. Let the professor explain to parliament why his crony Bowler is squandering our CASH so soon after the president left UNGA?


Problem is Malawi has more educated fools who even thier acquired papers in high education whether from Malawi or abroad don’t mean anything. A leader at any capacity is required by law to be answerable, only in malawi that a president is not answerable hence abuse of office is possible.
muthalika is a man of a later and knows it better.
Malawi, my Malawi

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